Note: Guess who's back with a brand new Glee story! My newest story follows Rachel, Finn [yes, Finn is alive], Kurt and Santana in New York. I got the idea from the Ryan Murphy idea before Season 4 where there was consideration of having a New York spin-off, so I decided to write one, adding Finn and Santana in the mix. Bare with me here, this is only Chapter One, so it's not going to be lights out but it will get better as time goes on. Enough of my mumbling, here's the first "episode": "New York State Of Mind"

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Glee, but I wish I did.

Rachel Berry walked along the city of New York, rolling her little pink suitcase while wearing her red overcoat in awe. The buildings were taller than in her dreams, each store more extravagant as the next, the food smelled nothing like the food back in Lima, Ohio and the people…well the people weren't that nice, but it was still better than what was in Lima, Ohio. In Lima, Rachel may have been the star but in New York she was just another aspiring artist, trying to make it in the world. In three weeks, she'll be in NYADA, as a freshman, she'll begin her journey to take on the world. The first thing Rachel had to do—she had to find an apartment for her to live in during the year.

She had been looking in the classified section of the Daily News hoping that she could find an apartment of her own, trying to find the perfect location. She had narrowed it down to three places in New York: One in Co-Op City, which was near the Bronx, a brownstone in Brooklyn, and an apartment in downtown Manhattan. After much debate, Rachel decided to move into the brownstone that was in Brooklyn. The Co-Op in the Bronx was too far and Rachel heard that the last tenants to move into the Manhattan moved out because there were hauntings of a ghost woman singing scales in the bathroom. Rachel figured the brownstone was the perfect place. She would have all the room she would need, she could bring Kurt out from Lima to New York whenever she wanted to with the extra bedrooms and her dads were paying for the apartment anyway.

Rachel opened the door to her new apartment, staring at the empty building. She nodded her head, closing the gigantic door behind her, taking in the work she'd have to do around the house. She'd need to paint the walls, get some furniture, get a cable-man out here to connect her television and then it would be the perfect abode, right? Rachel looked around, thinking that something was missing—something big. She just wasn't sure what was missing yet.

"WAKE UP CALL!" A sergeant clanged a bell around the quarters as the men who were enrolled in the army began to wake up. As they got out of their beds, the sergeant realized that there was one person missing from the soldiers. The sergeant walked over to one of the cots, seeing that Finn Hudson was still asleep. Apparently, Finn didn't hear that it was time to get up. The sergeant tapped Finn's shoulder, causing the young adult to mutter. His eyelids fluttered, finally staring at his commander in chief. Finn suddenly got up, but banged his head against the top bunk, mentally cursing himself for choosing the bottom bunk. "Did you have a good sleep?" The sergeant asked, crossing his arms, trying to sound sympathetic towards Finn.

"Actually…no." Finn said, rubbing his head. "It didn't help that I banged my head. Like, they should really consider making bottom bunks for tall people."

"It's not my fault you're disturbingly tall." The sergeant then took out his megaphone and put it to his mouth. "WHEN I SAY WAKE UP CALL, IT'S A WAKEUP CALL! NOW GET! WE HAVE TRAINING! MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!" Finn suddenly got out of the bed, quickly grabbing his combat boots to prepare for another day of training. Finn liked that the army was fast paced, but he didn't like the fact that they had to be so demanding all the time. He didn't get how his father put up with it. Finn quickly got out of the room before the sergeant could say anything else to him. He had to get to work.

Finn exited the training building, staring at his surroundings. It was another hot, balmy day in Georgia, where his training camp was based at, noticing that his fellow soldiers were eating their breakfast. Finn thought about joining them, but his thoughts were against it when he noticed that they were all staring at him with cold looks. A moment later, they started muttering, with Finn wondering what they were saying. Finn decided to just get his breakfast and take a seat by himself. He wasn't well liked amongst his fellow soldiers. They thought that he was too scrawny—or possibly that he was too tall. What good would a tall soldier be in combat when the enemy could spot him right away? Every time Finn's height was brought up, he felt self-conscious about himself. Rachel liked that he was tall; she said that he was like a gigantic teddy bear. Rachel. Just the thought of Rachel made Finn smile. Rachel was his entire world and he missed her more than anything—but he had to do anything to avenge his father. He wanted to make his father proud. Even if that meant leaving everything he loved behind. Finn grabbed a banana from one of the bowls, making his way to one of the outdoor benches, then placing himself in one of the chairs, just absentmindedly wondering whether or not he was cut out for this life. He now understood what the commercials meant when they said they could make their children "army strong." Problem was, he wasn't sure he wanted to be this strong. He wanted to be strong enough. Not stronger than the entire world. Finn took a bite out of the banana, still not saying a word. He could feel the others speaking about him, hearing their words about how he messed up yesterday during training. Finn knew that he messed up. He didn't need everyone telling him about how poorly he did. Yesterday while the others were training, Finn had tripped over one of the tires, causing him to be yelled at by Sergeant Nettles. Sergeant Nettles was a tough commander, he was trying to bring out the best of these men, but to Finn it felt like Sergeant Nettles was bullying him. Also, Sergeant Nettles's name reminded Finn how much he wanted Skittles most of the time. Speaking of the devil, Sergeant Nettles came out of the tent, staring over at the soldiers in training.

"All right soldiers, line it up" Sergeant Nettles snapped, as the other soldiers formed a line in front of him. Finn took one last bite of his banana, then rushed over to the line with the other soldiers. The soldier that was standing next to him moved one-step over, causing Finn to raise an eyebrow towards him. Finn then remembered: he was the outcast here because he was freakishly tall. Whatever happened to the saying 'love thy brother'? Since they were all soldiers, weren't they all brothers here? Finn scoffed softly, hoping that no one noticed him, but of course, Sergeant Nettles noticed him—walking over to him and starting into Finn's eyes. "Something wrong…punk?" Finn stared at Sergeant Nettles for a moment, not sure whether to answer, then realized it might have been for the best if he did. Finn quickly shook his head, not wanting to bring attention to him. "I can't hear you." Sergeant Nettles nudged Finn a bit violently, causing Finn to take a deep breath.

"Sir, no sir!" Finn said loud enough for Sergeant Nettles to hear.

"I can't hear you…" Sergeant Nettles nudged Finn once again.

"SIR, NO SIR!" Finn yelled this time.

"Good…" Sergeant Nettles walked past Finn, looking at the other soldiers. "Listen up! Today we're going to be testing your agility and then we're going to give you your rifles to clean. Do you hear me?"

"SIR, YES SIR!" All the soldiers yelled.

"Good! Get in your position!" Finn turned around with the other soldiers following him, causing Finn to release a slight grin. This was the first time that he had felt like a leader—even if it was to the starting line. As Finn stood at the line with the other soldiers, he couldn't help but feel that a montage was coming on, with him and his other soldiers standing on the front line, getting ready to do their work—with one extra step. "All right! Go!"

{Finn and the other soldiers run across the track, each trying to get the fastest time}

I'm waking up, to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
I'm breathing in the chemicals
I'm breaking in, I'm shaping up
And checking out of the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse

{Finn is in the gym punching a bag while singing, not letting his guard down, being more determined}

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my system blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Whoa, Whoa I'm radioactive, radioactive
Whoa, Whoa I'm radioactive, radioactive

{Finn walks around the room empty, staring at a picture of him and Rachel}

All systems go, the sun hasn't died
Deep in my bones, straight from inside

{Finn and the other soldiers are sitting in their seats, cleaning their rifles and flipping them in a choreographic matter}

[Finn with Soldiers]
I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my system blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Whoa, Whoa I'm radioactive, radioactive
Whoa, Whoa I'm radioactive, radioactive

"BAM!" All the soldiers turned to Finn, realizing that Finn had shot himself in the leg with his rifle. Finn's eyes widened at the sight of blood coming from his leg that in the next moment he knew, he fainted.

An hour later, Finn was in the infirmary getting his leg bandaged, himself feeling immensely embarrassed by the whole situation. He never thought that he would have shot himself in his thigh. In fact, he thought he was going to die after being shot. A lot of people have died with shots to the leg since it could hit an artery or something, but Finn was the lucky one. He had avoided injury—but now he was going to have to see Sergeant Nettles about his little incident. There was no way that Finn could combat with the others. And there was also no way that they were going to let Finn just sit on the sidelines until his leg healed. He wasn't sure what was going to happen to him, but the end result probably wasn't going to be good. Finn heard Sergeant Nettles enter the infirmary, taking a seat near Finn as Finn simply eyed him. Since the day Finn had gotten there (sixteen days ago to be exact), he and Sergeant Nettles never got along. They were as different as different could be. Finn was somewhat of a slacker when he needed his sleep and Sergeant Nettles could pull three back-to-back-to-back all-nighters if he wanted to. Finn possibly thought Sergeant Nettles was crazy—then again, so did everyone else. Sergeant Nettles cleared his throat, looking at Finn with solemn.

"So what did the doctor say?" Sergeant Nettles asked. Finn raised an eyebrow towards Sergeant Nettles, releasing a sigh.

"It missed bone. It hit cartilage instead." Finn answered, feeling his cheeks flush in humiliation. "They think it might be too dangerous to take the bullet out so they're going to leave it in there." Sergeant Nettles nodded his head, folding his hand while Finn ran a hand through his head. "This is so embarrassing."

"Finn…why did you join the army in the first place, and don't say it was your lifelong dream to be in the army." Finn heard the gruffness in Sergeant Nettles's voice once again.

"I joined because my father had a dishonorable discharge. I wanted to make him proud so I joined the army." Finn said. Sergeant Nettles nodded his head slowly, taking the paper he had out of his pocket and handing it to Finn. Finn took the paper, opening it up and realized what it was after a moment. It was a letter of discharge. Sergeant Nettles was kicking him out of the army. "Wait, so I accidentally shoot myself with my own gun and I get discharged? What kind of crap is that?!" Finn felt the anger rush through his body. Sergeant Nettles leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms.

"Finn, let me tell you something." Sergeant Nettles kept his gaze fixated on Finn as he spoke, Finn's anger disappearing. "You need roots before branches—and in order to have those roots, you need to have a foundation. The army—isn't your foundation. You're more suitable for music or something. You're not suited for the army. Wanting to avenge your father just means that you're living your life to make him happy. You need to do you…and here isn't it." Finn listened intently as Sergeant Nettles continued. "Sometimes there are things that were meant to be. You can't change the past, but you can change your future. Don't think of this as a punishment, but think of this as an opportunity to re-think your choices. You only get one life, Finn. Don't waste it." Finn nodded his head while looking at the paper, then back up towards Sergeant Nettles.

"So is this a dishonorable discharge or something?" Finn asked, waving the paper around. Sergeant Nettles shook his head.

"Semi-honorable." Sergeant Nettles got up from his seat and walked over to Finn. "You need to have some dignity left when you leave." Sergeant Nettles patted Finn's shoulder then made his way out the door, closing it behind him. Finn continued to eye the paper that was in his hand. He was now out of the army—and now he needed a new plan for his future. What was he going to do now? Finn dejectedly headed towards the infirmary door, but then noticed that there was a backdoor. He couldn't face all those soldiers knowing that he had just been kicked out of the army. Finn headed towards the backdoor, closing it behind him, once again lost and not knowing where to go next. As Finn limped to the latest bus stop, he heard his phone vibrate, causing him to go into his pocket and taking his phone out. He saw a picture of Rachel in front of a pizzeria in the greatest city in the world: New York. Finn intently stared at the picture a little more, letting an idea form in his brain. Finn opened up an app for airplane travel and spent the next five minutes booking a flight. Finn Hudson was no longer lost—he knew exactly what he was going to do. He was going to New York City.

Kurt Hummel walked along the streets of Lima, Ohio currently heading to his job at the Lima Bean. After not getting into NYADA following High School, Kurt didn't know what he was going to do with his life. He figured that he'd spend his time with Blaine until he actually did figure what he wanted to do. Kurt entered the Lima Bean, seeing Blaine sitting at one of the seats, instructing Kurt to come towards him. Kurt's heart melted every time that he saw Blaine. Blaine was his first love. There was no one else like Blaine. As a matter of fact, Kurt thought that there was only one person for him, and that was Blaine. Kurt sat in the seat across from him, realizing that his boss wasn't there yet. He would have to make this conversation with Blaine brief.

"You know I have to get to work." Kurt muttered, staring at Blaine.

"I know, I know." Blaine nodded his head, grabbing Kurt's hand quickly. "Look, I need to ask you something and this is something that I think that you need to be asked."

"If this has to do with your hair gel, then I have no answers. I don't use hair gel." Kurt shrugged his shoulders. Blaine slightly chuckled, then rubbed his thumb on Kurt's knuckles.

"What I was going to ask you is do you plan on working at the Lima Bean all year?" Blaine questioned.

"Why not?" Kurt shrugged his shoulders. "I mean, I get to work here and still see you every day. I even can go and help the Glee Club whenever I want to. I mean, it's not that big of a deal."

"But it kind of is." Blaine pressed on. "Kurt, when you graduated from McKinley you were supposed to start a new chapter in your life, one that's exciting and full of wonder. Instead, you're just here—sitting in the Lima Bean about to work a 6 hour shift of serving coffee and scones for minimum wage. Kurt, you need to do something with your life."

"But I don't know if you noticed that I'm quite content with my life, Blaine." Kurt wasn't sure why Blaine was pressuring him into going out into the real world. The real world was scary to Kurt. There was nothing more frightening than not being in the confines of High School, going to the choir room and singing about your feelings. Now Kurt had to cope with his feelings like a normal person, and that included not singing.

"Are you? Are you really content?" Blaine asked. "Didn't you have dreams of going to New York with Rachel and Finn in High School?"

"I did…but Rachel was the only one accepted to NYADA, God knows where Finn is…and I'm here." Kurt said. "Like I said Blaine, I am more than content with my life, and there's really nothing that's going to change my mind."

"Kurt…" Blaine's voice became a bit firm this time, startling Kurt. "I know you're not happy here. You're just saying that because you don't want to lose me. But you're not going to lose me if that's what you're worried about."

"I'm not worried about losing you." Kurt released a small groan, shaking his head. "I'm not worried about that at all. I'm not…I'm not worried."

"And I think you are." Blaine said. Kurt looked beyond Blaine's shoulder, spotting his boss coming in through the kitchen. Kurt took one last look at Blaine, getting up from his chair and grabbing his apron.

"I have to get to work, Blaine. I'm sorry." Kurt exhaled.

"But we can talk later, right?" Blaine probed. Kurt nodded his head, patting Blaine's back softly as he made his way to the register. Blaine couldn't help but feel that there was something he could do for Kurt. Kurt was always there helping him with his problems, so Blaine felt like he was obligated to help Kurt with his problems.

"New York is great." Rachel had her ear to the phone as she walked through the house, going into the kitchen to drop off some groceries. "It's actually rather refreshing."

"Oh really?" Kurt's voice came though the phone as Rachel put the vegetables in the fridge. "Well, I kind of wish that I was there instead of working at the Lima Bean."

"Why are you working at the Lima Bean?" Rachel wondered, closing the fridge and holding the phone close to her ear.

"Because I need some extra cash and I could be near Blaine all the time." Kurt answered without giving it a thought. Rachel thought about Kurt's answer for a moment, then released a slight smirk.

"Does it only have to do with Blaine?" Rachel speculated.

"Yes, it only has to do with Blaine." Kurt said.

"I don't know; the more times you say it, the less convincing it sounds." Rachel grinned at Kurt's words.

"Enough about me, missy." Kurt tried to change the subject. "How is New York, I mean it might be frightening because there's so many different people."

"Yeah, there are." Rachel agreed. "I mean there are so many people that are just like me and you there. I really wish that you were here. I mean, I'm fine by myself but sometimes New York can make a girl lonely."

"So did you see NYADA yet? Is it as beautiful as they say?" Kurt pressed on.

"I saw the school, I thought it was beautiful." Rachel said with a smile. "And the courses, there are so many courses there. I could take theatre or I could take introduction to music. And I'm sure I'll make some new friends here. There's no saying that I won't."

"I know you'll make new friends, Rachel. You're with your own kind now. There are no snobby cheerleaders or jocks." Kurt assured her.

"Oh, you wouldn't know that." Rachel chuckled, sitting down on one of the kitchen chairs. "I think that the ballerinas are the snobby cheerleaders and jocks would be the fencers. That's just the impression I got."

"You're going to do fine." Kurt stopped talking for a moment as Rachel heard another voice on the other end.

"Someone's there?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, it's my boss. Rachel, can I call you back after work?" Kurt sounded apologetic.

"Of course, you can. Don't worry about it." Rachel assured him. After saying their goodbyes, Rachel hung up the phone, then looked around her apartment. She had to admit that she was a little lonely. She missed having Kurt's fashion sense, she missed the Glee Club, she missed Santana making snide remarks, and she even missed Finn. She missed him. Rachel heard a knock at the door as she turned her head, wondering who was there. She had only given an exclusive list her new apartment yet she was sure everyone was across the country somewhere. Rachel got up from the chair, walking to the door and sliding it open, her eyes widening at the sight before her. She had to do a double take to make sure that she was seeing everything correctly. Standing right in front of her with dirty clothes, a backpack that looked like it has been through hell and his leg bandaged was Finn. Rachel raised an eyebrow at him, seeing that he was staring back at her.

"Rachel…" Finn muttered in awe as Rachel looked back at him.

"Finn…" Rachel spoke in the same tone. Rachel wasn't bored anymore—she was now wondering what Finn was doing here—and she had a feeling she was going to get an explanation.

"So let me get this straight…" Rachel put a cup of tea in front of Finn as they both sat in the kitchen a half hour later. "You shot yourself in the thigh with a gun and you were just…let go?"

"Yep, that's pretty much the story." Finn said. "Also my sergeant told me that the army wasn't for me. He said I was trying to live through my father."

"Well, you were trying to live through your father a bit, Finn." Rachel agreed. "I mean you were so set on wanting to be an actor and then…boom. You changed your mind then enrolled in the army."

"I know it's just…I wanted to make him proud you know." Finn sighed. "I wanted to make my mom proud and I know he's watching up there in heaven, but I wanted to make my dad proud. I wanted to make you proud. I didn't want to be a Lima Loser. I wanted to have a place where I had purpose. Right now, I'm not quite sure what purpose I have in this world."

"Finn, everyone has a purpose in this world. You'll find your purpose. You may not have found it today—but you will find it." Rachel sat in the chair next to Finn, staring into his brown eyes. "Remember, not everyone knows what they want to do when they leave High School."

"But you know what you want to do." Finn countered.

"Yes, because I've been dreaming about Broadway ever since I was a little girl." Rachel smiled. "Sometimes it takes longer to figure out what you want to do. You know…school doesn't start for another two weeks. If you want, I can help you find something for you to do. Anywhere in the world, just name it." Finn thought about Rachel's offer, then a smile crept on his face.

"All right, how about New York City?" Finn suggested.

"New York? You want to be in the most magical city in the world?" Rachel raised an eyebrow, chuckling at him.

"You always said New York was magical. What if I want to be here, with a New York state of mind? I'm sure I'll find something. I mean, I'm sure I'm destined for great things and not just running a hot dog cart in front of Madison Square Garden." Finn reasoned.

"And I think you are." Rachel agreed. "Well, we'll find something for you. I know we will. We have time." Rachel patted Finn's shoulder as Finn gave her a half smile, causing Rachel to stare at Finn. She was fighting every urge she had to kiss him, so she turned her head to his tea and nudged towards it. "Drink your tea. I'm going to do the same to warm up my vocal cords."

"Ah, your vocal cords." Finn nodded his head. "Well, you do have a nice set of pipes. It's what helped us win Nationals." Rachel bit her lip, then motioned for Finn to drink his tea as he chuckled under his breath. He knew that he still had her under his spell and Rachel knew it as well. "All right, all right. I'm drinking my tea. So where are we going to look first?"

Santana Lopez currently sat on her bed, staring at the folder from the University of Louisville. It was where she was supposed to go in the fall. After all, it was Brittany Pierce's idea for her to go college instead of starring in a sex tape—one that would haunt Santana for the rest of her life. The problem was, she wasn't sure she wanted to go to college. She wanted to go and explore the world, she wanted to see everything that the world had to offer her—she wanted to go to New York City. The problem was, she wasn't sure what she'd do there. She wasn't sure what kind of person she'd make herself in the big city. She didn't want to be on Broadway like Rachel and Kurt. She didn't want to feel lost like Finn was. She wanted to make something of herself.

"I don't know, Brittany." Santana said to Brittany as they both sat on Santana's bed, having their arms wrapped around one another. "There are so many courses. I'm not quite sure which one I'm thinking of taking."

"Do any of them interest you?" Brittany asked, shrugging her shoulders, not sure what she should say to Santana. Brittany knew deep down what Santana wanted.

"None of them whatsoever. I mean, why every place wants to teach English? Did they thing we'd forget the entire language in a summer?" Santana scrunched her face up in disgust.

"I forgot English in an entire summer once." Brittany innocently said. "I learned Pig Latin all summer and it was the only language I could speak. They had to wean me back to English. I'm still fluent in it."

"Oh really?" Santana pondered, raising an eyebrow. "So can you tell me something in Pig Latin? Just because I'm curious and I'm interested?"

"All right, I'll say a sentence and then you have to decode it. Ready?" Brittany asked. Santana nodded her head as Brittany's face turned soft yet serious. "O-Gay o-Tay Ew-Nay ork-Yay, Antana-Say."

"What?" Santana asked as Brittany laughed slightly.

"Go to New York, Santana." Brittany's face then turned serious, looking at the pamphlets on Santana's bed. "I can tell that college isn't something you really want to do. You want to go and explore the world, go around the world in 80 days, you want to find Bigfoot and you possibly want to find the largest yarn ball and bring it back for Lord Tubbington." Santana continued to eye Brittany, considering Brittany's words.

"So you think I'm not interested in college?" Santana asked.

"I know you're not interested." Brittany answered. "If you were interested, you would have at least filled out the schedule weeks ago. You were putting it off, because you don't know what you want to do. It's clear that you were procrastinating."

"Yeah, you're right. I was." Santana admitted. "But Brittany, what if I do go to New York. What about you? What about my mom? What about everyone here?"

"There's Skype and Twitter…and my show Fondue for Two. I'm sure you can Skype and be on Fondue for Two at the same time." Brittany grinned from ear to ear. Santana nodded her head, amazed at Brittany. "Just one thing…we can't scissor on Skype." Santana giggled at Brittany, hugging her tightly.

"Where would I be without you Brittany?" Santana asked.

"I don't know. Where would you be without me?" Brittany seemed clueless, as if it was a question she had to answer.

"I'd still be lost without you." Santana earnestly said, grabbing Brittany's hand in hers. "Thank you so much Brittany."

"You're welcome." Brittany grinned. She then looked at her watch, getting up from the bed. "Oh, I have to get home. Fondue for Two is filming in an hour and Lord Tubbington is going to be a pet psychic in this episode. Did you decide what you were going to do?" Santana looked down at the pamphlets on the bed, then back towards Brittany.

"Yeah, I think I did." Santana nodded her head. Brittany walked over to Santana as she pressed a soft kiss on Santana's lips. Santana parted, giving Brittany a smile.

"Hey Santana…" Brittany said as she started to make her way towards the door. "I ove-Lay ou-Yay." Santana didn't need to have extensive knowledge in Pig Latin to know what Brittany just said.

"I ove-Lay ou-Yay oo-Tay, Rittany-Bay." Santana said as Brittany nodded her head and left the room. Santana's face then turned serious, looking at the pamphlets. It may have taken some words from Brittany, but Santana finally knew what she was going to do with her life—she had a world of chances, but this may have been her only one.

{Santana sits on her bed, looking through the pamphlets, trying to figure out what to do with her life}

You got a face for a smile you know
A shame you waste it when you're breaking me slowly
But I've got a world of chances for you
I've got a world of chances for you
I got a world of chances, chances you were burning through

{Scene changes to Rachel's loft as she and Finn look through the newspaper and Rachel continues to stare at Finn with longing}

I've got a paper and pen
I go to write a goodbye and that's when
I know I've got a world of chances for you
I've got a world of chances for you
I've got a world of chances, chances that you're burning through

{Santana goes on her computer and searches for tickets to New York City and looks at the money in her drawer while Rachel stares at Finn as he opens his wallet and sees a picture of his dad}

[Santana and Rachel]
I'm going my own way
My faith has lost it's strength again
And oooh, it's been too hard to say
We're falling off the edge again
We're at the end
We're at the end

{Santana packs up her stuff as she stares over at her bed with a confident grin}

Maybe you'll call me someday
Hear the operator say the number's no good
And that she had a world of chances for you
She had a world of chances for you
She had a world of chances, chances you were burning through
Chances you were burning through
Chances you were burning through, Oooh

You got a face for a smile you know

{Santana closes the door to her room with a smile}

Kurt exited the Lima Bean looking exhausted after his double shift of serving customers, hearing customers belittle him and spilling freshly made coffee in front of his boss, causing his boss to become frustrated with him. The best part of Kurt's day was that he was going to see Blaine later today. He was actually excited to see Blaine and talk about his day—although he did that every day. It was beginning to become repetitive, and that somewhat left Kurt with a little bit of longing. Kurt walked to the front door of his house, taking his key and unlocking the door. When Kurt opened the door, he spotted Blaine in the kitchen, sitting at the table. Kurt was a little confused. He was sure he was going to meet Blaine at his house. Why was Blaine here?

"Blaine, what are you doing here? Not that I'm not glad that you're here?" Kurt walked a little more into the kitchen, realizing that there were bags packed in the corner. Kurt realized that the suitcases—were his. What was going on here? Kurt turned his head to Blaine, pointing to the bags in confusion. "Um, what are these?"

"These are your bags, all packed." Blaine said. "You're not going to the Lima Bean tomorrow."

"What…what are you talking about? That's where I work?" Kurt became confused.

"Not anymore." Blaine shook his head. "I called them after you left. I told them you quit, especially after they…um…fired you for the coffee incident. So we're clear, you quit."

"Wait, they fired me?!" Kurt's eyes widened. "So how the hell am I supposed to make money?"

"You have enough money to get by for now." Blaine answered. "Besides…you're going to New York."

"No, no I'm not." Kurt shook his head.

"Yes you are." Blaine answered, nodding his head.

"I am not going to New York." Kurt scoffed.

"Yes you are." Blaine repeated. "I'm going to make sure you get on a plane there."

"Blaine, why are you pushing me to leave? Do you not want me?" Kurt felt a pit in his stomach as Blaine shook his head, getting up from the kitchen table and walking over to Kurt.

"Of course I want you here, Kurt. I want you here more than anything." Blaine answered, letting out a shaky sigh. "It's just that you're not happy here. High School is over…it's time for you to move on and make something of yourself. And unfortunately, that's not here in Lima, Kurt."

"So where is that?" Kurt questioned. "Where am I supposed to make a name for myself?"

"New York." Blaine said. "Look, Rachel is there probably having the time of her life. She's probably making a lot of new friends and making some new opportunities for herself. You need to do the same thing. You are just as talented and I'm not going to take no for an answer. I know you're scared to go, and I'm scared to let you go…but this is something you have to do. I don't want to go all Finn and Rachel on you but…if we're meant to be with each other, then in the end we'll be with one another. And we will be with one another. I can feel it in my bones. Every fiber of my body is telling me we're going to be together and that we're not going to lose one another. It's not gonna happen. I promise you." Kurt simply looked at Blaine, feeling the tears form in his eyes.

"I love you, Blaine." Kurt softly said as Blaine nodded his head.

"And I love you too, Kurt." Blaine answered back. "But you and I both know that Lima isn't the place for you. You're way too talented for here." Kurt nodded his head then engulfed Blaine into a hug. After what seemed like an eternity, Blaine and Kurt separated from their hug as Kurt started making his way upstairs. "Where are you going?"

"I am going upstairs…" Kurt sighed. "I'm going to take a shower, look for a flight to New York and then go."

"I don't think you have to look for a flight." Blaine walked over to the table and grabbed the folder that was in his hands. "Here." Kurt took the folder from Blaine, opening it up with a smile.

"First class tickets…" Kurt looked up to Blaine then back to the tickets.

"Nothing is too good for you, Kurt. Nothing." Blaine solemnly answered. "You deserve the best. And you are going to get a lot of first class tickets when you make it in New York."

"If I make it in New York." Kurt said.

"When you make it, Kurt." Blaine shook his head, walking to Kurt and taking his hand. "You're going to make it, and you're going to show the whole world why you belong there. All the bullies that told you that you were wrong for dreaming are going to be the ones that were wrong." Kurt hugged Blaine once more, giving the tickets a look. He was finally going to leave Lima and go into the big city. He was going to make a name for himself.

"You're gonna Skype me every day, right?" Kurt asked.

"Everyday…I promise." Blaine answered, grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm never going to find my place here." Finn dejectedly said as he and Rachel walked down 42nd Street, trying to find something, anything for Finn.

"We're going to find something, don't worry about it." Rachel assured him, patting his shoulder. "I mean for now while you find something you can work at retail or something. You always wanted to go to Build a Bear Workshop, right?"

"Yes, I wanted to visit there. I never wanted to work there." Finn clarified. "Besides, I always thought I was going to make you a stuffed bear when we visited." Rachel felt her cheeks turn red at Finn's words as she turned away.

"We're going to find something for you, don't worry." Rachel said. Finn placed his hands in his pockets, shaking his head.

"Well, if we are, I doubt that we're going to find it today. Do you think that we can stop and get something to eat?" Finn wondered. Rachel nodded her head with a grin, leading Finn to a fast food restaurant. On their trek there, Finn looked up at the Empire State Building, marveling at how big it was. He couldn't believe that he was in the city with Rachel. The most beautiful city in the world. He felt like the weight of the world was off his shoulders now that he was out of the army. He didn't have to worry about getting shot or dying. Instead, he could focus on what he wanted to do with his future. And right now, his future seemed bright, being here with Rachel. They technically weren't together since Finn did break up with her at the train station when he forced her to New York—but there was some hope for them. He was sure that he could get Rachel back—and that it wouldn't take a lot of thinking.

After Rachel and Finn finished eating, they went back to Rachel's loft in order to soak in their first day in New York together. Rachel initially was worried about having Finn in New York since they technically weren't together, but seeing that Finn was willing to be just friends for the moment had Rachel confident that Finn wouldn't pull anything insane. As they sat down on the couch, Finn looked out the window of Rachel's Brownstone, realizing that he could see the Manhattan skyline. Finn couldn't help but get up and look out the window, feeling amazed by the surroundings around him. Rachel chuckled, getting up from the sofa and walking next to him.

"New York is beautiful, isn't it?" Rachel softly pondered as Finn nodded his head.

"It is…" Finn muttered, looking around. He turned his attention to Rachel, seeing that she was staring up at him. Finn couldn't help but stare back at her, looking into her brown eyes. After a moment, Rachel cleared her throat, backing away slowly and heading to the radio to take out a cassette player.

"Um, I have to practice for the NYADA Freshman Reaping." Rachel said as she stared down at the lyrics on the piece of paper she had.

"What's the 'Freshman Reaping?' Is it some kind of showcase?" Finn asked.

"It's kind of like them seeing if you're worthy to be in NYADA. I want to knock their socks off." Rachel answered, avoiding Finn's eyes by keeping her eyes on the paper. "If I don't pass then I'm kicked out of NYADA for the second semester."

"Oh, then do you mind me helping you?" Finn wondered. Rachel stared at Finn, trying to make out if he really just wanted to help. "I mean, I want to make sure that you're a shoe-in. Come on, let me help. Please?" Finn half grinned which caused Rachel to laugh slightly. She then nodded her head slowly, handing Finn the paper.

"Oh, I think I'm gonna like this song." Finn chuckled. Rachel let out a deep breath, pressing the button on the recorder while Finn gazed into her eyes, the piano and horns blaring throughout the loft.

{Rachel looks down at the paper as she starts singing, then finds herself looking into Finn's eyes as he starts singing along with her, both of them keeping eye contact on one another}

Some folks like to get away
For a holiday, from the neighborhood
Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood

Well I'm taking a greyhound
On the Hudson River line…

[Rachel and Finn]
I'm in a New York State Of Mind

{Santana walks out of the L Train station with her suitcase as she looks around at the buildings}

It was so easy living day by day
Out of touch with the rhythm and the blues

{Kurt walks along the Brooklyn Streets, taking in the sights until he spots Santana with a grin. Santana and Kurt walk to each other smiling}

But now I need, is a little give and take

{Goes back to Rachel and Finn's apartment as Finn and Rachel continue to stare at each other, not realizing they're getting closer to one another}

The New York Times

The Daily News

[Rachel and Finn]
Oh, woah!

It comes down to reality, and it's fine with me cause I'll let it slide

{Kurt and Santana walk to the address of Rachel's loft as they give each other a smile}

Don't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside

I don't have many reasons

I left them all behind

[Santana and Kurt]
I'm in a New York…

{Scene splits between Santana, Kurt, Rachel, and Finn}

[Rachel, Finn, Santana and Kurt]
State of Mind!

{Rachel and Finn walk close enough as their foreheads almost touch while they gaze at each other while singing}

I'm just taking a greyhound

On the Hudson River

[Finn and Rachel]

{Santana and Kurt walk up the stairs and reach the door of Rachel's loft}

Cause I'm in

I'm in a New York

{Scene goes to Finn and Rachel staring into each other's eyes}



{Scene cuts to show Santana and Kurt in front of Rachel's door and Finn and Rachel touching foreheads as they sing}

[Rachel, Finn, Santana and Kurt]
Oh! New York State Of Mind!

Rachel and Finn looked into each other's eyes, realizing that their lips were only inches away from one another. Rachel cleared her throat and started to back away slowly, giving Finn an embarrassed smile. Finn rubbed the back of his neck with his hands, feeling his cheeks turning red. He wasn't expecting to get that close, especially on the first day here. Rachel heard a knock at the door, somewhat glad for the distraction. Rachel walked towards the door, opening it with a grin as she saw Kurt and Santana at the door.

"Kurt! Santana! Oh my god!" Rachel pulled them in for a hug as Kurt's eyes opened; noticing Finn was standing in the corner of the room. Finn nodded his head slowly towards Kurt and Santana, not sure if he should say anything.

"Finn…what are you doing here, and why aren't you in the army?" Kurt asked. Finn let out a sigh, wondering if he should tell Kurt and Santana the truth as to what happened. It was uncomfortable enough explaining to Rachel what happened. Did he have to repeat the story again? Finn then decided to do what all great political figures do—lie their ass off.

" Um, I decided the army wasn't for me." Finn shrugged his shoulders as if nothing. "It wasn't a challenge for me." Rachel wasn't sure what was going on here. Didn't Finn say that he was shot in the leg, which caused him to be discharged? Rachel studied Finn for a minute, realizing that he was ashamed to explain the real reason to everyone. It kind of made Rachel feel a little good that Finn was only willing to tell Rachel what was going on—but she still didn't condone lying.

"Oh, so what are you doing here?" Santana turned to Rachel then back to Finn. "Playing house with Berry?"

"Um, no…I…" Finn stammered.

"He was helping me with my Freshman Reaping song for NYADA…to make sure I don't get kicked out." Rachel said, minus the part about where they almost kissed. "So what are you two doing here?"

"We are here because we needed to find ourselves in New York City…" Kurt smiled. "We were going to get a hotel or something so…"

"NO." Rachel said almost in haste. "I…I mean why don't you stay with Finn and I? Finn's staying here and it can get lonesome for a girl without her two great friends." Santana and Kurt looked at one another, then back towards Rachel.

"Are you sure? We don't want to be a burden to you…" Kurt said.

"Not at all! Come in, come in…" Rachel motioned for Kurt and Santana to bring in their bags as Finn gave them a small smile. "Look, before any of you…that includes you Finn…came to New York, I had to admit that I was lonely…and now with my three best friends in New York, we're going to be in for a year of fun, aren't we?"

"We're in a New York State of Mind, aren't we?" Kurt said, causing Rachel to let out a giggle.

"Yes…we are." Rachel motioned for Finn to come over and as quickly as she said so, he did. Rachel hugged her friends tightly, then went to close the door. Her practicing for NYADA could wait until later. For the first time since she came to New York on her own—she wasn't as lonely. She actually figured out what was missing—having her friends here.


Kurtwood Smith as Sergeant Nettles

Heather Morris as Brittany S. Pierce

Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson


Radioactive (Originally by Imagine Dragons): Performed by Finn Hudson

World Of Chances (Originally by Demi Lovato): Performed by Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry

New York State Of Mind (Originally by Billy Joel): Performed by Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Santana Lopez and Kurt Hummel)