Chapter 14: Training, Tournaments, and Trysts

Around a month had passed.

Since then, Harry had barely spoken to his sister. The exchanges between them were awkward, distant, and sickeningly pleasant.

"Hi bro, I'm missing a sweatshirt still, do you think you can look through your room for it?" was the request one day when Harry was studying in the common room with Ron. Eve, Hermione, Lavender, and Ginny were walking by them on their way to the girl's dormitory.

Lavender and Ginny smiled at Harry, but Hermione's brow furrowed. Harry had no idea what Eve had told the bushy haired witch, but it did not shine favorably on him. He did not care either, being that his schedule was becoming tremendously busy.

Eve had a smile on her face as well, but her eyes told a different story. It was not easy for her to ask, as any interaction brought back painful memories of the days when they used to share everything together and were closer than the Weasley twins.

"Sure, let me go take a look."

Back when they used to sleep together – even now, a pang was felt in Harry's heart as he double-stepped to the boy's dorm – Eve had basically her entire wardrobe mixed with Harry's. From their underwear to their coats, neither cared about touching each other's clothes at any time.

The first few weeks after that fateful day when Eve declared them "only brother and sister," the transition period was difficult and awkward. Harry had gathered up the clothes he could find and handed them to Ron who gave it to Hermione who then gave it to Eve. It was easily one of the most difficult things Harry had to do in his life.


But while his relationship with his sister was falling off the deep end, his life as Celine Malfoy's dueling student was becoming almost absurdly glorious.

Once a week they met up in the Room of Requirement, where Harry would enter the room and see the two gorgeous blondes Celine and Olivia, chatting absentmindedly about school, boys, life and whatnot. Upon his arrival Olivia would be thrilled, and like a little puppy she would throw her arms around him, nuzzling her face into his chest and kissing him as much as she could.

Then, their lips locked and ferociously attacking one another, Harry would lift her up and carry her to the sofa, the two of them happy and content to spend the rest of the night like this, their hands running all over each other's backs and fronts.

This would last for about 3-5 minutes before Celine, feeling left out and pouty, would say something sarcastic to remind the two that she was still in the room, and that if they were going to continue this entire time she was going to leave. Begrudgingly the two relented, albeit in overly chipper spirits that annoyed the Malfoy heiress to no end.

Their dueling practice consisted of Celine going over the basic principles of dueling with Harry, and practicing drills in which athleticism and quick thinking were as important as raw magical power.

Much time was spent correcting Harry's wand form into a proper dueling position, something that Hogwarts failed to teach its students as none of the professors truly knew what true battle magic entailed, with the possible exception of Professor Snape and of course, Dumbledore.

This meant that most of the Hogwarts students would be woefully unprepared for any kind of real life dueling situation where no one would give you a second chance to think of a spell or incantation. Moves had to be flawless, accurate, and reflexes needed to be supreme.

Celine's love and passion for the subject was clear with every sentence she spoke – albeit still low ranked compared to master duelists, she had the potential to one day become one of the best in the world.

During one of their sessions, Harry was having trouble with a particularly complex set of footwork maneuvers. It consisted of a duck, shield, reaction, two steps to the right and then one to the left to throw off the enemy, followed by a dive to the enemy's non-wand hand side in order to gain a positional advantage, all within less than a second.

After failing to complete the maneuver under a second repeatedly, a contemplative Celine said, "I have an idea, Potter. How about this. If you can complete this within the next 15 minutes, I will blow you before we move on to the next exercise."

Though exhausted, Harry grinned. While Celine usually joined him and Olivia after their practice, she never allowed him to have his way with either of them until he had completed the exercises. This meant he was usually frustrated and horny throughout the 3-4 hour session, while staring at the two delightfully supple bodies that he so desperately wanted to fuck.

And her light dueling robes that offered little protection but hugged her body in a way that made him want to rip them off and ravage her did little to soothe his frustration.

"You're on, Malfoy. Be warned however, I won't go easy on your mouth."

She chuckled. "I'm not your sex slave. Plus, don't count your chickens before they hatch. If you fail, I'm taking Olivia back with me and you won't have a chance with either of us until next time."

Olivia looked ready to protest, but Harry waved his hand. There was no way he wasn't going to succeed, with or without Celine's attempts at motivating him.


Looking at her two lovers, Celine's lips curled into a tired, but satisfied smile. "I think we're done with lessons for tonight."


It was finally the day of October in which the other schools would arrive for the Triwizard tournament.

Indeed, for the week leading up to the arrival, all the students wanted to talk about was who the other schools were, and who from Hogwarts was strong enough to defeat them. Notes were compared, stories from their parents recycled and reconstructed in the most fanciful of ways.

"I hear the guys at Durmstrang have to smash a boulder with their fist in order to graduate."

"That's nothing. I heard they have to fight a dragon!"

"Have you seen the French girls at Beauxbatons? I think some of them might be the descendants of angels…"

And of course, there was one afternoon where the entire school congregated in the Great Hall to watch a series of dueling events that pitted 30 of the school's top duelists against one another, to see who could vie for the 10 spots of who would be able to apply for the Triwizard tournament.

As being selected would mean a magically binding contract, the professors wanted to ensure every single registrant would be qualified. Therefore, the tournament was designed to test as much form and expertise with the wand, as it would be to test if one could defeat their opponent or not. Just because one defeated their opponent does not mean they automatically qualified.

Many of the sixth, seventh, and even a few fifth years participated. From Slytherin, Pucey, Warrington, Derrick and Bole, (basically almost all of the Quidditch team), and of course, Celine. From Ravenclaw, Davies, Melinda Turpin, Marcus Belby, and a few others. From Hufflepuff, the esteemed Cedric Diggory, Michael McManus, Stuart Mckinley, and again, a few others that Harry did not bother to learn the names of. From Gryffindor, Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell, Fred and George Weasley both, Cormac McLaggen, and a few other seventh and sixth years Harry had seen in the halls and nodded to, but never exchanged more than a cursory greeting.

The duels were simple and extra precaution was taken by the professors to ensure the safety of all. Only hexes and jinxes and non-lethal curses were allowed, and the duels ended as soon as one direct hit was landed.

To Harry's surprise, Olivia asked him for permission to participate, which he gave. He was almost worried for her before the duels began, but he realized he did not need to worry. She easily outclassed most of her competitors, as did Celine.

"Woah, who is she!" "That's my sister." Theo Nott stated proudly to anyone and everyone who would listen. "She's been practicing with my father's Auror friends since I could remember." "Man, look at those legs. Theo, do you think I have a chance with your sister?" "Not in your dreams, Higgs! Olivia Nott, she's mine!" Miles Bletchley was still running his mouth claiming Olivia was his girlfriend, when in fact they hadn't made any physical contact for a month. Harry knew this better than anyone.

In fact, the two girls able to dispatch their opponents with such ease that they became the highlight of the entire tournament. In the end Olivia ended up losing to Roger Davies, but when Celine tricked Cedric Diggory into throwing up the wrong shield, she won and became the primary candidate for the Triwizard tournament.

Standing at the Gryffindor side of the audience, Harry heard many boos around him, the loudest of them being Ron who shouted amongst other commenters, "SLIMEY SNAKE!" "Evil bitch tricked him!" "Yeah, but goddamn she's hot." "Man, I'd like to have my way with her and show her daddy who's boss."

Looking around, he saw Eve, Hermione, and a few of the other girls. She turned her head and locked eyes with him.

For a moment, everyone else around them faded. His breath caught in his throat. He could not get over the fact that the beautiful girl he was looking at, was in fact his sister.

She gave him a wry smile, nodding her head towards the stage where Celine Malfoy was currently accepting top honors from Dumbledore and Snape for being the school's first ever, "Triwizard Preliminary Tournament Champion." Celine's expression made it clear that the trophy she held was worthless to her.

Eve winked at him, as if saying, you chose her over me. Congratulations. Or something like that. And then she turned away, and Harry felt a terrible feeling of loss sink through him. But there was nothing he could do.


During this period, he had grown closer not with Ron or Seamus or Dean, but with Neville. Harry found that Neville, despite being taught all his life to hate Slytherins, was still the most open-minded about separating the truly evil Slytherins from the ones who seemed decent enough.

As Neville confided to Harry one night, he actually had a gigantic crush on a blonde Slytherin. Ever since last year, when puberty began hitting him, he confided that he found one girl more beautiful than all the rest – and surprise, it was Olivia.

So it was one of those cruel ironies of fate that one night, Harry threw on his invisibility cloak and headed out to find his slave. She begged him to see him at least twice a week in addition to Celine's dueling sessions, and being unable to resist his gorgeous slave's pleading eyes, he obliged.

Sneaking to the prefect's bathroom near the dungeons, Harry waited around the corner, listening as Jasmine, Olivia, and a few other upper-year girls giggled and chattered with each other. Jasmine and Olivia then bade good night to the girls and left the bathroom, whereupon the two of them began making their way to the dungeon.

At that point, Olivia smiled at her friend and told her that she had left something in the bathroom. Jasmine nodded cheerfully and took her leave. Any casual observer eavesdropping or passersby would not give a second thought as to why the two Slytherin 5th year best friends would separate in the middle of the hallway.

Or why, as the Nott daughter turned the corner, she suddenly disappeared.


Neville was serving detention with Snape again that evening. He had catastrophically failed today's assignment, a paste that cured boils, that would be delivered to the hospital wing (if brewed decently enough). He added dehorned slugs instead of horned slugs, and the snake fangs he found were actually those of a raccoon. It was a typical Neville Longbottom potions disaster.

After wiping clean the counters and flasks of Snape's office for the umpteenth time, the irritable Professor Snape shooed him away and went back to grading third years papers, muttering under his breath.

Exhausted, but still hurrying to get back so he could finish his Herbology homework, Neville took what he thought was a shortcut back from the dungeons to the Gryffindor tower, but instead he missed a crucial rotating staircase and stumbled into a corridor he had never been before.



When the two foreign schools arrived, the school was abuzz.

The enchanting French girls of Beauxbatons immediately captivated the male audience of Hogwarts. Basically ignored were the boys from Beauxbatons, whom everybody imagined was probably gay, or at least underdeveloped in some way judging by how impossibly feminine they looked.

Meanwhile, the Scandinavians from Durmstrang impressively walked in, about a foot taller than most students, they towered around looking threatening, even the girls.

And of course, the instant celebrity was Viktor Krum, who walked through with his headmaster as if he owned all of Europe. Several Hogwarts boys, including Ron, dropped to their knees and bowed down before their great overlord, as he walked through their ranks, peering at each of them until his eyes finally reached Harry.

"Harry Potter. It is pleasure to meet you. My father is big fan of yours." Krum stuck out his hand, and Harry shook it, trying his best not to feel starstruck as hundreds of jealous eyeballs watched. Of course, these were the same eyeballs that stared at him endlessly 3 years ago when he had first graced their presence. Minor characters will always be minor characters.

"It's a pleasure, Viktor. Welcome to our school." Harry said, noticing out of the corner of his eye Celine, who was watching him with a calculating gaze.

Krum was not finished however. "Thank vou. You and your sister's story is known all through Europe. Vere is beautiful Evelyn Potter?"

Harry looked over a few housemates at Eve, who, blushing as red as her hair, was pushed forward by her giggling friends. "Stop- ah, hi Krum. Nice to meet you."

Krum took her hand and lightly kissed it. "So it is true, Vou are as beautiful as the goddess Freya. Truly von of a kind." At this, he followed his headmaster, leading the rest of his schoolmates into the Great Hall.

At this sight, the entire school was literally abuzz. It seemed as if all the females were glaring daggers at Eve, although Celine had a wicked smile on her face as she observed Harry and his reactions to his sister being courted by Viktor Krum in front of the entire school.

Ron and Dean were starstruck. "Damn, that's how awesome he is, he can just come here and talk to any female he wants!" "Harry I told you your sister is one of the hottest girls in our school!" Neville just stood quietly, not saying anything. But out of the corner of his eye Harry could see Neville eyeing him warily.

Harry was careful to guard his reactions. To be truthful, he did not know what to feel. Part of him felt jealous of the Quidditch star's flirtations with his sister. Part of him felt defensive and protective, despite the fact that he and his sister had not truly shared a conversation since the beginning of the year. And the other part felt hopeless, knowing that he had already chosen his fate. Who was he to stop his sister from seeing other guys, when he himself was plowing Celine and Olivia's fields on a semi-regular basis?

As the crowd moved into the Great Hall, and Harry walked with them, not really paying attention to his friend's chattering, he could only think that things were about to get much more interesting.

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