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Chapter 1: When everything went wrong

He had never been a patient man, however, at the moment, he was totally out of his mind. The horizon, with its orange color, confirmed the evident. He hasn't heard of him for ten hours.

Tony Stark took his phone again with frustration, rage and a light touch of impotence (a brand new sentiment for him). He avoided the speed dial and tapped each one of the numbers because their sound was relaxing. He knew that he deserved it. He had got to be the only man on Earth stupid enough to give a mobile phone to a norse god. What the hell was he thinking? He approached the phone to his ear and the last piece of patience was vanished when no one answered the call.

"Fuck you!" He threw the mobile phone against the wall. He didn't even realize that he was in a luxurious glazed attic until he saw how the smartphone destroyed one of the windows on its way of a messy 350 meters descent. "Crap!"

He kept his breath for a minute. Nothing. He didn't hear a thing. Definitely he hadn't killed anyone. However, it would be funny, a whole new concept: Death by smartphone. He burst of laughter. He took the keys of the black R8 and walked into the elevator. There always was a solution for everything and he was sure that his good friend Jack Daniels will help him to figure it out.

Steve was beginning to worry. The young lady from the bottom of the bar was worsening. The spasms that have taken place on her chest and her hips were intensifying and her face was distorted in a weird grin, with the eyes deeply fixed on him and her lips were contracted. The woman was convulsing and no one was noticing.

It took him ages to arrive beside the young lady. They were under the speakers and the music was so loud that he could notice how all his inner parts were trembling in order to join the notes from the techno sounds. All of this was summed to the weird mix of lights that were pointing everywhere and anywhere. He was about to faint and he needed fresh air, but he couldn't leave behind a troubled citizen.

"Young lady, are you alright?"

"Better than ever, handsome." The woman came closer and a new attack of spasms was taking over her hips.

"My God, young lady, you are convulsing again. Let me carry you to a hospital."

"You can carry me wherever you want, blondie." While she was saying this words, the young lady led his hand to her thigh. Steve put his eyes on her legs and took his hand away, disgruntled. The girl only wore a tiny piece of fabric that hardly covered her.

"Young lady, please, cover yourself! What happened to your skirt? Has someone stolen it?"


Steve noticed a hand on his shoulder and heard Bruce Banner's voice saying goodbye to the young lady. At the same time he was led to the opposite side of the bar. Ten minutes and four puffs from Bruce later, Steve finally understood that the young lady was trying to flirt with him.

"Are you sure that people dance like that nowadays?" He asked, confused.

Bruce sighed again. He was imagining ten minutes more of explanations when he saw that his friend was taking a beer and was moving to the centre of the dance floor. It took a few minutes for Bruce to react and when he achieved to find his friend he was unable to believe what he was seeing: Captain America dancing techno music? Being realistic, he was trying; he hardly was moving his hips, but he was compensating the lack of movements in that zone with excessive movements from his arms that a lot of people had to dodge in order to avoid a poke on their faces. People around him were beginning to look annoyed and Bruce dragged Steve to the bar for the second time.

"What the hell are you doing, Steve?"

"Dancing." Steve was smiling and asked the waitress for another beer.

"It's too late, and tomorrow we have to go to S.H.I.E.L.D early."

"To the central? Why?" Bruce could see the emotion shining in his blue eyes. "We have a new mission... Why anyone hasn't told me?"

"You can ask Fury. Now, let's go," but he couldn't finish his sentence.

Banner put his sight on the small television that was behind the bar. They were broadcasting the news where shocking images were shown. He recognized that building. It was the S.H.I.E.L.D central. Even worse, he knew the character that was followed by the cameras. He had red and yellow on his distinct metallic armor. Steve, who saw his friend so focused, put his sight on the same point that he was observing and he was totally shocked. He couldn't believe it, but the images confirmed it. Iron Man was destroying the building.