Now, you may be asking a lot of questions. Wait, what happened after that? You forgave Arthur just like that? What happened when you moved? Well, I became a writer. Ironic, huh? After people heard how I saved Arthur, everybody said I should be a police officer or fire fighter, someone who saves lives. But, one day a girl who must have been fifteen came up to me, looked at me like I was god, and hugged me tightly. She asked me 'You're Alfred Jones, aren't you?' I said yes, and she told me that one of her books stopped her from committing suicide. That felt good, that felt really good. Just some random girl could have been anybody. Arthur never became a punk rocker like he had planned, but instead a high school music teacher. This sounds lame, but trust me, Arthur's band was at the top of its game. Liz and Gilbert started a hotel, and when I visited, best hotel I've ever been to that's for sure. I've heard they may start a chain. Well, that doesn't satisfy you, does it? Probably want the rest of my life piece by piece, so well, here it is.

A week later Arthur came back to school. I was mad at him at first, but Arthur wouldn't get off my back so I forgave him by the second day. We kissed and held hands and even made out a few times in class, we didn't care anymore, and we would be leaving in two weeks anyways. We all sat together, Liz, Gilbert, Arthur and I. The team was back together, finally.

The last day home was a hard, but happy one. Liz, Gilbert, Arthur and I all went to the school after dark, and we all just sat on the roof together. That was fun, getting up there, watching the heavens while lying next to the people I cared about the most. Even though Arthur didn't kiss me or anything that night, nothing romantic or anything, I felt amazing. Like nothing in the world could happen to us, nothing could ever separate us. Nothing would ever separate us.

After this we all went to some bar and restaurant, but none of us had a sip of alcohol. We all drank cherry sodas and root beer, cheering and singing like a group of drunken men.

And that was it. Liz and Gilbert went home. That day was to short; even a life time wouldn't have been long enough. The last thing Liz said to me was before I left was, "you're life isn't done yet, Alfred, don't give up." Even though I saw her again, those words burned in my mind like they were her last. Sometimes if I think about us long enough I cry, I cry because of those damn words. Of course there we the 'I love you guys, let's see each other again real soon, I'll miss you,' but her last sentence really counted.

Arthur and I packed up. He met me at the door with three boxes, since most of his stuff was burnt, but he still had the guitar strapped around his shoulder. "It's a miracle, almost everything else was burned in my closet but this," He said, tapping the smooth plastic covering the instrument, "It's a little singed, but not too bad." We packed my stuff up into boxes and a duffel bag, the most important object being a picture of the four of us we took at a sleep over, Arthur on my back, Liz and gilbert doing the duck face. I said goodbye to my dad, and that's it. We went to the bus stop and waited. As the bus pulled up, I looked back at my little house down the street with a smile. I could just make out through the darkness my on the porch waving and I waved back.

"I'm never going to forget this place, Arthur," I said in a whisper as the bus doors opened, "Even if my dad doesn't live here anymore, or the school gets torn down, this will always be where my life started."

"Same," Arthur smiled, nudging my rib with his elbow, "But, home is with you."

"Yeah, home is with my Artie," I laughed, stepping onto the bus, "We're so cheesy." We both awkwardly made our way to the back, our stuff clanging against the seats. Since this was a pretty good one, they had the spaces above our seats to put our stuff in, like an airplane. I took a blanket and a bag of chips out of my duffel bag before shutting it away, just in case we got hungry or cold, since this was a five hour drive. Okay, yes, I said I lived close to London, and by that I meant closer than most people. I pressed my face against the window, tearing up as we drove away. I was leaving, just like America, but this was different. It was a mix of pride, sadness, and joy. Arthur and I snuggled together as the bus got onto the bridge to downtown. I could imagine that night on New Year's Eve so clearly. The bus ride was okay, Arthur and I didn't talk much, we just kissed every now and then, but yet I was really happy. Nothing happened on that bus ride, but this was it. New everything was coming my way, new school, new chance.

Once we arrived, Arthur was fast asleep on my shoulder. I had to wake him up, and I felt bad because it was about five in the morning now, but we had shit to do. I carried most of our stuff. We signed into the school, got our room and slept. The room was 202, on the second floor. We didn't even bother to set up our stuff; we just threw a bunch of pillows and blankets onto one bed, snuggled up and fell asleep. We slept until two in the afternoon, and then we started to decorate our new home. I smiled upon pulling out three pictures, one of my dad, Ala, and I, the one of Liz, Gilbert, Arthur and me, and one of my mom and brother. I carefully set them up on top of my bookshelf. The second bed in the apartment was really pointless because I knew Arthur and I would be sleeping together almost every night, but I laid down blankets and stuff on the second bed anyways. After setting up the apartment, we both looked at each other and giggled "This place looks like shit." It didn't, really, it was actually quite nice. I sent dad, Liz, and Gilbert places of my new home.

Next week we started school. Arthur and I had talked about if we should be openly gay, or keep it a secret. We eventually came onto the conclusion of 'screw it'. School was weird at first, I had gotten lost at least ten times the building was so big. But this time I get to pick my classes, which was nice. I took a ton of art classes, plus a few writing classes, and a health class. It's about time I started getting educated on sex and cooking. I can maybe cook for Arthur well, and have good sex with him. Yeah, that'll be nice. But, it was also a good time to get started on sports. So, I signed up for football or soccer as the British call it.

After school, I went to football signups. Well, I signed up, but these were more like additions I guess. The coach, Coach Zwingli, all looked us over as we sat in a line. It was weird; I didn't think joining a football team would be like this. I was the tallest too, even sitting down. It made me nervous, because well I stuck out like a sore thumb. "Wow, you're pretty big," the coach had commented upon looking at me. I immediately blurted out 'sorry sir' and he just laughed, saying that it was a good thing. A new it was a good thing, I guess I just forgot.

Well, apparently I rocked it. The results would be posted next Monday, or so the coach said. A young looking boy, who was apparently seventeen, came up to me and congratulated me. His name was Feliciano. After this, the other boys and I hung around until Arthur picked me up and we walked home. Soon though, Feliciano and I became friends. He was a nice guy, kind of nervous though, didn't seem like the football type at all. While all this was happening, Arthur got into an Indie band that one of the teachers was hosting. At night he would practice songs on his guitar, which was usually what put me to sleep at night. Liz texted me updates every so often.

Next Monday, the results were after all posted. Guess who was the quarterback? Yeah, Mister Alfred Jones. As this happened, my popularity started growing throughout the school, and my team gave me automatic friends. But these weren't fake friends, these guys were really nice. They also thought it was super cute on how I was gay, which was annoying but funny, because every time Arthur kissed me they would all coo and howl. It's like having 18, huge, male Liz's running around. The fire story quickly spread throughout the school, which was now spoken about quite a lot, actually. It was annoying, but kind of fun at the same time. Now, being the quarterback came with consequences. I had a whole group of girls who were crushing on me, and whenever they tried to flirt with me Arthur would get super jealous. It was cute and funny at the same time.

We had done it; Arthur and I were at the top of our game. Arthur had to travel to different concerts a lot though, and I had to travel to different games. But on the weekends we would cuddle and kiss, Skype Liz and Gilbert on Arthur's new laptop and watch movies together. We finally had a proper date too. And now that we were pretty popular, we threw parties. And these were good parties, because I invited everyone, the misfits, and the popular kids. I got along with both. So did Arthur, of course.

Arthur's seventeenth birthday came really fast. We went back to our small little town and celebrated with his mom and dad, Kiku, Liz, and Gilbert. Then we brought Liz and Gilbert back to London with us and we had a huge party. I showed them around, oh man it was great.

And of course, July fourth was my birthday. I waited for Arthur to get home from a concert, and it saddened me at first that he couldn't celebrate it with me until very late, but when he came home with a husky puppy in his arms I couldn't stop smiling. But then I noticed the tags on the dog, it had two plane tickets to America tied to the collar. I cried, Arthur held me, laughing. "You're father helped me pay for them," Arthur told me after I calmed down, "We'll leave in two days." And we kissed, for a really, really long time. And that kiss turned into sex. I missed that. We ended up naming the puppy Apollo by the way, since I was in an ancient Greek class at the time.

America was great. We went to Washington and visited Matthew and my mom, and my mom kissed me all over and told me how big I had gotten. Then I kissed Matthew all over and told him how big he had gotten. Arthur couldn't get over the fact that Matthew and I looked almost identical. We spent three nights there, and accidently Arthur slipped in bed with Matthew, thinking it was me. I started laughing and Matthew just kind of stared at him. Arthur stared screaming 'Oh my god, im so sorry' and finaly snuggled into bed with me. We laughed about it in the morning.

Then we went to Disney. Or, Florida. But we went to this fancy hotel with the Disney characters everywhere, and it was so much fun. I took a picture with every character I saw, and Arthur started to get frustrated with how enthusiastic I was. I sent Liz and Gilbert over a thousand pictures those few days. I went on a dozen roller coasters and threw up once. Arthur and I went to eat at this really good seafood restaurant to, the bill ended up being a hundred dollars, but it was worth it. We went to a water park the next day, and I soon found out Arthur couldn't swim. As he sat on a chair by the pool and tanned, along with a ton of others, I went under the water and didn't come up for thirty seconds. Arthur got worried and sat at the edge of the water, which was when I jumped out and pulled him under, kissing him beneath the water. Arthur shouted at me for hours for that, but we both started laughing after a while.

We went back home after a week. I didn't want to leave, but we had too, and I was pretty sad to go. But, I had two new pictures to frame and hang. One of Arthur and I wearing the traditional Disney hats, and a picture of my mom, Matthew, Arthur and I. The rest of the summer was fun; we threw parties, went shopping, and even got to see Liz and Gilbert again.

Two weeks after school started I was playing a football game. This was an important one against one of our biggest competitors, and since I was the biggest player in the team, I was basically attacked by every single player on the other team. Well, I was running for the ball, and I had jumped for it, but I landed on my ankle. Now, this wouldn't have hurt too bad, I'd probably had been in pain for a few minutes and then get right back into the game. But as I landed on my ankle, I was slammed into the ground hard by a player on the opposite team.

Crack. Broken leg. It hurt so badly, I screamed the same guttural scream I let out from the time I got punched in the eye. The other man on top of me was shocked, getting up and screaming as well to stop the game. I could feel the bone rubbing against the other, and oh man it was gross. I screamed again as I tried to stand, my leg making another popping sound. The game was halted and I was removed from the game. The couch called an ambulance, and the others that were out put some ice on the injury. Arthur came running within seconds, I don't even know how he got down there, and coach must have showed him. He asked me the normal questions like 'how bad does it hurt?' and after that he just sat with me, holding my hand. I ended up with a cast and got two weeks off of school, since my leg wasn't broken too bad. Arthur took care of me for those weeks when he got home from band practice, it was nice.

Fourth month into my final year of high school, Arthur had a really big competition between another band. Around this time is when I found out Arthur had a few issues of his own before I came into his life, this being abuse from his real father. This is why he was constantly looking for love, but his emotions were switched very easily, and why he let his pride get the better of him. I knew deep down he was always a grump, but I guess this made it worse. But, anyways, Arthur was great at his band performance. Even though he was part of a twenty person band, he still had his own guitar solo which rocked. He even used my guitar that I gave him. We snuggled most of the night after, I told him how great he was and he blushed and thanked me quietly. He was so damn cute.

After this I was able to play football again, and Arthur got his driver's license. His mom bought him a silver car, and I followed with my drivers license shortly after, but we just shared the car since we didn't have enough money to buy a second one. I got a job at a froyo self-service place on campus, which was awesome because I got free frozen yogurt almost every day.

And we finished high school. We went to a big after school party, where I of course brought frozen yogurt samples because I could obtain them for free. That night was fun, a lot of fun. A week into summer we had our last football game, and we totally rocked. Well, I had my last football game, because the rest of the boys were going on, but I was quitting. The game was really intense though, it started raining and I, must have slipped twenty times. Glad nobody got seriously hurt.

Arthur soon got a job as well, and the two of us combined made enough money to buy our own house. We moved happily to the countryside, my dog now twice the size it was before was hard to fit anywhere in the car. I was eighteen now, and Arthur was nineteen. It was a sad day, because I was leaving all my friends behind, even though they were leaving as well.

Our new home was rather big, even bigger then my first house in England. I sent the pictures to Liz and Gilbert of our new home. Arthur and I stared in front of that thing for hours, looking at our new home, smiling like idiots.

"We did it, Alfred."

"We really did, didn't we?"

Decorating that house was really, really fun. We sang 'when I'm 64' while putting things everywhere, Arthur's voice sounding much better than mine. I had to quickly apply for a job, since the both of us had to quit our old ones. But before I got a new job as a (really sexy) waiter, I sent out the first part of this little journal to a publisher. In two weeks, I got a response. Before Arthur and I knew it, we had a really good amount of pounds. We weren't rich, but we had enough to go around. And so I became a writer, having a part time waiter job still since it takes a while to write books. Arthur had a few college classes every Wednesday, which slowly turned from music into teaching. Before I knew it, Arthur was a music teacher. But, I didn't get to see him as often as I used to, I missed him a lot. We lived like this for a really long time, having barbeques in the yard sometimes, inviting Feliciano over and some other high school friends. But despite living together so long, we never, ever got bored of each other. Not once I went 'jeez I'm used to his kisses', it's always been just how it was when we were young and in love. It's always felt like that, warm, happy, and new. The first day Arthur went to school to teach I missed him a lot. When he got home, I had ran over to the door, picked him up without saying anything, and laid down on the couch holding him to my chest. Arthur laughed quietly with a 'Did somebody miss me?' before kissing my nose and snuggling up with me. When I wasn't at work waiting for Arthur to get home, I really felt like an abandoned puppy. The third week of him going to school, I came to his school in the middle of the day. I asked the principle where he was and found him quite easily. He was at a teachers lunch break or something, so I walked up behind him, covered his eyes and said 'Guess who?' into his ear. Arthur laughed, immediately guessing it was me, and we kissed for a little while. Arthur introduced me to his teacher friends and his students, which the student part was really fun because I got to embarrass him in front of each class of fifty students. One day in December Arthur didn't come home for hours, I must've called him twenty times but he didn't pick up. I was destroyed, I thought maybe he had gotten into a car accident. I paced back and forth for what seemed like hours until Arthur came home, telling me that he had a teachers meeting. Apparently he told me about it and I just don't remember, but at that point I was glad he was safe. On the first day of vacation Arthur and I had sex because we hadn't in a while, between his school hours and my writing and food-serving hours.

Christmas that year was really fun, we went down to Westminster on Christmas eve and walked Apollo around for what seemed like hours. I got some presents in the mail from Liz, Gilbert, Kiku and my dad, which was all some sort of writing thing. Beside Liz, Liz got me a big tub full of cheese balls and a reindeer costume for Apollo. Yeah, Liz is the perfect prank gifter ever.

Liz and Gilbert came down around Arthur's twenty fifth birthday. Two weeks before his birthday they came down so we could hang out, and I hadn't seen them in forever, so it was a shocker. I wasn't shocked that they came over, but how old they looked. Liz looked like a woman, her breasts had nearly doubled in size and she had a very attractive hourglass figure. Not that I'm saying I was turned on, but she was defiantly pretty. Her face was evened out and had lost that soft look that Arthur's still had. Gilbert surprisingly looked like a stick almost, broad shoulders and straight down skinny. His legs had gotten really long as well, and his face really didn't change much, but he still looked a lot more adult. He even had small sideburns which I teased him about forever.

Three days after Liz and Gilbert came over; we all went to Westminster to go shopping. Gilbert and Arthur separated from us so Liz and I could buy Arthur a birthday present. Liz got him some new stuff for his guitar since it was pretty old now, and afterwards I led Liz into a very special store.

"Wait, are you getting Arthur earrings?" Liz laughed, elbowing me in the gut while we walked into a jewelry store, but once I ran over to the rings excitedly Liz gasped. "Alfred, are you doing what I think you're doing?"

I almost screamed it to the whole store, "Arthur and I are getting married!" Or, I thought we were. Or, more like I was planning on proposing to him. Liz and I jumped up and down hand and hand like we were sixteen again before looking at rings. I found a pair that I really liked, but they were both like two thousand dollars each or something, no way I can afford that. I finally found two that I liked and that I thought Arthur would like too. They two silver rings, engraved each with a line. I wanted something decorative and cool, but all the cool ones were all really feminine looking, but these two rings looked manly enough so I purchased them for four hundred and thirty six pounds (about seven hundred dollars). Liz and I sat outside that store for hours planning on how I was going to propose to him.

"So, like, maybe when we go out to dinner on his Birthday you can do it," Liz said, "More people are coming too."

"Yeah but it needs to be something quirky," I moaned, frustrated since I wasn't very creative.

"Arthur likes simple things, so maybe kind of quirky and kind of not," Liz had said, "Nothing big like that plane ride thing." I soon agreed with her on a plan, that was simple and wasn't at the same time. I hid the rings with Liz, where Arthur wouldn't expect anything, and soon enough it was his birthday. I had practiced stuff to say almost five times that day. Gilbert and I drove to the site of where our wedding would be and made reservations for May 24th. Now, I also got him a card so I wouldn't have to kneel there for hours telling him how much I loved him, I could have done that very easily, but I think it would have gotten boring after a while. I was really nervous while I drove Arthur, Liz, and Gilbert down to the restaurant in Westminster we were going to. It was some Italian place or something. Arthur took my hand on the way in, asking what was wrong. Damnit, he can tell I'm nervous. I told him I had a stomach ache but I'd be fine, and Arthur smiled and kissed my cheek.

We met Arthur's mom, dad, and brother inside. They already had a table. Arthur's brother's name was Francis; he was thirty eight and had long moved out of Arthur's home before I came into his life. We all hugged and stuff before taking our seats. We ordered drinks, Arthur slipping sips of my root beer ever so often, trying to be sneaky to make sure I didn't notice. I ruined his plan by saying 'Jeez Artie, you could have gotten your own.' We all joked and laughed during dinner, even though I was still nervous as hell, it was a great time. After dinner Arthur started opening presents and stuff.

"Liz I swear to god," Arthur said while taking Liz's present in his hands. But he was rather surprised when he found out it was something serious. After everybody else's present I handed him my card. "Alfred, wow, last year you got me a drum set this is a pretty big difference," Arthur laughed before saying 'just kidding' and kissing my cheek.

If I remember correctly, this is what the card said on the inside; "Dear Mister Kirkland, I remember meeting you for the first time being trapped in the gym locker room. It was my totally coward-ly-ness that saved my life, because well, I met you. And I met you, that brought Liz and Gilbert into my life as well. At first I tried hating you, you and your pride, but instead I found myself being madly in love with you. You make me happy every day, well, your horrible cooking doesn't but at least you try cooking for me! But, seriously, let me do the cooking. I remember being memorized by your eyes from an artist's view, and even though I'm a writer now they're still fucking pretty. And well, I really love you, Arthur. Like, a lot, and thanks for saving my life as well, I'm pretty sure with my crazy 16-year-old head I would have killed myself if it were not for you.

Love the coolest boyfriend ever, Alfred Jones!

I had added a few hearts after that. Arthur looked at me and went 'aw, Alfie,' and we hugged for a little bit. We got free cake as well, since it was Arthur's birthday of course. "Close your eyes and make a wish!" I had shouted, Arthur staring at me stupidly.

"Alfred, I've already got everything," Arthur said with a laugh, "I've got fucked up friends, strange parents, and annoying brother, and a dorky boyfriend, what else does anyone need?" Arthur laughed, "Plus I stopped making wishes when I was like eleven."

"Just do it!" Gilbert shouted, "For the sake of cake!"

"Okay, fine you guys," Arthur sighed, closing his eyes and blowing out the candles. In these few seconds Liz, Gilbert and I's side of the table turned into a spy movie trying to stealthily get out the ring from Liz's purse. I almost dropped the object to the floor and Liz scolded me in a whisper before I finally got my bearings together. I shoved the ring down into my pocket and kneeled in front of Arthur, putting my arms on his lap. "What the hell, are you trying to feel me up?"

I had smiled at him, tapping his leg before saying, "Well first of all, happy birthday Mister Kirkland," I said with a laugh before starting my little proposal, "So, well, okay, Arthur Kirkland, I really, really love you as you know, And, I know I'm a pretty big asshole sometimes, but," I shakily took the ring and its container out of my pocket at this moment, basically wanting to run out of the room I was so nervous, but I tried my best to keep my cool, "Well um, I'm really gonna try to get this right. Mister Kirkland, I'll do anything, I'll build a really big pool in the backyard so I can teach you how to swim, I'll get you as much stuff for school and I'll visit you every day if you want, and I'll cook dinner for the both of us every night, and I'll do whatever the hell you wished for. Arthur, I want you to let me make you happy," I paused, looking up at him, making full eye contact with him. He was crying with his hands in front of his mouth, and I smiled. "Will you marry me?"

It actually went a lot better than I planned. Arthur got up and hugged me, burying his face in my chest. I could feel his tears through my shirt, and I hugged him back so tightly. Arthur said 'yes' twice, muffled by my shirt. That was defiantly the best I had felt in a while. I heard some quiet awing, but I didn't care, I was going to be with him for the rest of my life. Arthur took my head in his hands and kissed me quickly but forcefully. "You okay?" I laughed, whipping away some tears that were sticking to his face. He nodded, smiling slightly. After Arthur calmed down somewhat, I slipped the ring onto his finger, which got him shaking again. I was about to put mine on, but he insisted that he could do it because he didn't want to be in the total woman position of our relationship. There was cheering at our table and a few other tables surprisingly, and Arthur hid his head in his hands as he blushed like crazy, and I just laughed and put an arm around him. We probably got a dozen congratulations from total strangers after leaving the building.

Arthur didn't let go of me that night, only when he hugged his parents, brother, and Gil and Liz goodbye. "I'll be seeing you at the wedding, eh?" Gilbert said, poking my stomach. The two of them left in a bus and the rest of Arthur's family drove home. The next day I invited almost everybody I knew, asking Arthur permission first of course, while he invited the people he wanted to. He went back to school, which I was pretty sad about, and I patiently waited for him every day. Or I just went over and visited him, but I couldn't do that too often.

The wedding came rather fast. Arthur and I went shopping for tuxedos and I told him he should wear a dress instead. We joked about that for a while until we got reservations to the hotel that we were staying in that was connected to the wedding place. Yeah, I'm really spending a ton of money on this. Oh yeah, I also wrote 'HELP' on my shoes, I couldn't help myself. Liz called me three dozen times asking what cake I wanted and pacifically what on it.

Two days later we did vows. Everything before that was a big blur of rush, I got calls from ten different people about last minute things, I spent at least an hour trying to tie my tie correctly (Which Arthur ended up doing for me), and don't even get me started on my hair. It didn't even look that fancy but holy shit I spent hours on it. But, everything was all blurry except standing up there, looking at Arthur in tears again while our vows were read. I probably looked like an idiot up there, awkwardly staring at Arthur since I had nothing else to look at. Anyways, he looked amazing, so I didn't mind staring at him one bit.

"You may now kiss," was probably the best sentence I had ever heard. The poor pastor was probably confused on how to do a gay wedding, but that kiss was a really, really good kiss. Arthur jumped into my arms, his tear stained face pressing against mine. This was a new life, right here. It wouldn't be much different after this, same old dorky relationship, but new. We were husbands now, officially.

Afterward, Arthur whipped the tears from his eyes and smiled, "I love you, idiot," He had murmured in my ear as I carried him off. And so the wedding officially began, and I gave hugs to everybody. The first person being Liz, picking her up and spinning her while she screamed "You did it!" My dad and mom were crying and actually comforting each other, and while Arthur was talking with his family I went off with mine. My little cousin Peter, who was now twelve, was really confused that I could get married to a guy, but I explained to him most of it. Matthew and I hugged for a while. Kiku even showed up. And since my family was huge, this was a really, really big wedding we were having. Arthur and I sat down with our imitate family, and we kissed and nudged against each other the whole time. Liz and I danced together once. We even had a photo booth where Arthur, Liz and I took a picture, but last minute Gilbert invaded and the outcome was really funny. The cake was the best cake I ever had, and it even had nutella flavored frosting. The best part of that night was probably the slow dance, Arthur pressed up against me as we awkwardly rocked, and it felt so good. I had the time of my life that night, partying with my friends and family, but yet having the whole time to be romantic with Arthur. The funniest moment that night was probably the flower tossing, which even though that was for straight weddings, I screamed "Screw it; I wanna be the girl for once!"

That night Arthur and I stayed up for hours snuggled together, talking. We talked about us, our friends and families, things we remembered, things we always wanted to ask each other. I was the happiest man alive that night, I had Arthur Kirkland officially, and forever.

So, that's where the story ends I guess. It's been two weeks after our wedding and Arthur just started going back to work. I love him just as much as I did when we were young, I'm sure it will always be that way.

Well, my name's Alfred, Alfred jones.

It all started when I moved to England. My parents got a divorce, my mom taking my brother, my dad taking me. He wanted a fresh start, so we moved out of America and into England. I didn't at first though, I had everything I needed. Popularity, friends, family, but, I wasn't loved there as much as I thought. I cried for the whole plane ride. Our house was rather big, and just for my dad and I. He felt bad, so he had got me a Chocolate lab puppy. We had named her Ala, and she was my best friend. My backyard was rather big, and we lived not too far from London. I started high school on the second year, I was thirteen. Everybody thought it was cool I came from America, and the girls loved my so called 'accent', but really, I was gay. Then that one day. Such a small thing sparked so much, love, hate, happiness, sadness. Opening my locker, I kneeled in to get my bag to head home. And without thought, I accidently knocked my head on the top of the locker. It hurt, but the laughs hurt more. As the bullying got worse, I started to cut. But then I met Arthur Kirkland when I needed love the most. He taught me so much without either of us knowing, but here I am now. Married to him, and still madly in love with him.

I'm sitting on the couch right now, cuddled up in some blankets, typing this on my laptop. My dog is asleep at my feet and Arthur's cleaning up. I hope he joins me soon, I want to snuggle. Well, I can hear him singing, his sweet amazing voice, the voice that I have always loved, the same song that has stuck in our minds since we were young.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night, Take these broken wings and learn to fly, All your life

You were only waiting for this moment to arrive"

~The End


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