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It was a good day. The spiky-haired young man walked cautiously with a rare prize: his precious source of protein had been on sale at his favorite store. Buy one get one free, no limits!

A rare opportunity like this was not to be passed up and our familiar hero is now burdened by four dozen eggs, walking with the precision of a surgeon in the direction of his dorm and the freeloaders therein. He briefly wondered if the bounty he was carrying would counteract the consequence of him being an hour or so later than he had promised earlier.

"I wonder if putting pepper in my hair would do anything?" Kamijo Touma muttered to himself as he furtively glanced around each corner before continuing on his way.

"I'd probably just end up being bitten everywhere else. The reaction before the fallout would probably be worth it, though . . ."

The small smile that crossed his face at the thought was lost when a loud cry floated out from an alley up ahead

"Help me, rhinoceros beetle!"

Touma felt the blood drain from his face. "You have got to be kidding me . . ."

"Please . . . Please save my friend . . ."

Touma glanced at the bags hanging down from his tightly clenched fists.

"Two for one. . . Two for one. . ." He wasn't fooling anyone. Finally he sighed and raced to the mouth of the alley as carefully as he could "Such misfortune . . . "

The thugs could only look at the black haired middle school girl before them with a mixture of confusion and amusement. This was echoed by the flowery member of Judgment currently held at knife-point by those same thugs.

The thug holding Uiharu's wrist looked over to where Saten had been knocked down moments before and addressed her directly.

"I don't know what you thought that was going to accomplish, but you're wasting your time"

He gestured with his head at the rough looking girl standing behind him.

"Myuri-chan here is a level three."

The rough looking girl crossed her arms over her chest and sent Saten a cold grin. "My power is called 'First Priority'"

Saten could almost feel the cruel mirth in that voice as she continued. "It causes people to focus on their first instincts when confronted with a novel situation"

The girl leaned forward, her voice dripping with a patronizing tone "Now who would run into a dark alley to meet with certain danger for someone they don't even know?"


All attention turned to the mouth of the alley where that commanding call to attention was issued. They were greeted with the sight of a young man with spiky black hair and an intense expression that held an untold determination to beat all odds that life would throw at him.

Unfortunately, this was rendered almost comical when paired with the sight of him being weighted down by a pair of grocery bags, leading many present to picture an irate housewife yelling at children in her garden. Touma, though, was undeterred and stepped further into the alley.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. These girls are in middle school."

Ignoring Myuri-chan's look of shock, the leader once again spoke up. "I don't know what your problem is, but our beef is with Judgment girl here" He tugged a Uiharu's wrist and gestured with the knife in the other hand. "Since I'm feeling charitable today, We'll let you and beetle-girl turn around and leave. We can all pretend you were never here."

Saten slowly stood up from where she had fallen and finally found her voice. It was quiet but clear. "I won't let you hurt my friend."

"And I don't need a reason to help someone" Touma stated and narrowed his eyes. "Let the girl go and run away now before things get ugly for you."

That was too much. The thugs began to break out in laughter while their leader grinned and chuckled. "What kind of threat is that? Are you going to egg us to death or something?"

Touma's voice was grim when he spoke "It's not a threat, it's a warning. Your time is running out. You are not going to hurt that girl"

"Oh? And who is going to stop us?"

Touma said nothing, but tilted his chin in defiance and stared past the thugs deeper into the alley. One after another, they became aware of the sound of quiet footsteps approaching from the darkness.

Uiharu was the first to react.


With a strength that surprised even her, she wrenched her arm from the leader's grasp and threw herself backwards, hitting the wall and landing on the ground. Her wide eyes filling with terror and the beginning of tears. Before had simply been scary, this was a nightmare.

All turned to see the boy approaching from the shadows. A voice in their heads was calling his appearance beautiful. Another, much louder voice, was requesting a change of pants. Ghastly white skin and glowing green eyes casting an eerie light around him. A wry grin formed from a black slit of a mouth twitched briefly before he spoke.

"So tell me. Who was it that called for me?"

At that, Saten's eyes rolled into her head and she fell backwards without a sound. Falling hard on the ground in a dead faint.

Uiharu and Touma immediately cried out in fear for her safety.



The eyes of the thugs on the other hand didn't leave the demon in front of them. The white boy began to chuckle louder and louder, his crooked grin continuing to widen until at last he spoke.

"I'm feeling whimsical today. What say we do this by order of height?"

With that, six white wings erupted from the boy's back with a deafening roar that shook nearly everyone to the ground. The wings extended and ripped into the masonry walls like a child's fingers through the side of a sandcastle, their tips extending above the rooftops.

At this point though, the alley had cleared but for the victim and the heroes. Touma and the Seraph still standing and the girls shaken on the ground. The voice of the thug's leader could be heard trailing off into the distance.

"Move faster or get out of the way!"

Touma shook his head and slowly walked over to where Saten had fallen. "Personally, I think you overdid it." He muttered mostly to himself.

He crouched down and checked to see that she was still okay. "She's fine, just unconscious. I don't think she got trampled either."

"Glad to hear it" the white boy replied, his wings gradually shrinking into nothingness. He looked down at the girl staring up at him, paralyzed in absolute terror and began to reach out his hand.


Uiharu screamed and scuttled backwards on the ground until reaching Touma and Saten. She twisted around and buried her face in Touma's chest, her fearful tears soaking into his shirt.

Touma tried to sooth the sobbing girl. "It's okay miss, Beetle-san won't hurt you."

The white boy's face twitched slightly. "What is it with you and those names, Kamijo-san?" He muttered to himself. Uiharu had gotten a better grip on herself and finally opened her eyes to look at him.

"I don't blame her for a second. I . . . wasn't at my best when we last met . . ." He trailed off, a sad look coming over his face. Uiharu flinched when he stepped closer and knelt down in front of her, only for her eyes to widen in shock as he prostrated himself before her. Without removing his forehead from the ground he spoke to her in a quiet voice.

"I have no right to ask you to forgive me for what I did"

He lifted himself up to look her in the eyes. "But please know that people can change. I am not the same man that I was back then"

He paused briefly and extended his hand towards her. It was only the spiky-haired boy's hands on her shoulders that kept Uiharu from trembling.

"I am Kakine Teitoku" His hand hovered just inside her arms' reach. If she didn't know better she would have sworn she saw a tear forming in one of his green eyes.

"I promise you this" His tone was serious and drawn. "From this day on, I will never let anyone hurt you again."

As he spoke these final words, his body seemed to dissolve into smoke-like ribbons and in seconds he was gone. All but for a tiny white beetle which hovered where his outstretched hand had been a moment before. It silently swooped down and settled on the back of Uiharu's hand. She blinked, not sure what to make of it.

Touma smiled and spoke in an encouraging way

"I think you should keep it. He sounded serious to me. . ."

With the ordeal now over, the trio set out towards their respective dorms. Or at least they would have if they could wake up Saten. . .

". . . Don't wanna go to school . . ." she moaned when Uiharu poked her.

Uiharu briefly considered calling her friend Kuroko to teleport Saten back to her dorm but stopped when she realized that Tokiwadai's curfew started in less than ten minutes.

"I guess I'll just have to carry her back"

"Are you sure you want to do that? I'd be happy to help. It's too late to save my head now anyway."

Uiharu wasn't quite sure what to make of that statement.

"No that's fine. I should be able to make it . . . um . . ."

"Touma. Kamijo Touma" Touma said as he helped pick up the sleeping Saten.

"I'm Uiharu and this is Saten. Your name seems familiar somehow. Are you famous?"

"I hope not" Touma smiled and handed Saten to her friend. Unfortunately, Uiharu had overestimated her ability to carry a person and toppled over, Saten landing on top of her with a crash. Still not awake!

Touma chuckled and, after picking Saten up, gently placed her on his back.

"I'll carry her. Which way is the dorm?" Uihari named the location and Touma felt relieved that it was on the way to his own dorm.

They started off together with Saten on Touma's back and Uihari slowly walking beside him, carrying Touma's groceries. Not one egg had been broken. It was a good day.

Uiharu had been quiet for some time and Touma glanced over to see if she was still troubled. He saw her glancing repeatedly at the small while beetle clipped to the corner of her pocket and spoke up.

"You probably won't want to change clothes with that in the room . . ."

The white beetle shuddered a little.

"Not that I am implying anything, Beetle-san . . . "

Uiharu looked up at Touma.

"It seemed like the two of you knew each other. . ."

"The two of us worked together to save the life of a young girl not long ago. . ."

Uihari looked down at the beetle in surprise.

". . . Really?"

Touma smiled and, amused by her reaction, confirmed that this was true . Uiharu suddenly looked up.

"Ah, Kamijo-san"


"Can we exchange numbers? I think my other friends would enjoy meeting you and Saten-san would want to thank you in person for your help . . ."

Touma paused for a moment. He finally shrugged and got out his phone, careful to not dislodge his passenger.

"I can't foresee any problems with that. This Kamijo Touma would be happy to meet your friends."


The pair exchanged numbers and continued on in a comfortable semi-silence. Touma listened to Uiharu's quiet tuneless humming and began to think about his next move after dropping off the sleepy girl who has been alternately drooling on and nuzzling him for the past ten minutes. His thoughts turned immediately to his apartment and the occupants currently within.

"Say Uiharu-san, You don't happen to have any extra pepper at your dorm do you . . . ?"

Author note:

Hello all, as a long time reader and first time ficcer I hope you enjoyed this little excursion. You may remember the title as from the ending radio broadcast from NT 5. I recall it sent shivers down my spine in reading it and I can't believe it had yet to appear in a Fic. I think we all agree that if anyone would yell out for the rhinoceros beetle it would be Saten.

Extra points if you know the original source of the leader's final words.

Now lets get those juices flowing!

EDIT: I had originally intended this to be a oneshot, but shortly after posting it I realized that I really wanted to see how the Meeting with Mikoto would turn out. I do have a few ideas that have come up in the mean time and I have started writing them down. We should probably consider this story to be a series of loosely connected vignettes as opposed to a truely connected story.

I also edited the text to rectify the fact that Saten and Uiharu do not share a room. I had forgotten this until recently. I am still assuming that their dorms are near each other, though.

I would like to thank all those who took the time to read, follow, favor, and especially review this work. It played a part in my decision to expand the concept.

To answer Saten's review: I had heard that Touma and Saten met, but I only have railgun manga knowledge up to 10032's capture. I'm going to say that in this part Saten is first distracted and then unconscious, and so cannot comment on knowing him yet. Considering Touma's track record, I'm going to say that He can't remember Saten's name. I plan to read the rest of the railgun manga before posting the second part. That should bring us closer to canon.