She has been experiencing unusual moods of late, moods not part of her normal disposition.

Happy. Gail Peck is not a happy person, in fact she hates everyone. Gail is the one person that can see the bad in everyone. She looks for the bad in people as a defensive mechanism, if she finds enough bad traits then she dubs said person as undeserving of her companionship. Something switched in her recently and now she's not as angry and negative as she once was. Of course she's still Gail Peck therefore she has her snarky remarks and makes little jabs but she's not as cynical.

She can't even begin to comprehend the reasons behind her happiness. If she was honest with herself she would admit that Holly is a significant component to her new found good spirits. Gail has been singing in the shower, smiling at strangers, and if you look close enough there is even a little skip in her step.

Excited. She gets excited every time she anticipates a meeting with Holly, whether it's a planned date or a casual coffee break. And right now Gail finds herself becoming more and more stimulated as she walks down to the lab to drop off DNA samples collected at the crime scene. There are chain of custody procedures in place that requires an officer to chaperone the evidence to the crime lab. Gail was especially excited to see Holly because lately her obsession has been Holly's mouth. The words that come out of her mouth, the way she smirks at Gail, and the way she kisses that causes Gail to lose control.

Their last date was at a shooting range, which they both dressed casually for. Gail showed off her impressive sharpshooter skills and taught Holly how to fire a Beretta. It was Holly's turn to be humiliated. The loud BANG noise the gun made caused Holly to shriek even though she had shooting ear muffs and ear plugs. They both laughed uncontrollably and Gail knew she would rather be here on this date than anywhere else. Gail went on and explained the components of a gun and taught Holly how to reload a gun and handle the Beretta.

At the end of the date Gail drove Holly to her condo, they sat in the parking lot in silence.

Holly finally broke the silence "so this me- thanks for attempting to teach me how to shoot a gun" by her shaky voice, one could tell Holly was just as nervous as Gail. She definitely wanted to make a move but didn't want to come on too strong.

Gail smiled," nice place- guess it pays to be an author" Gail noted that Holly lives in the Regency Yorkville condominiums, Gail knew she was successful but based on her place of residence Holly was more well off than she originally imagined- which unnerved Gail even more.

Holly smiled and asked, "Would you like to come up for a night cap"?

"sureee" she breathed out. As they got out of her truck Gail's heart was thumping and her ears were humming. She can't remember a time when she was this nervous and excited.

Holly led the way to the elevator- their journey continued in speechlessness. Gail took note of the huge crystal chandeliers adorning the ceilings, textured wall treatments, and the high-end modern furniture; the decor was a mix of modern and classic.

Up until this point they've only shared a hand full of chaste kisses, but they both wanted and needed more.

Eventually they reached Holly's condo, room 505. Holly opened the door and turned on the lights. The condominium was definitely Holly's. Mocha stained bookshelves lined a long wall and were filled with various anatomy, philosophical, pathology, as well as other book genres. There was artwork from Holly's extensive travels and the place had an old world charm with a modern twist. There was a cognac leather couch that had tufted buttons and a crystal chandelier that added ambience. There was no question about it- the condo was sexy and definitely a panty dropper.

"Wow, I love your place. It's so you" after she said it Gail covered her mouth and realized how it sounded.

Holly smirked and asked "what are you in the mood for"

"Excuse me" Gail tensed up and looked like a deer in the headlights

Holly laughed "relax I meant what would you like to drink"

"What do you have?"

"The basics, red wine, white wine, Belgian beer, IPA, rum, cognac, tequila, whiskey, scotch…"

Gail cut her off "I'll have whiskey straight up, and there's nothing basic about it -you have a stocked bar here" Gail scanned the bar up and down and looked at the various liquors Holly had to offer.

Holly handed Gail her drink and they advanced to sit in the living room both at a loss for words. All of a sudden it hit Gail like a ton of bricks- where she was and what she was doing there. The tension in the ambient condo was so thick Gail was at a loss of what to do or how to act next. The humming of the ears and thumping of the heart returned.

She proceeded to down her entire drink and some of the whiskey spilled out down her neck.

"How very police-ish of you to select whiskey-"Holly started before she noticed the spill on aisle Gail's neck

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, as you can tell I'm nervous" Gail confessed as she wiped her neck with her hands.

"It's okay I'm nervous too" Holly got up and grabbed some paper towel from her luxury kitchen. She ran the paper towel under the running faucet and sat back down. Holly split the paper towel into two pieces and handed one to Gail. Gail wiped the whiskey off her neck and her hands.

"You have some here still" Holly stroked the right side of Gail's neck with the cool towel. This was the first time Holly affectionately touched Gail. And that was enough to do it for Gail, she looked in Holly's eyes and saw the same feeling she was feeling, desire. Holly's eyes were dark brown and intense. Gail made the first move and closed the space between them so that their lips were barely touching.

They were so close they were sharing air. Holly gently moved forward and pressed her lips against Gail's. The kiss started out modest and moved to an exploratory rhythmic open mouth kiss. Holly's hand was loosely wrapped around the side Gail's head and Gail grabbed onto her wrist hoping it would never leave. Gail decided to take the lead and was the first to introduce her tongue into the kiss which caused Holly to shiver and moan in response. Gail took a moment realize how soft Holly's lips were, they weren't fighting for domination, as was her past experiences with men, the kiss was an equal collaboration between the two. Holly introduced her tongue as well and it was Gail's turn to moan, the moan was so deep that Gail questioned whether it came from her. They were both lost in each other and enjoying the situation they created.

This experience marked their first make out session. The condo was silent except for the smacking, sucking, and occasional moaning and groaning noises coming from both of the women.

As Gail proceeded to walk towards the lab all she could think of was last night and their first sensual kiss and how she needed more.