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Chapter 5 – Such is the nature of evil

I am confused, very confused. 13 dwarves and a wizard have left Thorins halls in Ered Luin and are heading to the Shire. As in land of the hobbits. What the hell is there that is so interesting. There is nothing there apart from hobbits. Maybe they are having a midget people convention… hmmm. Maybe I will send someone to spy on them… Crebain will do.

"Khamul!" My voice echoed around the room and the black shadow… didn't appear.

"KHAMUL! GET YOUR SCRAWNY ASS HERE NOW!" Now the cloaked monster materialised out of nowhere. "Send some crebain to spy on that bunch of dwarves in the Shire. I want to know why they're there."

Khamul slipped away without saying a word. He really hasn't been all that talkative since that incident with Thrain and the wizard. He hasn't really been around since that incident… like I actually haven't seen him.

I do need to talk to him about that. Have a little 'heart to heart'. He's like my FAVOURITE servant. Uncomplaining, interested in the same sort of things, does what I tell him… ok that is the base definition of all my servants but… I like Khamul. He's almost a friend. Emphasis on almost because SAURON THE UNDEFEATABLE DOES NOT HAVE FRIENDS.

My crebain fly through the dilapidated arch which was once the main gate of Dol Guldur, full of dark whispers. They circle me, cawing and whispering, delivering their message, in the foul tongue which few can speak. Once finished, they rise as one evil cloud and whirl off back the way they came.

I start to chuckle, as Annatar the Fair would have, a light-hearted sound, at war with the darkness of my home. The weird collection of dwarves have left the shire… with a HOBBIT in tow! That is hilarious… a hobbit… a fat, stupid hobbit. My chuckle turns into full-throated laughter and I almost collapse as the vibrations shake my entire body. Everyone in view turns towards me and stares.

"What is so funny Master." Gashk ventures, looking vaguely concerned for my health… ahhhh the adoration of my little creations.

"Dwarves… Shire… Hobbit!" I managed to choke out, before collapsing on the floor, my entire body convulsing. Even Khamul emerged from whatever dark hole he had been hiding in to watch the spectacle. When I finished laughing, the entire contingent of orcs and other slimy little things that were my servants were watching with a myriad of different expressions.

I soon picked myself up and dusted the dead leaves and cobwebs off my shadowy body. "Shows over."

When no one moved I roared "Get out!" Still no one moved. They must be in shock. So I turned into a giant, flaming eyeball. They all scattered. You have not lived until you have seen orcs running as fast as their legs can carry them and going flying as they tripped over abandoned rubble. I started laughing again, it was so absurd. I love terrorising people. I think I'm slightly power mad.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my almost friend, Khamul, slipping away.

"Hey Khamul… STAY!" I shouted the last word and the black shadow turned and glared at me… it was only then that I saw the object in his hand. He wasn't carrying a sword… he was carrying a… book.

"Khamul… what the hell are you doing with a book. Wait, where the hell did you even GET a book?" I was for the second time in a couple of days, extremely confused.

Khamul stared at his feet. "I found a… library. I fell down a hole and…"

"A LIBRARY! There is a LIBRARY in my stronghold of DOOM!" I screeched. All around my stronghold orcs clapped their hands over their ears and some even fainted. I started rising off the floor and loomed over Khamul.

Khamul began to quake. "Yes… I was going to destroy it but I found some interesting books…"

"Interesting books…" my voice grew dangerously quiet and my claws began to grow. "I never took you for the bookish type, Khamul" I spat the last word out.

Khamul was visibly terrified now but I didn't care. "Yes M.. Master… Interesting books concerning… Her…" If I was a warg my ears would have pricked up. As it is I am not a warg so I simply stopped hovering and leaned closer to him and he took it as a sign to continue.

"I know you believe… she was hiding from y… you all this time and… and has… e… em… emerged to try to… destroy you again… but… but" He began to falter again as my gaze grew darker. "My r… r…. research shows that… that… that"


"It isn't her!" On hearing those words I nearly exploded and Khamul continued on hardly managing to get the words out fast enough, fearing for his own life.

"Accordingtothisbookthatanelfwrotewhenanelfdiesthe ywaitintheHallsofMandosuntilVefanturdecreestheirre leasetoberebornintotheirownchildren."

Silence fell as I tried to process everything he just said.

"Say that again. SLOWLY this time. And tell me what you are getting at."

"According to this book that an elf wrote when an elf dies they wait in the Halls of Mandos until Vefantur decrees their release, to be reborn into their own children. That means if I have interpreted it correctly it is Her spirit or soul… or whatever but not her. She doesn't remember any of it. She's not out to kill you. She isn't Luthien"

"But she looks the same… exactly the same." I touched the Palantir and made Khamul do the same. We saw her as clearly as if she was before us. She looked so peaceful… so innocent… but underneath I know she is a venemous viper.

"They are related… it's entirely possible that she would look similar."

"But she is identical… in every single way. It is HER. She is still a threat… reborn or not… she must pay for what she did."

"But… she does not know. She will have no memory of doing that. She will not be a threat."

"Oh but she is, that's the genius of it… she has been sent back for one purpose… and that is to destroy me."

I looked at the image of the sleeping elleth, her midnight hair spread around her like a halo, her ivory skin and features so familiar. I felt a pang of longing for the past and times long lost in my hollow chest and a single, solitary, burning tear rolled down my face.

"I'm coming for you… Arwen Undomiel."

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