Harry Potter x Naruto! This crossover was deleted previously, but then I decided to give it another try! This is different from my normal Harry is the main character that was either born to a sibling of a shinobi or is a shinobi fic, this is a Severus is a Uchiha –shinobi fic…. Related to the re-owned/ claimed traitors and this is a take on his own story as being an Uchiha with his problems. No slash…

Inspiration from not being too many fics with Severus as a shinobi (they are all romance/ Yaoi) and Uchiha or Snape by: RusNydia; it is really good if you haven't read it, I recommend you do! I know with all the stories I have up, I shouldn't even be considering putting up this! but...a muse is a muse I supposed.

Hogwarts year I have no clue yet, but Naruto takes place during- Don't know yet at the moment either because like Sasuke he is the last Uchiha.

Summary: Caged; that what he was. Bound to two masters that couldn't decide whether to throw the die or not.


A hybrid….

A perfect mixture of two beings…

A half-blood.

For that what was Uchiha-Snape, Severus; a perfect being born to a witch and muggle-born shinobi. However, few knew this fact and his parents seemed to want it to stay that way.

"We'll be camping here," Tobias Snape sour tone reached young Severus ears. The elder Snape who was seemingly a poor son of the Snape family manage to convince his wife with several small arguments that he could spend time with his young three year old son. With reluctance Eileen Snape (nee-Prince) allowed them to go without the tracking spells on them, opting to trust in the man she married even if that trust was miniscule.

The man was aware of what his wife was, but didn't act on it however; he would be damn if his son was ignorant to his heritage. They were far from Spinners' end. He ordered his son to help and learn how to set up camp, before he crouched gesturing his son over; "Listen to me son," his voice was as cold an emotionless as ever even with its sour tone. "You are more special than anyone could imagine. You see…" he made quick yet, slow hand seals knowing that his young son even at his age was readily paying rapt attention. "Fire style: miniscule fire!" It was a small fire that appeared in his palms and in-between his fingers. "An Uchiha basic fire technique, but you won't learn this now son, for this is the reason why I wanted the bonding time."

Severus was awed. His father never spoke this much. He was a little disappointed that he couldn't imitate his father, but… "We start now on your lesson, son, but don't let anyone know of what I am going to tell you. Your mother can't know yet, don't give me that look, I'll tell your mother when the time comes."

That seemed to satisfy the young Severus and Tobias began his lecture. "First we'll begin on the writing, reading, and learning what goes with what. As we do that, I will tell of our clan and tomorrow we'll be in the village."

"Village?" Severus inquired tilting his head cutely.

Tobias nodded, "Yes, sometime tomorrow we'll be there." He grinned. "You'll love it!"

Severus indeed loved it, but the clan (not all) was glad to see Tobias and his son who was the same (if not younger) age as Itachi, but Fugaku the clan head allowed them to stay and young Severus to learn.

"What else is he?" Fugaku asked; he was there in the village for short time before he left to take on a mission of go to the station. His wife Mikoto convinced him to accept the two because Severus was just a young boy like her son in her eyes.

They were a great distance watching both the boys; "My son's an Uchiha that's all that should matter, Fugaku-sama."

"And, how are you fairing living in that place?"

Tobias pursed his lips in thought. "It no longer matters for me, but it is perfect. No one suspects a thing." Fugaku nodded in acknowledgement. Just so long as…." We will come as much as possible, but nothing is ever set in stone."


When it was all said and done, Severus happily exclaimed that he wanted to go back again. "I'm glad, Severus," Eileen said smiling fondly at her son. "That you had so much fun spending time with your father. " She mock pouted, "You will have time and won't forget about your darling mother, won't you?"

Severus smiled serenely. "No, mother!"

That very fall, Eileen taught her son of potions and told him more tales of Hogwarts. She was preparing him for when his letter would come, but the summers came once again and once again Tobias took Severus to Konoha where they trained.

For years his life has been such. When he turned nine…he met Lily Evans. The same year his parents began arguing over the littlest of things.

They're arguing again?" Lily queried softly.

Snape didn't answer didn't need to. He was angry and didn't understand why his parents did what they did. Why when they were alone with him did they treat him like a son, but when they were at Spinners' end..?


"Yeah," he finally answered awkwardly. "But, soon I won't have to be in their presence."

"Doesn't your dad like magic?" His first friend, crush asked.

Severus knew that his dad didn't like anything when they lived here much, but when they went to Konoha or on their camping trips… "No, he doesn't like anything much."

Lily Evans never learned the truth, but even with a small frown she never questioned whether he was lying or not.

"Where are you taking him, Tobias?!" Eileen fussed. "Every summer – year it's the same cycle! I deserve to know, I'm his mother!"

"Nowhere that needs indication," Tobias replied his temper flaring. His business was going bad, but that wasn't going to stop him from spending time with his son. "So, don't worry for little details, he'll be back in one piece."

It was maddening! He was only to wear his clothes when he left the town and when his family wasn't in the eyes of others. When he came home back from spending time with his father, Eileen changed. Although caring she stopped being loving. No, not just her, but his father as well. His father would drink a habit he picked up and couldn't break and when he would train Severus, he would beat him up more than train, but the boy was something else.

He met up with Lily as usual, but when he was alone he would train on his own, but he had no way of going to the village and training with the clan.

When, Severus turned eleven everything changed for the worse. "Come on boy," Tobias a little drunk grabbed Severus by the ear and dragged him off as he led him to some lands that were similar to the ones they used as camping spots. "We need to hurry."

The village was lit in darken light with the moon shining brightly overhead. The Uchiha district up ahead. It was quiet eerily so that Severus could hear his own breathing.

However; the eerie silence and the smell of the dead was the least of their worries as they stopped dead in their tracks; Sharigan's active, but unable to move. Itachi Uchiha stood over the pole of a tall building.

"Leave the village immediately, or.." the teenager moved swiftly standing behind them Sharigan eyes evolved even more so than theirs looked sideways at Severus, but he needed not look at them both in order to do what he needed. "Perish with the others."

The images were absolute and undistinguishable. He killed everyone including his little brother (which he didn't)!

" are weak… Just like your traitorous father. A bird that will not amount to anything. Nothing, but a half-breed." Cruel words, but they had their affect.

Severus was going to find a way to prove him wrong, but little did the young boy know he was going to have a long road ahead of him.

Itachi said his final words to Severus father before he was gone out of the village. Tobias grabbed his son and didn't look back because if he did he would have known that the last Uchiha of Konoha was still lying on the ground unconscious.

When they were nearing Spinner's end; "boy, that letter will be coming for you soon and then you will be gone from our lives," Tobias was colder than usual. "But," he held his son up by the collar. "You better keep training; I don't won't weak- feeble son anymore when you do return, understand?"

Severus nodded mutely.

His mother wasn't for off. And, soon his letter came. "Aren't you excited as well, Sev?" Lily asked excitedly. "We finally got our letters!"

He was excited and even more so knowing that his longtime friend was going as well, but he wasn't excited about the prospect of hiding who he was, but he knew that it was essential and must stay hidden.

September the first arrived and the two boarded the train that would lead them to Hogwarts; sitting together in the same compartment. When the compartment doors opened again, Severus Hogwarts life that he dreamed of forever changed.

Lily his longtime friend and crush was sorted into Gryffindor with the two people he hated with a passion from the train ride and he, he was sorted into Slytherin.

And, so began the double life of the hybrid; the half-blood bore to a witch and a muggle-shinobi at Hogwarts.

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