Hello Guys!

This is a fic that I have based off of my first Pokemon game- XD. In it, Michael is 16 and Ash is just starting out on his adventure (*cringes from necessary spoiler). This is actually my first attempt at taking a story idea and actually putting it on paper so please give me an honest review. Anyways, enjoy!

Please note that I don't own pokemon or any of the stuff related to it. I only use it as a backdrop to my story

"One more mission" Michael kept telling himself "one more and then you can put this all behind you".

Ever since he was ten, Michael had been fighting team Cypher and keeping them at bay. Every time he tried to get away from the duty, they rose again and he had to put them down. At he was able to defeat them with pokemon. Nowdays, their tactics forced him to take more drastic measures. Michael shuddered as he remembered what he had been forced to do- and was about to repeat.

"Don't think about that!" he scolded himself. "The less you think about it, the easier it will be to accept it". He finished his mental exercising and got together his gear.

As he meditated, his partner Jolteon padded into the room and jumped up onto the bed, looking for attention. Smiling, Michael started to scratch Jolteon behind his ear. "Hey there buddy" he murmured. "You ready to get this over with and start a new life?"

"Jolteon!" his partner exclaimed. Even when he was only an Eevee, Michael kept Jolteon as his first pokemon to battle and the last one to give up. This constant training left him as Michael's most powerful partner.

"Let's get going then" Michael said. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and began to leave when his phone began to ring

"Damn" Michael muttered. "Who is it this time?" Ever since the new president had come into office several months ago, and had announced that Orre would be complying to the Pokemon League's standards for a region to officially become sponsored by the League, newspapers and television channels had been clamoring for his word on the change. It was proving quite a nusance- especially when he was getting ready for a mission. "Hello?" he asked.

"May I speak to Michael Ryuto?" the female voice asked.

"Speaking" Michael replied


Michael slammed the phone down and sighed. Fangirls had been another nuisance ever since he hit puberty and apparently (to the entire female population in Orre besides his mom and sister) became 'hot'. He was starting to think that his sister was selling phone calls to him for the highest bidder.

"Now that I've gotten my daily random fangirl call out of the way, let's get going" Michael told Jolteon

"Jolt!" Jolteon said seriously- all fun and playfulness out of his growl.

Michael slid the snag machine onto his arm and put the Aura reader headset on. He checked the time, only to find to his horror that they had less than 5 minutes to get to the airport- a 20 minute ride by bike, if one followed the speed limits. Then again, this war Orre. No one ever followed the speed limits, and no one ever enforced them.

"Jolteon! We're running late!"

His companion instantly leapt up off his bed and followed his trainer's mad dash out of the lab, and towards the bike. Without pausing to put a helmet on, Michael opened the throttle wide and flew out of the yard and onto the dirt road

Okay, for those of you who already read this story before early October 2013 and are rereading this chapter, you might notice that the ending is different. This is because I had the unpleasant duty of editing out a character (if you don't know who that character is, don't worry, just keep reading). I wish I could have kept him in, but he was going nowhere and was one of the reasons I haven't updated in a while. Anyways, enjoy chapter 2!