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Chapter 2- The Whore House

"All right, move it you little sluts." The guard takes his hand and slaps me on the butt with it. I gasp, but say nothing. Katniss looks like she want to do something. Johanna looks like she is going to blow a fuse. Prim is crying. The four of us are shoved into a dirty room, very similar to a jail cell. There are two metal bunk beds with thin foam mattresses and thin sheets. There is a metal toilet and sink in the corner. The only thing clean in the entire cell is the mirror above the sink. "Welcome to your new home." The man closes a cage like door in front of us. It is a jail cell. I don't know what else it could be. Prison is probably better.

Johanna runs up to the cell bars and starts to yell. "Let us out, you son of a bitch! Fuck you! Fuck you! We deserve fucking better! What the hell are you planning on doing to us!"

Across the hall there is a girl laughing. She has a dark chuckle that makes me scared. "You don't know what this is? Well, you're in for a hell of a shock. Who sold you? Brother? Uncle? Father?"

"Step father, actually." Katniss has joined Jo at the cell bars. I am looking over at the girl speaking to us, but my hands are wrapped around Prim, comforting her.

"Hmm. That sucks. It was my uncle who sold me off. Glimmer's brother sold her off. Foxface's dad sold her. They get all the whore money you make."

"Excuse me? Whore money? What do they expect us to do? Become prostitutes?" Jo has a voice of daggers.

"That is exactly what they expect you to do. If you are over sixteen, they sell you off. The younger ones, like the cute little blonde one your, what is she, your sister?" Johanna nods. "Well, the younger one will be used to convince you to sell yourself. Every time you refuse, she gets a cut, a beating, a broken arm, a broken leg until she eventually dies. Do as you're told and it won't happen. My little sister was killed like that. I don't want to see it happen to her. My name is Clove, by the way. I can control plants, but you see how good that is here. Glimmer is the blonde one. She has a lot of people buying her for the night. She will probably be sleeping during the day. Glimmer has basic control over rocks, but it typically works better with precious gems. The ginger in the back is Lucy, but we all call her Foxface. She can communicate with animals. She is about as useful as I am here. What about you guys?"

"Why the hell should we tell you?" Jo asks her.

"You should tell me because I can help you guys stay alive. Now, names?"

"Annie." I get up once Prim has calmed down and go to where Johanna and Katniss are. "My name is Annie. I control water." Clove smirks a bit at this.

"Water? Never seen one in real life. Supposed to be rare." I shrug. "Well, water girl has the right idea. What about you two and you're little blonde sister?"

"Fine. I'm Johanna. Plants, like you. Girl back there is our sister, Primrose. She does plants, too." Johanna has fire in her eyes.

Katniss has her arms crossed over her chest. "Katniss. Fire."

Clove smirks. "Very interesting. Sisters with all different powers." There is the scraping of metal and Clove crosses her arms. "Don't say anything. I'll explain after the guards disappear."

In walk a pair of guards wearing white uniforms and helmets covering their heads. They lead a vicious looking man with cold blue eyes into the prison. "I can take my pick, huh? They all for sale?"

The guard starts to talk. "All but the youngest one. Go ahead and take your pick."

The man smiles and goes to the cage where Clove, Foxface and Glimmer are being kept. He then turns around and looks at the cage Jo, Katniss, Prim and I are being kept. "Let me in this one."

The guards do as they are told and open the cage, locking it behind the man. He makes his way toward me and touches my face. I shudder away. "Come on, pretty. What's holding you back?" He smells like alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco. There is also a sickly sweet scent radiation off of him I can't identify. He then shakes his head. "None of these. You've got two other rooms filled with sluts like this, right?"

The guard nods. "Yeah. I'll show you to the rooms."

The guards and the man leaves. The metal screeches as the door closes and I let out a sigh of relief. We're safe. "Those are the patrons, as we are supposed to refer to them. They buy us and do whatever the hell they want to do for three hours. Apparently we aren't that expensive. If they want to buy us as permanent slaves they have to pay quite a bit of money. It's disgusting. I've seen two girls get sold to sleezy men forever. The men continued to come back and still buy us for our bodies. I hate every single one of them, but I have heard rumors of some men that will come in and buy the girls for three hours of freedom. It's never happened to me or Foxface, but Glimmer has had it happen to her. It's rare." The metal door scrapes on the floor once again and two guards lead two younger men in. I can't see their faces but one of them speaks.

"Leave us. We'll make our decision and come tell you in a moment." The guards nod and close the door behind the men.

They walk closer to us and I feel my heart hammering in my chest. "Annie?" I hear.

"What?" I'm confused. One of the men said my name.

"Oh shit, Annie. You're trapped in here!" The man comes closer and I recognized him as Finnick. To his side was a man with wavy blonde hair and striking blue eyes. "I'm getting you out of here."

"Why did you come here in the first place?" There is venom in my voice.

He shakes his head. "You don't understand. I came to free people. I used to live in one of these. I was bought into freedom by the flower shop owner. I work for him, but only because I choose too. Peeta wanted to help me set the innocent free."

The guards come back in. "Have you two made a decision?"

Peeta and Finnick exchange glances. "We'll come back another time." Peeta says. Finnick nods and looks at me, promise of his return obvious in his gaze.

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