Episode Synopsis: Marley attempts to earn Puck's forgiveness after the Jacob Posey incident while Puck rediscovers his feelings for Marley through her small actions; In order to bring her small family back together, Jessica enlists Kitty and Artie to help her recreate one of Puck and Marley's dates; Rachel continues to battle with her emotions when her father's (Jeff Goldblum, Brian Stokes Mitchell) put their two cents on what she should do with the baby. Rachel's emotions cause her to make a rash decision, which quickly takes a turn for the worst; Mason (Billy Lewis Jr.) develops a crush on Jane Hayward (Samantha Ware) much to Madison's (Laura Dreyfuss) chagrin. As Madison continues to keep her brother away from Jane, she doesn't notice Rory Flannagan (Damian McGinty) vying for her affection; Roderick Meeks (Noah Guthrie) deals with Spencer's (Marshall Williams) bullying while Spencer forms an alliance to cause havoc to one of the Alumni.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee but I wish I did. Okay guys, here we are with the latest episode of Glee: The New York Story. And BOY is this episode a doozy. It was honestly one of the most taxing episode I've ever written and...it's kind of sad. The happy stuff: We resolve the Parley drama from last week (sort of, there's more to this saga next week), we see the twins again and...tonight we meet Roderick and Jane. The sad news: Rachel's fathers continue to be irrational, which leads to a chain reaction of events. Everything happens for a reason, just remember that. So with that, here's the latest episode.

{Scene shows Marley sitting in "The Lima Bean" as she looks at her phone, looking at the empty seat across from her. Marley closes her phone and taps her fingers, impatiently waiting for someone}

Marley Voice Over:

It's been two weeks since Puck and I have spoken or seen each other and if there's anything I learned in the last two weeks it's that life is lonely without him. Sure, I deserved him getting upset and wanting to spend time trying to find himself, but I really want to make amends with him. Over the last two weeks, I've found myself on the cover of every magazine possible, mostly for my Grammy's blip. I was written about how I would never get another job in Hollywood for as long as I lived or how people were impressed with me telling off Robert Blake and not conforming into his money-hungry ways. Good publicity, bad publicity...I honestly don't. I wanted my husband more than anything, and Puck knows that. He knows I want him back and he knows I miss him. That's why he asked me to meet me at the Lima Bean, and from our Facebook chat, he sounded as if he needed some soul searching himself. Maybe he missed me as much as I missed him...or maybe he possibly changed his mind since then and wants a divorce. I hope Puck can forgive me...I just want my husband back.

Marley fiddled with her phone as she looked around the coffee shop, hoping that Puck would show up soon. He said he was going to be there and Marley had to admit that she wanted to see him again. She wanted to hear his infectious laugh and she wanted to do nothing more than hold his hand and let him know that he was hers and hers alone. She didn't care for hot-shot superstars. She wanted her police officer husband, who was better than anyone in Hollywood as far as she was concerned. She heard the door to the coffee shop open, causing her to turn around and spot Puck entering and seeing her. Puck kept his eyes on Marley for a few moments, feeling his heart skip a beat as he stared at her and even a small smile to appear on his face. He walked over and slid in the seat across from her, just studying her features. He wanted to do nothing more than kiss her, but he also knew that she still had some making up to do. He wasn't exactly ready to forgive her...yet. Puck and Marley kept their eyes on each other before his smile widened, Marley realizing that there was nothing but content and appreciation in his demeanor.

"Hey." Puck said after a moment, Marley nodding her head.

"Hey." Marley responded back, Puck clearing his throat and leaning back on the chair.

"I haven't seen you in...a while." Puck admitted. It had been two weeks since had spoken or called Marley, but he really needed his space. He actually spent the last two weeks at Artie's house so his mother wouldn't get suspicious about his marital troubles. His mother already wasn't too fond of Marley and Puck didn't want to taint his sister Sarah's perfect image of his wife. Without a doubt there was going to be some sort of reconciliation between them, and he didn't want anyone to hate Marley; she didn't deserve to be hated for a huge mistake. Puck decided to continue with the small talk, pointing to her brown hair. "So I see you colored your hair to brown again...and got a trim."

"Yeah." Marley felt a small smile creep on her lips. "Most guys haven't noticed I changed my hair back to normal. You were the first." Puck softly smiled before he felt his smile diminish, him leaning forward and clearing his throat.

"So how have you been?" Puck honestly asked. "I mean, have you been...thinking or...stuff?"

"Yeah, I have." Marley nodded her head, her face turning solemn. "I don't know how many times I can tell you I'm sorry, Noah. If I could say sorry enough times for you to believe me, I would."

"I know, Marley. I know you would." Puck seriously said. "But sorry isn't going to change what happened in the past. The best thing we can do now is move on from it and try to work our way back to each other."

"I'm willing to work our way back to each other. What about you?" Marley questioned, Puck releasing a nod of his head. "Are you willing to try to work through this as much as I am?"

"Of course." Puck agreed. "Marley, even with everything that's happened, I'm still in love with you. I still need some time to think but, I'm getting there."

"I know, take all the time you need okay?" Marley sighed, putting a hand on his cheek. "I just want you to know I miss you."

"I miss you too, Marley." Puck honestly told her, him grabbing the coffee Marley had gotten him and taking a sip of it. He stopped for a moment and looked down at the cup, realizing it was his favorite flavor. Marley had gotten him his favorite cup of coffee and all he could do was smile as he took a sip. "How did you know I'd want a coffee with three sugars, cream and a pump of French Vanilla?"

"You always get it every time we come here." Marley couldn't help but grin as Puck took another sip of the coffee. "You always say they use the best French Vanilla syrup here because it's not too sweet."

"So you do listen when I talk about random things." Puck smirked and took another sip of his coffee, Marley giggling slightly and his face turning serious again. "Thank you, Marley. It feels nice just seeing you and talking to you again...not to mention getting a free cup of coffee. I miss us."

"You're welcome. I miss us too. But like you said, we'll get there, right?" Marley questioned as Puck nodded his head, him trying to fight back the urge to grab her hand and squeeze it. He snapped out of his thoughts when Marley cleared her throat, Puck looking up at her and getting lost in her eyes. "Um, I was wondering...uh...I'm going to McKinley to see the Glee Club and I know that you'd probably want to see your brother or something. Do you...wanna go with me?" Puck didn't see the harm in going with Marley to McKinley and if they were going to work out their differences, they did have to spend time together. There was no more avoiding her; he spent two weeks at Artie's house doing that and he really wanted things to go back to the way they were.

"Sure, I'd love to." Puck smiled, Marley giving him a relieved look. "I mean, I have nothing better to do, anyway." Marley knew there was some awkwardness between them and it wasn't going to go away overnight, but just seeing Puck and knowing he wanted to spend time with her, that was a good start. At least Puck wasn't angry like he was two weeks ago, but there were still feelings of mistrust. She had to figure out a way to regain his trust again, but the main question was, how? She knew deep down Puck was feeling as if he wasn't good enough and she had to figure out a way to prove to him. Little did Puck and Marley know, Jessica was watching from far, and she was studying the look on their faces. They weren't lovey-dovey like she was used to seeing and there was some confusion. They were trying to work things out, but Jessica couldn't help but be mad at Marley. Why would she risk everything for Hollywood actors that didn't give the time of day about her? It didn't make sense to her. She got up from the chair and walked the opposite direction to prevent being seen by Puck or Marley. She had to find a way to get Puck to come home. She had to find a way to get her little family together again. Jessica needed them under the same roof, giving each other sneaky smiles and constantly being affectionate. She needed help...but she didn't know who to go to.

{Scene changes to McKinley High School as Roderick Meeks walks down the hallway with his headphones on, everyone staring at him as the football team knocks down his books. Roderick tries to pick up his books but some Cheerios kick them across the hallway as Roderick glares at them, the Cheerios walking past him and towards the gym. Roderick crawls on his knees to pick up the books while shaking his head, letting out a saddened sigh.}

Roderick Voice Over:

I hate Lima. I hate coming to this stupid school every morning and I hate getting picked on by the kids that swear they're better than me. Every morning, it's the same crap. I walk to class, some jocks knock my books on the floor, the cheerios kick them across the hall and somehow I'm met with a slushie, all before lunch time. I can't trust anyone in this school, because everyone seems to have a vendetta I can't trust people, but there is one thing I can trust...music. That's why I always have my headphones on. When they're on, I block out the noise. I block out the jocks trying to hit on the cheerleaders. I block out the constant muttering of who banged what chick and who's on their list for this weekend. And I block out everyone telling me that I'm 'overweight', which seems to happen on the regular by said jocks.

"Hey, Pigs In A Blanket!" Roderick felt a football hit him in the back of his head as he turned around, seeing Spencer with the football team behind him. "Move! You're blocking the lane of traffic!" Roderick kept his headphones on as he gave Spencer a shake of his head, eventually turning around and making his way towards his next class. "Excuse me, I don't think you heard me properly. I said you need to move out of the way!" Spencer walked behind Roderick and shoved him into the locker, Roderick simply giving Spencer an annoyed glance. Every morning the same thing happened happened between Spencer and Roderick; Spencer would taunt Roderick on the way to class, say a few words and shove him in a locker only to tell him that he better watch his back or he'd find himself in the dumpster. The constant bullying had gotten really old, but Roderick couldn't say anything about it. No one at this school would listen, and he felt like he didn't even have a voice of his own. Roderick eventually pushed Spencer away from him and continued on his way to class, Spencer looking over at him and letting out a sneer. "That's why people like you will never get out of this lameass town!" As Roderick entered history class, he noticed Jake and Ryder were talking, but as usual he decided to try to block out the noise. He knew both Jake and Ryder were in Glee Club, but even if Roderick wanted to, he couldn't work the courage to audition for Glee Club. He already was a loser in this school, why fuel the fire?

"So you really like that Marissa girl?" Roderick heard Jake tell Ryder as Ryder felt his cheeks turn red.

"Yeah, I mean, we went on a few dates and she's really cool." Ryder answered, Jake letting out a smirk. "What about you? When are you getting back into the dating game?'

"I don't know." Jake answered. "Maybe I want to be single for a while, you know? My last relationship almost screwed things between me and my brother, so I don't want to do something like that to anyone ever again."

"You know he's like famous now, right?" Ryder teased. "He's the husband of a Grammy winning songwriter."

"Yeah." Jake smirked. "He told me on the phone that he felt touched when Marley told the world about him. But you know what I don't get? Why do random fan girls ship actual people together? I mean, I get cartoon and fictional characters but why actual people? Some of the blogs I was reading say that Marley and Puck are the cutest thing since Bradgelina...and then you have Marley and Jacob, which I personally find repulsive. Jacob Posey is not all that. He's not even that good of an actor."

"Nope." Ryder scoffed. He turned around and saw Roderick casually standing there, but when they saw Roderick's uncomfortable face, the both of them started raising an eyebrow with worry. "Hey, Roderick...you okay, man?" Ryder immediately asked, Roderick turning and seeing they were glancing at him.

"Who do we have to beat up?" Jake added, Roderick shaking his head.

"No one and yeah, I'm fine." Roderick assured them, sitting in his seat and taking out his book. "Just the same old, same old." Jake and Ryder couldn't help but wonder what Roderick meant by that, but they didn't get a chance to ask when Mr. Schuester entered the classroom and started writing on the board.

"All right, today we're going to cover The Great Depression." Mr. Schuester turned and saw Roderick with his headphones still on. "Roderick. Headphones." Mr. Schuester pointed. Roderick didn't feel comfortable taking them off his ears, but he knew he had to since he was in class. Roderick slowly took them off and put them around his neck, Mr. Schuester smiling softly before he continued on with the lesson. Roderick looked at the board and studied the words Great Depression. He was in a great depression all right, he hated being in Lima and he hated being in McKinley. Did he mention he hated being in Lima?

"Here comes the airplane!" Finn pretended the baby bottle in his hand was an airplane as he waved it around the room, looking down at his little sister Melody and seeing she was giggling. Finn and Rachel had agreed to babysit Melody while Carole went to run some errands and Burt worked at the tire shop that evening, and Finn had to say he was having a lot of fun. He put the bottle closer to Melody's mouth as she put her lips around the nozzle, sucking the milk that was in the bottle with a content smile on her face. As Finn watched her drink, Rachel entered the living room while rubbing her pregnant stomach, sitting in one of the arm chairs and relaxing.

"Finn, were you teasing her with the baby bottle again?" Rachel questioned, Finn looking at his wife as if she were insane.

"What? No!" Finn scoffed, Rachel rolling her eyes playfully and turning on the television. Finn looked down at Melody as she continued drinking from the bottle, his heart warming up and a smile appearing on his face. "Rachel, look at her. Isn't she precious?"

"She has your appetite." Rachel chuckled, the both of them noticing Melody guzzling down on the bottle. "I wouldn't be surprised if she entered a pie eating contest and won."

"She can't do that, not even I have done that." Finn smirked as he continued staring down at Melody. Melody let go of the bottle and started letting out uncomfortable cries, Finn knowing what he had to do next. "Oh! She's a little fussy!" Finn spoke in a baby voice. "I think we have to burp the baby!" Finn started patting Melody's back as Rachel grinned at him. Although Finn wasn't entirely on board with having a baby, she knew Finn was going to be a very good father. She watched how he interacted with Melody and it warmed her heart. If he was this way about his sister, imagine to his own son. After a few moments Rachel heard a burp, and Finn's eyes went wide. Rachel gave him an amused glance as Finn cleared his throat with embarrassment, although Rachel had a pretty good idea what just happened.

"The baby threw up on you, didn't she?" Rachel guessed playfully. Finn cleared his throat and handed Melody to Rachel, the both of them seeing a bit of vomit on Finn's plaid shirt.

"Yeah, she did." Finn answered, getting up from the chair as quickly as possible. "Time for me to go and clean myself off." Finn walked up the stairs as Rachel held the baby, her looking down at her and seeing she was smiling. Rachel felt her heart melt as she held the baby close to her, staring at the features that she shared with Burt and Carole. She had Burt's eyes and she had Carole's ears. She was absolutely flawless and was as perfect as a baby could be. Rachel couldn't wait to hold her son in her arms when he was born. There were a lot of things Rachel was looking forward to, and she hoped she had Finn alongside her for the ride. After a few minutes, Finn descended down the stairs with a clean shirt and picked up Melody, holding her tightly and walking around the living room. "All right, she's been fed and she's been burped. Now it's time for her to take a nap." Finn put Melody in the small portable cradle that sat in front of the couch, him glancing at her as she started getting sleepy. As Melody's eyes drooped, Rachel folded her hands and watched Finn interacting with his baby sister, feeling a sense of pride.

"You're such a good big brother." Rachel told him, Finn looking over at her and nodding his head. "I hope you know that."

"I know. Kurt and Marley tell me that all the time." Finn said as he watched Melody sleep. "It's so weird. I never thought I was going to be a big brother to anything…"

"But you are." Rachel told him. "And you're doing an amazing job at it. I'm so proud of you." Finn smiled at his wife but they were interrupted by a knock at the door, Rachel quickly getting up from the couch so she could see who it was. "I got it. I don't want you leaving the baby." Rachel headed towards the door and opened it, appearing shocked when she saw her father LeRoy Berry standing on the porch step. Rachel wondered how they knew Rachel was in town; she never called them and hadn't spoken to them since she told them she was pregnant. "Um, daddy. Hi?"

"Hi Pumpkin, um...is this a bad time?" LeRoy asked, Rachel turning around to see Finn making his way towards the door. "Finnegan." LeRoy said once Finn saw who was the visitor.

"Um, Mr. Berry." Finn shook his head slightly, wondering if there was something he could help them with. "I'm sorry, I'm a little confused, what are you doing here? You live way cross town."

"I wanted to see Rachel, if that was alright with you." LeRoy kept his voice firm but he once again turned to his daughter as she leaned against the wall. "I wanted to make sure that you were all right. You hadn't called me or Hiram since you know…"

"Well, when you overreacted and said my life was over, I didn't think there was anything to talk about." Rachel said. "I'm just curious, what are you doing here? And how did you find me?"

"I heard you were in town. News travels fast around here." LeRoy told her, but Rachel was still uncertain. "Plus, I wanted to talk to you about the baby."

"Sure, come in." Rachel sighed, LeRoy entering the house and Finn closing the door behind him. As soon as LeRoy made his way to the living room, he saw a baby in the crib, and he turned back towards Finn, Finn clearing his throat and shaking his head.

"Oh, that's my baby sister. I'm babysitting." Finn explained, LeRoy appearing unsure on whether to believe him. After all, Finn was the one that knocked up his daughter.

"Anyway," LeRoy decided to change the subject, going into his pocket and handing Rachel a list. "I wanted to come here so I could show you this." Rachel grabbed the list and stared down at it, noticing it was all a list of numbers for adoption agencies.

"I'm sorry, what is this?" Rachel wondered, looking up and pointing towards the list.

"Adoption agencies." LeRoy answered. "I know you might be considering adoption...it...it's not a bad idea you know."

"You want the baby to go to a different family because you think I can't take care of him on my own?" In the back of Rachel's mind, she wasn't sure if she was ready to care for a baby on her own either, but she was stubborn and she was going to fight this thing until the end.

"Rachel, I need you to listen to me." LeRoy softly said, Rachel glancing over at him with horror. "Do you see that baby over there?' Rachel looked over at a sleeping Melody before her eyes shifted towards LeRoy. "That's going to be your future. You're going to be stuck at home with a baby while your friends are doing everything under the sun, having fun without you. Is that what you want?"

"So you're telling me that I should give the baby up for adoption so I can have fun with my friends?" Rachel scoffed. "Whatever happens with this baby, it's my decision, not yours...so I don't need you trying to justify anything. You're saying I'll be nothing but a housewife with a baby. What if I could do Broadway and care of a child? What if I could do both?"

"The thing is, you can't Rachel." LeRoy told her. "You can't be superwoman. It's either the baby or your career. Think about it." LeRoy bowed to her before glaring at Finn, making his way towards the door and exiting the Hudson-Hummel residence. Rachel stood there with slight sadness, glancing over at Finn with worry.

"Rachel, we do need to talk about this." Finn said just above a whisper. "What are we going to do with the baby?"

"I don't know." Rachel quickly answered. "I don't have an answer yet. I want to have one but I don't. So maybe we should just drop it for now and not think about what my dad just said."

"Rachel, what if he's right?" Finn questioned, Rachel turning around with confusion. "Your dream has always been Broadway and you can still make it in the future because you are extremely talented...but in High School, did you really picture yourself as a housewife at the age of 20?"

"No. But...we gave this baby life. I don't know whether to keep it or give it up. I know giving it up will be the hardest thing because it's what Shelby did to me and if we keep it then life's going to be hard. Look, If we're being honest, Finn...I don't know what I want in my life anymore." Rachel walked up the stairs as Finn stood there, wondering if he and Rachel were making the right decision. He wanted the baby to have a beautiful life, but could he and Rachel really handle caring for a baby?

"So I was wondering when we finish Glee Club this afternoon if you wanted to get a bite to eat or something." Kitty spoke while walking with Marley and Madison down the McKinley hallways towards the choir room. "Artie said he was a little busy since his mom wanted to make sure he didn't have lice from his adventure's in New York." Marley wasn't really in a talkative mood, but Madison clapped her hands and nodded her head.

"Okay. Can we go to Breadstix?" Madison wondered. "I mean, they have the best breadsticks around here."

"The only reason everyone goes to Breadstix and say they have the best breadsticks is because there's apparently no competing restaurant." Kitty answered. She looked over and saw Marley with a saddened look on her face, causing Kitty and Madison to glance at each other with confusion. "Um, earth to Marley, we can't decide on what restaurant to go to if you're just going to be quiet."

"I don't really feel like going anywhere to eat." Marley looked up sadly as Kitty softly gave her a glance.

"Is this about Puck?" Kitty wondered, Marley slowly nodding her head.

"It's been two weeks and he still hasn't forgiven me." Marley mentioned. "I don't know what to do to get him to see that I'm really sorry for what I did. I could have said no to the record deal and walked away, but I was selfish and didn't put him first like I should have."

"I know everyone's a little disappointed in you but I'm not, I'm jealous." Kitty shrugged her shoulders. "You locked lips with Jacob Posey."

"Don't be jealous, he kisses like a salamander." Marley shuddered.

"So you kissed a salamander before?" Kitty raised an eyebrow with amusement while Madison stared at her with interest. Marley looked at the both of them before pointing a finger, giving each of them looks.

"I was five and it was on a dare." Marley defended herself.

"Marley, look. It's going to take time for Puck to forgive you, but if you really want to speed up the process, you have to do something that's meaningful. And I don't mean you get him a card that says 'I'm Sorry I Chose Fame Over My Sex-Experienced Husband'." Marley noticed there were people that attended here staring at her, almost as if they were starstruck by her, and Marley didn't know why.

"Why are all these people staring at you?" Madison pointed a finger towards them, two of the kids walking up to her and holding out a pen.

"Marley? We're such big fans of yours." Two of the freshman said while moon-eyed. "Color Blind is one of our favorite songs and when we heard you wrote it, we just had to meet you. We were wondering if you would sign our notebooks. Please?" Marley looked at Kitty and Madison, finally releasing a sigh and nodding her head.

"Yeah, sure." Marley didn't sound as enthusiastic as she signed a few of the girls' notebooks, handing the pen back to them and the girls grinning.

"Thank you! You're awesome!" The girls ran off as Kitty nodded her head slowly.

"Well, you got the fame part down." Kitty teased. "Now everyone wants your autograph." As Kitty spoke, they noticed a girl that they had never seen before walk past them, on her way to her locker and peeking a look at Mason McCarthy, who was standing by the choir room and reading a book. Mason looked up from his book and saw the girl flashing a smile at him, him feeling his cheeks turn red as he waved back at her. Madison's eyebrows went up at the interaction between Mason and the new girl, her turning towards Kitty and Marley in a huff.

"What is that thing doing with my brother?" Madison hissed, Marley and Kitty giving each other confused looks.

"Last time I checked, they're doing something called 'silent flirting'." Kitty answered. "You're the queen of freaking out boys with your bug-eyes so you should know this stuff."

"Mason is not allowed to flirt." Madison crossed her arms. "I won't allow it, I won't accept it."

"You're his sister, not his mother." Kitty reminded her.

"Well, my mother and father were always performing all the time, so Mason and I were mostly on our own." Madison explained. "That's why I always assumed the position and took care of him."

"You took care of him like Mason was a man-child?" Kitty chortled, but Madison turned back around.

"He's making me uncomfortable with that...thing." Madison seethed.

"I'm pretty sure she's not a thing. Her name is Jane Hayward, she wanted to be a Dalton Warbler but couldn't." Kitty nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders. "Not that big of a deal."

"Yes, it is a big deal." Madison said. "I don't want Mason flirting with anyone. Especially with...her."

"But you flirt with people all the time." Marley tried to reason.

"So?" Madison questioned.

"Hypocrite." Kitty simply said, Madison turning around and seeing Spencer with his football goons walk down the hall. Madison looked over at Mason to see he was still smiling at Jane, which gave her an idea. She was going to get Mason's attention and make him uncomfortable. Almost as payback for what he was doing to her...

{Madison walks up to Spencer as he looks over at her in confusion, Madison using her fingers to trail along his chest. Mason looks up from his book and watches as he raises an eyebrow towards her}

I really wanna stop
But I just got a taste for it
I feel like I could fly with the boy on the moon
So honey hold my hand, you like making me wait for it
I feel like I could die walking up to the room, oh yeah

Late night watching television
But how'd we get in this position
It's way too soon I know this isn't love
But I need to tell you something

{Madison skips over to Roderick down the hall as she dances around him with the Cheerios as Roderick looks surprised by her and wondering who is she}

[Madison with Cheerios]
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too

Oh, did I say too much
I'm so in my head
When we're out of touch
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too

{Scene changes to the Chemistry lab as Madison's Jake's partner, her pouring a pink liquid in the tube and her giving him a flirtatious grin}

It's like everything you say is a sweet revelation
All I wanna do is get into your head
Yeah, we could stay alone, you and me in this temptation
Sipping on your lips, hanging on by a thread, baby

Late night watching television
But how'd we get in this position
It's way too soon I know this isn't love
But I need to tell you something

{Scene changes to Madison following Ryder around gym class as he looks surprised, especially with the Cheerios surrounding him and Ryder shaking his head}

[Madison with Cheerios]
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too

Oh, did I say too much
I'm so in my head
When we're out of touch (When we're out of touch)
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too

{Scene changes to the choir room as Madison gives all the guys flirty eyes. None of the guys look interested in her, except Rory all the way in the back as he appears enamored by her}

You gave you eyes like that?
Said you could keep them
I don't know how to act
Or if I should be leaving
I'm running out of time
Going out of my mind
I need to tell you something
I need to tell you something


[Madison with Cheerios]
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you (Oh, oh, oh)
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too (Do you want me, too?)

Oh, did I say too much (Did I say to much)
I'm so in my head (I'm so in my head)
When we're out of touch (When we're out of touch)
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too (Yeah!)

I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too (Yeah, I need to tell you something)
I really, really, really, really, really, really like you (Oh, yeah)
And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too

Madison noticed all of the boys in New Directions were glancing at her with muddled looks on their faces, and Madison even noticed some of the girls nodding their head with slight confusion. However, as a courtesy, they all gave a light clap, Mr. Schuester walking to where Madison was.

"Well, thank you Madison. That was really, really, really, really, really...something." Mr. Schuester told her, Madison making her way to her seat and sitting down. But she noticed Mason's face was masked with confusion, which meant her plan so far had worked perfectly. Madison gave a bright grin as Mason rolled his eyes, Mr. Schuester clearing his throat and pointing to Artie, Finn, Rachel and Marley. "First off, I'd like to thank some of our Alumni for returning to McKinley this week to help us with a certain situation we have. I wasn't able to disclose it on the phone since it was pending but now that it's official, it's only fair to say what's going on."

"What happened? Did you guys get disqualified from Regionals again?" Artie questioned.

"Worse, three of our members left." Kitty explained.

"Wait, who?" Rachel raised her hand slightly.

"Joe, Sugar and Harmony." Kitty replied, keeping her eyes on her nails.

"Really? They left Glee Club?" Finn turned around and noticed the chair Harmony, Sugar and Joe usually occupied were empty. "Oh, so that's why it's so quiet here."

"Why did they leave?" Artie didn't understand. "Isn't your Regionals like later this week?"

"Yep, and the problem is we don't have time to find three members." Mason explained. "I mean, where are we going to find people to help us? We don't even have enough to compete."

"We'll figure something out Mason, don't worry." Mr. Schuester said, everyone glancing over at the Alumni. "I was hoping the Alumni would help us find some members of the Glee Club, you know since they're good at scouting and all."

"Well Mr. Schue, we appreciate you coming to us." Rachel proudly said. "As Alumni of the National Championship winning New Directions, we'll help." Finn pointed to his wife to share her sentiments as Mr. Schuester smiled happily at them. His eyes shifted to Marley as he looked confused at the empty chair next to her.

"Marley, didn't Noah come to Lima too? I thought he said he did." Mr. Schuester pondered, Marley looking up and nodding her head slowly.

"He said he had something to do." Marley answered. She wasn't wrong when she said Puck had things to do. Puck's car broke down on the way to the school so he was spending his time fixing the car himself. After looking around the choir room and seeing everyone's interested faces, Marley got up from her seat and walked out of the room, everyone wondering what was the matter with her. Kitty and Artie gave each other a quizzical glance while Madison kept glaring at Mason, Mason shrugging his shoulders at nonchalance towards his sister. Mr. Schuester had no idea what was going on…, and he was almost afraid to ask. "All right, so, let's think of ways to recruit new members."

Once outside of the classroom, Marley started walking down the hallway, holding her head high as she felt her heart heavy. As she walked along the hallway, she stopped to stare at Spencer who had ducked into a classroom, Marley raising her eyebrow in confusion. She had to wonder why he was pretending he wasn't interested in Glee Club when it was obvious he was. She had seen Spencer all over the school, whether it was pretending to read a book or pretending he was hanging out with his friends. Marley wasn't going to question Spencer's interest in Glee Club. She had a husband to find.

As Marley looked for Puck high and low, Puck was situated on the street corner near the Lima Bean trying to figure out what happened to his truck that caused it to stall. He was on his way to McKinley when the truck broke down and instead of waiting for a tow truck, Puck figured he'd try to fix it himself. Puck went towards the iced coffee he bought and took a sip of it, his eyes landing on his wedding band and the thought of Marley appearing. He let out a heavy sigh before placing the coffee on the hood of the car, going back to the front and trying to fix the ignition. As Puck tinkered with it, he notice here was a car that had pulled up right along his car, and his eyes slightly furrowed. He grabbed the towel to wipe the grease off his hands, noticing a girl he had never seen before in the drivers seat.

"Well, well, well." The girl took off her glasses and gave Puck a smirk. "Didn't think that I'd find a hot man like yourself working on a car in front of a coffee shop. I say you'd have a need for speed...a need to get somewhere...if you want, you can hop in the back of my truck and we can...fool around." Puck rolled his eyes and went back to his truck, obviously not in the mood to flirt with anyone. There was only one girl on his mind, and the blonde chick driving the car wasn't her.

"I'm not interested." Puck said while looking at the ignition. "I'm married."

"Oh, I know you are." The girl once again spoke, Puck looking up at her. "You're Noah Puckerman, husband to Grammy winning songwriter Marley Rose...who totally mic bombed at the Grammy's two weeks ago and was pretty much blackballed from Hollywood."

"Everybody knows who I am, so?" Puck put his hand on his hips.

"Well, I think she made the wrong move, giving up her career for you." The girl said. "I mean, now that I look at you, you don't look like the typical bad boy that can hold down a girl. She's too soft for you, and I know you like it rough. Besides, she's known as a two-timing Hollywood slut."

"Are you sure you aren't talking about yourself? Because my wife is far from a 'two-timing Hollywood slut'." Puck felt anger bubble through his body. Marley wasn't just some object Puck sexed up every now and again. That was his wife, and regardless of his feelings, she was extremely important to him. She wasn't sure why this girl was flirting with him, but he knew he really wasn't interested in her. "What's your damage, anyway?" Puck pondered. "And what do you want? I don't know you and I'm know I don't want to know you."

"Well, actually I'm here to deliver some news to you." The girl scoffed. "Your father's been released from jail and he's heard you've been in Lima for the last few days. He's looking for you."

"He's looking for me?" Puck pointed his hand towards himself, suddenly feeling a bit nervous. The last time he had seen his father, his father was arrested for hurting Marley and hitting both him and Finn with bottles of broken glass. "H...How do you know this."

"Because, she's my girlfriend, that's why…" The person said from behind him, Puck turning around and spotting his father standing there in the flesh. Thomas Puckerman, the man that had harmed his wife while he and Marley were just dating…, the man Puck swore he was never going to become. Puck clenched his fist as Thomas walked up to him, Puck trying his hardest not to cringe. "Noah, long time no see."

"What the hell do you want?" Puck growled. "Are you here to make my life more miserable than it already is?"

"What? No. I'm just here to...talk." Thomas suggested, Puck looking as Thomas walked around and kept his eyes on his estranged son. The last time Puck heard those words, Thomas didn't want to just talk. He wanted more. He wanted revenge. Puck was keeping his composure but he was prepared to throw a punch in case. The wedding ring he had on his hand had to have more than one use.

"I don't feel like talking to you." Puck muttered. "I kind of just want to be on my own and...why are you dating that chick over there? She looks about 20 years younger than you, it should be illegal."

"Oh, so since we're high and mighty in New York, we think we can tell daddy what to do, is that it?" Thomas sneered, getting closer to his son.

"Back up, you don't want to mess with me." Puck put his hand up as if to tell his father to step back.

"Oh, what's the matter? Your life isn't as magical as you want everyone to believe?" Thomas smirked. Puck furrowed his eyebrows, but he saw something out of the corner of his eye that caused him to breathe a slight sigh of relief. It was Marley walking over towards the scene and she was surprised to see Thomas and some random girl confronting Puck. Thomas turned around and saw Marley standing there with a furrowed eyebrow, his lips curving into a smile. "Well, well, well. Look what we have here."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Marley argued, walking towards Thomas and his girl toy. "And who the hell is this?"

"His underage girlfriend." Puck couldn't help but crack a joke even in the severity of the situation. Marley kept an eye on Thomas slowly walking towards him as she felt anger course through her body.

"I don't know what your problem is, but you need to go." Marley pointed a finger at Thomas, him appearing surprised by Marley's attitude. "No one messes with Noah, especially someone as coldhearted and vile as you." Thomas turned around and noticed Puck leaning on the hood of his car, raising an eyebrow at him.

"I'd listen to her if I were you." Puck kept his voice firm. "She's tiny but she will kick your ass." Thomas looked at both Puck and Marley, his lips curving into a snarl before pointing a finger at her in anger.

"This isn't over kid, you got me?" Thomas felt someone tug at him and grab his arm, turning and seeing Puck growling at him while holding him away.

"Don't you dare think about putting a hand on her." Puck growled. Thomas eventually released a sigh while Puck let go of him. "Take your bimbo and get out of here before I make you." Thomas looked over at Marley before walking past her, getting in the car with his girlfriend before the girlfriend smacked her gum.

"See you around, cutie." The girlfriend winked at him before driving off, Puck shuddering at the thought of seeing her again. He looked at Marley and saw her eyes were on the car driving away from the scene, his eyes widening and his hands being stuffed in his pockets.

"Hey, are you okay?" Puck wondered, Marley looking at him and nodding her head. Puck honestly felt sick to his stomach that his father showed his face around here, and he was also concerned when he found out Thomas had intentions of harming Marley. Marley stuffed her hands in her pockets as she stared at him, giving him a meek smile.

"Thanks." Marley simply said, Puck waving it off as if it was nothing.

"No worries." Puck started to say.

"No, it was something." Marley said just above a whisper. "He didn't hurt you, did he?" That question made Puck's heart melt. Marley wasn't concerned about herself in that situation, she was concerned about him. Puck would have been lying if he said he didn't want to kiss her, take her to the back of his truck and make up for lost time, but he had to fight it. Still, it was nice to know Marley loved and cared about him...and somewhere in the back of his mind, maybe Marley did think he was worthy of her time.

"No, he didn't hurt me." Puck answered, his face softening and him giving her a smile. "Thank you, Marley..." Marley put a hand on his chest and stared into his eyes, the both of them noticing their lips were inches away. Marley eventually cleared her throat and took a step back, making her way towards the hood of his car and staring inside the engine. She looked inside and pulling at some of the plugs that were in there, Puck almost amazed that she was working on his truck like a pro. Eventually she got out of the position and motioned for him to point towards the drivers seat.

"Try starting the car now." Marley answered. Puck got in the drivers seat and put his key in, hearing the engine of the car roar almost as if it was brand new. He looked out of the drivers seat and couldn't help but smile at Marley, seeing she was flipping the wrench in her hand.

"Damn, where did you learn how to fix cars?" Puck was amazed.

"It was either mechanics or woodshop freshman year." Marley answered. "I didn't trust myself with a saw so, that explains how I know about cars." Puck laughed slightly before turning on the radio, them hearing one of his favorite rock songs.

"Wow, I haven't heard this song in years!" Puck smiled as Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi blared inside the truck. Marley closed the front of the truck before Puck went towards the passengers seat, opening the door and motioning for Marley to come towards him. "Come on. I can't sing Bon Jovi by myself!" Marley nodded her head slowly before getting into the passenger's seat with him, her noticing he was glancing at her and giving her a soft smile. He started the car as Marley couldn't help but giggle, him feeling his heart flutter as he put the car in drive and the two of them hitting the road. The song reached the chorus as Puck tapped his hand on the dashboard, Marley simply giggling at how hilarious he was being. "Oh! We're halfway there..."

"OH! Living on a prayer!" Marley joined in as she and Puck continued singing the chorus.

"You have to work on your 'rock and roll' voice." Puck chided, Marley laughing while playfully shoving his arm. "Like seriously, Taylor Swift is fine and all that, but we could sing so many awesome rock and roll duets in Glee Club if you just used your rock and roll voice."

"You'd still want to sing duets with me?" Marley couldn't help but giggle.

"Of course." Puck said, giving her what naturally formed as a loving smile. "You're my favorite duet partner. But...don't tell Finn that." Marley caught the teasing in his voice at the end of the sentence, her putting her hand on the arm rest. It just so happened, Puck's hand was on the arm rest, and all he could do was stare at her hand with a smile. He looked up at her while Marley smiled softly, her looking out the window as Puck continued to drive. However, she wasn't expecting to feel a set of fingers interlace with hers, her looking back down and seeing Puck's tight grip on her hand. Marley looked up and noticed he was smiling at her, him finally clearing his throat and motioning with his head to the radio. "Come on, we still got to practice on your 'rock and roll voice'. I mean it. I want to sing a rock song with you eventually." Marley laughed as she started singing the chorus again, Puck looking back at her and giving her an adoring look. The fact only he was able to make her smile this wide or laugh so much made him lower his guard completely .He wasn't ever going to fall out of love with her. If anything, he was falling more in love with her, and he was willing to put what happened between them in the past. That is...if she was.

Kitty walked along the halls of McKinley that afternoon as she gazed at the current seniors getting their college acceptance letters and telling each other their plans after they graduate. Next year, that was going to be Kitty. She was going to be that girl that was getting a letter and telling everyone where she was going. However, college currently wasn't in Kitty's plans. She didn't see the need since college wasn't for everyone and she didn't think she could get into any of the schools New York or anywhere had to offer. She wasn't smart like Marley who was able to graduate two years early and she wasn't the most studious student. She was barely scraping by with C's and C minuses which was just enough for her to stay on the cheerios. She even found herself copying off Madison on a test in Health Class...and she still did worse than Madison. Kitty continued making her way down the hall until she heard a set of wheels behind her, turning around and seeing Artie was rolling along and ending up beside her.

"Hey pretty lady." Artie acknowledged her, but all Kitty did was give a shrug of her shoulders. Artie sensed there was something wrong with Kitty which made him determined to find out what. "Hey, what's the matter?"

"Nothing I'm...I'm just watching all these seniors make plans after High School and it kind of bums me out, you know." Kitty explained.

"Why?" Artie asked. "You're not graduating until next year."

"I know that." Kitty sighed, turning towards him. "But they want us to start thinking about applying to colleges so we'd hear back from them next year. The only problem is...there's no college for me."

"What do you mean? You're smart." Artie raised an eyebrow.

"I'm smart, but not smart like other people." Kitty dejectedly said. "I'm not smart enough to get a scholarship to help pay for school. My mom and dad are barely making ends meet, let alone saving for me to go to college."

"Kitty, there are scholarships for other things instead of being smart." Artie reminded her, Kitty furrowing a brow with confusion.

"They do?" Kitty sounded surprised.

"Yeah, they make scholarships for performing arts, giving back to your community...oh, and cheerleading." Artie motioned towards Kitty's Cheerios uniform, her looking down and glancing up at him. "You can get in on a cheerleading scholarship."

"Yeah but what schools have a cheerleading program?" Kitty questioned.

"Tina told me Columbia University has one." Artie grinned as Kitty thought about it. "I know applying for college is scary, but you're going to be fine, I promise you. The worst they could tell you is no." Kitty thought for a few moments, finally nodding her head and grinning at him.

"All right, I'll apply for Columbia." Kitty agreed. "But I need help with an audition video if they're going to accept me."

"Good idea, and that I can help you with." Artie pointed a finger towards her. "As you know I am a fabulous director and my directing skills are through the roof." Kitty smiled and clapped her hands, Artie nonchalantly shrugging her shoulders. "So, I will make your audition tape look fabulous."

"And that's why you are the best." Kitty leaned forward and peppered Artie's lips with kisses, eventually parting and hugging him tightly. Artie looked past him and saw Jessica Goodwin walking along the hallway of the school, wondering what she was doing here. "Artie, is everything okay?" Artie nodded his head as Kitty stared at what had Artie preoccupied. "Hey, isn't that Puck and Marley's kid?"

"You make it sound like Marley was pregnant for nine months and popped out a 15-year-old girl." Artie slightly teased, him rolling towards Jessica with confusion. "Jessica? Hey, what's wrong?"

"Well, well, well if it isn't ring pop robber and coma boy." Artie's face scrunched at Jessica's comment before she continued. "I need help."

"All right putting aside the really mean nicknames, what can we help you with?" Artie questioned.

"I want my family back." Jessica said, Artie and Kitty now knowing Jessica was talking about Marley and Puck's rocky marriage. "I don't want them to split up and I want them to stay together. I've been in far too many broken homes and I don't want this to be another one." Artie and Kitty understood Jessica's predicament, her stuffing her hands in her pockets and giving them a slightly interested look. "So I was wondering if you weren't busy, and since you are their friends if you would help me."

"Of course we'll help you, Jessica." Arie assured her. "We love Puck and Marley and there's nothing more we want to see than them happy again."

"Well, I like Marley. Puck on the other hand annoys the hell out of me." Kitty nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders as Artie rolled his eyes at Kitty's comment.

"So what do we do first?" Jessica asked.

"Well, if you really want to get Puck and Marley to be on the same page, then we need to think in a place that's neutral, a place that we can get all our thoughts out in the open with no cares at all." Kitty tapped her finger on her chin before snapping her fingers. "And I just thought of the perfect place where we can go."

{One of the kids walking by has a boombox and presses a button while a song plays, Kitty snapping her fingers and doing a small dance while Artie and Jessica glance at each other in confusion}

Let's go to the mall, everybody!
Come on Jessica, come on Artie
Let's go to the mall, you won't be sorry
Put on your jelly-bracelets
And your cool graffiti-coat
At the mall, having fun it's what it's all about!

I haven't done my homework yet
That's okay…
And you know how my parents get
I don't care cause all my friends are going to be there

{Scene changes to Kitty, Artie and Jessica at the mall and Kitty dancing around while Artie and Jessica follow her}

[Kitty with Artie and Jessica]
Everybody come and play
Throw every last care away
Let's go to the mall today

Chloe, mouse, I love it

{Scene changes to a clothing store and Jessica puts a scarf around Artie's neck, giving him a slightly happy smile}

There's this boy I like
(with Artie: Met him at the food court)
He's got hair like Brettsy
(with Artie: And he does jumps on his skateboard)

I hope he asks me out
(with Artie: Take me to my favorite spot)
It'll be just him and me
(with Artie: But don't forget the robot)

Dad says I'm too young to date
But baby I don't wanna wait
Let's do it

{Artie smirks at Kitty as Kitty playfully fans herself}

That's okay I'm gonna rock your body anyway
I'm gonna rock your body until Canada Day

[Kitty, Artie and Jessica]
Everybody come and play
Throw every last care away
Let's go to the mall today

I went to the mall with a couple of friends.
I had a whole week's allowance to spend.
I want hoop earrings and a Benetton shirt.
We came here to shop and we came here to flirt.
I turned around and who should I see?
Prime Minister Brian Mulrooney.
He said, "Young lady I don't approve."
So I had to get down and bust trés sweet moves.
Hey Fred...c'mon...let's go to the mall!

Let's go to the mall everybody!

[Kitty, Artie and Jessica]
Everybody come and play
Throw every last care away
Let's go to the mall today
(Kitty: Everybody loves the mall)
Everybody come and play
(Kitty: Yeah!)
Throw every last care away
(Kitty: I love my hoop earrings)
Let's go to the mall today

Let's go to the mall
Let's go to the mall
Let's go to the mall
Let's go to the mall

Let's go to the mall, today!

"So does anyone want to explain to me why we just sang about a mall in a mall?" Artie pondered as he, Kitty and Jessica sat at the food court, taking a sip of their drinks.

"I don't know, crazier things have happened." Kitty answered before getting her thinking cap on. "All right, so how are we going to get Puck and Marley back together?"

"Wait, so you saw them talking at The Lima Bean, that's a good thing." Artie answered. "I mean, it's better they talk instead of avoiding each other and eventually divorcing."

"Divorce?!" Jessica immediately panicked, Artie and Kitty quickly shaking their heads.

"No honey, they're not getting a divorce!" Kitty shot Artie a look as he meekly looked towards his food. Kitty turned back to Jessica and gave her a soothing look. "Puck and Marley love each other, okay? All marriages have rough patches like this, so they're not going to give up on you."

"I'm just tired of marriages and families being broken." Jessica furrowed her eyebrows. "Why did Marley have to do something so stupid? Puck was so good to her and she threw it all away for some hot shot that only cares about fame!"

"Jessica, from my understanding it sounds like you think Marley had feelings for Jacob Posey." Artie fixed his glasses before releasing a small smile. "She doesn't."

"I'm still not convinced." Jessica huffed. "There was that picture in the magazine...with her kissing him."

"She didn't look too happy to be kissed by a guy she has no feelings for." Artie smirked. "Look, Jessica. Marley is a lot of things...but a cheater and a home-wrecker is not one of them. She made a mistake in letting Columbia decide what she wanted for her, but when you're a small fish in a big lake, you feel like these people have the best intentions for you when some of them only care about money. That dude that took advantage of Marley, he's only in it for the money and could care less if Puck filed for divorce. That's how heartless and greedy that man is. And I'm sure Marley was devastated when Puck just...walked out. You can't put all the blame on Marley and unlike everyone else at least she's trying to make things right with her family and friends, and that includes you and Puck. So if she asks you to give her another chance, don't shrug her off. She's going through a lot as is...she's kind of hit rock bottom right now and she needs someone to help her back up." Jessica understood where Artie was coming from, finally nodding her head with a smile.

"All right, now...we have to think of a way to get Puck and Marley back together." Kitty said. "We don't just need to bring them back together, we need to recreate the spark they had when they first met."

"Oh there was some magic there." Artie answered. "I don't think those two could keep their eyes off each other when we went to the planetarium for our double date." With that, Kitty's eyes widened and she felt a smile creep on her face, her pointing towards Artie with authority.

"That's what we're going to do!" Kitty said.

"You're going on a double date?" Jessica appeared muddled. "I thought this was about getting Puck and Marley back together."

"No, she doesn't mean that we're going to on a date." Artie explained. "But Puck and Marley are going on a date….to the planetarium."

"Why there?" Jessica asked, but Kitty and Artie's expressions didn't falter from their face.

"You'll see." They simply said in unison, Jessica shrugging her shoulders and taking a bite out of her sandwich. She really hoped their plan was going to work. She just could bare the idea of losing the two people that loved her more than anything. She need them in her life.

Madison headed towards the football field as she was preparing for cheerleading practice, a smile flashing on her face as she thought about how great her solo performance was in Glee Club. However, Madison realized she had forgotten something in her locker, causing her to turn around and put in the combination. After a few moments, she opened the locker, grabbed her pom poms and closed the locker door before she spotted Rory standing next to her. Madison appeared surprised by Rory standing in front of the locker, and she simply flashed him a smile as he cleared his throat.

"Hi Rory." Madison said. "Did you need something?"

"I just wanted to tell you that your green eyes and beautiful complexion are as rare and delicate as a four leaf clover." Rory saw Madison give him a small smile, tapping her pom pom in the process.

"Well that's very sweet, Rory. Thank you." Madison giggled, but her eyes wandered over to Mason, who was walking down the hallway with Jane. "Um, Rory, excuse me a minute." Madison flashed Rory a small grin before walking past him, stomping down the hallway until she got within earshot of Mason and Jane.

"So I was wondering if maybe you'd like to go to Breadstix with me this evening," Mason said while Jane flashed him a smile. "I mean, unless you don't want to be seen with a male cheerleader."

"No, I want to...but...is your sister going to be there? Don't take this the wrong way, but she seems kind of intense." Jane said, Mason looking over and shaking his head.

"No. What do you mean by intense?" Mason asked, but before Jane was able to answer, Mason felt someone tug at his ear, dragging him down the hall. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow…!"

"He's not your type!" Madison yelled over her shoulder as she continued tugging Mason down the hallway and into one of the classrooms, Jane shaking her head slowly and walking down the hallway. Once Madison had Mason in the classroom, she let go of his ear and closed the door.

"Madison! What was that about?" Mason sounded annoyed, but Madison crossed her arms towards him. "I'm trying to recruit Jane to New Directions."

"Why do you want her in Glee Club?" Madison huffed. "Just so you can gaze at her in the choir room and sing duets until you two fall in love, get married and have kids?

"What's wrong with all that?" Mason's anger evaporated for a moment at the thought of dating Jane.

"Glee Club is not the McKinley version of Match dot com!" Madison screeched.

"Okay, you're taking this a little too far. Why can't I like a girl?" Mason's frustration reappeared. "You never had any problems with me talking to other girls before, so why is it a problem now?"

"Because you like her and I don't like that you like her." Madison furrowed her eyebrows. "I won't allow you to date her. Nope, not on my watch."

"Madison, I like Jane. There's nothing you can do that's going to change that." Mason argued. "I'm sorry no one wants to date a bug eyed stalker who creeps people by their lockers, but I'm not going to suffer because you can't land a boyfriend!" Once the words escaped Mason's mouth, he took a step back and noticed Madison's face scrunch into sadness. Was that what he thought of her? Did her own brother think that Madison was some sort of stalker? Madison backed away and headed towards the door, shaking her head with sadness.

"Fine, if you'd rather hang out with Jane over this...bug eyed stalker...then by all means, be my guest." Madison opened the door and left the classroom, Mason slowly following her with guilt.

"Madison!" Mason saw Madison walk down the hallway while slapping his hand on his forehead. Why he said that to his own sister, he would never understand. He was frustrated, but it didn't give him the right to call her a stalker. She was just looking for somebody...anybody to love her.

Madison continued her trek down the hallway and into the choir room, only to be surprised that Rory was the only one there. He looked at her from the seat he had taken while Madison shuffled her feet. She thought she could cry in the choir room, but she was wrong.

"I'm sorry, I'll go." Madison sniffled, turning on her heels. "I don't want to make you uncomfortable with my blotchy face and my ugly bug-eyed crying."

"You're not making me uncomfortable." Rory assured her, patting the chair next to him and Madison reluctantly taking a seat."I should probably ask if you're okay but judging by the fact you're crying, I don't seem to think so."

"I'm fine it's just…" Madison released a heavy sigh, looking over at him. "Do you know how frustrating it is to hit on every boy in this school, hoping you'll find somebody, anybody….only for them to constantly turn you down because you're weird or your eyes are too big or...they think you're a crazy psycho stalker when in reality, they don't know the first thing about you, like what your name is or what are your interests?" Rory nodded his head slowly, slightly patting Madison's shoulder.

"I know what it's like to have someone not love you back, that's for certain." Rory explained. "But, if there's one thing I learned it's that you shouldn't stop being yourself because other people don't like it. You'll find someone who appreciates you." Madison smiled at him while wiping some of her tears, Rory going into his pocket and handing her a tissue. "Here, a pretty girl like you shouldn't be crying." Madison slowly took the tissue from Rory and blew her nose, staring at it and releasing a smile.

"Thank you, Rory." Madison sighed. "I really needed to hear that."

"It's what we do." Rory looked as if he remembered something, going into his pocket and taking out...a four leaf clover. Madison laughed with glee as she took it from him, her glancing back with a wide smile.

"Do you people just carry these around?" Madison asked, a chuckle escaping her lips.

"Maybe, but we only give them to people that we like." Rory explained, Madison looking back and staring at the four leaf clover. "By the way, I really, really, really, really, really, really liked your song in Glee Club."

"Well, I'm really glad you enjoyed it." Madison said, her looking into Rory's eyes and the two of them smiling at one another. She was still upset with Mason, but maybe...Mason calling her a bug eyed stalker wasn't such a bad thing, especially when there was a cute Irish boy willing to give her a four leaf clover just for being beautiful...and herself.

Rachel sat in The Lima Bean that afternoon as she read through a parenting magazine, trying to keep her thoughts off what her father said back at Finn's house. Finn had went to the tire shop to help Burt with a car which meant Rachel had the afternoon to herself. She took a sip of her macchiato and placed it back down on the table, keeping her eyes on the magazine with a grin. The door to the Lima Bean opened and she looked up, spotting Hiram Berry entering the cafe and walking over to Rachel's table. She closed the magazine with nervousness, wondering it was Hiram wanted.

"Rachel, here you are." Hiram gave her a warm smile, but Rachel kept her face firm.

"I'm sorry, I'm a little busy right now." Rachel motioned towards the magazine, but Hiram simply took out a card and slid it across the table. Rachel had to wonder what the card was for, but she also had to admit she was a little intrigued. She took the card and opened it, noticing there was a name and number on it. It was Shelby's name and number, and Rachel was conflicted. "What's this?"

"This Rachel, is Shelby's number in case you want to call her." Hiram explained.

"I have Shelby's number on my phone, why would I want to…" It took Rachel a few moments to comprehend but when she did so, she covered her mouth with her hand. "You, you want me to give the baby to Shelby? Okay, first daddy and now you too? What if I want this baby?"

"Rachel, you're not ready." Hiram simply stated, leaning back in his chair. "You're not ready for a child and I refuse to sit here and let you waste your life away on a baby that's not even going to be appreciative towards you when you're older."

"You both still think this has something to do the baby getting in the way of Broadway." Rachel huffed, getting up from her seat. "It's not and this baby is staying whether you or daddy like it or not. This isn't your decision."

"We want to see what's best for you and you're making the wrong decision, Rachel." Hiram argued.

"Then let me make that decision, not you. I've listened to you guys long enoug. Now, the only thing I'm asking of you...is to let me make this decision on my own." Rachel huffed and stormed out of The Lima Bean, Hiram turning around and releasing a sigh. Getting Rachel to see where he was coming from was going to be harder than he thought.

"Hello?" Puck called out as he entered one of the rooms of the Lima planetarium, his eyes shifting down to the cell phone he had in his hand. "Is anyone here?" As Puck continued walking around, he turned around and saw Marley coming through one of the doors, her looking up from her phone and spotting him standing across the planetarium. "Marls, hey...did you call me here by any chance?"

"No...I got a text message that said Jessica got hurt and I rushed as fast as I could." Puck furrowed his eyebrows slightly before the both of them turned towards the door. They noticed Kitty, Artie and Jessica entering the room, folding their hands with a smile.

"Welcome, you two." Artie and Kitty grinned, Puck and Marley looking at each other before raising an eyebrow.

"Wait, so there's nothing wrong with Jessica?" Marley crossed her arms. "Artie, why did you scare me?"

"We scared you, we're sorry." Artie said, although he didn't sound sorry. "Marley, you and Puck remember when we came here for our double date last year."

"Yeah?" They still didn't know what this was about.

"Well, we thought that we would help you remember just how much fun you had." Kitty clapped her hands. "Marley, you and Puck couldn't keep your hands off each other and don't think I didn't see you two kissing underneath the planet Venus." Kitty smirked, Jessica looking over at them. "So, we rented out the entire planetarium so you can take a walk and gaze among the stars. Maybe you might find a spark you've been looking for...under the stars. Marley, Puck...we bid you adieu." Kitty, Artie and Jessica left the room and closed the door, Marley looking over to Puck and seeing he was looking back at her. They stuffed their hands in their pockets before looking up at the planets that were hanging over their heads.

"Hmm, so we're stuck in this planetarium?" Puck asked, looking around the room and turning his face towards Marley. "What do you think? Do you think we should take advantage of this?" Marley quickly nodded her head and felt a blush creep on her cheeks while walking past him. He stared at her for a few moments while his cheeks turned red and his heart fluttered. God, he thought Marley was the most beautiful girl in the entire world, and Marley couldn't help but think Puck was handsome, especially in this lighting. He continued staring at her while stuffing his hands in his pockets, deciding to take advantage of the situation. The both of them glanced at each other and realized they were acting like High School kids, pretending they didn't have a crush on each other when they surely felt something a lot more...

{Marley looks over at Puck and Puck stares back at her, the two of them giving each other smiles. They look at the displays and Marley looks at him as he points with a small smile}

I was a liar
I gave in to the fire
I know I should've fought it
At least I'm being honest
Feel like a failure
'Cause I know that I failed you
I should've done you better
'Cause you don't want a liar (come on)

{Puck pulls Marley towards the auditorium as Marley smiles softly at him and sees him looking back at her}

And I know, and I know, and I know
She gives you everything
But, boy, I couldn't give it to you
And I know, and I know, and I know
That you got everything
But I got nothing here without you

{Scene shows the auditorium and they look at a simulator of the planets, Marley staring at Puck and leaning her head on his shoulder as they look, Puck looking at her with a softened smile}

So one last time
I need to be the one who takes you home
One more time
I promise, after that I'll let you go
Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart
All I really care is you wake up in my arms
One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home

{Marley and Puck walk and see the gigantic display of the planets and he looks at one of them, pointing at them as Marley giggles, him letting out a smile and looking at it with interest}

I don't deserve it
I know I don't deserve it
But stay with me a minute
I swear I'll make it worth it
Can't you forgive me?
At least just temporarily
I know that this is my fault
I should've been more careful (come on)

And I know, and I know, and I know
She gives you everything
But, boy, I couldn't give it to you
And I know, and I know, and I know
That you got everything
But I got nothing here without you

{They look up and see the star display on the top and Puck looks down at her with a smile before him looking over towards her hand. He slowly takes her hand and intertwines their fingers together, Marley looking at him and seeing him smiling down at her}

So one last time
I need to be the one who takes you home
One more time
I promise, after that I'll let you go
Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart
All I really care is you wake up in my arms
One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home

{They walk over towards the scale of the planet Venus and Puck pulls Marley close to her and Marley looks into his eyes as he leans his forehead on hers, slowly closing his eyes and pressing a kiss to her lips and her smiling as she kisses him back}

I know I should've fought it
At least I'm being honest
But stay with me a minute
I swear I'll make it worth it
Cause I don't want to be without you

So one last time
I need to be the one who takes you home
One more time
I promise, after that I'll let you go
Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart
All I really care is you wake up in my arms
One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home

{They finally part and Puck stares at her with a wide smile, Marley looking up at him while smiling. They don't notice Kitty, Artie and Jessica watching from above and giving each other a smile.}

One last time
I need to be the one who takes you home

"See that over there?" Puck questioned later that night as they sat on the ground, looking up at the stars at the ceiling. "Those stars that connect together, that's Orion's Belt." Marley nodded her head at his words before he looked at the fake sky and pointed at something else. "And that right there is Canis Major, The Big Dog." Marley saw his finger trace it as she nodded her head, glancing back at him and leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Ah, I see it! Oh, I think that right there is the Big Dipper." Marley suggested by using her fingers to point, Puck nodding his head.

"Yep, that's the Big Dipper." Puck used his finger to trace another shape in the sky. He looked over to her and saw she was looking at him, him feeling his smile widen and him leaning his head on the top of hers. "This is nice, you know...you and me, and...looking at the stars even though their fake. It reminds me of simpler times, you know?"

"Yeah." Marley agreed, her looking at him. "Remember when we came here as a non-date and you couldn't take your eyes off me?"

"Excuse you, you couldn't take your eyes off me." Puck playfully corrected her, Marley laughing slightly and leaning her head on Puck's shoulder again. He smiled and wrapped an arm around her, rubbing her back and staring back at the sky. "Do you want to know what I was thinking that night, when I saw you get so excited about the planets and stuff?"

"What?" Marley wondered, Puck holding her close to him.

"I thought about how much I loved you...and these last few days reminded me why I still love you..and why I still need you." Puck revealed, Marley softening her glance to him. He noticed she was getting a little emotional, and he became concerned. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I...I was just thinking that I already lost everything, the thing that would of killed me the most was losing you." Marley felt tears come to her eyes, Puck putting his hand on her cheek. "I can't lose you, Noah...I just can't."

"You're not going to lose me, Marley." Puck said just above a whisper, Marley looking into his eyes. What was anger just two weeks ago was now comfort and even adornment. "You were never going to lose me. I was upset, yes...but I was never going to leave you. To be honest, a small part of me considered it, but the rest of me knows what it's like for people to abandon you after one mistake. If I did that to you, then I would be just like those people who did that to me. Finn and I wouldn't be friends right now if he didn't give me a second chance, and there's no one I know that deserves a second chance more than you. You've done far more good for me...I credit where I am because of you. You're my best friend in the entire world, and I was scared to think I could lose you too." Marley wiped her tears before Puck pulled her for a hug, squeezing her tightly with a smile. "I love you so much, Marley...and I guess when I saw that picture in the magazine I overreacted a little bit."

"No, you didn't overreact." Marley declared, her looking at him. "I was so wrong for choosing fame over you. It's just I thought this was my one chance and...I don't want any of it if it means I don't get to have you. In fact." Marley went over to her bag and pulled out the Grammy Mercedes sent her.

"Did you really carry that Grammy Award with you?" Puck pointed innocently. However, Marley dropped it on the floor, Puck watching in horror as the Grammy shattered in a million pieces. He looked back at Marley and saw she clapped her hands, shrugging her shoulders slightly.

"No regrets." Marley finally said, but Puck was flabbergasted.

"You...you just destroyed your Grammy." Puck stuttered. "You…you destroyed it...in a million pieces...it just went...kaboom."

"I don't care about the Grammy, Puck." Marley leaned closer to his face, running a hand through his hair. "I don't care about Hollywood or their A-List actors or anything. I care about you. And I need you to know that you are better than all those hot shots out there, because you actually care about people and you're a hero, not just to everyone but to me. Without you, I don't know where I'd be...you saved my life and you're the love of my life." Puck smiled softly at Marley's words, him looking up and spotting Venus above their heads.

"Anyone who destroys their Grammy and gives up their music career for me deserves to be forgiven." Puck smiled, Marley's grin illuminating. "I really mean that much to you, don't I?"

"You need the world to me." Marley answered, Puck leaning his head on her forehead."There's never going to be anyone else Puck. It's only you."

"I'll believe you...if you do one thing for me." Puck pointed his finger towards the planet, Marley looking up and Puck pulling her closer. "Kiss me like you mean it." Marley grinned and leaned up to kiss him, Puck closing his eyes and putting passion in the kiss. After a few moments, Marley parted the kiss and looked into his eyes, putting a hand on his cheek.

"Come on." Marley said just above a whisper, Puck wondering where Marley was getting at. She giggled slightly, taking his hand and pulling him out of the room.

Marley opened the door to her mother's house, looking around and seeing no one was home. Her mom must have went to go play bingo that night or something, which meant she had the house to herself. She saw Puck slowly enter the house, his hands stuffed in his pockets and his eyes looking at her. He noticed Marley reaching for his hand, interlacing their fingers and making their way towards the staircase, eventually entering Marley's bedroom. She sat down on the bed and motioned for him to come over, with Puck not having to think twice before obliging and taking a seat next to her.

"I love you..." Puck said, but his voice sounded breathless. Maybe because he knew exactly what he and Marley were about to do.

"I love you too." Marley murmured, getting in Puck's lap and passionately kissing him. Puck gripped onto Marley's waist as he removed his lips from hers, biting down on her neck. Marley threw her head back and letting out a groan at how good it felt, but she knew she wanted more. Much more. She felt Puck's hands tug at her jeans, her hands roaming towards his shirt and tugging at the fabric.

"Marley...I need you...now." Puck muttered into Marley's neck, her motioning for her husband to lie back on the bed and so they could work their magic. If the planetarium date didn't bring sparks back into their marriage, the mind-blowing, "Big Bang Theory" sex they had took care of that. Hands roamed, kisses were placed, bodies were in sync, marks were left and 'I love you's' were muttered as the two of them made love in Marley's childhood bedroom. Sex with Puck always felt good to Marley, but tonight was different. She just wasn't sure why; maybe it had something to do with Puck fully forgiving her and they were cementing the forgiveness with love making. Marley didn't care at the moment. As long as she had Puck back in her arms, that was all that mattered. And she was going to do her best never to take him for granted again.

Long after they were spent, Marley curled up next to him under the blankets as she slept, Puck looking down at her and feeling his heart race from how sexy and beautiful she was. He marveled at some of the love marks he left on her neck, a low chuckle emitting from his throat. Yep, I still got it, Puck thought to himself. He was sure he had some fingernail marks on his back from Marley clawing at him, but he didn't care. That was her way of marking her territory. She wanted the world to know that he belonged to her and only her, and he wasn't going to object. It made him feel wanted. While he continued glancing at her, it dawned on him that he had a Grammy Award Winning wife, although that didn't matter to him. Marley was always an award winner in his eyes, even without the trophy...but he felt saddened that Marley had destroyed the one thing she was working towards just to earn his forgiveness. He really meant more to her than an award or anything in Hollywood. But he also knew one of the most magical experiences was tainted for her all because of Jacob Posey and Columbia Records. Marley deserved to have a magical experience that they could have shared together, and that was when he had a great idea. He grabbed some of his clothes and placed them on, slowly getting out of bed and pressing his lips to Marley's forehead, Marley opening her eyes and holding the blankets close to her.

"I'm gonna get a glass of water." Puck told her. "Do you want anything?" Marley shook her head slowly with a tired smile on her face, Puck rubbing her back and exiting her bedroom. He walked downstairs and made his way towards the kitchen, his eyes widening slightly when he saw Millie sitting at the kitchen table. All of the feel good feelings Puck had from his sexual encounter with Marley were gone...because her mother was sitting in front of him.

"Noah." Millie smiled, Puck feeling his cheeks turn a crimson red.

"Um...hi Millie. I...I didn't know you were home." Puck blushed, Millie looking down at the bills.

"Don't worry, I won't tell Marley I heard what was going on up there if you won't." Millie smirked while keeping her eyes on the light bill. "I honestly wouldn't be surprised if grandchildren came out of that." Puck heard the joking in Millie's voice, but he decided to change the subject, sitting down at the table and folding his hands.

"Millie? Can I ask you for something?" Puck asked, Millie looking up and nodding her head.

"Of course, sweetheart. What is it?" Millie asked her son-in-law, Puck finally running a hand through his hair.

"I need to keep Marley a little busy." Puck admitted. "There was something I wanted to do for her, so I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping. Just so she doesn't get suspicious."

"I think I know what you're planning." Millie said. "I'll help. You know, Noah..." Puck looked up at Millie before folding his hands. "Marley is really lucky to have someone like you."

"I think I'm the one that's lucky..." Puck smiled. "Marley's an extraordinary girl." Millie put a hand on Puck's shoulder, Puck giving a smile. Not only was Marley amazing, but so was her mother...and with Marley's mother on-board with helping him, his plan for Marley was about to be put in full swing.

"Yep, that's two pepperoni pizzas with extra cheese." Rachel said as she walked through the living room of Finn's home, sitting down next to him while he was playing a video game. Carole had taken Melody with Burt to get their shots and then decided to go for a stroll around the park, which left Finn and Rachel home alone. "Okay, thank you." Rachel hung up the phone and patted Finn on his arm, Finn looking at his wife and giving her a chuckle.

"What? Did you want to play Call of Duty too?" Finn teased, looking back at the television as he continued to play.

"Oh no, I don't want to play those trivial games." Rachel rolled her eyes with a grin before leaning back on the couch. "The pizza man will be here in 30 minutes and he better be here because the baby is hungry and if he's 15 minutes late, I get the pizza's for free." Rachel pointed to her stomach while Finn smirked, leaning over and pressing a kiss to her cheek.

"That's why I'm paying for the pizzas when they get here." Finn smiled, still looking over at the television. However, he noticed Rachel was quiet which caused him to pause the game and put the controller down. "Rachel? What's wrong?" Rachel looked up at him and saw his concern, her finally shaking her head and folding her hands.

"Nothing's wrong exactly," Rachel winced before letting out a sigh. "Both of my dads are driving me up the wall. While you were with Burt at the tire shop, my other dad showed up at The Lima Bean and was trying to convince me to give the baby to Shelby. Then the other is insisting that I call adoption agencies. I mean, I know when I said adoption, I was kind of angry with you but now I think maybe it's not a crazy idea for us to have a baby together. I mean, there's my whole life to go out on stage and sing for millions of fans, but you only get one first child...after that, there's no more firsts."

"Yeah, you know what? I'm actually glad you're standing up to your dads and fighting for what you want." Finn told her. "At the end of the day this is our decision, but mostly yours because you are the one that's carrying our child." Rachel smiled softly and leaned her head against his arm, Finn grabbing her hand and squeezing it.

"I just want my dads to accept my decision without putting their two cents in." Rachel said. "The baby isn't going to ruin my life. If anything, it's going to change my outlook on it."

"I believe you, but Rachel what if your dads continue to push you to the point where you do something crazy?" Finn pondered.

"They're not." Rachel assured him. "Look Finn, we need to think of way of getting them off our back. How? I don't know yet...but we need to think of something. Whatever decision we make is up to us...and I don't need everyone else getting in the way."

"I have an idea. Why don't we go and visit them tomorrow and tell them what we decide, together." Finn suggested. Rachel looked over and grabbed his hand, squeezing it with a smile.

"All right, tomorrow night because right now, we're eating pizza." Rachel softly reminded him. Finn rubbed her back before kissing the top of her head, him turning the television to a program and Rachel cuddling with him. "To think this could be the only alone time we'll get before the baby arrives."

"Yeah." Finn smiled softly, the both of them staring at the television while thinking. He wasn't sure what he was worried about. He just hoped that everything was going to work out the way he wanted.

The next morning at McKinley, Puck rushed through the hallways of McKinley as he made his way to the choir room, knocking on the door and seeing Mr. Schuester was standing there with a pad in his hand. Puck cleared his throat slightly as Mr. Schuester looked up from it, flashing a smile at him.

"Hey Noah, there you are." Mr. Schuester motioned for Puck to enter, Puck slowly doing so. "How goes it?"

"Can I ask you for a favor Mr. Schue?" Puck questioned, Mr. Schuester nodding his head.

"Sure." Mr. Schuester pointed to him, Puck releasing a sigh.

"I need to borrow the auditorium." Puck answered, Mr. Schuester raising an eyebrow towards him. "I mean, I have something planned for Marley, I need everyone's help and I was wondering if I could borrow the auditorium to make the surprise better." Mr. Schuester leaned closer to Puck and nodded his head slowly, giving him a smile.

"Sure, what did you have in mind?" Mr. Schuester asked. Before Puck could reply, Kitty entered the choir room and stared at the both of them, raising an eyebrow and letting out a shudder.

"I don't want to know what's going on here." Kitty jested, going to her seat and sitting down. Puck and Mr. Schuester sent her a muddled look, noticing she was opening her notebook and staring at song lyrics. "So Puck, I know that you and Mr. Schuester were having an extremely deep and private conversation, one conversation that could lead to Mr. Schue potentially ruining everything he ever worked for, but how was the date at the planetarium with Marley?"

"Oh, it went fine." Puck nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders and went towards the seat, Mr. Schuester taking it as his cue to go to the office. "Thanks for setting it up." Puck smiled before going towards his phone and seeing a text message.

"So, where's Marley?" Kitty pondered. She figured her best friend would have shared the news that she and Puck had a good date, but instead she heard nothing.

"She was with her mom last I checked." Puck nonchalantly shrugged. He wasn't going to mention the fact Marley took him home and they made love well into the night, him seeing that it wasn't any of Kitty's business. All she needed to know was the date went fine.

"So we set you up at the planetarium and all you can say is the date went 'fine' and you had a good date?" Kitty furrowed her eyebrows. "Puck, that's insane. Jessica, Artie and I didn't spend all night trying to get you to forgive Marley only for you to take it in vain!"

"Kitty, the date went good. Really good." Puck gave a smile, Kitty raising an eyebrow. "It was one of the best night's of my life."

"Oh..." Kitty saw the smile Puck had on his face, knowing that something happened between Puck and Marley last night. "Well...I'm glad you enjoyed your date with your wife..." Kitty walked out of the room with a smug smile on her face, Puck innocently blinking at Kitty's words as he decided to move onto his plan for Marley. As he stood there, Marley entered the room and noticed Puck turned around, shrugging a shoulder towards her.

"What was that about?" Marley pondered, walking over to him and crossing her arms with interest.

"Oh, that was Kitty being...Kitty." Puck cleared his throat and gave her a warm smile. "I'm glad you're here because there's something I wanted to ask you."

"If it's to marry me again, you don't have to." Marley jested as she took a seat. "We're already married."

"I know, I know." Puck chuckled, taking Marley's hand and squeezing it. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to go on a date tonight."

"Ooh, okay. Where are we going?" Marley widened her eyes, but Puck simply shook his head and gave her a smirk.

"That my dear is a surprise." Puck raised an eyebrow before clearing his throat. "Oh, but make sure that you dress really nice." Marley giggled slightly before nodding her head, but before Puck could say anything, they heard someone singing. Marley and Puck's heads tilted towards the air vent which caused the both of them to stand on the chairs and listen in. They heard a sultry version of Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye, and Marley raised her eyebrow with interest. Who was singing that? Whoever it was, they sounded amazing and they had Marley intrigued. Clearly Puck shared Marley's thoughts because he looked over to her and started heading towards the door.

"Noah, where are you going?" Marley questioned as she followed her husband out of the room.

"I'm going to find the voice in the showers." Puck answered, Marley quickly following him.

"Why the showers?" Marley pondered.

"Isn't that where Mr. Schue found Finn and where Finn found Sam and where Rachel found Brody?" Puck questioned, Marley widening her eyes. There was so much she didn't know about finding talent in the locker room. Puck and Marley made their way into the locker room, the boys looking at Marley with raised eyebrows and smirks, but Puck gave them dagger eyes while he grabbed her hand and led her towards the locker room exit. There was no one there, which meant the voice didn't come from here. Once again, they heard the chorus of Through The Grapevine, this time Puck thinking it was elsewhere in the school. They walked out of the locker room and into the hallway, the both of them hearing the voice coming from the library. "Quick, it's coming from here." Puck instructed, Marley opening the door and the both of them looking in each of the aisles. The singing got louder and louder and as they turned the corner...they spotted Roderick sitting on the floor, singing along to the song with his headphones on. Puck and Marley walked up to him which caused Roderick to stop his singing and for him to sit up with slight fear. To Roderick, Puck looked like a scary dude. He was well-built and easily could use his fists for fighting if if necessary. Roderick winced, mentally preparing himself for the fight, but he knew a single punch from Puck was going to hurt badly.

"Wait, if you're here to beat me up, let me get in fetal position." Roderick let out a sigh, but Puck simply gave a chuckle.

"Dude, we're not going to beat you up." Puck assured him, Roderick looking up at him with interest. He furrowed his eyebrows slightly and stared at Marley, his eyes widening at her and him putting his headphones on his neck.

"Wait, I know who you are." Roderick pointed to her. "You're Marley Rose. You were the girl at The Grammy's who totally mic bombed." Marley blushed while Puck smirked at his wife, the both of them staring over at him with interest.

"Yeah, that's me." Marley sounded slightly embarrassed before Roderick sat up.

"No, there's no reason for you to be embarrassed." Roderick explained. "Seriously, that was kind of hardcore. I just wondered...how did you do that? Stand in front of all those A-Listers and tell them all those things?" Marley thought about her answer for a moment before finally giving him a warm smile.

"Because if there's one thing I love more than music, it's my husband." Marley told Roderick, Puck staring at her with a softened glance. "He's the one that loves and supports me no matter what I do, and it was easy telling everyone at the Grammy's what was on my mind. Sure, I'll probably never get another job in the music industry again, but at least I remembered what was important." Roderick continued staring at her before Puck decided to change the subject, him pointing to Roderick's headphones.

"So, we just heard you sing through the vent. You're really good, man." Puck honestly said. "Have you ever considered joining Glee Club?"

"Oh I..." Roderick started to say, shyly looking away from the married couple.

"Glee Club?" A voice behind them said, causing Marley and Puck to turn around and see Spencer walking through the aisles. "Glee Club is for a bunch of wusses."

"Oh, you really think that Glee Club is for wussies?" Puck chortled, Marley glancing at her husband with interest. "Glee Club made me into a man, Glee Club helped my wife get over her fear of singing in public, Glee Club helped all my friends express themselves through music."

"Don't mind him, Puck." Roderick grumbled as he glared at Spencer. "Spencer's afraid of expressing himself so he taunts others that do."

"I don't think you understand the importance of Glee Club, Spencer." Puck crossed his arms towards him. "Glee is not just about singing and dancing in dorky costumes."

"By it's very definition, Glee is about opening yourself to joy." Marley grinned, Spencer and Roderick staring at each other. "And don't think that we haven't noticed you standing in front of the choir room pretending to read a book or watching you in the auditorium when everyone else is rehearsing." Spencer felt his cheeks redden as Marley walked up to him. "You need to stop putting up this front that you don't like music, when it's exceptionally clear that you do."

"You think I care about being in some dorky Glee Club?" Spencer scoffed, but Marley simply shook her head with a smile.

"We know you care about being in some dorky Glee Club." Marley chuckled. "It's obvious to us. And if there's one person you have to stop lying to...it's yourself." Spencer looked taken aback by Marley's words, him finally rolling his eyes and shrugging his shoulders.

"So even if I was a little interested in Glee Club, which I'm not…" Spencer started to say before his face softened. "What would I have to do to get in?" Puck looked over at Roderick before staring back at Spencer, using his fingers to point to both of them.

"You two are going to audition together." Puck answered, Spencer letting out a scoff.

"You're joking, right?" Spencer grimaced.

"No, we're not joking." Puck answered back. "Come on, this will be good for the both of you. You two need to gain an understanding of each other and the only way you're going to do that is if you bond. So, you're both going to audition with the same song, and be on stage together. Mr. Schue could use more bodies for Regionals. Don't let the old man down now." Marley stared at both Roderick and Spencer, noticing they were finally relenting and nodding their heads.

"So what song are we going to sing to audition for the loser brigade?" Spencer stared at Roderick, Puck slapping his forehead with his hand with a groan. Roderick on the other hand had a great idea, and it was something he was sure he and Spencer liked. No one could resist the power of EDM.

{Scene changes to the auditorium as Mr. Schuester watches Roderick and Spencer stand on the stage and he looks impressed}

Can't be sleepin'
Keep on waking
Without the woman next to me
Guilt is burning
Inside I'm hurting
This ain't a feeling I can keep

So blame it on the night
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me
Blame it on the night
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me

[Roderick with Spencer]
Blame it on the night
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me
So blame it on the night
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me

{During the dance break sequence, Mr. Schuester notices Jake and Kitty dancing as he claps his hands, looking over at Puck who's nodding his head with a smile and Marley who's staring at Puck while blushing}

Can't you see it?
I was manipulated
I had to let her through the door
I had no choice in this
I was a friend she missed
She needed me to talk

[Spencer with Roderick]
So blame it on the night
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me
Blame it on the night
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me

Blame it on the night
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me
So blame it on the night
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me

Oh, I'm so sorry, so sorry, baby
Yeah (Spencer: I'll be better this time, I will be better this time)
I got defense
Oh, I promise (Spencer: I'll be better this time, I will be better this time)

[Roderick and Spencer]
Don't blame it on me
Don't blame it on me

{During the last dance break Roderick and Spencer dance with Jake and Kitty and Spencer starts smiling while Mr. Schuester claps his hands}

As soon as the song ended, Roderick and Spencer stared at each other with interest, but they didn't notice Mr. Schuester getting up from his seat and clapping his hands. He had no words for that performance. That's how amazing it was.

"Wow guys, that was...incredible!" Mr. Schuester continued to clap. "Welcome to the New Directions." Roderick slowly smiled while Spencer crossed his arms, glaring at Puck with annoyance. Puck knew Glee Club was going to be good for Spencer. It straightened him out, maybe it could do the thing for Spencer. "Puck, Marley, thank you guys so much for finding Roderick and Spencer. This was...wow."

"What can we say? Marley and I make a great team." Puck leaned back in his auditorium chair as Marley grabbed Puck's hand, squeezing it while interlacing their fingers together.

"That you do." Mr. Schuester smiled as Marley looked over at the stage. "In fact, kids why don't we show Puck and Marley the number we were working on for Regionals?" Spencer and Roderick decided to get off the stage, sitting in the front seat and folding their hands together while Mason and Madison made their way to the front of the stage. Unfortunately, none of them had their show choir smiles. They looked pretty annoyed with each other. Mr. Schuester rubbed his temple slightly while Mason and Madison made their way towards the edge of the stage, Madson looking over towards Mason and sticking her tongue out at him. Mason widened his eyebrows which caused Marley to twist her head to the side. What on earth was going on with the twins?

"I hope you're off-key." Madison harshly whispered.

"I hope you trip and fall." Mason harshly replied.

"I hope your pants split right in the middle and Jane sees your Mr. Incredible underwear." Madison counter.

"I hope you two can stop your bickering so we can work on the number." Mr. Schuester spoke up. Madison looked away from Mason as Mason felt saddened. The only reason Madison was this way was because she was angry he insulted her, but she was being controlling when it came to his dating life. "All right, Brad take it away."

{Brad and the Glee band start rehearsing the song and Mason and Madison look at each other with anger, Madison's anger more evident than Mason's. Mason and Madison don't notice Rory's sad face in the background and Jane's confused face when she enters the auditorium}

[New Directions]
Hey! Hey! Hey!

I don't like walking around this old and empty house

So hold my hand I'll walk with you my dear

The stairs creak, as you sleep it's keeping me awake

It's the house telling you to close your eyes

And some days I can't even dress myself

It's killing me to see you this way

[Mason and Madison]
'Cause though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

[New Directions]
Hey! Hey! Hey!

There's an old voice in my head that's holding me back

Well tell her that I miss our little talks

Soon it will be over and buried with our past

We used to play outside when we were young
And full of life and full of love

Some days I don't even know if I am wrong or right

Your mind is playing tricks on you my dear

[Mason and Madison]
'Cause though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

[Mason and Madison with New Directions]
Don't listen to a word I say
The screams all sound the same

Though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies straight to shore

[New Directions]

[Mason and Madison]
You're gone, gone, gone away
I watched you disappear
All that's left is the ghost of you
Now we're torn, torn, torn apart
There's nothing we can do
Just let me go, we'll meet again soon
Now wait, wait, wait for me
Please hang around
I'll see you when I fall asleep!

[Mason and Madison with New Directions]
Don't listen to a word I say
The screams all sound the same

Cause though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

Don't listen to a word I say
The screams all sound the same

Cause though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

Cause though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

Cause though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

Madison suddenly walked off the stage and headed outside the auditorium, leaving Mason in the dust and all the New Directions with a muddled expression. Madison exited the auditorium and started making her way down the hall, not noticing that there was someone following her.

"Madison!" Madison turned around and saw Jane standing there, her giving her an interested look. Madison crossed her arms and huffed, Jane slowly walking to her and giving her a saddened look. "I don't understand, Madison. What did I ever do to you that's forcing you to dislike me?"

"You took my brother away from me, that's what." Madison rolled her eyes and started walking away. "Why did you have to come to McKinley and why did you have to have feelings for him? Why can't you just leave us alone."

"You do realize that you sound a little possessive." Jane mentioned, Madison appearing outraged.

"I am not possessive. I am his sister and I want what's best for him." Madison argued.

"Oh do you?" Jane wondered, Madison slowly losing her anger. "Madison, if you want Mason to be happy, you have to let him be his own person. And that means letting his heart choose what he wants, not you choosing what he wants. I also know for a fact that he's not gay and you were only implying it during gym class so he couldn't flirt with me."

"How did you know?" Madison blinked innocently.

"Because of the way he was looking at me." Jane gave a small smile, walking towards her and sitting down on one of the chairs, her patting it and Madison sitting as well. "Madison, I know you're worried about Mason and that's okay, but you have to let him grow up and do his own thing. There's also the thing that you can't seem to find someone that likes you for you and you're afraid you'll be alone if Mason finds true love. Can I tell you something?" Madison nodded her head slowly before Jane continued. "Rory, the Irish kid likes you. Like seriously, I noticed how he was staring at you the whole time. He thinks you're really...swell. Stop chasing after guys that can't see how awesome you are and chase after Rory, who thinks you're a prize." Madison smiled and nodded her head, feeling appreciative about Jane's words.

"Thank you." Madison softly said, Jane patting Madison's shoulder.

"You're welcome." Jane answered. "By the way, I think if you and Mason lost the whole anger thing during the performance, New Directions could win Regionals." Madison thought for a few moments, shaking her head and giving a small smile.

"We can't win Regionals, not if we don't have enough members." Madison said. "Jane, I think I have an idea on how you can get close to my brother and we can win Regionals at the same time."

"And how is that?" Jane pondered, Madison putting a hand on Jane's shoulder.

"Join New Directions." Madison insisted. "You need to join because we'll have a better chance if you're there with us and maybe Mason will ask you out on a date." Jane giggled at Madison's suggestion and nodded her head.

"All right, I'll join New Directions." Jane agreed, Madison getting up from her seat and hugging her friend tightly. "Oh and Madison?"

"Yeah?" Madison wondered.

"Stop being afraid of taking chances." Madison nodded her head and looked back towards the hallway, seeing Mason had walked out and stared at his sister with interest. "I think there's one other person that you need to talk to...and he might be more important than me." Madison nodded her head and made her way over to her brother, Mason staring at her and giving her a warm smile.

"Madison, hey." Mason said just above a whisper, but Madison ran over and hugged her brother tightly. Mason was surprised by Madison's affection but in the end he lowered his guard and hugged his sister tightly.

"I am so sorry, Mason." Madison said just above a whisper. "I am so sorry that I am controlling and horrible and a monster. You should be happy with whoever you want, and I was getting in the way of that because I was scared I was going to lose you." Mason shook his head firmly, holding onto his sister with a smile.

"You are never going to lose me, Madison." Mason promised. "I'm always going to need my crazy sister getting us in and out of trouble. You're my partner in crime. And I'm sorry that I said your eyes were bug-eyed. They're beautiful and fantastic and anyone would be lucky to have you." Madison grinned as she continued to hug her brother, Jane staring at them from far with a smile on her face. She turned around and made her way towards the auditorium while Mason looked up and gave Jane a thankful glance, his eyes darting back to Madison and squeezing her tightly.

Puck drove his truck towards Marley's house that night as he stared into the mirror, fixing his tie as the truck stalled and he took the key out of the ignition. He had spent the entire day trying to plan the perfect surprise for her and he was thrilled to say that it was finally ready. He grabbed the dozen roses that were sitting in the passenger seat and exited the vehicle, feeling his heart race as he walked up to the door. Even though he and Marley were married and they were in love, he still treated her as if they were dating and tonight was sure to be a magical evening. He knocked on the door and took a step back, the door finally opening and showing Millie at the doorway.

"Noah, don't you look handsome." Millie complimented him, Puck bowing his head and holding the roses close to him.

"Thank you, Millie." Puck told her. "Is Marley ready?"

"Yes and you're going to think she's a knockout." Millie giggled. She turned around and saw Marley standing behind her, Puck taking in Marley's appearance. She wore a white gown with gold lining, her hair curled and her make-up with a smoky look. Puck stammered for a few moments while trying to find his words to speak, Marley grinning from how speechless Puck was. He always did things that made her heart flutter and to see him stammer over her looks was priceless.

"How do I look?" Marley cheekily questioned, Puck finally nodding his head and grabbing her hand.

"You look so beautiful, Marley. You look like a movie star." Puck answered. He looked up at Millie and nodded his head, noticing she was giving him a thumbs up in return. "We better go. We don't want to be late." Marley waved to her mother as Puck helped her to the truck, opening the door so Marley could take a seat on the passenger side. Puck went to the drivers seat and stared at the roses in his hand, him handing them to her as Marley smelled them. "These are for you."

"Noah, these look so beautiful." Marley grabbed the roses and marveled at them. "By the way, you look incredibly handsome." Puck playfully adjusted his tie before putting the car in drive, Marley putting the roses in the backseat. "By the way, where are we going?"

"Oh, you'll see." Puck smirked, the car driving towards McKinley. "But first, we're going to make a quick stop at McKinley. I hope you don't mind." Marley shook her head as Puck continued driving, him feeling nervousness with the plan. He really hoped Marley would like it…

As soon as Puck and Marley reached the school, Marley noticed the lights were on, Puck getting out of the car and heading over to the passengers side, opening the door. She grabbed his hand and got out of the car, Puck closing it behind him and leading her to the inside of the school. Once Marley and Puck rounded the corner towards the choir room, Marley noticed Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and Quinn walking over with a smile on their faces.

"There you are." Mercedes chuckled. "There's something we wanted to show you."

"But it's in the auditorium!" Quinn added, Santana and Brittany grabbing Marley's hand and leading her there. Marley turned around to see Puck was just smiling, but she was confused. Just what was going on here? As soon as they made their way to the auditorium, Brittany opened the door and Marley saw the New Directions and most of the Alumni (minus Finn and Rachel) dressed in formal attire. Marley raised an eyebrow and looked to Santana, wondering just what was going on here.

"Is this another one of Mr. Schue's last minute extravagant weekly assignment ideas?" Marley pondered, Kitty and Madison walking up to her and shaking her head.

"Not quite. Come on, let's take a seat." Kitty and Madison pulled Marley to one of the seats that were reserved for her, forcing her to sit down and Marley to look over at the front of the auditorium. Marley noticed almost everyone else decided to take their seats, but Puck was nowhere to be seen. Marley's attention went to the front of the stage, Mr. Schuester tapping on the microphone and Marley glancing at him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, live from William McKinley High School, it is the 2015 Grammy Awards...sort of!" Marley's eyes widened and she looked over at Madison who had gave her a grin and grabbed one of her hands. That was when Marley figured out what was going on. They were all here because...because of her. "Now, to announce the award for Best Pop Song, here is Noah Puckerman!" Marley heard everyone clap their hands around her as Puck got on stage, holding a replica Grammy. Marley had suddenly realized Puck had done all this...and he even got a replica Grammy Award to replace the one that she shattered at the planetarium on their date. Mr. Schuester got off the stage as Puck held the microphone close to him and cleared his throat.

"Thank you, Mr. Schue. I honestly never thought I was going to be standing here at a fake Grammy Awards, presenting a replica Grammy Award to the most special person in the entire world." Puck teased before looking at the front row and seeing Marley staring at him, his eyes softening and locked on her as if she was the only person in the room. "Marley is...a lot of things. She's kind, courageous, loyal, smart, talented, beautiful, inspirational...yeah, I'm losing my train of thought here." Everyone started chuckling while Marley grinned at him, noticing he was clearing his throat once more. "And the last few weeks have been rough on her. One mistake almost led to everything falling down, and she couldn't even enjoy her accomplishments because of a lie her record company made her tell. If you watched the actual Grammy's, Marley gave a huge speech and mic bombed at the end of it, but...I don't want that to be what Marley is known for. I want her to be known for writing a beautiful song that came from the heart, impacted millions of people and earned this trophy because of her songwriting skills. So, without further ado, the winner for Best Pop Song is the most talented person in my eyes...my gorgeous wife, Marley Rose." Marley smiled as everyone clapped their hands, Kitty and Madison motioning for Marley to get on the stage and accept the award. Marley walked on stage and headed towards Puck, giving him the widest grin possible as he held out the award. She slowly took it and hugged him tightly, parting the hug and looking at the crowd. This moment felt better than the actual Grammy Awards. Her mom was there, her friends were there, she was in a place where she was ultimately loved. This was a great memory.

"SPEECH! SPEECH!" Madison and Kitty shouted from their seats, everyone joining in with them. Marley laughed and nodded her head, but her head turned to the side when she saw Puck trying to get off the stage to give Marley her moment. Marley took a few steps towards him and grabbed his hand, noticing he turned back towards her with confusion.

"Stay." Marley said, Puck looking at her as Marley pulled him back towards the microphone. She looked at Puck as she grabbed the microphone, holding it close to her mouth and staring at Puck with a grin. "Thank you, Noah. Um, it's been my dream ever since I was a little girl to win one of these. To hear my song on the radio and to have people chanting my name. But having a Grammy doesn't mean anything if I can't share it with the one person that means the world to me." Marley kept her eyes on Puck as Kitty and Madison started tearing up from the beautiful scene. Artie handed Kitty a handkerchief and Rory rubbed Madison's shoulder comfortingly, the girls sending Artie and Rory a smile in return. "If it weren't for you, Noah...that song never would have been written. I was in a very dark stage in my life and you were the one that helped me get out of the hole I thought I couldn't climb out of. If anything, I credit everything I do in music and life to you. And if we're being honest, I'm glad that I don't have a record deal...because I'm not going to compromise who I am, or lose the person that helped me get to where I am today. I already won in my heart because I have you...you've given me everything I ever wanted and I don't know how I can describe how much you mean to me. I love you..." Puck couldn't wipe the smile off his face even if he tried, and Marley didn't want him to. Puck meant the world to her, and it really was because of him that her songwriting skills won Mercedes the Grammy.

"I love you so much, Marley. And I'm going to love you for the rest of my life." Puck saw her eyes watering with happy tears, Marley taking a step towards him.

"Standing here with you...with this fake Grammy in my hand...is the best memory I'll ever have of the Grammy Awards." Marley said just above a whisper, Puck playfully giving her a smile.

"Did I ever tell you that you are absolutely adorable?" Puck pondered, Marley shrugging her shoulders.

"Maybe? But so are you..." Marley slightly teased before leaning up and giving Puck a kiss onstage. Everyone stood up and started clapping their hands at the scene before them...except for Spencer who had found a way to sneak out of the auditorium and towards the choir room. Once he reached the choir room, Spencer noticed Bree was sitting in one of the seats, folding her hands and giving him a grin. After a few moments, Spencer's face curled into a smirk, heading to one of the seats and stuffing his hands in his slack pockets.

"You look dressed up." Bree chortled, Spencer nodding his head and running a hand through his hair.

"I know." Spencer sighed before his face turned serious. "I just wasted a few hours of my life on that Puckerman dude. I don't know what everyone sees in him but he's nothing special."

"Well, don't worry because you'll get some satisfaction bringing Puckerman down a notch with my latest plan." Bree got up from her seat and walked around him, putting a hand on his shoulder and rubbing it slightly. "If there's one person I can't stand, it's that Marley Sue. Everyone loves her and she's apparently the best thing to happen since cottage cheese. We need to take her down a few pegs. The only problem is she's not going to be easy, especially with that husband of hers."

"I have an idea…" Spencer raised an eyebrow. "Why don't we try to get to Puckerman? If Puckerman is feeling the heat then Marley is bound to feel it as well and she'll crack under pressure. I mean, there's nothing she hates more than seeing her precious Puckerman feeling the wrath of us…" Bree curved her lips into a devilish stare, realizing that Spencer was onto something. Maybe they could have gotten to Puck and Marley by using Puck...and while Puck wasn't a tough nut to crack, they knew they could have their fun with him if it meant getting a reaction out of Marley.

"Well then, it's settled." Bree smirked. "Get into Puck's brain and then we'll take the rest from there…" Spencer nodded his head and made his way out of the choir room while Bree smirked. Bree wasn't going to give up on making Marley's life as miserable as possible...and even if it caused Marley some form of distress she didn't care. Marley was not going to come to McKinley and brag about how life is great for her and crappy for everyone else. It just wasn't happening…

{Scene changes to the auditorium where the New Directions changed into more comfortable clothing for the performance, looking over and seeing the Alumni staring at them with content}

Under the tree where the grass don't grow

We made a promise to never get old

You had a chance and you took it on me

And I made a promise that I couldn't keep

[Mason with Jane]
Heartbreak, heartache
All over town
But something flipped like switch when you came around
And I'm in pieces, pick me up and put me together

[Madison and Roderick with New Directions]
These are the days we've been waiting for
On days like these who could ask for more?

[Spencer and Jane with New Directions]
Leave them coming cause we're not done yet
These are the days we won't regret
These are the days we won't forget

{Spencer gives Puck a thumbs up as Puck smiles at him, but as Spencer turns around to let Mason and Madison take center stage, he rolls his eyes with disgust}

[Mason and Madison with New Directions]
These are the days we've been waiting for
Rattle the cage and slam that door
The world is calling but not just yet
These are the days we won't regret
These are the days we won't forget

[Jake with Kitty]
Out on the midnight the wild ones howl
The last of the lost boys have thrown in the towel

[Ryder with Unique]
We used to believe we were stars aligned
You made a wish and I fell out of

{Madison gets pulled by Rory and they start dancing as Madison lets out a giggle and continues to dance with him}

[Rory with Madison and New Directions]
Time flew, cut through
All over town
You made me bleed when I look up and you're not around
But I'm in pieces, pick me up and put me together

[Mason and Kitty with New Directions]
These are the days we've been waiting for
On days like these who could ask for more?

[Jane and Jake with New Directions]
Leave them coming cause we're not done yet
These are the days we won't regret
These are the days we won't forget

[Ryder and Spencer with New Directions]
These are the days we've been waiting for
Neither of us knows what's in store
You just roll your window down and place your bets
These are the days we won't regret
These are the days we'll never forget

[Jake with Madison]
And these are the days
(New Directions: These are the days)
And these are the days
(New Directions: These are the days)

{During the musical EDM break, Mason and Madison run off stage and Mason pulls Marley off her chair as he pulls her towards the stage. The other Alumni decide to follow Mason's lead and everyone goes over and starts dancing, Spencer giving Puck an uninterested look but it quickly changes when Kitty and Artie raise an eyebrow towards him in suspicion and the song ends. Everyone gathers into a group hug but Kitty looks over at Spencer and gives him a slight snarl}

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Rachel?" Finn pondered, Rachel ringing the doorbell to Hiram's house. "I mean, we could have met them in a neutral location such as The Lima Bean or something."

"No, I need to see them on their turf and let them know that what they're doing isn't okay." Rachel insisted. "I am having this baby and there is nothing they can say or do that will change my mind." Rachel took a step back while Finn stuffed his hands in his pockets. There was nothing he wanted more than Rachel to get the final say in what she wanted for their baby, but Rachel also had to be careful. She didn't know what their dads had up their sleeves. The door to the house opened and they spotted Hiram, noticing he was giving Rachel an interested look before giving Finn a glare.

"Rachel, come in." Hiram suggested, Rachel entering the room and Finn following suit. As the two of them looked around the living room, Hiram sat down at one of the tables, LeRoy entering the kitchen with a tray of tea and putting it in front of their daughter. Rachel wasn't in the mood for tea or whatever. She wanted to tell her dads what she was thinking, and she wanted them to know this had to do with the baby.

"Thank you for both agreeing to meet with me." Rachel folded her hands. "Now, I've noticed over the last week that you've both been very into trying to convince me to not have the baby...but Finn and I have decided that we're going to have the baby and we're going to live happy lives together. We don't know what the future holds for us, we don't know if I'm going to end up on Broadway and Finn doesn't know if he's going to be a teacher, but we have a plan and we intend to stick to it. Now that you've heard our piece, I'm sure you can find it in your hearts to accept what Finn and I have chosen." Hiram and LeRoy looked at each other before placing the tea cup down, folding their hands and shaking their heads towards their daughter.

"Rachel...we're not going to accept what you and Finn have chosen for this baby." Hiram finally said. "I mean, you expect us to believe that the both of you are ready for a child? A living, breathing human being? There's no way that you're ready...and I'm not going to allow you to squander your talents just so you can play stay at home mom. We want what's best for you. We want you to put the baby up for adoption." Rachel and Finn appeared dumbfounded by Hiram and LeRoy's words. Did the both of them not hear what Rachel had said? Rachel wanted to keep the baby...she wasn't giving it up...so why were her fathers being hard headed about this?

"I'm sorry, I'm not doing that." Rachel felt her voice get firm. "I'm not going to put my baby up for adoption just to satisfy your needs."

"Rachel, that wasn't a request." LeRoy said. "That was an order. You're putting the baby up for adoption and then you're going to be on Broadway because that's what we always talked about."

"Who do you two think you are, ordering me around! I'm not putting the baby up for adoption!" Rachel shouted, getting up from her chair as Finn looked worried. "I'm tired of you two trying to control my life! I am doing things my way. I am going to have this baby and I am going to live my life the way that I choose! This isn't your decision, this is mine!"

"Rachel, you're making a horrible mistake!" Hiram got up to face his daughter, Rachel slamming the tea cup on the floor and Finn seeing it break in a million pieces.

"No, the mistake was coming here and trying to talk to you two like civil human beings!" Rachel screamed her turning around and making her way towards the door. "If this is how it's going to be, I'm done here. I'm done with the both of you. I'll take care of this baby in New York, far away from the both of you!" Rachel opened the door to the house and slammed it behind her, but Finn quickly got up and made his way towards the door, seeing Rachel was getting in the drivers seat of his truck.

"Rachel!" Finn ran to the truck and saw her starting the car, but Rachel looked at Finn with a glare, shaking her head in the process.

"Finn, back away!" Rachel ordered.

"Rachel, please don't do this!" Finn begged, Rachel starting the truck. "Rachel!"

"Finn, I need to get out of here!" Rachel screamed. "I need to be anywhere but here...just let me go!"

"Rachel, I understand that you're angry things didn't work out with your dads." Finn sighed, Rachel still staring at him. "But don't go driving off in rage. This isn't going to end well for you or the baby…" Rachel considered Finn's words, but started the car and drove anyway. Finn stood where the car was, seeing the truck turn the corner and head towards the intersection and as much as it pained to see Finn in the rearview mirror, Rachel had to do this...she had to get away from her fathers, from everyone choosing what she wanted as if Rachel didn't have a brain of her own. She was in such a rage, she didn't realize she had passed a red light...and she also didn't realize there was a minivan coming towards the driver seat of her car. Rachel turned her head slightly and saw the minivan come towards her, but it was too late for Rachel to stop the truck. The minivan hit the side of the drivers seat, causing an accident to pile up in the middle of the intersection. The last thing Rachel remembered was pain radiating through her body...and her being knocked out of consciousness.

The first thing Rachel remembered following the accident was her waking up in a hospital bed and the doctors staring at her with relief, but also with terrible news. Rachel furrowed her eyebrows slightly, the doctor sitting down in the stool and giving Rachel a sympathetic look leaving her to wonder what was going on. All she felt around her abdomen area was pain. Pain...the baby! Rachel's hand immediately went for her stomach to check if the baby was all right, but when she studied the doctor's face, her heart dropped and she solemnly stared away. She didn't need the doctor to say words about what happened to her and Finn's child...she already knew the dreaded, horrible news. The accident Rachel was in claimed one life...and it was the one life that hadn't even fully started yet.

"Rachel…" The doctor started to say, but Rachel snarled at him.

"Go. Just GO!" Rachel screamed, the doctor sadly nodding their heads and leaving Rachel on her own. As soon as the doctors left, Finn burst into the room, noticing that Rachel was looking out the window and there were tears streaming down her face.

"Rachel! Thank god you're all right." Finn walked over to his wife and sat in the seat next to her bed. He was oblivious to Rachel's expression, and all he did was hold her hand and give her a softened smile. "I was so worried about you. I was afraid something terrible happened."

"He's gone." Rachel immediately said, Finn suddenly appearing muddled. He shook his head in confusion, leaning closer towards his wife and running a hand through his hair.

"What...who...who's gone?" Finn didn't understand. However, Rachel turned to face him with tears streaming down her face, and that was when Finn realized who Rachel was talking about.

"He's gone." Rachel repeated, but this time her voice cracked. Finn felt his heart sink and he tried his hardest not to cry. He put his free hand over his mouth, with Rachel's face contorting into anger. "Why didn't you stop me? WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP ME FROM LEAVING THE HOUSE! WHY DIDN'T YOU!"

"Rachel, I tried!" Finn's voice cracked, but Rachel started sobbing. "Rachel…I...I tried." Finn felt his voice soften as he tried to hug his wife. Rachel pushed Finn away, grabbed a paper cup that was nearby and threw it at Finn, the paper cup hitting Finn on the forearm.

"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I Ha...ha..." Rachel covered eyes as she continued to cry. She didn't know losing something would hurt this much...and she was absolutely heartbroken that she had to once again lose something.

{Scene changes to a week later and Rachel standing on the McKinley stage by herself wearing a black dress and tears streaming down her face, looking out at the auditorium and not noticing Finn looking at her with sadness}

There was a time
I used to look into my father's eyes
In a happy home
I was a king, I had a golden throne
But those days are gone
Now the memories on the wall
I hear the songs from places where I was born

Upon a hill across the blue lake
That's where I had my first heartbreak
I still remember how it all changed
My father said,

Don't you worry, don't you worry child
See heaven's got a plan for you
Don't you worry, don't you worry now

There was time
I met a guy of a different kind
We ruled the world
I thought I'd never lose him out sight
We were so young
I think of him now and then
I still hear the songs reminding me of a friend

Upon a hill across the blue lake
That's where I had my first heartbreak
I still remember how it all changed
My father said,

Don't you worry, don't you worry child
See heaven's got a plan for you
Don't you worry, don't you worry now

Don't you worry, don't you worry child
See heaven's got a plan for you
Don't you worry, don't you worry now

Don't you worry, don't you worry child
See heaven's got a plan for you
Don't you worry, don't you worry now

Don't you worry, don't you worry child
See heaven's got a plan for you
Don't you worry, don't you worry now

Don't you worry, don't you worry child

{Rachel moves her hand to her stomach, feeling grief stricken that she no longer is carrying her and Finn's first child. She starts sobbing as the screen goes to black, the episode ending}


Jacob Artist as Jake Puckerman

Sabrina Carpenter as Jessica Goodwin

Laura Dreyfuss as Madison McCarthy

Noah Guthrie as Roderick Meeks

Blake Jenner as Ryder Lynn

Billy Lewis Jr. as Mason McCarthy

Damian McGinty as Rory Flanagan

Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester

Becca Tobin as Kitty Wilde

Samantha Ware as Jane Hayward

Erinn Westbrook as Bree

Marshall Williams as Spencer Porter


I Really Like You (Originally by Carly Rae Jepsen): Performed by Madison McCarthy with WMHS Cheerios

Let's Go To The Mall (Originally by Cast of How I Met Your Mother): Performed by Kitty Wilde, Artie Abrams and Jessica Goodwin

One Last Time (Originally by Ariana Grande): Performed by Marley Rose

Blame (Originally by Calvin Harris feat. John Newman): Performed by Spencer Porter and Roderick Meeks

Little Talks (Originally by Of Monsters And Men): Performed by Mason McCarthy and Madison McCarthy

The Days (Originally by Avicii feat. Robbie Williams): Performed by New Directions

Don't You Worry Child (Originally by Swedish House Mafia): Performed by Rachel Berry

Voice Over: Next Saturday, it's Dynamic Explosion versus Finn Harmonic at REGIONALS! And things will...get...ugly...

{Scene shows Jenny standing with her teammates outside Penn State as she stares at Santana}

Jenny: Consuela, don't you have a toilet to clean or something?

Santana (Angry): LET ME AT HER!

{Finn, Sam, and Brittany grab Santana as she tries to go after Jenny. Scene changes to Rachel storming down the hallway in anger as Finn looks saddened at her}

Finn (Sad): I lost something too!

Rachel (Angry): You weren't the one carrying him since November!

Finn (Angry): But I was his father!

{Scene changes to Marley covering her hands with her eyes as Santana and Brittany look at her with worry}

Santana: Marley, are you all right?

Marley (Crying): I can't get on that stage...I thought I was going to be able to sing on stage again but I can't.

{Scene shows Rachel throwing a cup at the wall and it shattering and the scene finally showing Santana and Brittany showing up at the precinct, stopping at Puck's desk as he looks worried.}

Santana: We need to talk...