Last chapter guys! :D


As soon as Jake had ran into the forest in rejection and anger I collapsed, tears taking over. The next thing I felt was ice cold hands encircle me into his stone embrace. Immediately I relaxed into him. I looked at his pained expression as he stared off in the direction Jacob disappeared in.

After what seemed like hours Edward interrupted my painful reverie "Bella... Are you sure you are ok, that you've made the right decision I mean." I looked up at his sad topaz eyes. "Edward I am positive, I may love him too but nowhere as near as much as you. It isn't your fault, it was just a little sad to tell him straight, it had to be done." He waited for me to finish my speech before he pulled me in. My heart was hammering in my chest, threatening to break my ribs as he pulled in and kissed me with all he could muster.

I felt fireworks, after a while he pulled away using his 'lets-not-get-to-carried-away' rule. As soon as we finished we heard a rustling in the bushes, I stiffened, what next? I sighed relief when the remaining Cullen's appeared from the trees. It has been a long day.

I was hit by a blur of pixie and tackled gently to the ground. "I'm so glad your ok Bella! I was so worried!" She realised my current state and was standing before I saw it. "Sorry" Alice grinned and helped me up.

As soon as I was standing I was bombarded by hugs from Esme, Alice (again) and even Rosalie. I was hit in the back by Emmett as he teased Edward about rivalry over me. Carlisle and Jasper just greeted me and were glad I was in one piece.

"is everything ok?" asked Edward, curiosity overpowering.

"Yeh, we were just giving you privacy when Alice saw the dog was gone, but... we got impatient" Jasper confirmed, smirking at his wife.

"Are you ready to go now love?" Edward asked as he took my hand. He must have sensed my impatience and worry from Jasper. "Yh sure" I smiled.


I sat in my bedroom snuggled next to Edward. He kept worry etched in his expression for me. "I'm fine" I said for what felt like the tenth time, I really was, I've cried all my tears for Jacob last time, he didn't deserve anymore. I did feel sorry for him. In time I hope we can stay friends.

"next event is the wedding, 2 weeks" I used to keep him off the topic of Jacob. II was curious."have you got cold feet"

"are you questioning my feelings for you?" He teased as he pulled me closer.

"Just curious"

he looked or any sign of doubt in my face, he found none.

"Isabella, I've never felt more sure about marrying you" He said with total seriousness.

"Neither have I"

We pulled into a kiss before cuddling into his iced perfected body. The Jacob draw shut tightly.