POV: Piper – Mark of Athena Chapter 3

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Piper came to the conclusion that falling to your death was probably the worst way to die.

The view from her height took her breath away. Puffy white clouds swirled around her, and the sun tinged them pink and orange. Then she realized she was getting closer and closer to the ground. Still a good ways away, but it was coming up fast. Even though she was falling into water, she remembered something her father had once told her.

It was when she was about 7. Piper had been talking about wanting to skydive, and her father had asked her a frightening question.

"Pipes, what if the parachute doesn't work? Then what are you going to do?" she had replied confidently, saying she would always skydive above water, so she would just fall into the water if something went wrong. Her father just shook his head and answered chuckling,

"Piper, if you hit water wrong, from more than 5 ft. It feels as if you're falling onto a concrete surface. Instant death." (A/N I don't know if this is true or not. I kinda made it up. :P ) You can just say Piper's skydiving dream stopped there.

Now, as she hurtled towards the water like a dead weight, her dad's words kept ringing in her ears.

Falling onto concrete. Instant death. Death. Death. A few stray tears floated down her cheeks. What would Jason think? Would he care? He had been hanging out a lot with that praetor, Reyna was it? He would probably just move on… These thoughts caused even more tears to fall. Piper wiped them away angrily. Her last thoughts would not be spent pessimistically. She tried vainly to enjoy what had happened during the last few months. Jason flying with her in the Grand Canyon, meeting Annabeth. First entering Camp Half-Blood, her first quest. Becoming head of the Aphrodite Cabin. Coach Hedge, Chiron, Rachel. Everyone. All the memories she shared with them. The disturbing sight of the growing ocean pushed her thoughts away.

Suddenly, two strong arms wrapped around her shoulders. Piper screamed and kicked with all her might, but her captor didn't even budge. His tan arms seemed to tighten, and she could feel him laughing silently against her.

"LET ME GO!" she screamed.

"Well if you want to plummet to your death, Beauty Queen, go right ahead." Piper froze. She had recently learned whose voice that sarcastic tone belonged too.

"PERSEUS JACKSON YOU ARE IN SOOOO MUCH TROUBLE!" She screamed. Percy just chuckled, causing Piper to grow even angrier. How could he do this too her? Send her to her sure death by throwing her over the side of the ship! Piper growled and resumed thrashing around, but she couldn't break his iron grip.

"Seeing as I'm saving you from both boredom and death, I think you'll learn to forgive me." The ocean was now 1000 feet away. 900. 800. 700.

"Percy we're going to die!" He laughed again, and flipped over so he was below Piper, facing the water. Then it dawned on her. He was taking the impact for her.

"Percy…" he twisted around so he was looking at her. He was grinning from ear to ear, enjoying her reactions. He glanced over his shoulder, at the water, then faced her once again, his face void of any expression.

"10," Percy's voice dropped about 5 pitches lower than it usually was. "9…8…7…" as he counted down, tears began to stream down Piper's face. This was how they were going to die. She buried her face into Percy's shoulder and closed her eyes. "3…2…1…"

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As soon as Piper hit the water, she knew something was up.

She was still breathing, and she could feel Percy's arm beside her. It was completely dry, and Piper reached for her own hair confused. It was still completely dry to the touch. How could she be 100% dry underwater? When she opened her eyes, she gasped.

She was drifting around close to the ocean floor, and she was still breathing. Crabs scuttled around on the golden sand, and colorful tropical fish Piper had never seen before swam around staring at Piper as if to say, well, this is different… Rays of light glittered through the water, casting bright light to bounce off the seaweed and other plants that seemed to be waving peacefully at Piper.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Percy's voice ripped her out of her thoughts.

"And you thought you were gonna die." He had his hands behind his head and a stupid grin plastered on his face. His green eyes shone smugly with glee. His expressions made Piper want to gut him and feed him to the fish. She stood up, pulling out her dagger, and started over towards Percy, her eyes glowing with anger.

"You, disgusting, idiotic, MORON! PERSEUS JACKSON I WILL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU JUST DID TO ME!" His eyes widened, whether in surprise or fear Piper couldn't tell. She kept screaming at him as he slowly put his hands up in the air, and focused on something behind her. His fingers started moving slightly and he narrowed his eyes in concentration. Piper finally stopped and tuned around. "Percy, what is so intere-" Piper froze.

A small horse the size of Piper's face galloped around in front of her. What surprised her most was that it was made completely made of water. It ran in circles and jumped over fish, its turquoise mane glittering in the sun.

The horse began to morph, until it turned into an eagle. It soared around Piper's head and cawed softly. The eagle landed on her hand and stared up at her. It had green eyes that stared intently at her. They looked identical to…Percy's. Piper turned around and he was just sitting there, his fingers poised in the air, smiling. Piper laughed, and felt all her anger towards him gradually began to melt away. Percy held out his hand to her, and gestured towards the ocean.

"Well?" he said proudly, "let me show you my second home." Piper took his hand and together they drifted farther into the ocean.

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