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August 5th
By Rita Skeeter

In a shock statement last night, Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, announced the Boy Who Lived just turned 16 year old wizard disappeared from his muggle guardians home three days ago and has not been seen since. According to Dumbledore, there are no signs of a struggle in or around the house, nor do Mr Potter's aunt and uncle have any idea where he is.

When asked how he knew the Chosen One was missing, our esteemed Supreme Mugwump declined to comment, only saying he had search teams out looking for Mr Potter around the clock and if anyone should see the teen, they are to contact him immediately.

This begs the question as to why the British Public should not follow normal procedure on missing children and contact the Auror's or the WCS (Wizarding Childrens Services). When asked, Dumbledore again declined to answer, ignoring the question completely.

I found myself wondering why we, the concerned citizens, are not being given all the information on this terrible situation, and so I took it on myself to find out more.

A student from Hogwarts, who has asked to remain anonymous, claims the last week of school was rife with rumours of Potter smashing up the Headmaster's office in a fit of rage, not hours after he returned from the department of Mysteries.

When asked for the truth behind this incident, several members of staff at the school declined to comment.
I will continue to keep abreast of the situation and surely keep you all informed. The Chosen One being missing is a cause for concern for myself and I'm sure, all of magical Britain.

Everyone here at the Daily Prophet hopes to see ourSaviour found alive and well.

August 7th
By Rita Skeeter

Not two days after we published a statement from the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore concerning Harry Potter, our Saviour has released a statement of his own, via solicitor Alex Jackson.

My Client, Lord Harry James Potter-Black, has not gone missing as was previously claimed by Albus Dumbledore. He has decided to take up his Family Duties, which became his responsibility the moment he turned 16. Had Headmaster Dumbledore simply sent an owl to Mr Potter he would have known that the young man has simply been busy and was previously unaware that he had to inform the Headmaster of his movements. He deeply apologises for any concern caused by his supposed disappearance and wishes to offer assurance of his continued good health. For the rest of the summer he plans to study a lot to learn what it means to be the head to two families, and to spend some time with his friends.

Given the nature of this statement, it gives cause for concern to the motives of the Headmaster to create such a stir on unfounded information. Now however, the citizens of Magical Great Britain can rest soundly in their beds, safe in the knowledge that The Chosen One is alive, well, and gaining more influence by the day.

August 10th

By Rita Skeeter

Harry Potter was spotted in Diagon Alley today, apparently having an amicable conversation with none other than Draco Malfoy. The two boys, who are due to enter their sixth year at Hogwarts in September, have been known rivals since their first year in school. After what happened in the Department of Mysteries, when the Malfoy Lord was arrested and proven to be a Death Eater, myself and I am sure most people would assume the rivalry would only get worse.

The battle of the Department of Mysteries, as I'm sure you loyal readers remember, resulted in the death of Mr Potter's godfather, Sirius Black. Six students, Lord Potter, Ronald Weasley, Ginevra Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood and the Scion to the Noble House Of Longbottom, appeared at the Ministry of magic, which in itself makes one wonder just how secure Hogwarts School really is, and fought against ten Death Eaters until help arrived in the form of Sirus Black, Remus Lupin and others. Not much is known about what actually happened as the participants have repeatedly refused to comment. What we do know for sure is He Who Must Not Be Named entered the Ministry and dueled with Dumbledore.

Of the captured Death Eater's, the name that shocked most, was Lucius Malfoy. When the first war ended, Mr Malfoy was one of the first to come out of a 'trance' so to speak, and he quickly denounced the ways of the Death Eaters loudly and most publicly. From then on he became one of the Minister's most trusted advisors, along with one of the most generous members of our world.
All of that turned to ashes after his capture. All of the Death Eaters caught were put on trial under veritaserum, and Lucius admitted to being a loyal death eater the whole time.

Draco Malfoy, according to statements from his peer's, is the embodiment of his father. His views on Muggle-borns, Half-bloods and muggles quite well known to the whole school, are though to be less than desirable. He had been heard to call people 'Mudblood', the most derogatary insult for a Muggle-Born, and struts around the castle like he owns the place. Many students have much to say on the young Malfoy heir, and not a lot of it is good. So, we must ask ourselves, what on earth is Lord Potter doing associating with such people?

Has he decided to simply join the dark side? After all, the Leader of the Light is currently being called into question regarding the young Lord, has he simply had enough and decided he no longer wants a part of Dumbledore's manipulations? Rumours are rife in the street, but until we recieve an answer, we must keep on watching carefully.

Both boys have declined to comment at this time, but Lord Potter's solicitor, Mr Alex Jackson, who we have since found out is the son of the previous Potter Family Solicitor, George Jackson, has hinted to Lord Potter agreeing to an interview before the summer is over.

Hopefully Mr Jackson was correct when he made the hint of the interview and we can ask Lord Potter these pressing questions in person.

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