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Title: Sweet Ammunition

Description: Candy makes for great projectiles, particularly when it can also be used to snag you a kiss or two.

With the practiced precision of veterans, their hands met in a standard high-five before the complicated choreography took over. Their hands and feet moved in an admittedly convoluted pattern that had taken them hours of practice to perfect. A second later the two of them jumped apart, each striking a pose before their arms dropped to a natural position at their sides. Normally, conversation would resume at this point, but this little game was far too interesting for either of them to back our of it just yet. So instead, they supplemented words with meaningful smiles and raised eyebrows - a silent challenge to keep on playing.

Seeing the other mirroring their expression and, by extension, intentions, they returned to the neutral position for this particular game; Leia plopped back into her seat first while Alvin opted to sit on the couch opposite her. Leia had made her opening gambit and now it was time for Alvin to answer. A playful grin dominated the girl's face as she gestured towards the table and, more importantly, the bowl situated upon it. Within that seemingly innocent container was the source of the current bout of silence, a true oddity in their relationship.

Between Alvin's near-constant need to tease Leia and her near-constant need to answer to these jibes, there wasn't much room for quiet moments to seep in. But when those rare moments made themselves known, Leia enjoyed being able to reveal in a completely different side of their relationship. Sometimes words simply weren't needed.

Or in this case, words outside of those printed on tiny candy hearts.

Before acknowledging her goading, Alvin took the candy heart with 'HIGH FIVE' printed on the front that he had placed on the table before they had followed the candy-inscribed instructions and popped it into his mouth. A second later there was the definitive sound of the candy crunching, breaking the silence with a startling crack.

With that, the rules of their little game were set in stone.

Leia watched as Alvin reached into the bowl of candies and began to fish around, picking up pieces and evaluating them before ultimately rejecting them. She kept her defenses up at all times; she had started this game by tossing a candy heart at Alvin's head, so she was sure that he would reciprocate in kind. Her anticipation mounted the longer she watched him reject heart after heart - just what was he planning here?

Her answer came a second later when a smile dominated Alvin's face as he selected a singular heart and tossed it in Leia's direction. She easily caught the candy in her palms and read what was printed there in pink sugar.


Confusion crossed Leia's features as she looked at the heart, but she wasn't allowed to last long in that state as Alvin pulled her from the couch and the candy fell from her palms onto the table. She was about to protest that she had no idea how to dance when she remembered that the most important rule of this little game was that there be no speaking. After all, she was the one who had claimed she could hold a whole conversation with Alvin using nothing but the candy hearts.

Instead of going against her word, she allowed herself to be pulled into what she could only assume was a proper dancing position as she and Alvin began to twirl only half gracefully through their tiny apartment.

As they continued to move together, she felt her body relaxing to the calming and gentle sway of their motions. It was an odd sort of lullaby and before she knew it, her head rested on Alvin's chest as she closed her eyes and trusted him to lead her. She listened to the quiet sound of his heartbeat and breathing, unconsciously matching her breaths with his. It was possible that she imagined it, but the grip he had on her back and hand seemed to tighten ever so slightly, pushing her even closer to him.

Even though they had been this close a multitude of times, it didn't dull the effect in the slightest; her heart beat like crazy as she settled into his tight embrace. Her sleepiness was replaced with a warm flush that was a mix of embarrassment and happiness. This new rush of emotion didn't stop her from snuggling further into Alvin's embrace.

Their dance lasted for several minutes more before the two of them broke apart, Alvin's triumphant smirk softened only the slightest by the suddenly amorous atmosphere. Leia viciously shook her head to fight off the admittedly powerful haze - this was still a competition! This conviction driving her actions, she made her way back to the couch and pointedly popped the heart Alvin had thrown at her into her mouth. The victory candy eaten, she began to dig through the bowl of candy once more.

Her search was far quicker than Alvin's and a moment later she chucked a heart in his direction. He caught the projectile easily thanks to years of reflexes trained by mercenary work. Leia watched as he read the message on the heart and a smirk made its way to his face. Leia knew that he was celebrating the powerful effect his little dancing display had had on her, but she had no plans to go back on her choice. He stood from the couch and made his way to where Leia was sitting, the young girl straightening herself slightly as she waited for the inevitable.

With no further pomp or circumstance, he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. Leia eagerly responded to his advances and pushed back on his lips with full force as she gripped his shirt; in a roundabout way, she was in fact the one who had initiated the kiss. Unfortunately, a moment later Alvin barely pulled away from her lips and teasingly placed the 'KISS ME' candy heart into his mouth. Leia frowned as she watched him return to the couch opposite her - he was just toying with her now and loving every moment of it.

But there was no way she would speak up to ask for another kiss and admit defeat now. Anyways, she could always just hand Alvin another 'KISS ME' heart on her next turn. There was plenty of chances left, of that she was certain.

Alvin, on the other hand, had other plans - turning Leia's game on its head sort of plans.

This time when he dug through the bowl, Alvin made his selection so quickly the Leia nearly missed catching the candy thrown at her. She turned the candy over in her palm, meaning it took her several seconds to process the words printed there. However, the moment she did, heat rushed to her cheeks; she swiftly lifted her head to look at Alvin, his eyes were trained on her face and his smirk was wider than ever.

And tinged with a blatant seductive edge.

He had already untied his scarf and was beginning to unbutton his shirt.

The only response he ever got to his 'PLAYTIME' candy heart was fistful after fistful of candy pelting him in the face as Leia blushed and stuttered meaninglessly.

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