As expected, it is a madhouse the next morning when they get back to Dothan. The only good news was the second storm front had mostly blown over the DC area and the team was cleared to fly home whenever they want. At noon, Hotch walks into the conference room where everyone was waiting.

"Two hours back to Montgomery. The jet will be ready to take off as soon as the doors are closed. Sound good to everyone?"

"Fuck yeah!" Emily hollers.

Everyone chuckles. "I second that," Rossi states.

"Any chance we can use lights and sirens to make it sooner?" McElroy asks.

Morgan glances at him. "Uh, Mr. Lawyerman, wouldn't that sort of be illegal use of lights and sirens?"

McElroy grins. "I won't tell if you won't."

The team laughs as they make their way north. They turn in the SUV's and pack up the lights and sirens they had brought with them. The guy at Hertz frowns.

"Uh, are those yours or ours?"

Rossi looks at the man. "Have you ever seen FBI-issued lights and sirens sitting around here?"


"Then they are probably ours since we're the FBI," he points out sarcastically.

"Oh. Right."

Emily looks at Reid. "Who pissed in Rossi's Cheerios this morning?"

"I heard that, Prentiss," Rossi grumbles.

Emily chuckles. "Well, at least your hearing isn't going yet, old man."

The others laugh. He grumbles a few choice words in Italian as the team gets on a shuttle to go over to the airstrip for private planes.

When the plane lands in Virginia, Hotch walks up to Emily.

"You're off next week, Emily. Go on home now. Come in tomorrow long enough to send me your reports on Flagstaff and Dothan then call it a week."

"You sure, Bossman?"

He nods. "Definitely. I have to take Jack to the doctor in the morning for a check up In case I miss you, enjoy your time with Henry and Rocky. We'll see you on Thursday for your scrumptious molested turkey."

Emily and JJ laugh. "Uh, see you Thursday, yes. But this year it's JJ's turn to feel up the bird."

JJ nods. "Yes, I guess it is."

"JJ, go home with her. See you tomorrow."

"Got it, Hotch. Thanks."

The women make their way out to the H3. As they get in JJ takes her wife's hand. "Does it feel like all this shit went down in just 4 days?"

Emily shakes her head. "No. It feels like I've been gone a month."

JJ gives her wife's hand a kiss. "Let's go home and see the two cutest kids in the world. They can help us start to recover."

Emily sighs. "Maybe."

"He loves you, Em. You'll make things right." She starts the vehicle. "Any ideas what you are going to do with him?"

"It's too cold for the zoo. I thought about the aquarium in Baltimore but I probably shouldn't drive that far. So I thought maybe I'd take him to the Natural History Museum. Then we can ride the Metro most of the way."

JJ nods. "Good idea. But, um, what if he gets tired and doesn't want to walk?"

"I thought I could take the lightweight stroller. I can probably fashion a strap of some kind so I can wear it across my shoulders."

JJ nods. "Or maybe we can go this weekend and get you one of those skateboard backpacks. Then you could strap it into that."

"Yeah, if we can find one that goes over one shoulder."

"Ah, good point," JJ chuckles.

They chat about inconsequential things as they drive. JJ is hoping to keep Emily's mind off Henry for just a little while. As they pull into the driveway they are surprised to see Reid's car is already there.

"Did you know he was coming by?" Emily asks her wife.

"No," JJ answers.

They go inside and follow the sound of Reid's voice to the playroom. They stand outside and listen to his conversation with Henry and Rocky.

"I love you, too, guys, but I have to tell you something about your mama."

Henry sighs. "Mama lie."

Reid shakes his head. "No, Henry, she didn't. I promise you she didn't. You see, I did something bad and your mama had to come help me instead of coming home to you. She was so sad she couldn't see you. And she is pretty mad at me about it, too."

"You bad?" Henry asks.

"Yes, very bad."

Henry thinks a second. "You get time out?"

"Time! Time!" Rocky scolds.

Reid nods, thinking about his suspension. "Yes, I did get a time out. I am not allowed to work for 2 days because I was bad."

Henry shakes his head. "Bad boy, Unca 'Pence."

"Very bad. And so I wanted to come tell you not to be mad at your mama. Be mad at me, Henry. Your mama loves you so, so much and she made sure to tell me how upset she was that she had to come after me instead of being with you."

Henry bites his lip much the way Emily does when she's contemplating something. It is adorable.

"So Mama not lie to me?"

"No, Henry, she never lied to you. She'd have been here that night for you if I hadn't been a bad boy."

"Time! Bad boy!" Rocky scolds again.

"You're right, Rocky. I was bad and need a time out." He looks at Henry. "What do you think, Henry?"

"Unca 'Pence bad. Mama love Henry."

Reid smiles. "Yes, she does. And yes I am." He gives both kids a hug and kiss. "I am going to go home now to start serving my time out. I love you both so much and I am very, very sorry for making your mama not come home when she promised."

"Love you, Unca Pence. 'Member: no playing," Henry warns.

Reid smiles and nods. "I'll remember. Promise."

He stands up and walks out of the playroom. He comes up short when he sees Emily and JJ standing there. JJ moves by him, squeezing his arm as she goes. Reid steps up to Emily.

"Uh, hi. Thought I'd be gone before you got home."

Emily pulls him into a hug. "Thank you for talking to them, Spence. It means more to me than I can say."

"It was the least I could do, Emily. Good luck with him next week."

Emily smiles. "Thanks. Remember, now, no playing while in time out."

Reid chuckles. "I'll remember."

Emily sees him to the door. She takes a deep breath and walks back to the playroom. She peeks around the corner and sees JJ kneeling down getting hugs from both of their kids.

"So, um, room for one more?"

Rocky pulls away from JJ. "MAMA!"

She runs over and Emily kneels down to get a hug and kiss from her daughter. When it ends, she looks up and sees Henry staring at her. She smiles at him.

"Hi, Champ."

He walks over to her. "You no lie?"

She sighs. "I sort of did but I didn't mean to. I had to help Uncle Spencer. I am so, so sorry I wasn't here when I promised to be."

Henry reaches out a hand and touches her sling. He gives her a smile. "Di'saurs. Cool."

Emily nods. "Thanks. My old one got messy when I was helping Uncle Spencer."

"You help him?" Emily nods. "Get the badman?"

Emily thinks about how it ended but there was no way she'd even TRY to explain that to her kids. "Yes, we did," she tells him.

Henry smiles and throws his arms around her neck. "Mama Batman!"

Emily holds him as close as she can, tears in her eyes. "Yeah, Champ, I am. But I'm more proud to be your mama than I am to be Batman. I love you so much, Henry."

"Love Mama," Henry tells her and gives her a kiss.

Emily sighs, feeling something settle inside her for the first time all week. There definitely wasn't anyplace like home.