Never Have I Ever


"Awwww. What should we do? The power's out so we can't play video games...this is just like that night at the rest howse!" Nagisa whined in distress. It was a Friday. The four of them, Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rei, were rained in at Haruka's house after a long practice at the pool. They had gone back to Haruka's house just before dark to have a meeting, and soon before they arrived the showers started. It was raining so hard that no one wanted to go back to their respective houses. Makoto, of course, might have stayed at Haruka's house anyway.

"It's rest house, Nagisa-kun." Rei corrected the blonde, pushing up his glasses. Said boy seemed to ignore that statement.

"I mean, at the rest howse we played that game, but-"

"You're not leading that game again." Haru said flatly. Nagisa turned to him with a pout.

"Aww, but Haru-chan!" He started, rocking Haru back and forth.

"Well...does anyone else want to lead, then?" Makoto proposed gently. He was met with silence, which immediately provoked Nagisa.

"Ahhh! What should we do?!" He groaned.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll find something." Makoto assured him. Nagisa put his chin in his hand, seeming to be thinking intensely. After a whopping 5 seconds, he was talking again.

"Ooh! I know what we should do!" He exclaimed happily. That was fast, Makoto thought. "We can play 'Never Have I Ever!'"

"Ehh?!" Makoto exclaimed. Rei just stared at Nagisa in confusion.

"No." Haru said simply, standing up. Makoto looked up at him with pleading eyes, full of understanding that I-know-this-game-is-insane-but-can-you-still-play- it-please-don't-leave-me and Haru quickly gave in to his expression and sat back down, turning to look out the window at the pouring rain outside. Nagisa, whose expression had turned distraught at Haru's action, now looked joyful again.

"'Never...Have I Ever...?'" Rei asked. "I don't think I've ever played that before."

"Ah! Rei-chan hasn't played it before!" Nagisa announced. "Don't worry, I'll teach you!" Makoto turned to look at Haru as Nagisa started to explain the rules. The freestyle swimmer met Makoto's gaze with a slightly distraught expression. Makoto chuckled slightly.

"So the game is...! Basically, you hold up all ten of your fingers. Then someone in the circle says something that they've never done before, and if someone else in the circle has done it, they put one finger down! You can also play it with alcohol, but I don't think we need to do that."

"Ahaha! No, we don't need to do that!" Makoto quickly put in. "Um...I don't think Haru has any of that stuff in his house anyway!" He glanced at the raven-haired boy and received a subtle but honest nod in affirmative.

"Hmm...well then, maybe we should add something else in!" Nagisa proposed. "Something like...strip poker!"

"Strip poker?!" The three other swimmers in the room exclaimed in shock.

"Mm! So every time you've done something, you take a piece of your clothing off!" Nagisa said. Makoto's face heated up a little bit, and he gulped in nervousness. Ah...well it couldn't be that bad, right? They saw each other pretty much naked every day, after all. Haru grimaced a little bit but didn't seem too affected. Rei looked pretty okay with it. "Oh! And the one who's most clothed at the end wins!"

"If that's the case, then I think I'll do well at this game! I haven't committed illegal breaking-and-entering ever before, after all!" Rei said confidently.

"Ooh! Is that Rei-chan's first statement?" Nagisa asked, taking off one of his socks. Makoto looked around in panic, (they were actually playing this?), before finally taking off one of his as well. "Well, since we're going clockwise, it's Haru-chan's turn next!"

Haru looked at Nagisa, mildly bewildered, before he sighed and pulled off one of his socks. What had he not done? He thought about it for a little bit, then spoke.

"I've never gone to school without taking a bath first."

Makoto, Nagisa and Rei stared at him open-mouthed.

"Aww, Haru-chan! That's not fair!" Nagisa protested as he took off a sock, before Rei and Makoto followed his example. Then the backstroke swimmer looked up, since it was now his turn. He pondered what to say, and then an idea hit him. He internally groaned, but decided that it would be best to get the worst confession over with. Taking a breath nervously, he admitted...

"I've...never kissed a girl before."