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Sam rolled his head to the side, hearing the pillow crinkle under his head, feeling the first inklings of consciousness return.

He felt oddly detached, having recollection of pain before this… black hole of numbness he was currently feeling.

Cracking open his eyes – or rather trying to – his right eye refused to open - he was met with the black soles of his brother's boots, about two inches from his face.

He blinked, tiredly.

"Hey, you're awake." The boots disappeared and were quickly replaced by Dean's cheeky grin. "Are you really awake this time, or is this more 'lights on, no one home' Sammy?"

Sam frowned. When did he leave the lights on?

Dean barked a laugh, placing a warm hand around Sam's wrist. "So stoned Sammy still, huh? But at least you're more aware than last time." Dean paused, reaching for something out of Sam's limited eyesight. "Thirsty?"

Sam's tongue darted out between cracked lips, his one good eye conveying the message.

Dean reached behind him and pulled out a half full cup of water. He grabbed an unused straw from the table and dropped it in the cup, watching as Sam took a few tentative sips.

When his brother pulled away, Dean left the cup on the nightstand. "Seriously, how are you feeling?"

Sam mused over fuzzy thoughts. His right arm was strapped to his chest that much he knew. And the nasal cannula sitting just under his nose was irritating. Beyond that, he just felt a sort of numb detachment.

His brother's eyes crinkled a little bit. "Numb is… good. You're not feeling much because they're pumping your ginormous body full of drugs right now." He felt Dean rub his arm gently above the IV. "Enjoy it while it lasts, buddy."

Numb? Sam narrowed his eyes at his brother. How did Dean know how he felt? Was Dean a mind reader now? If so, Sam was going to have to watch what he said- er – what he thought around Dean.

Dean snorted, leaning back into his chair without breaking his hold on Sam. "Dude, you on drugs means you have no verbal sensor. You've been talkin aloud to yourself with every question."

"Hmm." Was all Sam could come up with as he shut his eye, only just now starting to feel the pain just behind the painkillers.

Dean seemed to sense it as well. "Dude," he said, his voice softening as Sam's eye cracked open. "The nurse should be back to top off the painkiller in the next fifteen. If you need something sooner, just say the word man and I'll go get her."

Sam managed a tired grin as he closed his eye again. It warmed him that his big gruff and tough brother was such a sap under all the leather. A sap, but an awesome brother.

He felt Dean's fingers rub gently across his lower arm. "Go to sleep, Sam. I'll be here and keep watch."

Sam's mouth twitched.

Dean kept up the soothing motion until Sam's face lost the tension around his bruised eyes and his breaths deepened.

The older brother sank heavily into the vinyl chair, rubbing a hand across his face. Sam was lucky, the doctor had said. A concussion, which was a given the way Sam's head had bounced against the windshield, if the stitches and bruises were any indication. A broken rib and a second degree dislocation of his right shoulder. Add to that the two lacerations – one to his leg and the other on his right bicep that required multiple stitches to close. Barring any complications, three to four weeks recovery.

Dean scoffed. Yeah, lucky.

It was the other finding the doctor discussed with him that worried Dean. From the CT scan they had done of Sam's chest, Sam's lungs appeared scarred – something, the doctor had said, had not been caused by the accident.

Dean rested his head in his hands.

The Trials.

He knew the trials had been affecting his brother – hell, he's seen the bloody tissues in the garbage and the way Sam's cheekbones stood out more sharply as he lost weight. But to have a doctor be able to actually see what the damage was doing to his brother on the inside? He hadn't signed up for this – this wasn't in the trial description.

Dean ran rough fingers through his hair. Then again, Castiel had said Sam was injured from the trials as far back as two months ago – before Sam had even started on the second trial. Back then, Cas had pointed out that Sam was damaged in ways even an Angel couldn't heal. If the damage couldn't be reversed….

Sam shifted in his sleep, unerringly turning his face in Dean's direction, as if sensing his brother's distress.

Dean smiled faintly despite himself. While the injuries from tonight's accident would heal, it was the trials that scared Dean. Scared because they were now causing permanent damage to his brother – and that was something unacceptable to Dean.

He leaned closer to the bed, watching Sam's eyes shift behind his eyelids as he dreamed. "Sam, as soon as these damn trials are done, we're going to get you fixed up, okay? Screw what Cas says, I'll find a way to make you better, alright? That's a promise, Sam."

Dean gently patted his brother's blanketed knee and leaned back in the chair, his eye catching the crest of the morning sun as it started to rise over the mountain,.

As Dean closed his eyes and rested his feet against the bars of Sam's bed, he whispered one last promise. "No matter what it takes Sam, I'll find a way."

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