Never Have I Ever

Chapter 10


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A/N: This chapter is so cheesy! Why?! xD I was listening to Lonely Island when writing this, not even kidding lol


The golden morning sun was blinding. Blinding, but gorgeous as it filtered through Haru's window into his neatly organized bedroom. Makoto sat up a little, stretching and yawning. He glanced around the room for a clock and failed to find one, chuckling slightly. Haru was apparently too carefree to own a clock. So he located his phone sitting on Haru's bedside table and found that it was 9:24. Not bad. Where is he anyway? Makoto thought. Mostly by instinct, he headed to the bathroom to look for the boy.

Without fail, Haru was there. Makoto sighed in relief when he spotted the swimmer in the tub, walking over to greet him.

"Good morning, Haru-chan!" He offered his hand enthusiastically, looking over Haru quickly to find that he was in his swim shorts like always. Makoto felt a little disappointed by this fact.

Haru blushed. Really, Makoto? he thought. Of course you can pretend like nothing happened last night. He didn't say anything and just gripped Makoto's hand, gracefully pulling himself up out of the warm water.

Makoto saw Haru's grimace, which was a little more prominent than usual. He quirked an eyebrow.

"Hey." He started. "If you feel weird about-" Haru whipped around to look Makoto right in the eye, and stepped forward to wrap his arms around the backstroke swimmer and kiss him, hard. Makoto's eyes widened, but he closed them again quickly - deciding he was okay with this.

Yes, he was definitely okay with this.


Rei opened one eye to the golden rays filling the living room, gradually adjusting to the bright light. He smiled, feeling the warmth of a still-sleeping Nagisa beside him. As gently as possible he got up from the sofa and stretched.

"Ah, it's such a beautiful morning!" he announced loudly. Nagisa's rose-colored orbs slowly opened to this, and the blonde emitted an annoyed groan.

"Just...five more minutes, okay?" he murmured. Rei checked his watch.

"It's nine o'clock already, Nagisa-kun!" he said indignantly. He was used to getting up early, thinking it was the most logical thing to do.

"Rei...-chan...?" Nagisa asked in confusion. "Oh! Rei-chan!" The boy jumped up and embraced the butterfly swimmer. Rei laughed in glee before stopping short. Why am I so happy today? he wondered. But he took one look at Nagisa and decided, That's why. With the morning going so well, Rei knew it was going to be a beautiful day. Nagisa finally broke the hug after many blissful moments, and Rei picked up his glasses from the table by the sofa before putting them on.

"I wonder if Makoto and Haruka-senpai are awake yet." He wondered out loud. Nagisa perked up again.

"We probably shouldn't disturb them!" He suggested with confidence. "You never know what they could they be doing." He winked. Rei looked away in embarrassment. He couldn't help but agree. Just then, the pair heard light footsteps, the closing of a door, and the sound of running water.

"That must have been Haruka-senpai." Rei decided.


Haru broke off, looked straight ahead, and walked out the door without another word. Makoto chuckled at his silly behavior, but on the inside his heart was thudding with exhilaration.

The blue-haired boy continued on down the stairs and to the kitchen. Rei and Nagisa noticed him.

"Good morning, Haru-chan!" Nagisa greeted happily, jumping over and running over to Haru. "Are you gonna make something for breakfast? I'm staaaarrving!" Haru gave him quite the sassy look for this, and Nagisa giggled sheepishly.

Then Makoto came down the stairs, having stood for a second in thought after Haru left.

"Good morning, Makoto-senpai!" Rei said, walking over to join him, Nagisa, and Haru. Said freestyle swimmer rolled his eyes at the arrival of his now-lover, meeting Makoto's gaze for a second and then abandoning it. But he couldn't stay away from the taller boy for long. He bit his lip and walked up to Makoto, glaring right into his earthy green eyes. Makoto was taken slightly aback.

"Yes, Haru?" he asked, a little smugly. Haru looked to the side in embarassment, and Makoto instantly knew what he was trying to say. Should we tell Nagisa and Rei about us? Haru frowned a little more, and Makoto interpreted it as, ...Because I can't pretend like we're still just friends. Makoto wasn't exactly sure what to do. He knew that even right now he was trying hard not to pull Haru in and just hold him, for he felt he could lose what he had just gotten last night and he definitely didn't want to.

Even as Nagisa was hopping around and complaining about how hungry he was, Rei was watching Haru and Makoto intently. He could sense all the tension that was there. Nagisa noticed, too, and halted in his tracks. What, did those two finally get it on last night? He thought, amused.

"Sooo..." the blonde said loudly, to break the silence. All heads turned to him. Say something, fast! " did you guys sleep last night?" Both Nagisa himself, Makoto, and Haru had to resist the strong urge to facepalm.

He knows, doesn't he? Haru thought in slight annoyance. But maybe it was for the best. And after all, Nagisa was a sneaky little snitch. He's probably suspected us of being gay for each other since we first met. And even though Haru was exaggerating, he wasn't too far off.

But I don't know if Rei gets it...Haru considered. He's like a naive, innocent little kid. Maybe he shouldn't learn the truth. But Rei knew in his heart that Haru and Makoto were meant for each other.

Nagisa's question still hadn't been answered. Rei was thinking about how well he had slept with Nagisa by his side, but he wasn't going to say that out loud. Also, Makoto and Haru really didn't want to have to blurt out some vague response to cover themselves up. Haru sighed loudly. I don't want to have to hide this! It's too much effort. So, setting a record for the boldest moves he had ever done in twelve hours, Haru turned around and stood by Makoto's side to face Nagisa and Rei. Head held high in defiance, the blue-eyed boy grabbed his boyfriend's hand.