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Luna was sitting in her dorm writing the next day's advice column. Well, what she could write- she hadn't gotten any letters. She was slightly disappointed, but felt it was her duty to rid the people's heads of the Wrackspurts.

She heard a tapping on her window and got up quietly so none of her slumbering dorm-mates would hear her. She saw her small brown bat tapping on the window, a letter attached to its right leg. It didn't look like it came from far- probably the letter was delivered from someone at Hogwarts, and all her bat had to do was fly from the Owlry.

She unrolled the piece of parchment happily. She couldn't wait to respond to this next letter.

The next day, Draco Malfoy opens up the Daily Prophet eagerly.

"What're you looking for?" asks Crabbe. "That bitch Luna's article?" For a second, Malfoy fears that Crabbe saw him writing to Luna last night. Then he shakes off the feeling. Crabbe's not that intelligent.

"Actually, yeah," says Draco. "I want to see what loser wrote to her so we can beat their ass." His best friends chortle at that as they start eating. Malfoy's heart skips a beat as he's reading.

Dear Death Eater,

It was a pleasure reading your letter!

I really wish I could help you and find some way to make Voldemort leave you alone.

Leave him alone? Malfoy literally almost started to laugh.

You should pretend to be just 'working on' this impossible task. That's what I do when Professor Snape tells me to make a potion.

He can't help himself then. He lets a smile spread across his face, which is hidden by the newspaper.

When it comes time to do the task, pretend to die or something. That's what I do during Potions too.

Draco grins for a second as he remembers once when Luna pretended to faint because of the smell of her potion.

That's a shame. People probably don't suspect you, though, considering you're from Hufflepuff.

What the... Hufflepuff? Draco realizes it with a jolt: Luna is actually trying to protect his identity.

Well, if that doesn't work, just point behind Voldemort and say "Dumbledore!" That might work too.

Well, have a nice day!

Draco looks across the Great Hall until he finds Luna smiling and talking to her few friends, eating cereal.

Luna sees Draco staring at her. She smiles at him and winks.

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