After posting my first story and seeing people liked it, I wanted to post another overused plot. With some differences.

Firstly, Percy comes to Annabeth's school.

Secondly, despite the fact that Annabeth sometimes is a hard character to write, -she isn't that kind of fluffy, cheesy, romantic girls. And she is suppose to realize things fast- I tried hard to don't make her look like OOC. She can be jealous, of course, but she knows Percy's fatal flaw is loyalty. He is not that cheating kind of guy, so even if she is jealous, she is going to know being jealous is stupid and know she is wrong. But, she is a girl with boyfriend so... that situation even beats Athena! IDK where I am going with this...

I was just trying to say that I will try my best to keep Annabeth in character.

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Annabeth pursed her lips as she walked near a group of girls with really mini skirts and too much make-up. But this was what she should have expected, it was high school after all.

She really hated it, all the girls trying to be popular and date with some popular and hot guy, boys dating with girls because they are sexy... Incredibly absurd.

At least there were some normal people she managed to be friends, namely Melanie, Kevin, Kevin's twin Daniel, Amy and Laura.

She found Amy and Kevin near her locker. Kevin was bad with girls nearly same as Percy. He had sandy blond hair and blue eyes, he was wearing a jean and a blue shirt matching his eyes today. He was slightly blushing while talking to Amy. Amy was a beautiful girl with long blond hair and sky blue eyes. She usually cracked jokes and smiled brightly. It was so obvious that the two liked eachother.

Deciding she should make Kevin's suffering stop, Annabeth walked to them. "Hi guys."

"Oh, Annabeth. It's nice to see you." Kevin said, relieved.

"Hi Annabeth."

"Now I need to use my locker."

"Okay." Amy said, not moving.

"You are blocking my way."

"Oh, sorry. I should get going. Bye."

She waved at them and run to her class which was at another building.

"I have class too. Bye, Annabeth."

Annabeth smiled at their behaviour and walked to her other friends lockers. She could see Laura and Melanie. Laura was a girl with brown, long, wavy hair and brown-green eyes. Every year, at least five guys had a crush on her. Her father used to live in Paris since he was born, until he decided coming to New York was a good idea. now, Then Laura was born.

Melanie had red hair and reminded Annabeth of Rachel. But she had brown eyes. She liked listening to very loud music, and earphones didn't made any good. She usually, like today, wore baggy t-shirts and faded jeans.

But what Annabeth paid attention wasn't any of them. It was the guy they seemed to be talking to. Who wasn't Daniel, who wasn't their friend. Who, wasn't even attending their school.

She could see his unmistakable messy black hair and she could recognize him even from his back, of course. She had seen and memorized his every move.

Of course, he had to be Percy freakin' Jackson.

The question was, what the Hades was he doing there?

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