Title: Names

By: Bleeding Destruction

Began: August 8, 2013

Summary: Then he spoke, "I look forward to beating you on the exam, Yagami-kun." This was new; this was interesting, and Raito loved every second of it. "And I look forward to beating you, Ryuuzaki-san." AU. Old Dialogue study revamped. LxLight.

Warnings: None

Author's Notes: Several people have mentioned to me that they were confused about why Beyond was after Raito. Honestly, I'm confused too. When I originally wrote this, I was barely fourteen and there was even less plot than there is now. My writing style changed a lot; thank god, seeing as I'm nearly seventeen now. So sorry for the confusion. Maybe someday I will go back and write a chapter or a story about why Beyond was after Raito, but in the meantime, I'm afraid you'll have to make up your own reasons.


"No. No. No."

L broke down, seeing the broken, bleeding form of Raito was too much.

Too wrong.

Raito was supposed to be safe. L had kept him away from Beyond. Raito should have been safe. Why wasn't he safe?

"You can't be dead. You can't be dead."

L pulled his lover into his arms, tears flowing freely and falling upon the brunette's face.

Raito stirred slightly, a moan of pain slipping past pale lips. L sobbed in relief and joy that his beautiful Rai-chan- his Rai-chan- was alive.

With all the tenderness L could muster, he carried Raito out of the cell, rushing him to Watari for treatment.


Through some miracle- maybe L would start believing in God- Raito was alive. Raito recovered fully.

Watari captured Beyond Birthday fleeing the prison in which Raito had been kept, and Raito testified that "Not-L" was his attacker.

Beyond went through trial after trial in Japan and the United States for several counts of murder, and every time, he was proclaimed guilty.

Beyond Birthday was sentenced to death.