Jim's eyes widened immensely when she realized she was no longer on the surface of Tiberius 12. Instead, her blue eyes looked around to discover that she had in fact been teleported to a horrifying looking spaceship. A spaceship that looked eerily similar to that of Nero's. Jim's heart began to race and she felt her daughter seem to pick up on her quickening heartbeat, for she gave a sharp kick to her abdomen. Jim pressed a hand to where she felt her daughter, for this was the first time Jim actually felt movement. She could swear tears were prickling in the corners of her eyes, for she wished Spock could be here to feel their daughters first movements, but now she had to find her way out.

"Well well... it seems Captain James T. Kirk has found herself in the clutches of the Romulans once more." A voice echoed throughout the ship and Jim turned, coming face to face with Bruchcon, the Romulan whom she had met on the surface of Tiberius 12. Jim's eyes widened and she backed up, only finding herself trapped against a wall.

"No... No you son of a bitch, put me back on the planet's surface!" Jim screamed and Bruchcon just laughed. The Romulan stepped closer and Jim reached for her phaser, only to realize it was no longer on her body.

"Looking for this?" Bruchcon raised Jim's phaser in his hand and smirked, "Trust me, there's no way you're going back any time soon." He stepped even closer, his hand pointing to Jim's swollen belly, "Atleast, not with that putrid being inside you, you're not." Bruchcon growled and Jim looked up at the Romulan horrified.

"Spock will come after me you know! If you touch me or my daughter, Spock will come and murder you!" Jim shouted the tears now spilling over from her eyes. Bruchcon laughed darkly again and slapped Jim hard across the face.

"Oh I'm counting on it.." And with that, he pinched Jim's nerve, knocking her unconscious.

"Spock, its going to be alright, we'll find her!" Bones tried to speak to the Vulcan, who was clearly not having any interest in listening whatsoever. His face was starting to turn a dark shade of green in anger, pacing back and forth on the planet's surface.

"How sure are you doctor that you can find her!? Someone on this planet beamed her up, for she did not just disappear. She had been locked onto and beamed up onto someone's ship!" Spock shouted, his hands clenched tightly into fists. Sarek put his strong hand on his sons shoulder, causing Spock to stop pacing.

"Spock, does any part of Jim's uniform have a tracking device? Such as her phaser or her communicator?" Sarek suggested and Spock looked up at his father. It was clear he had been crying, for his eyes were a light shade of green from irritation and tears.

"There is a tracker on her communicator. Bones, contact Lieutenant Uhura, tell her to lock onto the Captain's communicator. Use it to find her, NOW!" Spock shouted and Bones did as he was told, getting Uhura to start looking for Jim. Bones had never seen Spock this emotionally compromised, not even when Jim died. Somehow, in a weird complicated way, losing Jim and Spock's unborn child was much more heartbreaking that just watching Jim die.

Jim's blue eyes fluttered open and she found herself strapped to a cold metal table, with two large metal bands keeping her strapped down. However, her shirt had been lifted, revealing her large swollen abdomen to whomever was in the room. A pair of tall, muscular Romulans stood beside her; one was holding what looked to be a knife, the other had Jim's phaser. Bruchcon was standing at the foot of the bed. Jim squirmed wildly, trying to get her hands free, but to no avail. The one with the knife stepped closer and Jim felt her daughter move again, as if she were trying to get away from that Romulan with the knife.

"Do you know what my name means in Romulan, Captain?" Bruchcon asked condesendingly, beginning to circle the bed in which Jim was trapped, "It means traitor when translated into your horrifying language called English. I find that name rather fitting at this point, because no one would expect me to do something like this. So I honestly doubt you will leave here with that abomination still inside you." Bruchcon rolled his eyes, muttering something in Romulan to the muscular man with the knife. Jim's eyes widened and her pupils dialated.

"No... no no PLEASE NO! DON'T HURT MY BABY PLEASE LEAVE HER! NO!" Jim screamed at the top of her lungs. And just at the moment when the knife barely touched her skin, the sound of the transporter beaming someone onto the ship echoed off the metal.

"JIM!?" The sound of Spock's voice caused Jim to cry harder.

"SPOCK! HURRY! THEY'RE TRYING TO TAKE-" The other Romulan with the phaser covered Jim's mouth so she could not scream.

"Mr. Spock! Quite the hero type aren't you?!" Bruchcon shouted loudly and the echoing sound of footsteps came running into the room where Jim and her daughter were trapped.

"JIM!" Spock screamed when he entered the room but Bruchcon held the knife once more over Jim's abdomen. Spock stopped, his fist clenched tight as he glanced back and forth between Bruchcon and Jim.

"Now now, Mr. Spock. All I am doing is fulfilling an old promise to a dead friend. You may remember his name... Nero." Bruchcon whispered and Spock's mouth dropped as he glared at Bruchcon.

"It's me you want, she has nothing to do with this! Let her go NOW!" Spock screamed and Jim squirmed.

"Are you so sure Mr. Spock? She carries your child if I understand it correctly. And Nero wanted to cause you the worst kind of pain imaginable. I believe losing a child and a lover qualifies under that category." And before anyone could blink, Bruchcon plunged the knife into Jim's abdomen, the woman letting out a bloodcurdling scream. Out of instinct, Spock shot his phaser at Bruchcon and the other two Romulans surrounding Jim. They all died upon contact with the laser. Spock rushed over to Jim and pulled out the knife quickly, blood beginning to pour out of the wound.

"Spock! S-spock, the b-b-baby!" Jim stuttered, the blood loss beginning to take effect.

"It's going to be alright Jim, we have to get you out of here!" Spock muttered, breaking the metal straps and scooping up Jim.

"ENTERPRISE, BEAM US UP NOW!" Spock screamed and Scotty beamed them up immediately. Spock ran Jim to Sickbay, practically kicking the door open, "BONES WE NEED HELP!" Spock shouted and Bones watched horrified. Injecting Jim with a hypo meant to stop the bleeding, Jim began to black out.

"Sssspock... I-i-i c-ccan't f-f-feel her..." And then... everything went black.