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I felt oddly vigorous as I clambered up the somehow convenient staircase to the sanity of my bedroom. I was being followed by an extremely smug vampire who will soon be my husband. A huge sigh of relief passed through me like a waterfall as I closed the door that seemed to weigh tonnes more than usual. "He took the news ... well" I said to Edward in awe, when we were alone. "I'm dreading telling Renee though... I mean this is higher up on her black list than shooting somebody!"I complained as Edward chuckled. Ok I may have exaggerated a little.

"Don't worry love; she'll be happy for us, it's not as painfully awkward as it is with Charlie. I get weary when he gives me the demon look all the while."I smiled, Edward was so true. I glanced down at the object that could make or break my relationship with my mom. I decided to get it over and done with.

"Better now than never" I gulped as I came more aware of the lump that appeared in my throat. My heart was hammering against my chest like it was going to break through my ribs. I was shaking like jelly. Edward firmly grasped my shoulders and stopped my shaking.

"Calm down Bella" Edward tried to soothe me, it worked. "Its like you're committing to a murder rather than getting married!" I took a deep breath, swallowed the lump in my throat and called my mom.

"Oh..." was all Renee said after I choked the word wedding out. "Congratulations honey!" she finally yelled down the phone. I almost dropped the unrecognisable object I was holding. I stood there in absolute shock, my mouth forming an "O" shape. Did she really say that? I was only half aware of the excitement bellowing from the phone.

"Bella?" Edward called a bit puzzled from the other side of the room.

I shot back to reality and listened to the phone. "I probably had you extremely nervous on what I was going to say, but I knew things were tied up between you love birds when you visited." She finally finished and heard my pause. "Bella, does he make you happy?" she sighed. I forced my frozen lips to move to make some words.


"Are you ever going to want anyone else?"


"Then stop moping and get much to do ohhh!" she concluded. I was still in shock as I self consciously was aware of the mumbling on the phone and the perfect stone figure that stood next to me.

"OK, thanks" I got out finally and slammed the phone shut. I felt an emotion which grew familiar to since I met Edward, hope. I faced Edward and grinned. I embraced him and we shared one of the most intense kisses we ever had. Some good things come to an end, Edward used the restraint. I pouted.

"Your tired, go to sleep. You've had a busy day". He chuckled.

"You don't know the half of how much I dreaded that telling our news." I admitted.

Edward sighed a laugh. "See you in the morning...Mrs Cullen" he flashed his perfect teeth. It hit me like a hammer, I would be Bella Cullen, it surprised me because, I never really thought of it like that before. To be fair I did like the sound of that. It startled me.