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By the time Lance dropped off Michael in front of the lab, it was midnight. "I don't want the professor in Orre any longer than I have to." He said "There still may be some Cipher agents out for revenge. I'll call you once were back in Kanto. Speaking of which, when are you planning on coming?"

"The flight leaves in about a month." Michael yawned. The mission had left him utterly exhausted and the wounds he had sustained were sapping his strength.

Lance gave him a final wave of the hand and drove off. Michael watched through bleary eyes until the van rounded the corner and was gone. He then turned around and trudged back to the lab with Jolteon.


Michael slipped in through the living quarter's entrance and entered the bathroom. He opened the cabinet and pulled out medical supplies. He first tended to Jolteon. While they were worse than his, fortunately, apart from the gash from the Tauros' horns, he was able to apply antiseptic and be done with it. The gash however, had to be stitched.

Michael cleaned the congealed blood and dirt away, gave Jolteon a few painkiller pills, and threaded a needle. He then rolled up a towel and gave it to Jolteon to bite down on. Then, carefully, yet quickly, he put in several uneven stitches and closed the wound. Jolteon whimpered only on the first and second stitches, then settled into grim silence. Satisfied with his handiwork, Michael cleaned up the mess made Jolteon taking care of Jolteon. Shooing Jolteon out, he removed his shirt and looked himself over. The shirt itself was torn and covered with dirt and blood- completely unsalvageable. Tossing it in the trash, Michael looked at himself. He had dozens of small incisions where bits of the shadow rave still remained, pulsating in a sick purplish color. He grabbed a pair of tweezers and tried to remove one, but it shattered into pieces, and a bolt of pain laced through his body. He opened his mouth in a soundless howl and then felt nothing.


13 year old Jovi woke to bright light coming out of the bathroom. She ignored it at first, but when it persisted for several minutes, she began to get annoyed. Throwing off the covers, she walked out of her room and into the bathroom. She looked inside and clapped her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming.

Inside, her brother was slumped unconscious on the toilet seat. A steady stream of blood poured out of a puncture wound in his chest. Jovi snatched several gauze pads from the counter and pressed them into the hole. The blood indifferently soaked through the gauze and continued to pour out.

Jovi turned and ran for her mother's room. She threw open the door and ran in.

"MOM! Michael is in the bathroom and he's bleeding badly!"


Michael awoke in a fuzzy haze. His body felt raw and sore, and he had something sticking out of his arm.

Wait, something sticking out of his arm?

In a flash, Michael was awake. He looked at his arm to find an IV inserted in his forearm.

He shouldn't have done that. His head began to swim and he felt queasy.

"Relax Michael. You've been out for 24 hours."

Michael turned to see his step- father, Professor Krane watching him.

"You don't need to talk, just listen. As you should have remembered, shadow attack remnants shatter and cause even worse damage if you attempt to remove them."

"It must've slipped my mind sir." Michael groaned.

Krane frowned. "It slipping your mind nearly got you killed. Had you removed one of the shards above a major organ, or if Jovi hadn't gotten to you so soon, you could have bled out. We've managed to stop the bleeding, but you'll need 3 weeks of recovery time."

"Three weeks" thought Michael, "my plane leaves in four! That'll barely give me enough time to get supplies for Kanto."

Jolteon padded in to check on his trainer. The sight of the electric pokemon sparked a memory in Michael's brain.

"Sir, I managed to capture several shadow pokemon, but one had a critical injury."

"I know." Professor Krane said, his face softening. "We sent the Charizard to the pokemon emergency center in the Kanto region. The doctors say it's bad, but not irreparable. As soon as he's stable, they'll send him back and we can purify him like the others."

"Thank you sir"

"Speaking of Pokemon, was it your intention to stitch Jolteon's cut shut with tooth floss?

"No sir, I have to admit it was not." Michael said. to be honest, he wasn't surprised he had done so. He had been utterly exhausted last night and could've easily mixed up a spool of thread and a container of floss.

"Also, stop calling me sir, Michael. If you don't want to call me dad, that's fine, but at least call me Professor Krane, or just Krane."

"Okay,,, Krane." Michael said, rolling the last word around."

Krane stood up. "I need to get back to the lab. The machine said you showed signs of waking up and I didn't want you to wake up alone. If you need me or anyone else, email us with your PDA."

"Thanks for doing that Krane."

He smiled and left. As soon as he rounded the corner, Michael began tugging at the IV

"Oh, and don't pull the IV out until the bag is empty." Krane called. "It's pumping fluid to help safely dissolve the Shadow splinters."

Michael's hand dropped dejectedly. IVs were a nuisance and impeded his movement. Plus, he didn't particularly enjoy the idea of something sharp sticking into one of his major veins for an extended period of time.

Krane had barely left when Jovi came flying into the room. She skidded to a stop at his bed and punched him in the arm

"Ow! What the hell was that for Jov-?"

"What was that for!?" Jovi yelled, "What was that for!? That's for not getting anyone up when you came home and nearly bleeding to death! That's for making me donate 2 pints of blood just to keep you stable! God knows how many times you've come close to dying, but this is the dumbest one yet!" She paused for breath, then flung her arms around him sobbing.

Michael patted her back awkwardly. "Hey. It's okay. It's okay"

"I don't know what I would do without my brother." Jovi sobbed. "Ever since Cipher became, like, actually dangerous and you became even more involved, I feared that you wouldn't come home one time."

Michael's heart melted. As the war against Cipher progressed, Michael had been forced to harden his heart to protect against the pain and loss. Jovi had somehow been able to still bring out the old Michael. "Cut it out Jovi" Michael said. "You're making me start to cry, and we both know that won't end well."

She gave a soft laugh and pulled away. "Don't you DARE try to die on us again, big Brother." She said, using the nickname she made up for him years ago. "Mom and I hate it when you do."

"I'll try."

She turned to leave. "By the way," she tossed over her shoulder, "a letter came in the mail today, inviting you to some big party in the capital."

Michaels mind initially pondered the fact that Orre now had a postal system. Then reality hit him in the face and his eyes widened in horror.

He was invited to a party in the capital where he would have to deal with annoying politicians trying to find out what the Pokemon G-Men were doing behind their backs.

Members of Cipher could be there waiting to kill him.

He was going to have to wear something besides Jeans, a T-Shirt, and a hoodie.

He was going to have to wear a tie!

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