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14-year old Harry Potter's eyes slowly opened. What immediately greeted his vision was a mass of dark red hair, as the figure atop of him murmured sleepily and snuggled deeper into his chest, her cheek rubbing against the soft fabric of his t-shirt. Plopped atop of him, she was hugging him tightly, like a teddy bear, snoozing softly and more peaceful than ever.

"Hey… Eve, wake up." He said softly, nudging her with his one hand that was around her, while his other hand shut off the alarm.

"Me nonono" she mumbled incoherently, still in dreamland.

Harry sighed. She had always been a deep sleeper. "Eve… WAAAAKE UUUUP! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!" He shouted directly in her ear.

She leapt up, sitting on his pelvis a bit painfully, her eyes wide open. "BIRTHDAY?" She peered down at him with a confused look. "Whose birthday? Where! When!"

He grinned. "You already forgot? Today is July 31st."

A wide smile spread across her face as realization dawned upon her. "Yay! We are totally going to celebrate today!" She cheered.

"That's great and all… but can you please… uh, get off?" She was straddling his lower body and putting quite a bit of pressure on him, making it hard for him to breathe.

"Oopsies" Eve gave him one of her award-winning smiles. "I am SO sorry Harold." She knew he hated it when she called him that.

Harold James and Evelyn Lily Potter were born on July 31st 14 years ago, as twins to Lily and James Potter. Harry had black hair and green eyes, while Eve had dark red hair and hazel eyes. They both looked somewhat like their deceased parents, Harry like their father and Eve like their mother.

13 years ago their parents were killed by Lord Voldemort, and somehow having survived, the two babies were dropped off at Number 4 Privet Drive. They were raised by the muggle family the Dursleys and from an early age they were mistreated and neglected by their uncle and aunt and their fat pig of a cousin, Dudley.

Petunia and Vernon Dursley did their best to ignore the Potter brats while keeping them alive as the bare minimum that made them feel like such philanthropists. Frequently they would brag to their friends that they had "adopted" two "third-world" babies that they had fed and clothed and raised.

Growing up, the two siblings lived in a cupboard under the stairs, since Dudley Dursley, that pig, needed two entire rooms to himself. They slept on a small makeshift bed that was hard as concrete, but that was bearable because they would hug and cuddle up with each other under the ragged blankets every night and help each other go to sleep.

They were the outcasts of the elementary school they both attended with Dudley, because he was a big bully and always ganged up on them at the playground or outside of the classroom. So they played alone, sitting on the side of the playground watching the other kids have their fun. Instead of playing on the slides and swings, the Potter twins would play on the grass and wrestle with each other. Those freaks.

When they came home from school, they were treated no better by their aunt and uncle, who immediately set out a long list of chores such as washing dishes, vacuuming, cleaning the porch, weeding, mowing the lawn, fixing Dudley's broken toys, and whatever else the Dursleys could possibly think of. Because of this, Harry and Eve spent all their time doing manual labor, and it was only long after dark before the two finally had time to do their homework.

Fortunately for the two of them, however, at age 11, two beautiful letters from the magic school of Hogwarts had arrived with each of their names on it, and no matter how hard Vernon and Petunia Dursley tried, there was no way the two Potter twins were not going to attend the school of their destiny – Rubeus Hagrid made sure of that.

"Happy birthday Harry." Eve wrapped her arms around him and gave him a huge hug. He hugged her back, taking in a deep scent of his twin sister, it was a wonderful smell.

"You too Eve."

The two of them laid on the bed like that for a bit, content to just be in each other's arms.

Finally Eve broke away and poked his nose. "Got your nose! Haha!" she jumped off him before he could retaliate. "I call first shower!" She said in a singsong voice, grabbing the towel and skipping out of the room.

Harry smiled as he stood up, yawning and stretching. Looking around the room – it had been their room since that fateful summer 3 years ago when Vernon Dursley had finally moved the twins up from the cupboard underneath the stairs, to Dudley's second bedroom. So at least it was an upgrade.

He took a look in the mirror. At the height of 5'8 he was still growing, and his clear emerald eyes shone as he gave himself a tight smile. "One year older." He said softly.

At 5'5, Evelyn was slightly shorter but still one of the taller ones in their year. His twin sister, once almost skinny to the point of malnutrition (so was he, since they were rarely fed by the Dursley's growing up), had matured quite beautifully – she had an athletic figure, a charming face and a dazzling smile. They were both on the Gryffindor Quidditch team – she played Chaser and he played Seeker.

Harry wasn't one to judge his sister's attractiveness, but he knew that many boys in the school were already beginning to take an interest in her, even some of the higher years. Perhaps it was because she was developing rather quickly – something that Harry tried hard not to think about.

Every night, they would go to sleep cuddled in each other's arms – usually she just plopped herself on top of his chest. Her "private" parts would occasionally rub against his, and recently Harry had felt a different kind of feeling, a very physical feeling, that erupted in his groin area whenever they were in such a close state.

They had gotten so used to sleeping in the same bed growing up, that upon entering Hogwarts and having to be separated by the boys and girls dormitories, they both found it difficult to sleep by themselves.

Fortunately, during Christmas in their first year, a mysterious person (later they found out it was Albus Dumbledore) had given them an invisibility cloak, which allowed Eve to be able to sneak into his dorm at night. They would cast a silencing charm and sleep as they usually would, all of their sleep problems forgotten once they were together. In the morning, she would sneak out and back into her own bed.

This lasted for a while, when the other boys in the dorm began commenting on how it seemed like the door had opened and closed a few times at night. Then one day Ron Weasley bumped into Eve's invisible form while she was trying to sneak out, and then all hell broke loose. Fortunately, however, after the chaos had calmed down, Harry's roommates – Ron, Seamus, Dean, and Neville, were very understanding of why Eve had to sleep with her brother every night. And so eventually they just treated her like their 6th roommate, one of them.

"YOU TWO! What the hell is this?" There was an angry knock at the door.

Harry opened it to see Vernon Dursley, purple in the face, waving an envelope around in his big, purple fist. Behind him, Dudley stood there smirking, as if with the facial experience "Oh you done it now."

"Take a look boy, this seems to have arrived for you and your sister from one of your… freak friends."

Suppressing a laugh, Harry noticed that the envelope was literally overflowing with stamps, as if to ensure that there was no way the letter would be returned. In the envelope there was a letter inviting him and Eve to join the Weasleys in seeing the Quidditch cup this summer between Ireland and Bulgaria.

"Oh right… yes Uncle Vernon, our friends, the Weasley family, are inviting us to go see the Quidditch cup…"

"And what the bloody hell is that!"

"Well, you see, it's a game played on brooms-"

Vernon turned a deep shade of violet and then to magenta. "I DO NOT WANT ANY OF THAT NONSENSE FREAK TALK YOU WEIRD LOSERS ENGAGE IN." Behind him, Dudley snickered audibly.

"Well, if you didn't want to hear about it, then maybe you shouldn't have asked." A voice piped up from behind Uncle Vernon.

It was Eve, her crimson hair still wet and flowing down past her back, as she had just came out of the shower. The towel (which she and Harry shared) barely wrapped around her body, showing off her sleek, athletic legs and curvy figure.

The two Dursleys swerved to watch Eve amble past them with nary a second glance at either of them – especially Dudley, who had turned a deep shade of scarlet as he stared at his cousin's figure.

"How-how dare you—" Vernon seethed, but could not seem to manage to collect up the usual amount of fury he would unleash upon Harry if he had made such a retort. Like his son, he was momentarily enraptured by Eve's half-naked figure ducking behind Harry and into the bedroom. His small, beady eyes glanced lecherously at her retreating back.

"Right, Uncle Vernon." Harry continued, breaking the incredibly awkward silence. "Well, I would ask you for permission, but as you recall my Godfather – yes, that man I was telling you about – he would be very interested in seeing us at the… Quidditch cup."

"Fine! Say no more, you freak!" Uncle Vernon uttered, and then stomped off angrily with Dudley in tow.

"They will be here tomorrow at 1." Harry called at the two whale's retreating figure, then, grinning, slammed shut the door and turned around to see a beautiful sight.

His twin sister stood there next to their dresser, completely naked, her back turned towards him, looking for a piece of clothing to wear.

"What do you think?" She asked, turning around, her topless chest in full view, holding up a small, rather unflattering sundress that she had "inherited" from Aunt Petunia (more likely, when their aunt was about to throw it away).

"It's alright…" Harry replied honestly, trying hard not to stare at her chest and feeling a bit embarrassed, although he had seen them many times in the past. They had frequently bathed together when they were little, and over the years they had both seen each other naked on numerous occasions.

She sighed, looking at the ugly sundress and putting it away. "I know… it's not that great, but that's the only clothing I have still available, everything else is dirty or at school. Maybe I'll just spend this entire birthday without clothes." She giggled.

Harry's cheeks pinked. "Ahh – I don't know if that's a good idea…"

"Why not?" She asked, shuffling through the drawers to find something else.

Harry shook his head. "Eve you know we are both growing up… and developing… in certain areas… it won't be appropriate…"

Grinning, she sauntered up to him, shaking her cute little tush a bit. "What's not appropriate?" She cupped her breasts with her hands. "These? Pfft! There's not one part of my body that you haven't seen, and same with yours. We should be modest in front of others, but I like to think that the two of us are close enough that we don't care about that kind of stuff anymore."

Harry groaned. This was not something he wanted to get into a discussion about, especially while she was in such a state. His sister had always had more liberal views than he did.

"Okay, fine. Do what you want." He grumbled, snatching her towel and heading out the door. "Just make sure poor Dudley doesn't see you, he might actually faint."

He barely made it out into the hallway before a pillow hit. "Is that a compliment or an insult!" His sister cried indignantly.


Their birthday passed by mundanely. Fortunately, Eve put on some clothes, and they spent the day doing chores. Once finished, they went for a rather long walk around the neighborhood, talking about school, life, Quidditch, friends, this and that.

At Hogwarts, the twins had lots of good friends. Eve, being a bit more sociable than Harry, was best friends with Hermione Granger, one of the smartest witches in their year. While Hermione was book smart, Eve was smart and brilliant in a vast amount of subjects, especially Charms, although she completely failed at Transfiguration. She was also good friends with a couple of the Hufflepuffs, some of Ravenclaws Padma Patil and Lisa Turpin, and even was on good terms with some of the more normal Slytherins – Daphne Greengrass and Tracy Davis.

Harry on the other hand mainly stuck to his Gryffindor roommates as his core circle of friends. Ron Weasley was his best friend, and Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas were close as well. He was also very close to Hermione Granger – though she was more Eve's friend than his. Outside of that group, Harry wasn't very sociable with others. He was a bit more private since he was the one who had the scar.

When Lord Voldemort killed their parents, he turned his wand towards the innocent babies Harry and Eve Potter and decided to kill them. As Harry's crib was closer, Voldemort attacked him first, and the curse rebounded and destroyed Voldemort himself. So Harry was left with a lightning-bolt scar and became known as the "Boy-Who-Lived," while Eve became known as the "Girl-Who-Watched." (This was a joke that she made upon finding out that her brother was more famous than she was).

However soon they learned that their mother's love would have protected both of them, so if Voldemort attacked her instead, Evelyn Potter would now be known as the "Girl-Who-Lived." Regardless, the two of them were both famous in Wizarding circles as the "Twins-Who-Survived."

After they returned from their walk, they went to the kitchen and cooked dinner and Eve baked a cake. The Dursleys had gone out to eat – apparently they had completely forgotten that it was their nephew and niece's birthday, but alas, Harry and Eve were used to this by now.

Sitting on the floor in their room facing each other with candles and cake and food, the twins spent the entire evening eating, laughing, throwing food at each other and enjoying each other's company. Harry felt tremendously grateful that he had a twin sister to share his birthday with, his worries and hopes and dreams with, and that he did not have to face the world by himself, but that she was by his side, every step of the way.

"So Harry, which girl in our year do you like the most?" Eve asked, chomping down on the last bite of cake.

"Umm…" he stopped short at the sudden inquisition. "Obviously, you." He grinned.

She threw a grape at him. "Doofus! That's not what I meant."

He sighed. She was always asking him these kinds of questions. "I don't know. I think Parvati's alright."

She nodded, seemingly deep in thought. "I think you two would make a good match… hmm… what about Hermione?" She asked, then stifled a giggle.

Harry glared at her. "Come on. We are such good friends, that's not possible."

"Never say never! Hermione talks about you ALL the time."

"That's only because the two of you are always together, hiding out there in the library by yourselves gossiping about who's going to get the best grades this year." He stuck out his tongue to show he was joking.

"Fine fine." She said congenially. "I would be fine with you guys dating."

"Who says I need your permission? And what about you?"

She shook her head, looking slightly embarrassed. "I don't like anyone in our year."

"Really? So do you like one of the older students?" Harry asked, genuinely curious.

She shook her head again, suddenly very quiet, which was quite odd for someone with as much energy as Eve usually had.

"Don't be shy." Harry said, scooting over, rubbing her shoulders a bit. They always did that to make each other feel better.

She blushed, not looking at him. "I can't tell you Harry." It was very weird seeing Eve dodge a question like that, and it made him uncomfortable.

He shrugged. "Alright then." He glanced at the time. "Blimey, it's getting la-"

Suddenly, she was sitting on his lap, her face inches away from his. Her breath softly grazed his nose as she wrapped her slender arms around his neck.

"It's my birthday Harry. Well, it's yours too. But I only want one present this year..." She spoke breathlessly, looking at him in the eye with something he wasn't quite sure was love or lust or passion… or desire.

"Eve… anything…" He whispered, and felt his own heart pounding, the candlelight flickering against their faces.

"Just… look at me." In the dim candlelight, his sister had never looked more beautiful, her cheeks slightly flushed, and her anxious hazel eyes made her look more vulnerable than ever, so much that he just wanted to hold her and never let her go.

The distance between their lips dropped to zero, as her soft lips quickly reached his and their arms wrapped around each other fully, forgetting about the cake, the candles, the Dursleys returning home downstairs, everything.

For the first few seconds, Harry was shocked, but then those thoughts were overcome by the incredible feeling of Eve's lips, her adorable mouth, her scent, how wonderful her hair was, everything about her was simply divine. "Holy fuck." He thought, not quite able to comprehend what was happening.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, but was only ten seconds, they broke apart, and Eve, her face flushed, looked at Harry with an enormous amount of love and gratitude in her eyes.

"… Thank you Harry… for giving me my first kiss. I've always wanted it to be from you." She looked truly happy.

Harry did not know what to say, his mind was racing, but he nodded and smiled. "Same here... I'm glad my first kiss was with you."

Looking happier than ever before, she then began to clean up their empty plates and napkins. Wordlessly, Harry joined in to help her.

That night, the two of them went to sleep as they usually did, cuddled and wrapped in each other's arms. But first Eve gave him another kiss on the lips, this time just a quick, chaste one, and then snuggled into his chest and almost immediately fell asleep. Harry could only shake his head in amazement at his sister, and then, one hand on her back playing with her hair, lost himself to the land of dreams as well.