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Albus Dumbledore - Guilty Of All Charges

By Rita Skeeter

It was no surprise today when we heard the final ruling on the trial of Albus Dumbledore. Despite many tricks by both the ex-headmaster and his lawyer, Dumbledore was found guilty of Theft, Tampering with a Magical Will, Child Neglect, Child Endangerment, Interfering with a Minors Magic, Memory Modification and Attempted Murder. During the trial, Mr Dumbledore tried and failed to use a defence of Diminished Mental Capacity, though that was swiftly dealt with by a Healer from St Mungos.

Today, it was announced that Albus Dumbledore has been sentenced to seventy two years in the secure wing of Azkaban Prison. Hearing rumours of a motion to send Mr Dumbledore straight to the veil, I arranged a quick chat with Alex Jackson, Lord Potters legal representation. Upon hearing my questions, he quickly drafted the following statement for me to share with the public.

There has been a motion made to send Mr Dumbledore through the veil, though at the time of this statement, no decision has been reached. We believe that Mr Dumbledore, being as aged as he is, will not live to see most of the sentence carried out, and we believe he should be made to face real consequences of actions he chose to take. We also believe that as long as the threat of Dumbledore is still in the world, Lord Potter and anyone associated with him will never be able to freely live.

I'd like to take this moment to thank the public for the numerous well wishes and support shown to Lord Potter during this trying time. He is very grateful for every single person in our wizarding world, and I'm sure, as soon as this last matter is laid to rest, he will thank you himself.

There you have it, my dear readers. Mr Jackson informed me we should have news of a verdict within forty eight hours, and he has personally promised to let me know so I can let you know, as soon as possible.


Albus Dumbledore - Through the Veil

By Rita Skeeter

Albus Dumbledore has been sentenced to death, and as of 3pm today, is dead. Lord Potter and a few of his associates were amongst those there to witness the death of the long time Headmaster of Hogwarts. The look of relief on Lord Potters face as the man who tried to kill him fell through the veil was clear to all those in the room. He was gracious enough to allow me a moment of his time.

RS - Lord Potter, you must be happy with the final verdict of this trial?

Lord Potter - I can't say I'm happy, because loss of life is never a reason to be happy, but I am relieved that I will now be able to live my life without looking over my shoulder.

RS - Can you share your plans for the next few years with us?

Lord Potter - My immediate plan is for a holiday. Then, I'll come home and help rebuild our world.

RS - There have been rumours about Minister Fudge making some radical changes in the Ministry. Have you heard anything about them?

Lord Potter - I can't say I have, but Minister Fudge, and the Ministry by extension, stood by me when I needed them. He has my full support.

RS - Thank you for your time Lord Potter.

Lord Potter - Ah, you know I always have time for you, Rita.

Lord Potter was, as always, gracious and polite to talk to and I look forward to speaking him to him again. Now that this chapter of his life is over, I'm sure we're all excited to see what comes next for our favourite young Lord.


Lord Potter - Engaged!

By, Rita Skeeter

Yes, you read the headline correct. Lord Harry James Potter, has announced his engagement to Severus Snape. I'm sure there are many broken hearts around the country as you read this news, but I'm sure everyone will be as happy for Lord Harry as we are here at the Daily Prophet.

I'm sure many of you remember the rather public hate between the two of them during Lord Potters younger years at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but they've overcome all of that, and when I met with them yesterday, both seemed very much in love.

Rita Skeeter - Lord Potter, Mr Snape, I'm very happy to see you both.

Lord Potter - It's good to see you too, Rita.

Rita Skeeter - Especially since you are fetching me some wonderful news!

Lord Potter - Thank you. It is rather wonderful.

Rita Skeeter - Have you decided on a date for the wedding?

Mr Snape - We have. We'll be wed on Harry's twenty first birthday.

Rita Skeeter - Only six months away! How exciting. And where shall people send the wedding gifts?

Mr Snape - We ask that anyone wishing to send us a gift make a donation to Harry's new charity, The Lily Potter Foundation.

Rita Skeeter - Ah, and remind us, what is the charity in support of?

Lord Potter - It isn't only my charity. Severus put a lot of work in, as did Alex. The charity is to aid children, both orphaned and not. It will offer support, whether that means shelter, money, food, or even just someone to talk to about hard subjects. It's something I wish was available to me as a child. We don't want to ever hear about a child being abused and nobody doing anything to stop it.

Rita Skeeter - That is a fantastic cause, and I wish you all the success in the world with it.

Mr Snape - Thank you.

Rita Skeeter - So... Any thoughts on adopting?

Lord Potter - Rita! Have you not got a big enough scoop out of us for the day?!

Rita Skeeter - You know I have to try.

With much laughter, Lord Potter and Mr Snape took their leave, promising, before they left, that we'd be the first to know if they make any big decisions regarding the future. Below, you will find all the details necessary to make a donation to the Lily Potter Foundation.

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