I had my doubts about Trinity War because I didn't want it to ruin a great thing but it has been a most intriguing story arc. I am hoping Superman and Wonder Woman coming in October is a sign of good things on the way. This a story I have had on ice for a little while because I haven't had the time to publish it but I think it will work well into what is happening in the DC universe. Please enjoy reviews, follows, etc. appreciated!

And I know about the age thing what she told Sun/Apollo in the new 52, looked it up again but still doesn't seen quite so fitting considering most of the gods dress according the times, well at least Ares/War does. And he seemed to have Aged A LOT so, I consider it still open to interpretation. Gods likely might not view time the same way mere humans would. I will exercise a little creative license here fair warning. Besides I had to reference him as Clark way more than I would prefer to in this story, that is homage enough to the new 52 it was hard Rofl doesn't exactly roll off the tongue rofl. I went back and changed every Kal to Clark. LOL!

I do not own Superman, Wonder Woman, or any other affiliated DC characters.

The world engulfed in flame that is what love amounted to. In the end something that should bring joy and peace, brought destruction to everyone else.

Batman being ever perceptive stated, "I will leave you both to talk, you obviously have some things to work out."

"Thank you Bruce." Diana stated.

There was an award silence that followed him leaving, Diana figured she would have to start.

"Clark obviously..."

Superman interrupted, "I know what you are going to say and I don't care."

"What am I going to say then?"

"You are going to say that the world can't handle us together, that people are afraid of our relationship and you question if it would be best putting things on hold or ending them all together."

Diana answered simply, "Yes."

"Diana I have spent my whole life putting others before myself, it is what we do, who we are. But this time, for once I am drawing a line and being selfish. I do not need others to dictate how I live my life. I have finally found you. I need you with me Diana. I love you."

Diana replied, "And you know how I feel about you. I do not want to lose you. But I cannot put you in danger anymore. The Secret Society used me against you. They knew I would stop at nothing to protect you. And Clark they knew you would do the same. That's how they were able to manipulate what happened with Dr. Light. We make each other vulnerable."

"I'd rather be vulnerable than be without you."

"The world is in shambles Clark, they did this publicly to discredit us. To make everyone doubt the good we do. I played into their hands, I thought I had all the answers. I was full of pride. I was so sure Pandora's box held the answers but it was only a means to unleash hell. I knew nothing. I deserve nothing."

Superman could take no more and pulled her close kissing her, "Enough, Diana. It is not your fault. You were trying to help me. I believe in you, I believe in us. You deserve happiness."

"You do make me happy, I never thought I could be that happy. You are all I didn't realize I wanted. But that does not change the situation as much as I wish it did. It seems the fates have conspired against us. We can not be together, Clark."

"I will not accept that Diana. Let the world think what it wants. You can even tell everyone that you hate me now."

"Clark, you know I do not lie. I'm not allowed to. I would never hate you."

"Then say nothing. This is between us. It can be our secret. No one needs to know."

She began to protest, "Clark..."

He only kissed her again deeper, slower, and sweeter.

Her knees were weakening along with her resolve.

"Say it Diana." He prompted before nibbling at her collar-bone.

For the practiced warrior, she had never felt so out of control, besides there had been nothing that could make her. There was nobody worth it before him.

Wonder Woman questioned if she could bear the rest of her long, immortal existence without this.

She struggled to catch her breath, "Ummmm... secret. No one needs to know."

"That's my girl," Clark grinned.

Diana then returned his kiss with equal fervor, "You are mine as I am yours."

"Always. There isn't anyone else for me, just do not leave me Diana."

"I love you Clark. I have loved you for thousands of years. I just did not know it then. I will not leave," Diana promised.

"Thousands of years?" Clark questioned.

She answered, "Yes. The Amazons are an ancient people remember Clark?"

He replied, "I remember but I thought you were twenty-three Diana."

"Well more like twenty-three hundred," She smiled serenely and continued, "When Amazons reach a certain age they stop growing and aging. It's hard to keep track of the passing years but if we prove ourselves the day of our birth is acknowledged. Gods and Amazons often speak about time differently than mortals do. I'm still a baby by Olympian standards. You can hardly expect a woman to always own up to her age, but then how could I expect anyone outside of Themyscira to believe it. But I guess I can trust you, Clark."

Superman smiled, "That explains a lot. Well, you can keep a secret after all."

Diana replied, "We shall find out. This will be the most difficult one. I have not felt this way about anyone."

"Not even Steve?" he questioned.

"No one Clark."

"Me either, I'm glad we have each other now."

"There will come a day when we will not have to hide it."

Clark agreed, "Yes, but for now I think it is for the best that we do until all the fallout from this mess blows over. It could take a while."

Diana answered, "I have all the time in the world for you."

"It seems that you do princess."

"So, do you still love me Clark even though I am a what do they say, 'cradle robber.'"

"Of course Diana, age is just a number right. Besides I have always had a thing for older women, though I did not have you pegged for the 'cougar' type," Clark chuckled.

She hit him in the arm, before joining in his laughter.

He hugged her tightly, "Whatever comes next, we will face it together. And that's all I need to know."