M.K. wrapped her arms tightly around Nod, her eyes wide open as she watched the scenery as it flew by. Or, rather, as they flew by on Nod's sparrow. Giggling, she lowered her hands to his hips, and relaxed just a bit. Nod flew the bird towards a large tree, and landed on one of the limbs. "Wow," M.K. was grinning, her hand running through her wind-blown, tangled orange hair. "'Wow' is right." Nod agreed, glancing over at her, and his eyes lowered to her breasts, and widened. M.K realized her shirt was way down, and she yanked the top up immediately.

"Heh, sorry." M.K. mumbled, and Nod chuckled. "Why are you sorry?" Marie's own eyes widened, and she hopped off of the bird, patting down her hair.

"Oh, um. Nevermind." Marie Katherine blushed again, and hopped off of the bird. Nod followed as she sat down, and sat next to her. Apparently, they were both thinking the same thing and kissed again for the first time in nearly five months. M.K. had gotten tiny again - no idea how - and came back to the camp so they could be together. Her father knew about it, and they'd chatted every day over video chat since she came back a week ago. M.K.'s eyes shut, and the kiss turned into one filled with tongue and Nod brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear, his hand resting on her cheek before she felt him lower it to her side. They broke the kiss so they could breathe, and Nod stared into her eyes as if asking a silent question - "Can I go further than this?" - and M.K. nodded. She was 18, yeah? Didn't matter.

So, Nod pushed her gently onto her back, and his hand went up her shirt, running up her back and side. They shared another tongue-filled kiss, and stopped only when they heard a whistle from a few Leafmen that were watching on their birds. Ronin was among them, but he didn't look. "Come on. Stop gawking, and get back to work!" He finally snapped, and the squad moved forward reluctantly. Marie Katherine laughed, brushing her hand against Nod's cheek and kissing him again. He was so adorable.