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"I hate that we were not able to finish our fight with them. Our dark 'alters' who call themselves the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 work quickly, and have already put the world's leaders on alert. Those in power are not likely to listen to anything we might say as that footage of me and Dr. Light is on a constant loop." Clark stated as he spoke with Diana while they flew together towards the privacy provided by the Fortress of Solitude.

"Me too Clark, but a prudent warrior will know when it is necessary to regroup. They took us by surprise when we were most exposed. We learned you are not to blame as I always knew. You were weakened by Kryptonite; thank the gods Firestorm recognized it and it was removed from you. There was a traitor in our midst. They manipulated Victor too and we have to get him back. The Justice Leagues will combine their strengths. This will not happen again, we shall be prepared for the coming confrontation."

"Yes, we will be ready for them." Superman agreed.

Wonder Woman started, "In that vein, there is something I need to know Clark. I do not want there to be one area in which they could take advantage. They utilize some malevolent force to stir up the worst in others, corrupting thoughts and turning even the best of allies against one another."

"Diana, ask whatever you will of me. There is nothing I wish to keep from you." Superman encouraged.

"Clark, while you were still sick you asked me if I would go to Steve or to Batman if anything should happen to you. You said you wanted to share your life. I understand that Steve and I had a relationship though you know he is an ex for a reason. But why did you think Batman could ever take me from you? Do you trust me?"

"I was under the box's influence." Clark replied.

"True, but I know from my own experience Pandora's box could not bring out some form of malice or doubt that was not already present. It did not create the vanity, envy, or greed that we each exhibited. The box only capitalized on these things inside of us and utilized them to open that portal. My fault is pride; therefore I am my own worst enemy."

"And I am jealous Diana. Have you looked at yourself truly? Surely you have noticed, and I know your hearing rivals my own so you must catch what men say. You are the most desirable woman on any Earth and sometimes I question what exactly it is you see in someone like me."

Diana gave a small smile, "Is that all Clark?"

"Go ahead and mock me if you must but you don't see it. This is part of your charm that you do not recognize how devastatingly beautiful you are. You could have any man you wanted. In the Justice League every guy is a little in love with you. Not even the Dark Knight is immune. Let's just say rumors about you and Batman abound almost as much as the ones pertaining to you and me. I am a news man, so I have seen them all. It did not bother me as much before when we weren't together, now I loathe it. After Steve, there was speculation about who you would be most suited for. Batman was a top candidate."

At that Diana laughed, "You would think people would have better fodder to gossip over."

He put his head down, "Diana, he is an executive billionaire. I am a writer, what could I ever provide you with that he couldn't."

Her tone turned soft as she touched his shoulder causing him to look up at her, "Clark, as princess of my people along with the mantle of Wonder Woman what need would I have of money or status. It is funny how valuable something will become when you hold on to it for a few centuries. I know I am often in the media's eye. But those things were never very important to me."

"I am a farmer's son from Kansas. You deserve so much. You are royalty, a demigoddess."

"That is not something I chose nor was told about as you well know. You did not plan to be sent from Krypton to grow up on a beautiful farm in Smallville. These things shape our destinies but we are not defined by happenstance alone."

She moved to kiss him tenderly to assure him.

"What you grant me are gifts no one can buy Clark. You give me passion and freedom. Steve never stirred my heart as you do, I could never see a real future with him. How could I with the lives we lead? And Batman chooses to operate in the shadows of the night. After such darkness in my life I prefer to walk in brightness, and face the glow of the sun. That is what you are to me, my love and light."

"Wow." Clark muttered simply.

She grinned for him but teased, "Do not let it get to your head though Superman."

"Promiseā€¦ scout's honor, I would never betray that faith you've placed in me."

"Good to know. But I could easily be envious of the women in your life as well Clark. To the women of the League you are quite the 'hottie' as I've heard said, and what about Lois Lane? I bet she would love to be with you."

Clark shook his head, "With Superman maybe but she would never notice Clark Kent. There may have been a time I hoped she would change her mind, but things work out as they should. I never dreamed there could be you Diana who sees and accepts all of me. I can share Superman, Clark Kent, and Kal-El with you. I adore you for it. When I saw you I understood you were unlike any other woman. You have nothing to worry about."

"Neither do you Clark, no other man could hold my heart. You said I could have my pick of men, I only desire you. You are the one that I have chosen."

"I am honored," Clark smiled yet continued, "But if Batman ever does make a move on you I will just have to clip his wings and set him straight in his place."

Diana said with a shake of her head, "Clark you definitely are not female. I certainly am pleased with that, so I cannot expect you to see everything or have the intuition my sisters and I do."

Clark look confused, "What is that supposed to mean Diana?"

"Bruce may find me attractive but did you not take notice of him with the 'cat.' The way that they spoke to each other, there is certainly something between those two," Diana chuckled.

"No, I didn't pick up on that. But what is so funny?"

She smiled, "It is just hard believe I am reduced to gossiping with Superman about Batman's love life. But if that is what it takes to reassure you, so be it."

Superman smirked, "Well thanks... Batman and Catwoman huh? Now, I think I may have found the topic for my next blog."

"Oh stop it, Clark."

"Thank you Diana, I needed that. If people only knew how your sense of humor was actually one of your more attractive attributes, I'd really have to fend them off."

"I am only this way with you, Clark. You bring it out in me, and there are parts of myself I only want to share with you."

"Lucky guy."

"Yes you are," She replied drawing him in for another kiss before she pulled away reluctantly, "Unfortunately, we will have to wait for more of this later. We need to prepare for the meeting with the leagues."

Superman acquiesced, "Yes, I need to discover all the information I can about Earth 3 that the Fortress may hold. Everyone is doing their part. We need to formulate a plan."

"Athena will be with us, our strategy will not fail."

"You will be on our side Diana, and that is why we are sure to win."