Hey! This is my first non-parody Harry Potter fic, so I hope this goes well?

Basically: Luna is an intern at the Daily Prophet. Her father thinks that it will gain publicity for the Quibbler. She starts an advice column, and surprisingly gets a lot of letters.

Luna can be pretty funny sometimes, but this fic is pretty dark in spots.

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Draco stares at the Daily Prophet that his barn owl dropped in front of him. He picks it up. He blinks to make sure that he's reading it right.

There's a new article?

Dear Readers, it says.

Hi! My name is Luna Lovegood. I'm a fifth year at Hogwarts School For Witchcraft and Wizardry and I'm an intern at the Daily Prophet. I decided that we need an advice column, and I asked permission. I was allowed, so here it is! You can deliver your letters to me at Hogwarts. I have the cutest little bat that will take your letters.

Thanks! Luna.

Draco looked up, wide-eyed. "Hey, look at this," he said to Goyle. Goyle stared at the Daily Prophet stupidly like he'd forgotten how to read.

"Huh? What?" asked Goyle. Draco sighed and set down the paper.

"Loony Lovegood is writing for the Daily Prophet!" he said loudly. Then he had a sudden flash of inspiration, though it pained him to say it aloud- "Wait until my father hears about this!"

But later that night, Draco sat in his bed with his wand out, lighting up the paper. He just stared at it.

He looked around his dorm. Everyone was asleep.

He took out a quill and dipped it in his inkwell. A drip of the green ink he writes with spotted his dark green bedspread. He waved his wand. "Reparo," he said quietly. The ink dissolved. Draco smiled. Learning magic, he thinks, is the only good thing about Hogwarts.

Draco thought about disguising his handwriting. He thought about writing a letter telling Luna to go fuck herself.

But then he remembered that day when she found him crying in the bathroom. He remembered how she actually gave him good advice. He remembered how she conjured a handkerchief out of thin air and gave it to him, and patted his back -awkwardly so- as he tried to stop crying.

And he decided for good- he was going to write to Luna.

Dear Luna, he wrote.

I am a teenager at Hogwarts.

Most people hate me, and think I'm nothing but an arrogant, bragging asshole.

But I'm not! Since they hate me, I hate them.

My family is associated in the Dark Arts.

It hurt him to admit that.

And now, so am I.

I'm a Death Eater now- I think the youngest ever.

No one knows but the other Death Eaters and the Dark Lord himself.

The Dark Lord has told me that I need to do something impossible.

I won't tell anyone, especially not in writing, what it is.

But I just have to say- it's impossible for someone like me.

Please help me get out of this, Luna.

From: Death Eater at Hogwarts.

Thanks for reading, the next chapter will be Luna's response to Draco's letter. I hope you liked this. Reviews are welcomed with open arms!