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I groaned as Edward crushed his body against mine. It should have been comfortable between Edward's hard body and the wall, but I couldn't have cared less. I loved the roughness of his kiss, the passion and I willingly threw myself into it.

"Bella," he sighed as I brushed kisses along his neck.

Without a word, he hoisted me up and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist, aligning our bodies wonderfully.

I returned my mouth to Edwards, the sounds of our erratic breathing and my pounding heart the only thing I could hear. Or wanted to.

Pulling my mouth away from his so I could gain a breath, I caught his bottom lip between my teeth, making him groan.

Edward pulled away from me abruptly, dropping his forehead onto my shoulder as he fought to catch his breath. Something that should have been impossible for a vampire. That made me feel pretty damn good about myself.

I smiled. "You doing okay there, Edward?"

I felt his quiet laughter against my shoulder. "A minute."

I ran my fingers through his hair. I didn't mean being, up against a wall with only Edward's body keeping me up there.

"The bed's right over there," I teased knowing he would never go for it.

Edward pulled back to glare at me. "Don't tempt me," he growled.

Before I knew it, Edward was flying us through the hallway and down the stairs. He came to an abrupt halt at the arm of the sofa, dropping me to my feet. I wobbled and gripped onto Edward to keep myself upright.

It would have been easy for him to keep us both standing; instead he let me pull him back and laughing we fell onto the couch. The wind was slightly knocked out of me, but that didn't stop me from pulling his mouth back to mine and returning to where we had left off upstairs.

It was strange, I thought as my tongue danced with his. Edward was still as careful as ever when it came to his teeth, his temperature and keeping his weight from crushing me, but he also let go.

This moment was so perfect between us and so... human. It wasn't a vampire kissing his human girlfriend. It was a couple who had just reunited and was happy and in love and making on the sofa, I thought with a smile.

"What?" he asked as he propped himself up to look down at me.

I laughed. "We've never had a make out session on the couch before."

Edward joined in my laughter. "Well, there's a first time for everything, I guess." With a smirk he lowered his mouth back to mine and for the longest time, neither of us spoke and neither of us wanted to.

Abruptly Edward pulled his mouth from mine. "Charlie's here."

I struggled beneath him to sit up." Shit, shit, shit."

As I got to my feet and worked on fixing my hair and clothes so it didn't look like I'd just been making out on the sofa. Edward on the other hand lay there and laughed at me. The bastard.

"We really have to work on your mouth, Bella," he chuckled.

"Kiss my ass," I snapped as I pressed my hands to my flushed cheeks. "Get up stairs and don't listen in. We need to talk."

His eyes widened. "You're going to tell him about us now?"

I rolled my eyes at him, grabbing his hand to pull him to his feet. "Yes, I am. I don't want to keep anything from him more than I have to. That's kind of been the balance I've been living by. I don't want to lie to my friends and family so I keep it as close as I can to the truth," I shrugged.

He brushed a kiss across my forehead. "It's a good balance. I know how much you hate lying."

I grinned up at him. "I've gotten way better at it, though."

Edward frowned down at me. "Is that something you should be proud of?" he teased.

"Hey, I take it where I can get it," I laughed. "Do me a favor and use your vamp speed to set the table before my dad gets in here. Which will be any second now."

"So bossy," he muttered, but the next thing I knew he was a blur around the kitchen and then gone all together by the time my dad opened the front door.

"Thank you," I whispered as I walked into the kitchen to drag out some left overs out of the fridge.

"Hey dad! Lasagna or Chinese takeout?" I called.

"Lasagna," he replied and I could hear him hanging up his coat, taking off his gun. The usual.

"Sit down," I ordered as he walked into the kitchen.

He frowned at me, but took a seat as I heated up the lasagna and placed it in front of him. I placed my plate opposite him and slumped into my seat.

"What is it, Bells?" he asked as I sat there staring at him.

How do you tell you're over protective dad that you're back together with the guy who broke your heart? Email? Text message? Carrier pigeon?

"Dad," I began and then froze wondering how he would react and how I would react to his reaction.

"Bella," he teased.

"I'm back together with Edward," I blurted out and then dug into my lasagna. It was hotter than I thought it would be and burned all the way down.

My dad on the other had frozen completely. Good sign or bad sign, I wish I knew.

For about two minutes, he sat there in complete silence, staring at me as if I'd just informed him that I'd gotten a part time job in a strip club.

Eventually, it got too much. Mainly because Id finished and I really wanted to get this conversation over with so I could go upstairs and pick up where we left off.

"Dad," I prompted.

My dad sighed as he placed his fork onto his plate. "I don't know what to say, Bella. I thought you were firmly in the 'I hate Edward' club."

I smiled. "I was. I made t-shirts and handed out buttons. But I want you to know that I have thought of this and the risks and everything that has happened. I am not going into this with my eyes closed or with some notion that everything will be perfect."

"He hurt you, Bella." My dad's eyes were dark and serious and I knew that he was worried about me.

Reaching across, I placed my hand over his. "I know he did and so does he. Edward thought he was doing the right thing for both of us. He knows he messed up and was a big reason in why the Cullen's moved back to Forks. He's been patient and has explained everything so many times. It was me who needed time," I shrugged. "I didn't I could forgive him."

"And you have?" he asked gruffly.

I nodded my head. "I didn't think I could. I didn't want to. I wanted to be mad at him and keep him at arm's length."

"What changed?"

I smiled softly at him. "Nothing really. He's still the same old Edward who over think's things and messes up... a lot," I laughed. "But I still love him. For who he is, not what he's done."

My dad sat there for the longest time. "Do you expect me to... like him?" he forced out the words like they choked him.

"No," I rushed out. "Both he and I know that he's going to earn your trust back, just like he did with me. I'm not going to ask you to like or forgive him and I'm not going to make some childish ultimatum about you accepting that we come as a pair. I would never disrespect you like that. I do ask that you try to give him another chance."

I bit my lip as I watched my dad think it over. I knew it was hard on him. I was his daughter and he had been there that first week day in and day out while I walked around on auto pilot. I wouldn't ask him to forget all that. I knew that while I had forgave Edward didn't my dad ever could.

Eventually, he let out a gusty sigh and smiled. "I'll see what I can do. No promises, though."

"No promises," I smiled and leaned over to kiss his cheek. "Thank you. Now, I am really tired and I'm going to go up to bed. Night!"

He gave me a confused look before understanding reached his eyes. "You're going to go email or call Edward, huh?"

I held back a smile. If only he knew.

"Something like that," I nodded as I rushed upstairs.

I frowned when I heard Jana Kramer playing softly in my bedroom.

When I entered the room, I saw him lying on his back; his feet hung off the end of the bed, with his arms resting behind his head.

"I see Esme was the one behind my CD disappearing," he drawled as he propped himself up on his elbows.

I grinned as I shut the door. "Hey, that CD is a big reason as to why I realised I was going to get you back."

He raised his eyebrows. "Get me back?" he chuckled.

I sat on the end of the bed. "Yep. I'm a girl who knows what she wants and goes after it. Does that intimidate you?"

He thought about that for a moment. "I find take charge women to be extremely attractive."

I pointed my finger at him. "Right answer. So a CD filled with songs I like, huh? Pining for me?"

Edward rolled his eyes. "Not pining... Just in desperate need of you."

He was pining, I thought with a smile.

"One question I do have is why the hell who have 'Hit Me with Your Best Shot' on here."

Edward laughed as he pulled me over so that I lay across his chest. "It was during one of those wretched sunny days after I returned. You weren't talking to me, you needed space and I wanted to give that to you. You were wearing this light blue jacket that brought out your eyes and you looked beautiful."

I frowned as I tried to remember the day he spoke of, but couldn't.

"Anyway," he continued. "You were all listening to music in the parking lot and this song came on the radio. You jumped up and down like it was Christmas morning and leaned in the car to turn it up. You just started dancing around and miming the words and you had never looked so adorable."

Oh, that's why. I tended to sing and dance as much as I was psychically able. I had come to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to win any competitions any time soon, and it had helped me go my own way.

"I remember now," I whispered as I lay my cheek on his cold chest.

"You danced around like you were the only person in the world. You didn't see the people who looked on with a smile. You only noticed when Jessica joined in because then you dragged Angela over to dance with you. Later that night she uploaded a video onto YouTube," he laughed.

I smiled. We hadn't made a video in a while. "I wonder how they'll react to this," I thought. "They mean a lot to me and want them to be on board."

Edward looked down into my eyes. "If it's important you that they're okay with this, I have no other option then to win them over."

"Thank you," I smiled as I placed a kiss to his heart. Beating or not it was there and more beautiful than ever before.

"So, you're a country fan now?" I teased.

Edward scoffed. "Hardly. There was one song, though." Edward got to his feet and flitted around to the CD player, skipping through tracks until he found the one he was after.

When the intro began, I smiled. I loved this song.

"Dance with me," he murmured as he held out his hand.

Without hesitation, I placed my hand into his and let him pull me to my feet. At the end of my bed, careful of the gap in the floor that Edward hadn't repaired yet, we slow danced to Tim McGraw's Let Me Love It out Of You Tonight.

It was a song about fighting and forgiveness, but more importantly about love.

We danced slowly, my heart felt light and so full of love that I swore it would explode. Especially when Edward sang along with the chorus and my knee's almost buckled.

"Come on over, sit back down by me,
Let me have it, take it out on me,
Don't hold back, take your time,
Until you forgive me.
Turn down the lights, lock the door,
Leave out leavin' on the floor,
I know you're angry inside,
Let me love it out of you tonight."

"When you played this song in Biology, it felt like a sign. It was everything that I thought and felt and wished I could say to you. I'm glad you gave me the chance. I love you, Bella."

Filled with love and hope for our future, tears flowed down my cheeks and I leaned up on my toes to place a tender kiss to his lips. "I love you. I never stopped."

"Promise that you never will," he whispered.

"I promise," I smiled.

I rest my head back against his chest as we swayed gently in a circle and as the song came to an end, a thought came to me. One I knew that we needed to figure out so we didn't make the same mistakes. So our relationship could work within the boundaries we both had and didn't have to worry about crossing invisible lines that we didn't know were there.

"Sit down," I ordered him, much like I had my dad earlier.

Smiling, Edward sat on the edge of the bed, his hands going to my hips as I stood in front of him.

"Edward," I started.

"Bella," he teased, again much like my dad had.

"You're hilarious," I drawled. "Listen. I don't want to make the same mistakes. I don't want to go through crap we already have."

"I don't want to, either." He told me sincerely.

"Good," I smiled. "I think we need to be open and honest and share what we're thinking. That was one of our biggest problems before. Not just you, but me. I never really told you what I was thinking or feeling because I was always afraid to upset you or make you mad. And I don't about making you angry anymore," I added dryly.

Edward chuckled. "That's obvious, Bella. I don't want to hide thing's either," he said as he reached up to play with my hair. "So in the interest of being open and honest, what's the first thing on our list?"

"Sex," I said with a nod.

Edward's eyes almost bulged out of his face. I could see his need to push aside the topic because it was difficult and uncomfortable, but he didn't. "Bella, you know that it's not possible," he whispered almost shamefully.

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, get over yourself. I've changed a lot since you left, Edward. And I've grown up a lot, too. To be honest I always thought that I could get you to change your mind when it came to sex."

"You did?" he demanded in shock.

"Yeah," I shrugged. "And I'm sorry about that. I didn't see just what you were trying to tell me. That it is dangerous and that you worry about hurting me. So, I'm sorry and I respect where you're coming from. So... sex is off the table."

I could have laughed at the expression on his face. If he could blush, I swore he would be red by now.

"But..." I continued. "I do think that in order for us to both know our limits, we would try a little experiment."

Edward smiled at me, but I could see that he was also wary of my 'experiment'. "What experiment?"

Not knowing how to word it, I let my actions do the talking. Leaning down, I pressed soft, sensuous kisses to his neck. When he shuddered with pleasure, I smiled. "We're going to put those limits to the test," I chuckled.

"Bella," he groaned in warning. He hadn't pushed me away yet, so I took it as a good sign. If he did, I would respect that also. I didn't want to be the girl I was back then and constantly push his limits though he was obviously torn about them.

I pushed him back slightly on the bed so that I could straddle his lap. "This is in the interest of science, Edward," I told him. Then I looked into his eyes and was utterly serious. "I just think that if we don't know how far we're comfortable with, we'll always run into problems."

"Even if we can today..." he trailed off.

"I know that. I know that today we could do well and tomorrow, not so well and that's okay. Oh, if you want we can even have a safe word," I suggested with a smile.

"A safe word," he drawled.

I nodded. "Works in the books, dude. How about... Flugelhorn? That's not a sexy word," I laughed.

Edward chuckled beneath me as his hands rubbed my back slowly. Sexily. "No, it is not," he agreed.

I sighed. I knew what I was asking. I knew it was a lot, but I wouldn't ask if I didn't think it was important to us. If we were going to have a long and lasting to relationship, then we needed to make sure we looked after everything.

"We'll never know, Edward," I whispered as I traced his lips with my fingertips. "If we don't try. I'm not saying that we're going to have sexy tonight. Even if you could handle it, I can't because I know I'm not ready for that yet." I grinned. "I flugelhorn that in advance."

Edward threw his head back and laughed before pressing a kiss to my lips. Sighing, I let myself fall into his kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Pressing my forehead to his, I whispered, "This isn't a failing, Edward. This is communicating. If you're not comfortable, that's okay. I respect that. But until you flugelhorn it..." I trailed off teasingly.

Edward laughed darkly. "Oh, I should flugelhorn it. But the thing is... I think you right," he sighed.

"Of course I am," I grinned. "Besides, this is typical teen behavior. Sexual tension galore," I giggled.

"Well, if it's a teen experience," he whispered as he leaned into kiss me.

It was a different kiss then even before. It was serious, with intent.

Pressing my body all the more closer to his, I ran my hands down his back until I could get a good grip on the hem and rip it off from between us until my body was pressed against his bare chest.

Mother, may I? I thought as I leaned down to press open mouthed kisses to his shoulders and chest.

"Bella," he breathed as he let his head fall back.

"Flugelhorn?" I asked between kisses.

"No!" he all but shouted, making me laugh. "No flugelhorn," he said as he wrapped his arm tightly around my waist and bringing my mouth back to his.

Feeling hot and bothered and in such need, I followed my instincts and rocked my hips gently into his.

At his deep groan, I froze. "Flugelhorn?" I whispered again, ready to stop everything despite my bodies' scream of protest.

Edward's laugh was dark and shaky. "No. Just that sexual tension you promised."

I continued to rock my hips as I pulled his mouth to mine. "And back we go," I whispered against his lips.

For a while, I was lost to the heat. Somewhere along the way, my shirt was tossed aside with his and Edward took advantage by pressing kisses the exposed skin on my chest.

Holy freakin' hell was my last coherent thought before I rocked my hips harder to his.

It was a sexy image in my mind. Me straddling Edwards lap in nothing but a pair of jeans and a blue lace bra. Edward was mouthwatering; I didn't even notice his cold skin. I was burning too hot to notice much.

I sighed as I gripped his hair in my fingers and sighed. I rocked once more before Edward froze altogether.

"Flugelhorn," he whispered, his voice sounded agonized.

"Blood?" I whispered.

He shook his head before resting his head against my breasts. His breathing was harsh as he tried to calm himself down.

I couldn't help the laughter that bubbled up.

Edward pulled back to frown at me. "Why the hell are you laughing?"

I grinned. "I'm just really proud of myself right now. Did the vampire safe word because of my delicious blood? No. He safe worded because of my rocking body and sexual prowess. Good for me," I added happily.

"But I safe worded," he pointed out, his voice full of disappointment with himself.

I smiled at him as I brushed his messed up hair out of his eyes. "Sweetie, this is what this whole thing was about. Now we know," I shrugged. "If either of us ever reaches out limit, we just flugelhorn."

Edward shook his head. "That's the most ridiculous word you could have ever chosen."

I smiled. "That's kind of the point. You did nothing to be disappointed in, Edward. By communicating we're always doing the right thing for us." I groaned and then admitted. "I do think I need a cold shower, though," I laughed.

"You're not the only one," he replied darkly.

I laughed as I jumped to my feet. "Well, my friend, you have two options. You can either go home and get some comfy clothes. Or... You can strip to your boxers. "I grinned. "I vote door number two."

Edward laughed as he looked up at me. "You're probably right since I'm having trouble moving at the moment."

I threw my head back and laughed. "I'll be back," I promised as I left to go and take a very cold shower.


Think of something besides Bella, I ordered myself and I tried to find a comfortable position. My body was hard and aching and all I wanted to do was join Bella in that bathroom.

She was right, though. Neither of us was ready for that yet. My body was, that was the reason why I had safe worded. I knew that I was about to lose that last bit of control I had and it worried me to think of what could happen to her if I did.

Would I have taken her blood? No. I loved Bella and fought every second to keep her safe from the demon within me. No, I had safe worded because I didn't know what damage I could do to her body if we did have sex and I couldn't control my own strength.

I couldn't take hurting her.

Today had been the strangest day. I had thought I would pass on duties to Jasper, get a little hunting in and try not to think about Bella. Knowing I would fail.

Then Bella had called me, said she needed me. Something I never thought to hear from her again.

To know that Victoria had come back, to know that a bunch of newborns were after Bella's scent, it filled me with fear and fury. It also filled me with a determination to keep her safe.

When we had met with the wolves, I had seen the images in Black's mind. I had seen her laughing and holding him and I had felt overcome with jealously. A dog, an immature mutt with poor control was a better choice for the woman I loved than I was.

It turned out that meeting with the wolves had been the perfect thing for us. It had given us a chance to clear the air and finally move past what had happened.

Bella had told me to fight for her, for us and that's exactly what I am going to do. Victoria wouldn't take her from me, the newborns would. And over my dead body would I let the dog take her from me, no matter if he were the better one for her.

Bella is mine and no one could ever love her like I would. I wasn't about to let her go now.

I sat there and thought back on the last ten minutes. At first I had been skeptical and a little afraid of her 'science experiment', but it had been good for us, just like she had promised. I now knew what I was capable of with her... physically.

I knew that I could kiss and hold her and let myself get lost in passion and still have the control to pull back.

I was pretty damn proud of myself too, I thought with a grin.

A grin which soon turned to a scowl when I realised that thinking about Bella and her beautiful body wasn't helping me in my current predicament.

When I heard Bella's slight squeal, I couldn't contain my laughter. That was until I started picturing her in the shower. Not a good idea.

So, instead I tried to picture anything but a very naked Bella. I pictured my brothers, my sisters, my parents... Everything and everyone that I didn't consider sexual.

Finally, as the water died off in the bathroom, my body settled and I could move again.

Bella entered the room and for the first time, she reminded me of the girl she had been. With wet, tangled hair, sweatpants and a tank top, she looked like Bella.

She scowled when she realised I hadn't moved and inch and though my shirt was on the floor, where she had tossed it, I was still wearing the rest of my clothes.

"Strip, Cullen," she ordered as she went to the new trunk at the end of her bed and pulled out a blanket. She threw me a sexy smile as she dropped the blanket onto the bed. "I promise not to stare. Or sing You Can Leave Your Hat On."

Sighing, I did as I was told and stripped. Bella's ideas for our relationship had worked so far. I had faith in her.

I had to laugh at her when I saw that she was ogling me, despite her promise. I felt a little exposed in my underwear, but couldn't help feel satisfied when she took a deep breath, her eyes glued to me.

"I need a minute," she muttered darkly.

"I'm not our sex toy, Bella," I teased her.

Her smile could have brightened the sun. "The hell you aren't," she replied as she walked up to me, her fingers trailing across my abs and I couldn't help the shiver that went through me. "My babies sexy," she whispered as she pressed a kiss to my neck.

Just as I closed my eyes and would have happily let her have her way with me, she gave me a shove towards the bed.

"Get in bed, hot stuff."

I laughed as I let myself fall into the bed. "What did I just say? I'm not your sex toy." As much as I wanted to be, I thought to myself.

Bella just rolled her eyes. "Get your head out of the gutter."

Bella tossed the blanket over me before she climbed on top of it and pulled the duvet cover over herself.

I smiled as I lay back and pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her. Bella had made it so we could 'sleep' together and while there would be no sleep what so ever on my part she had made it so it gave the illusion.

Before I had lay there on top of the quilt, fully dressed and though I hadn't realised it at the time, I had felt distanced from her. Now, I her body was wrapped up in mind. The sheet between us thick enough to keep her warm, but thin enough so that I could feel every line of her body next to mine.

It seemed so normal and human and I knew now how difficult I had made things before. In this moment, I didn't feel like a monster of a vampire, but a man. A man very much in love with the woman in his arms and so grateful she had given him another chance after he had messed up so completely.

"Thank you," I whispered.

Bella looked up into my eyes. "I love you, Edward." She answered simply.

"I love you. I always have and I always will."

Together we lay there quietly until I felt Bella's breathing slow and knew she was asleep. And though I knew it was probably silly, I closed my eyes and pretended to drift off to dream with her.

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