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While mom prepared to walk down the aisle, my sisters and I prepared to walk her down it. We each wear the same dress design, a lovely crinkle chiffon flutter sleeve dress, where the design of the floor dragging dress adds to the beauty of each dress, all in a different color. Mother got us each a gift, in addition to our dresses. She got us each a circlet with colors of the jewels matching our dress; a silver circlet with blue opal for myself, a golden circlet with emeralds for Johanna, a golden circlet with red rubies for Katniss and a silver circlet with purple amethyst for Primrose.

Johanna curls Prim's hair into beautiful corkscrew curls and Katniss does the same with my hair. Katniss has her hair in an elaborate waterfall braid and looks lovely. Johanna's hair is too short to do much anything too. When Katniss finishes my hair I realize we have forgotten our bouquets. "I'll be right back." I feel it is my duty, as the oldest triplet, to retrieve them.

I see my cousin let out an audible gasp as he sees me. "Do I really look that terrible, Cinna?" I say only half jokingly. He shakes his head.

"It is quite the opposite, Annie. I think you look wonderful. You will have all eyes on you today." He says, pulling me in for a hug.

I shake my head. "I hope not. If today doesn't go exactly according to mother's plans, she will go insane."

Cinna nods understandingly. "I suppose you came out to retrieve something? Do you want me to get it?" Cinna is by far my favorite cousin. He is extremely considerate of everything and always offers things like this.

I shake my head though. I want to fetch the flowers, save something for the big reveal. "It's fine, Cinna. I've got it." I feel the air around me pull me back and I see Cinna smiling as if nothing happened. I playfully punch him in the arm. "I'm glad you've got that out of your system. Mom will kill you if you do that during the ceremony."

Cinna smiles and nods. "I'll keep that in mind, Annie." I smile and walk off, heading to where the flowers should be. I remember the way the air currents changed suddenly around me and think I need to remember how to do that for future reference. Cinna can control air, I can control water.

In all fairness, we all have powers. It isn't uncommon anymore. Some virus decades ago infected people and the side effect was powers and it was discovered those infected with the virus could genetically pass down these skills in a different, unique way. I have the power to control water. I have never met anyone else who could control the water, even though each power is different.

Johanna and Prim are both aligned with nature, but while Johanna can use nature and plants much in the same way I use water, Prim can cause things to grow. Katniss, like our new stepfather, can create fire, but she creates a light with her fire. Our new stepdad creates heat and fury. All of their powers are fairly common though.

I walk outside, clenching and unclenching my hand, weaving water through the air absent mindedly, until I see a flower delivery truck waiting outside in the lot. The boy delivering the flowers is listening to an iPod with black headphones covering his ears. I cough and he doesn't look up. I walk closer and still get no response from him. It isn't until I drop the water I am consuming myself with and tap him on the shoulder that he notices he isn't alone. "Can I help you?" He asks, smiling a charismatic smile.

I shrug and look at him. "I need the bouquets for the bridesmaids." He nods and opens the door to the back. I cannot help but notice the way his muscles move underneath his simple green polo and how laid back, yet handsome, his messy bronze hair looks. I wish my hair was that color, instead of the chocolate brown it is.

He pulls out the four flower bunches then winks at me. "What is your name?" He asks me. I look at him confused.

"Do you always insist on getting to know your clients?" He appears to flinch at the word clients, but it is so small it may have been a trick of the light.

He smiles and gets in real close, still holding the bouquets in his hands. "Only the pretty ones and you, my dear, are exceptionally ravishing." I feel a blush crawl to my face and am about to announce my name to him, when I suddenly stop myself.

"Thank you, but my name is my business. How do I know you just don't say this kind of thing to everyone you find halfway decent looking?" I feel my heart beat in my chest. That was uncharacteristically sassy for me. I usually blush, look at my toes and mutter responses when someone compliments me.

Only my friends compliment me, or older women at churches who come up to your family simply because they think you look pretty, or women in dressing rooms who talk to your mom as you try on dresses telling them how beautiful their daughter is, and you cannot help the smile that crosses your face because someone you don't know thinks you are pretty. I guess I am pretty, maybe even beautiful, but I am not hot. I have never turned a guy's head in the hallway and a strange boy I've never met has never called me pretty.

The boy continues to look at me with handsome and mysterious sea green eyes. His eyes seldom leave my face and his eyes never linger on my chest or hips, which I find refreshing. "I think you are beautiful, Miss. I would like to know your name in the case I may run into you again."

I cannot help the smile that crosses my face and let myself be taken with this young man. "Well, I will tell you my name, but, you must tell me yours first."

He passes me the bouquets and gives his charismatic, crooked smile and doesn't announce it until he has the last bouquet, my bouquet, as the only remaining one in his hand. "My name is Finnick."

I smile. "Well, Finnick, my name is Annie." I start to walk off but he stops me.

"Can you wait here for just a moment?" We are by the fountain and my hands are full of flowers, but I think I can capture a few more stolen moments before I must return to my sisters. I nod.

Finnick looks at the fountain and makes all of the water freeze, but not like ice. He makes it stop moving and plucks a handful of water from the bottom pool of the fountain as if it is clay. He then continues to mold it until it looks just like a flower made of crystal. He places the crystal flower in my hair, beside a bobby pin used to help keep the hair out of my face. I bring one of my hands, the other balancing all the bouquets, up to the flower and touch it. It feels like glass. I smile. "Thank you." I then process everything he just did. "You control water, don't you?"

He nods and looks me in the eyes. "You do as well, don't you?" I look at him confused. "That flower would've dissolved into water if it were not being worn by another who can control water. My mother taught me how to make trinkets like that. She is the only other person who could work with water I ever met, until you." I open my mouth, suddenly worried about the flower. What if someone else in my family touches it? "Don't worry; it won't turn into water now. It is made of water, beautiful as crystal, feels like glass and his as hard as diamond, since another water controller took it. Anyone you want can wear it."

I smile. "Thank you Finnick." I start to turn to go away when he taps my shoulder once more.

"Will I be able to meet you again, Miss Annie?" He asks me.

I nod and smile. "Yes, of course, Finnick. Name the time and place and I will meet you there."

His face lights up and his smile grows even bigger, a feat I did not think possible. "Come by the flower shop any time you wish. I'll have a present for you every time you come."

I smile. "I need not be bribed to go visit you, but I shall come. I'll come as soon as my mother is off and on her way to her Honeymoon with her new husband."

He smiles and rushes to the church to open the door for me. "I will see you soon, Annie."

I nod. "I will see you soon as well, Finnick."

I walk through the halls of the church and see Cinna waiting for me. "Do you need any help, Annie?"

I shake my head and smile at him. "No thank you, Cinna. I'm good." He nods and walks to where the other men are waiting.

I walk into the room where my sisters finish preparing themselves. Prim is the first one to take her bouquet and the first one to notice the new ornament in my hair, accompanying my circlet. "Annie, where did you get that? It is so beautiful!" She asks, smiling ear to ear.

I pat her head with my blue flowered bouquet. "The boy who delivered the flowers gave it to me."

Jo sees how much I am smiling and bops me on the back of my head with her bouquet. "Annie fancies him!"

I shake my head. "I do not! I just find him charming and refreshing. It is nice to see someone who can be charming without having a stick up their butt."

The four of us giggle because the boys we normally associate with are uptight and rigid, all incredibly polite and beautiful, but rigid. It is what comes with being of the highest class in our society. I do not know what class Finnick was from, he was as beautiful as a first class citizen so it is possible he was of our class. I don't know. I will certainly find out next time I see him. I touch the flower once again and smile. It is amazing how he turned the water into the flower. Katniss notices how peculiar it is. "How did he make that? Can he control stone? It looks like it is made of crystal. Crystal is a stone, right?"

I shake my head. "It is hard as a diamond, looks like crystal, feels like glass and is made out of water." The girls gasp and look at it again. "He said his mother taught him how to make it."

Johanna nods. "That is truly something special, Annie."

It is strange how different Johanna, Katniss and I are. We are triplets, shared the same womb, but all ended up with different powers and personalities. We all look vaguely alike, dark hair and smaller medium builds, but when push comes to shove, I know I have my sisters there for me. The three of us are best friends. Prim takes after all of us in one way or another. She has my joy, Johanna's strength and Katniss' compassion, making her seem angelic in comparison. None of us mind at all though. We are the ones who raised her. We made her the way she is.

We hear a knock on the door. "Come in!" Prim yells.

In steps Cinna. "We are going to start in ten minutes. It was asked if you four could be in your places."

We look at one another and help straighten the finishing touches on us, and then we grab our bouquets and file out the door.

We wait in the lobby outside the doors of the sanctuary as we wait for mother. We see her come in white with a silver tiara holding a shimmery white veil in place. We straighten ourselves up immediately. We love our mother dearly, but she is very proper. She is exactly what a woman of our status should be, unlike the rest of us, who are all immature and fun loving. She loves us all dearly though. "You all look lovely, girls."

We smile and look up at our mother. Prim is gaping with huge eyes. "Mother, you look like a princess or a queen!" We all laugh in response and wait as we let the last few moments pass before Mother marries Coriolanus Snow.

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