It was summer solstice, and the council of Olympians was all but ready to begin as the members waited for one of the most crucial people to arrive. Suddenly their attention was drawn towards the door of the great meeting hall as the earth shook and trembled with a familiar god's aura. And one thing that every member realized was that this particular god was very angry. Hera, the queen of Olympus, turned to her husband and raised an eye-brow in a questioning manner. She remembered her older and easy going brother had never been this angry, not in several centuries. And the only one capable of making the calm Lord of the Seas this furious was sitting in the throne right next to her, the famed King of Olympus, the ruler of the Gods, Lord of the Skies, Master of Lightning, none other than the one and only, Zeus!

"What did you do now father?" questioned Athena as she too was now looking at her father with a questioning stare, her gray eyes weaving the many possibilities that could have made the arriving man angrier than he had been in many centuries. Zeus himself turned from her wife to now look at his daughter; he could not believe that his deed was so easily discovered! He furrowed his brows as he remembered the anger that had consumed him when he had learned of his brother's deceit, and it all came boiling back as Zeus stood to tell the rest of the council just what had transpired in the last twenty-four hours, but before he could the doors were blasted open, and in came Poseidon.

The Lord of the Seas was expressing his anger in quite a spectacular manner as he floated into the room with a small but fierce hurricane holding him about three feet above the marble tiled floor of the council room. He had assumed his original Greek form as his black beard and long hair floated in an aura of unhampered and raw power. Poseidon's upper body was completely bare, his heavy muscles taught like steel and the pure rage on his face was enough to scare most of the other younger Gods off their divine behinds, while he just wore simple sea-green loose leggings that reached just below his knees. Hermes, Aphrodite, Athena, Hephaestus, Apollo, Artemis, Dionysus, and even Ares were quickly alarmed at seeing their easy going and calm natured Uncle giving off such an intense and angry aura.

"Get out," said the Earth-shaker in a low and heavy voice, which sounded more like a rumble of an impending earth-quake, as he indicated to all the gods with a massive and glowing trident except for Zeus and none dared to question his order as they hurried to comply with the order of one of the strongest beings in existence.

Hera gave her husband a sympathetic look before getting up from her throne. She stopped a few feet from the floating Olympian and looked at his stormy-green eyes, they looked absolutely furious, but there was deep sadness and anguish within as well. "What did Zeus do?" wondered the Queen of Olympus as she placed a comforting hand on the Sea-God's shoulder before speaking. "I do not know what he did," she said as she indicated towards Zeus with her other hand. "But I hope you will forgive him, there are too many Gods that are already angered by his actions."

Poseidon gave her a long look before bowing his head as he settled on the ground; the hurricane dispersing that was holding him aloft till now. He looked like he was calming down until he looked back up, and Hera took an involuntary step back, her hand shaking as she felt the intensity of emotions on her brother's face. "I don't think that will be possible anymore Hera," he said with absolute finality, there was no place for argument or change in that statement, and in that moment Zeus realized just how deeply he had hurt his elder brother in his pursuit of power, thoughtless fear, and baseless pride. "Now I suggest you leave before I…deal with my brother." Hera nodded and hurried out, not wanting to witness what she knew would be a quite humiliating moment for the King of the Gods.

As Hera closed the doors to the council room, Zeus finally stood up from his throne, and in a flash he was also adorning his old Greek form. He was wearing the classic light grey toga, showing off his muscular form as he stood just an inch or so shorter than Poseidon. In his hands he held a fully charged and sizzling symbol of his power, the Master-Bolt, and was giving off a fully unrelenting aura of stoic anger at Poseidon's intrusion into the solstice. Just as Zeus was about to question Poseidon, he was cut off.

"Why did you do it brother?"

"Why did I do…what?" asked Zeus feigning ignorance, farther infuriating the Sea-God who slammed his trident on the ground, cracking the tiled floor where the butt of the trident's hilt met the tiles.

"You know full well what I mean, and I want an answer," responded Poseidon, but surprisingly, the earth-shaker's voice had remained on the same octave. His voice hadn't risen even a little; it was almost eerily gloomy inside the massive council room.

"I did it because even after you sired the child, you kept it from us. I did it because every time one of us sires a child, it could mean the fall of Olympus. I did it because I don't want the rule of the gods to end because of your petty lust!" Zeus shouted as he took a step towards the older brother with every sentence.

"Lust? LUST! Is that all you think Sally meant to me?" roared Poseidon as he glared down at his brother with hateful eyes. "That maybe all what mortal women mean to you but to me they mean love, and you dare to taint it with your vile thoughts!" The sea god kept staring at Zeus, as the lightning wielder stormed past before turning to face him squarely.

"Think what you may, but your child will not be the fall of us Gods," responded the Lord of the Skies as he stared boldly into the roiling stormy green eyes of his brother.

"But that does not mean you will kill my love and rob my child, who is only six years old, of his sight," seethed Poseidon as he pointed his finger accusingly at his younger brother.

"Yes, it does," replied Zeus as he stood up straighter.

"So what does that make your own children?" asked Poseidon changing his tactics, as he realized that Zeus himself had two demigod children alive and growing right now.

"Thalia?" wondered the king of Olympus before he looked back up to Poseidon who had a wolfish smirk spreading across his face.

"No, I meant the other one too." Zeus expression changed from confusion to understanding realization before changing to anger once again.

"You dare—" Zeus started to say but was cut off at Poseidon's roar.

"Yes, I dare! I dare because that is exactly what you did to my son, and what you did to my love! I dare because this time you crossed a line that neither Hades nor I have ever dared to cross!" With each sentence, the God of Seas slammed his trident against the council floor, making cracks, small fissures, and chunks of the ceiling to fall off the majestic structure.

"You will risk the lives of your entire family just because of a mortal woman and her spawn?" spat Zeus as he turned his back towards his brother as violent lightning started to flash across the skies and a fierce winds picked up from atop the Empire State building.

"This spawn, as you are calling him, is my son and your nephew, and just like all other children of the Olympians, he deserves a chance at life and everything it has to offer," Poseidon said and this time he sounded so determined that the younger God turned to look at his brother with a disbelieving scowl spreading across his face.

"You are going against my direct orders? I am your king and you will listen to what—" again he was cut off as Poseidon flared his aura and hit Zeus full blast sending him sliding back several feet.

"You may be my king, but that does not give you any right to decide the fate of my children," hissed the Earth-Shaker staring coldly at the light-blue eyes of the Sky God. "You know brother," he said as he took a step towards Zeus as the latter one took a step back. "Since you are so scared of my son, I will make sure he never becomes a part of our world." The King of the Gods stared back with a baffled expression.

"If the boy grows up, he will become a Hero, there is no other way for Olympus' children, especially ours," he said indicating towards Poseidon and then himself. The Sea-God glanced towards Zeus but didn't respond as he slammed his trident one more time, this time using his powers to summon.

"Hades," he said, making the word loud and clear, and soon enough the eldest of the three Olympian brothers appeared. First a mere shadow formed on a wall before out strode the God of Death, he had a deep scowl on his face and annoyance was clearly written across his features.

"Why have I been summoned?" he asked as he looked, first at Zeus and then at Poseidon, but once again the Sea-God ignored the other occupants in the room as he summoned another person, their half-brother to be exact.

"Chiron," Poseidon summoned the centaur in a similar fashion but the trainer of heroes appeared, as he floated into the council hall inside an air bubble. He was placed squarely in front Poseidon before the bubble burst with a small popping sound. Instantly he bowed before the three Gods.

"Why have I been summoned, my lords," he said as respectfully as he could but the Sea-God waved his hand in the air as a dismissing gesture.

"No need for such formalities, we actually have need of your assistance," the Trident-wielder responded as the straightened up. Finally, Poseidon summoned one more being into the council room, a former titan. "Hecate," he said and soon enough the titan of witchcraft, ghosts, crossroads, and magic appeared in her usual form holding her torch. She too gave a small bow to all the three elder gods before waiting to be told why she was summoned. Zeus, finally realizing what Poseidon intended, turned to the Sea-God in haste.

"You can't do that?" said Zeus, his eyes were wide as he comprehended what his brother was intending to do.

"Why not?"

"Because it is insane, and it borders on blasphemy! The fates themselves are against such actions unless the circumstances are necessary," said Zeus, reminding Poseidon why the fates had condoned such an act only once before in over a millennia.

"Your actions have made such a move a necessity," said the Sea-God as he turned towards the others. "Hecate, Chiron," both the others straightened as their names was called. "I want—" he couldn't continue as his shoulder was grabbed and he was forcefully turned around to face the youngest of the three elder Gods.

"I will not allow this," Zeus announced vehemently as he stared into the eyes of his brother, reflecting the same anger that his green eyes bore from former being's own sky-blue eyes.

"You have neither the authority, nor the ability to stop me," replied the trident-wielder, again his voice was calm, which never belied the hidden threat that was more than obvious to all the others present in the room.

"Authority?" Zeus scoffed. "I have every authority, I am the king!"

"And as I said before, that does not give you the right to decide the fate of my children. But your paranoia and your meaningless pursuit of power will never allow you to see things as I or Brother Hades does," said Poseidon, as Zeus's head swiveled automatically to look at the eldest of the three brothers. The Sky-God was surprised to see King of the Undead giving the slightest, almost imperceptibly so, nod towards Poseidon before returning to his previous posture as a mere observer.

"You are agreeing to this?" asked the lightning bolt holding God in an incredulous voice.

"I do not believe that his actions are acceptable," Hades replied, as Zeus let out a sigh of relief. "But your temperament about the recent great prophecy and your inability to accept things as they are makes Poseidon's choice an astute one." The Sky-God's eyes widened at the response of his brother. Hecate looked from one Olympian to the next before looking towards Chiron with a raised eye-brow.

"Why exactly are the big three arguing?" questioned the Titan in a curious manner to the centaur.

"Oh, I believe that Lord Poseidon wishes to bestow the some form of the Mist enchantment to a mortal, similar to how we bestowed a Mist between the camps that keep the children of Rome from ever interacting from the children of Greece. The torch-bearing Titan's eyes widened as she realized what the Gods wanted her to do.

"But the Fates—" she started but was cut off as Chiron gave her a nod.

"Hence the argument," he responded. He turned back to see Poseidon, after having finished his reasoning, turning back towards them.

"I want you to place a heavy mist on a young mortal," the Sea-God said, coming straight to the point. "This is not a request," he added as he saw a look of hesitation cross the Titan's face.

"What form of mist, my lord?" asked Chiron, the specifications had to be accurate for any form of mist to be placed and this seemed that a complex one was being asked for. The Sea-God's face seemed to age visibly as lines appeared on his eternally ageless face, his usually calm and composed eyes showing turmoil of emotions. Heaving a shuddering sigh, he continued.

"A mist that will never allow the mortal to become a part of his true heritage. He is a demigod, my son. He is only six years old, and he recently lost his mother to a lightning strike," Poseidon gave Zeus a seething glare and even Hades' face flinched at the horrid accusation. "And lastly, I want his demigod scent to be covered too so no monster, or any other supernatural being who might want to harm him in the future may get to him."

"As you wish," replied the centaur before turning to Hecate, as they were both needed to perform the ritual. The torch-bearer seemed to hesitate, before shaking her head and nodded towards the Chiron. Slowly, both titan and centaur joined their hands and closed their eyes before Hecate started to chant in a language more ancient than even the Olympian Gods as power seemed to fill the entire council room. The air thrummed with an unearthly hum as the chanting took effect. The elder Gods stood around the pair as they fed their own power into Hecate's charm as a method of showing that the mist had their own approval and consent, even though Zeus felt anything but approval about the task occurring before him. The chanting went on for quite some time before Hecate and Chiron started glowing a light blue, signaling that the mist was taking effect, and after a few more moments, the duo stepped apart, as the glow around them vanished and Hecate gave a nod towards Poseidon indicating that her intended task was complete.

"It is done my lords, now if I have your permission, I must return to my duties," said the centaur as he waited for the Gods in the room to grant him permission.

"You may leave, centaur," responded Hades as he waved his hands and a shadowy darkness seemed to engulf Chiron before melting away into the walls.

"You too Hecate, I have one more thing to tell my brothers before the meeting of the solstice will officially be over," Zeus said, as the titan nodded before disappearing in a small waft of smoke.

"What else do you need?" asked Hades, annoyance and scowl back in place.

"First of all," said Zeus as he looked towards the God of seas. "Are you not forgetting something?"

"Yes," responded Poseidon as he held his trident up and closed his eyes as both weapon and god started glowing an intense green. "I, Poseidon, by my place as the ruler of the Seas, shaker of Earth, master of water, and the King of Atlantis, hereby forsake my son from all bonds that he may share from me." Poseidon's declaration seemed to have no effect other than him and his trident stopped glowing, but Zeus and Hades knew full well what had just happened. Poseidon's son, while he was still a demigod, had lost all his connection to his father and as a result all the benefits that came with being the son of the Sea. Now, he was nothing but a mortal in all aspects except for his blood. Before anything else could be said or done, the Sea-God gave one last glare towards Zeus before disappearing as the roar of a hurricane was heard before that too was gone, leaving the two brothers standing in sudden silence.

"I too must leave now," said Hades as too prepared to shadow-travel when a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Before you do so let me tell you something," Zeus took his hand off his brother, but the way he said those words, there was not a doubt in the Undead King's mind, that his younger brother was about to threaten him.

"What do you want now?"

"Now I know who to go after if anything happens to my son or daughter," the Sky-God staring intently at Hades as black eyes met light-blue.

Hi guys, I hope you guys liked it. I had this idea playing in my head for a while but I didn't get the time to think on it farther until just recently. So yeah, Poseidon, in his worry for Percy, decides that for Percy's safety, it would be best if he never came to know of his heritage as a demigod. Special thanks to Nitrogirl for helping me with the idea of this fan fiction as well as the name! This story would not have happened at all if not for her major help, so please give her some applause as well! Next chapter there will be a time-skip and we will see how our favorite hero has grown up. The story will start with Percy being 15 instead of 12 years old and it will start with high-school!