Percy slowly made his way towards a section of the gym that was mainly reserved for the wrestling team, but today there was no practice, therefore the rings and the mats were free for others to use. Though it struck Percy as somewhat odd that the entire place seemed deserted. It was almost as if no one other than the wrestling team used this entire gymnasium for anything, but the black haired boy didn't seem to mind as he took off the gray duffel bag he was carrying and pulled out a towel. He slowly made his way to the largest ring, it was set squarely in the middle of the big room and was standard in size. As he got in the ring, the sensation of hard boards under his feet sent a small smile to his face. He pulled on his gloves with expert ease before starting his stretches.

As Percy fell into the familiar rhythm of becoming limber, his mind wandered to the second day he had spent in Goode. He could tell that his display of physical alacrity during the dodge ball game had sent the student body into a buzz. His second day had been filled with people asking to and about him. He had been approached by many females that he had never met, been invited to parties by people he didn't know, been handed several notes that Annabeth had torn after a first glance, and was asked by several coaches to try out for their respective sports teams, which he had politely, yet firmly, declined. Many of the coaches did not take it well, especially the wrestling and the football coaches, but nobody could force a student into joining a certain extracurricular activity, so they had to grudgingly back off. The teen's only support had been his original friends as they had stuck with him the entire time, or he would have been terribly lost in these new experiences.

Percy stopped moving, as he had competed his stretches, and started to jump on the balls of his feet. He felt good; comfortable and strong, a fine sheen of sweat was covering his entire body, as he started his Katas. He moved from one movement to another, his form fluid and impeccable, he had done this more than a billion times in his life and it had been ingrained into his brain and muscles like hunting was to a tiger. As his Katas became increasingly complex, melding several styles into his own unique form of offensive and defensive maneuvers, his mind wandered once more. His physical practice was not only a way to keep Percy in shape, or a way to keep his senses and reflexes honed to their maximum, it was also a way for him to think. And think he did, his thoughts focusing on the people that had become his friends in the last couple days.


Annabeth was sitting outside the school in the nice grassy area that surrounded Goode as she was doing her homework. Her thoughts, though, were unfocused today as her worry for a certain black haired friend of hers kept intruding in her mind as she tried to focus on her homework. Annabeth, along with Thalia, Grover, Connor, and Travis, had been with Percy since lunch. At first, it was amusing to see Percy getting bombarded with comments of praise and especially the notes that he kept getting from others. Some of them were just more praises and a few were actually sweet and friendly, but most of them were outright inappropriate and disgusting. The ones that she tore up right after reading because she herself was ashamed of even thinking the things that Percy was getting notes of.

At lunch the same had continued until Percy had been approached by a large throng of athletes with their coaches. It was every boy's teams of Athletics that Goode had, and that was saying something since Goode's students participated in almost every kind of sports starting from Ping Pong to Polo (oh yeah people, it's a sport). And many people didn't think much of it, even though it was not an every-day occurrence, until the Football team came in as well. Now there were two specific sports teams were the best in Goode athletics, one being Football and the other being Wrestling, and they never went looking for members because most people would give anything to be able to join. Not only were the selection process incredibly picky, the practices and training of the teams were outright brutal. As a result, the athletes of these two teams were at the top of the social ladder and their coaches walked around the school as if they owned it.

The coach of the Football team approached Percy, and by now the whole school knew about his disability, so the coach wasn't surprised when the new student didn't say anything after seeing him. He had quickly pulled a chair and sat across Percy as he was eating his chicken tenders. "Percy Jackson, that's your name right?" he had asked as he looked up from the clip-board he was holding to see the teen in front of him nod. "Well, kid, today's your lucky day," the coach declared as a small smile spread on his lips. Percy kept chewing but his forehead crinkled as he frowned a little.

"Why do you say that?" he asked after he had swallowed his food. Many people started laughing, and even a few whistles went off as if it was the most amusing thing in the world.

"Why, he asks!" the coach said as he chuckled and the players of his team joined in as well. "That's because you will be playing football for Goode boy," he declared as he gave another broad smile, one that Percy obviously couldn't see. While all this was happening, the people that Percy had originally sat at lunch with had been rudely swatted away to make room for all the new arrivals, and all Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover could do was watch from afar as their new friend seemed to have a blank look on his face at the news.

"Holy crap," muttered Grover, if his knowledge was accurate, then this had never happened before in the History of this prestigious high school.

"Man, I already feel sorry for the kid," muttered Thalia which drew Annabeth's curious glance towards her best friend.

"What do you mean?" asked the blonde, her gray eyes were a-swirl, as she tried to decipher the meaning behind Thalia's words.

"Can't you see that he is going to deny, and once that happens he will die," said Thalia bluntly as Grover did double take to look at her while Annabeth just punched her arm lightly.

"That isn't funny," Annabeth muttered and saw Grover nodding vigorously from her peripherals.

"I am not joking," Thalia responded as she looked at Annabeth with a deadly serious expression. "He will not accept their proposal, that's for sure. And that will make the football team, the entire freaking team, look bad! Do you know what that will mean for Percy?" Thalia paused as Annabeth and Grover shook their heads, indicating that they did not. "He will become an outcast! People will look at him like a loser because they will think he was too pussy to join the team, and the football players will make sure that he never gets a single friend during his entire time at Goode. Not only that, but first there will be the beat-down that they will give him for rejecting the offer, and I am pretty sure that nobody will try to stop that."

"Whoa, we have to help him!" Grover squeaked, he hadn't thought that far but everything Thalia had just said made perfect sense.

"I know," Annabeth concurred as they both ran towards the throng of people and started pushing their way to Percy. Just as the two reached their new friend, they heard Percy's decision.

"But I won't," he said and almost instantly the laughing and the noises dropped, a complete silence descended in the cafeteria. The coach was giving Percy an intense look, his brows were furrowed and his face was completely expressionless. The football players were also staring at Percy now, some with incredulous expressions, and most with visible frowns of building temper. Annabeth grabbed Grover's hand and swiftly moved so that she and Grover stood on either side of Percy as if supporting his decision.

"Is that your final decision?" the coach asked after what seemed to be forever to the blonde and the satyr.

"Yup," Percy replied, he seemed blissfully oblivious to the animosity filled environment he had currently dropped himself in. The coach did not bother to reply as he swiftly got up before stiffly walking off towards the exit followed by his team. As the football team was exiting the cafeteria, the last, but definitely not the least, Goode sports team entered, wrestling.

"Oh shit!" thought Annabeth as the coach, and his wrestling team made their way towards their spot.

"Here we go...again," muttered Grover nervously as he gulped when the wrestling team's coach came and took the seat that the football coach had left behind. As expected, Percy's answer had remained the same when he was asked whether he would like to participate in the school's wrestling team.

Annabeth was drawn out of her thoughts as she felt someone sitting down across from her on the grass, she looked up to see Thalia and smiled before noticing that Connor and Travis were standing behind her talking amongst themselves. "Hey, where's Percy?" she asked as she looked from Thalia towards the twins and then back towards the dark-haired demigoddess.

"He's still at the gym," replied Travis with a shrug, they had asked him to come along and hang out with them after PE was over but he had denied firmly saying he had some necessary things to do before he left the gymnasium.

" mean to tell me that he is still in the gym right now, alone?" asked the daughter of Athena in a horrified voice, already thinking what could happen if the guy was found alone by the athletes whose teams' he had rejected only a few hours earlier.

"Yeah," said Connor before he put his arms defensively in front of him as Annabeth swiftly stood up. "But before you decide to skewer us with your dagger, we did make sure that the wrestling area was empty. There is no practice today so the place is completely danger-free!"

"You," Annabeth said as she jabbed her finger into Connor's chest, her gray eyes glaring. "Left him inside the gym that is used by the people that want to kill him?"

"Well...when you put it that way..." Connor trailed off as he gave her a grim look.

"I am going to go look for him," snapped the blonde as she hurriedly started collecting her things and shoving them in her backpack as Thalia gave a pointed look to the twins. She had told them that they should have stayed with Percy just in case, but they hadn't listened. It was only fair that now they had incurred the wrath of Annabeth because of it. The blonde stood up, slinging her backpack by using one of the straps across her left shoulder, before taking off, running towards the recreational part of the school.


Percy continued practicing as his mind wandered back and forth between Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Travis, and Connor. They had been nothing but good to him since the day he had met them and had been beyond expectations as far as companions went. A stab of guilt went through Percy as he realized that even though they had been honest and nice to him, he had never been truthful with them, not entirely at least. His first lie had been about his sight, he was not entirely blind. Because of a certain accident his sight did not work in the traditional way, but it was not entirely gone either, and due to his unique...status that he had been granted when he was seven, he had a way of seeing things that no other being did. His newfound niche, however, had enhanced his other senses beyond humanly possible and gave him a sonar like ability that allowed him to "see" through sonic vibrations in the air. This improvement gave him the ability to learn how to fight using extreme martial arts, and other various powers.

His second lie had been the fact that he was not a foster child. He never was and he never will be, he had exploited the foster system because he needed entry into the world that the humans had built, and as far as the world was concerned, the boy named Perseus Jackson was presumably killed in the same accident through lightning that had claimed his mother's life. The raven haired teen's muscles tightened beyond intention as thoughts of his mother crossed his mind, it did almost every time he remembered the, the murder, that had taken away the only good thing in his life from him. He knew who was responsible, and he knew why it had happened, but he also believed and realized why revenge was not his goal. And his third and final lie had been about being normal. He was not at all what people would call normal, in fact he knew that he was abnormal, and not in the way that people usually meant when they talked about 'special' kids or 'out-of-the-ordinary' behavior. He was different because he was a demigod. His father was an all powerful Greek God, though he did not know which one he was, and his mother was a regular human, Sally Jackson. And he hated his biological father with a riveting passion.

As Percy had been absorbed in his thoughts, he had continued to practice his moves, going from simple Katas to more and more advanced maneuvers until he was flowing from one to the next with the fluidity that even masters of the art would envy. In his thought induced practice, he had not noticed the many people that were now watching him as he continued to perform his moves, now more with feelings and passion than before. His muscle shirt was completely soaked, sweat ran from his exposed body in rivulets as his messy black hair was damp and showered droplets on the floor of the wrestling ring with every move. The entire cheerleading team was there, as they had been the first one to discover Percy doing his routines in the empty wrestling gym that they had booked that day for their own practice. This had drawn the attention of other students as well. By now, the entire school population probably knew where the new kid was and what he was doing.

Annabeth reached the wrestling gym just in time to see the members of the wrestling team enter the gym, and nearly had a heart attack when she saw just how many people were inside the gym observing Percy doing MMA routines, at least they looked like MMA routines. As the blonde demigoddess surveyed the room, she let out a small sigh of relief, at least Max wasn't there. Maximus Rudolf Kane, or Max was probably the most popular guy in school and was the captain of the wrestling team. He had apparently led Goode to win the state championships in the last three years and was probably looking to do the same this year as well. Now Annabeth did not know too much about professional wrestling, but she did know that if college coaches approached an athlete and asked him to play for their college and paid him in thousands to do so, the athlete had to be extra-ordinary, and Max definitely was. He was also the best friend of the biggest bully in school, Trenton Brax, or Trent, the captain of the football team and also the ex-boyfriend of Natalie Carson.

To Annabeth that was a good sign, if the captains of the football team or the wrestling team wasn't here then the wrestlers probably wouldn't do anything. That meant, if she could convince Percy to go, he would be out of here before the athletes decided to do what Thalia thought they intended. Deciding that in her current situation that was the best course of action, Annabeth walked straight towards the ring and boldly climbed onto it intent on accomplishing her intended purpose. Percy sensed another presence on the ring and immediately stopped mid-kick before flipping into a standing position. The blonde quickly walked up to her new friend. "Percy, what are you doing here?"

"Annabeth?" Percy stated more than asked as he clearly recognized her voice. "I am just practicing, why?"

"Oh nothing, it's just that we wanted to show you the rest of the campus, remember me and Thalia said we would do it today?" responded the daughter of Athena with a nervous laugh.

"You did? I don't remember..." Percy said, scratching his head as he tried to remember exactly when Thalia and Annabeth told him that they will show him around Goode.

"Well why don't we get going?" asked Annabeth as she tried to pull Percy off the ring so they could leave the gym, but he didn't budge. "There are lots of cool stuff to see, Goode's campus is quite big and there are places where students can hang out and have fun." Percy seemed to hesitate, which frustrated Annabeth even more.

"But why now, can't we go a little bit later? It's only like five-thirty now," the raven haired boy said as he went to the corner of the ring and picked up a towel before wiping his face.

"I know it's only ...wait, how do you know the time?" asked the gray-eyed teen as walked towards Percy before looking at her friend with a questioning face.

"Annabeth, I might be blind but I am not stupid," he responded as he gave her a small grin. "School ended at three fifteen, and I have been here for a little over a couple hours, it's not that hard."

"You're right," sighed Annabeth a little sheepishly, she hadn't meant to sound ignorant. "I didn't mean it like that, but please can we go now?"

"Yeah, yeah, just gimme a minute," replied Percy as he went back to the corner where he had a small work-out bag. He put the towel in and pulled out a bottle of water. Annabeth turned around as Percy drank, impatiently waiting for him to get down when her heart skipped a beat as her eyes widened. It seemed she was late after all. Max had just entered the gym and he waited at the door looking towards someone before he was followed by Trent and a few other members of the football team. Many of the cheerleaders swooned as the school's hero sauntered in through the entrance, his long and curly brown hair were messy but still apparently landed in the right proportions on all the right places. He usually never wore anything other than tank tops and in his right bicep he had the initials of the school tattooed in the school's official colors. His best friend, Trent, was almost the exact opposite of him in appearance. Trent kept his blonde hair down to a buzz-cut, and he was very stocky compared to Max's lean and toned physique. Max was tall where as Trent was of average height, and lastly Max had dark brown eyes where as Trent's seemed to be light blue, almost gray in color. Yet, don't mistake him for an Athena's child, no son of the Goddess of Wisdom could possibly be as dumb as Trent sometimes was!

"Oh dear God, why did it have to come to this?" wondered Annabeth as she gave a quick prayer to her mother before turning back towards Percy to see him lifting his backpack, but before he could do anymore, Max's voice boomed across the gym.

"Percy Jackson," he said, his voice and expression were amicable, though quite loud, as he walked to the foot of the wrestling ring. The black haired teen stopped moving at the new voice as Max climbed onto the ring by pulling himself up and over the ropes in a single and easy motion. "I have been hearing a lot of things about you," he continued once he was inside the ring. When it became apparent that he wasn't going to get a response out of the new guy, Max's lips stretched back forming a smirk. "How about we go a few rounds, you and me? What do you say?"

"How?" Percy asked as he came to stand beside Annabeth. "You would be able to beat me very easily. We both know that I am blind."

"Come now," Max responded as he stretched both his hand out as he looked at the others in the gym. "You are not as helpless as you are making yourself out to be, after all you whopped an entire gym-full of students' asses in a game of dodge ball, wrestling one guy shouldn't be too hard, right?" Whispering broke out among others in the gym as many students realized that Max's claims held true. Almost everyone present had seen Percy play dodge ball the previous day, and had also seen how he had beaten the entire opposing side nearly single-handedly and with ease. If a blind person could play dodge ball that easily then sparring would probably not be anything too much, especially after witnessing the things they had just seen him do.

Percy took a step forward as he pushed Annabeth slightly behind him but other than that made no motion, but it was a clear invitation for Max, who seemed to be grinning like his Christmas and birthday both came early. "So you agree, huh," he said as Percy still did nothing whatsoever to indicate he had heard any of it. Annabeth was growing more and more concerned for her new friend, stopping a single punch was one thing, but a whole sparring match? Completely different. The brown haired teen looked towards Trent and made a single motion with his hand, and the football captain pulled out a pair of gloves from his pockets and tossed it to Max, who caught it before he started putting it on.

"Annabeth," Percy said softly as he turned his head slightly, indicating her to get off the ring with his head. "It's fine," he continued when he noticed that she was not moving at all. "We will go see the campus once this is over." The blonde's head snapped to look at Percy's face at the incredulity of his comment, which surprisingly, had a small but serene smile on it.

"Fine," she sighed before grudgingly moving to the edge to get off the ring.

"Man, where's the Ares cabin when you need them?" Annabeth whirled around to see Thalia standing there along with Grover, Travis, and Connor.

"Where the heck were you guys?" the blonde shouted furiously once she finally got over her anger enough to speak coherently, her eyes were a stormy gray reflecting her emotions, and her brows were furrowed in an intense frown.

"Chill out Annabeth," Thalia said as she saw how angry the blonde was getting with her, and if there was one thing that Thalia knew about Annabeth, it was that you did not want her mad at you...ever. "We were coming after you, but then we heard Grover was in trouble so we went to get him before coming here as fast as possible." Grover nodded solemnly to confirm what Thalia said when Annabeth's gray orbs flicked from the direction of Thalia's face and towards the satyr's. The blonde demigoddess's face softened a little at that.

"Are you okay?" she asked the satyr, he was a dear friend to her after all, who responded with a quick nod. "I was just so worried about him that...never mind, just think of a way to get him out of the fight he has gotten himself in please?" she said as she looked towards the twins and then towards Thalia, they would know what to do, they had been in similar situations a lot more than Annabeth herself had.

"But why?" Travis said as he looked at Annabeth a little curiously. "Didn't you say yesterday that he could fight, I mean he did beat the crap out of us in dodge ball, so..." he trailed off, leaving his own thoughts hanging, prompting the gray-eyed teen to respond. But it wasn't the blonde that answered.

"Because we know that I wouldn't kick his ass without a reason, but Max will!" Thalia said as she smacked Travis upside the head.

"Ow! Geez Thalia, keep your hands to yourself," whined Travis as he rubbed his head tenderly.

"Dude, you knew this would happen," said Connor, trying hard not to crack up at his brother's expense.

"Guys, shush, look they are about to fight," said Grover as he hushed up the Stoll brothers in an irritated voice while pointing towards the ring. The Stolls stopped their argument as they too concentrated on the confrontation, it seemed that their wish was finally come true as both Connor and Travis had wanted to see Percy in action after learning that he had taken on Thalia, a feat that only a handful of people could boast of in camp and live to tell the tale!

Percy was standing stock still, he hadn't moved an inch from where Annabeth had left him after he had asked her to get off the ring. On the other hand, Max was already moving, jumping constantly on the balls of his feet as he moved to and fro around the ring and around his opponent for good measure. He knew Percy could feel his movements, anyone standing on the ring could, through the vibrations that were going through the ring's hard floor boards due to Max's own movements. Soon, the senior grew tired of waiting, he had been waiting to give Percy the chance to make the first move, but the new student was obviously not interested in taking it so Max finally moved towards his opponent, as he cautiously made a simple jab at Percy's chest. He swayed back, easily avoiding it, before coming back to rest in the same position that he had moments prior.

Max grinned, now at least the crowd watching knew that Percy was not exactly as defenseless as he claimed to be, and he had been given an ample chance at attacking his opponent first. It was time for the fight to begin, and he was more than confident that Percy would not pose much of a threat, only he failed to realize the extent of just how right he was. The five new friends of Percy held their breath as they four of them noticed the tightening of Max's calves, indicating he was about to attack, this time not holding back even a little. It proved true, as Max lips pulled back in a grin and with a sly gleam in his eyes, he charged. As soon as the brown haired teen got close enough, he first feinted to the left before swinging his right leg out in a sweeping motion, intending to catch the immobile Percy right in the gut. never got there as Max did a full three-sixty spin kick before stopping, a little confused as to why his body did not connect with anything solid.

He cut his eyes back to see his opponent was still in the same spot, standing in just the same relaxed pose that he was in before Max had moved in. So what happened? What Max had missed was, when he was in his motion for a full spin kick, all his opponent did was lean back, almost like a tree swaying in a breeze, as the attacking appendage passed Percy by harmlessly before he straightened up again. So it looked like he hadn't moved at all. While the spectators witnessed the flawlessly utilized evasive maneuver, Max missed it because his vision was not only on the opposing target, and as a result it left him confused. He looked up warily towards Percy but found no sign on his stoic features to give anything away. He started moving again, this time completely focused on his unique opponent and his seemingly unconventional skills.

"Max is at a disadvantage," Thalia quipped suddenly as Grover looked at her with an incredulous expression. Percy was the one with a ridiculously crippling handicap, and Max had the disadvantage!

"Yup, he uses feints extensively in all of his moves," continued Connor and Grover wondered why that would put Max in a disadvantage.

"While most opponents use only their eyes while fighting," Connor picked up the group's thoughts. "Percy uses all his other senses, which are extremely enhanced and is completely attuned to his reflexive reaction rate giving him little to no chance of falling for a feint."

"Can somebody explain all this to me in English?" asked Grover in a small voice as what Connor said completely passed him by without the satyr understanding a single thing that the Stoll meant. Annabeth gave him a small smile before she started explaining.

"What they mean is that Max's fighting style is useless against Percy," she paused.

"Why?" asked the satyr.

"Because," the blonde continued. "Max uses a lot of feints, jukes, and bluffs to throw his opponents off as he attacks the vitally weak, but not illegal, parts of the body to takes his opponent down in an efficient manner," Annabeth paused again as Grover nodded to indicate that he understood everything so far. "But this is useless against Percy because he can't see, as a result him falling for any kind of bluffs is pretty much out of the question because he is not using his eyes to see his opponent, but feeling every other facet of his opponent's movements to deduce where and when Max will strike him. Not where Percy might get hit, but where he will and dodges accordingly." The gray-eyed demigoddess stopped as she saw Grover form a small 'O' with his mouth before they both turned back towards the ring to see Max moving at Percy once more.

Max knew that he had picked more than he had bargained for...much more, but that didn't deter him from his goal, which was beating Percy publicly because he needed to learn that the sports teams were the pride of Goode High, especially the Wrestling and Football teams, and they should never be trivially dismissed like Percy had done to them during lunch. All the while the Senior held onto the assumption that no matter how good his Sophomore opponent was, he still was playing with a major handicap, and more importantly he was playing in Max's field where he held a hundred percent success rate for over three years. Therefore, some no name younger classmen was not about to show him up in front of the people of his own school. With this in mind, Max began his attack on Percy, this time he was going all out, no holds barred as he bore onto Percy with everything he had.

The crowd watched with growing amazement as their champion wrestler came onto the new guy with a vengeance, he came in fast attacking Percy with an array of extensive maneuvers which flowed from one move to the next in a combination of deadly attacks that would leave most in an incapacitated state. But the reason for the crowd's awe was at seeing Percy move around those attacks in an efficient and fluent manner, dodging, avoiding, and weaving around every move made by his opponent, like a dancer playing with his partner. He swung back and forth twirling, flipping, rolling, and turning by his opponent's attacks, almost as if he had practiced for this very show-down months in advance, and with the grace and expertise of a prime martial artist.

It was not just the crowd, though, that was left stunned at the nearly surreal experience of Percy and Max's fight, even the members of camp Half-Blood were staring at the match with wide eyes and open mouths. Never had they seen a display of physical excellence in the same level as they were currently witnessing, not even at camp and that was saying something! The children of Ares were notoriously vicious brawlers, aside from their natural tendencies to be hot-tempered personalities and aggressive temperament, their bodies were made to withstand rough situations, even more so than regular demigods. As a result, many of the Ares campers trained not only with weapons, but also their bodies. To be able to fight and defend against enemies without the need of a weapon was a very valuable skill to have, and this bore the result of witnessing many incredible hand-to-hand fights among those that attended camp Half-Blood. Yet, even those paled in comparison to the caliber at which the current fight was taking place.

"Damn," whispered Thalia once she found her voice again. "He really could have taken me out if he wanted to," the raven haired daughter of Zeus whispered, feeling quite self conscious as she noticed her friends were looking at the fight with the same expressions on their faces that she was currently feeling.

It seemed that the duel was finally winding down as Percy wasn't the only one now that was sweating in the ring. Max's full on attempts at assaulting Percy has also stopped as he now moved in very carefully and quickly moved back out, he was playing the wary game of a wounded predator. It has been slightly over an hour and still Max had not been able to touch Percy, and the new student had not shown even the slightest hint of retaliating. Suddenly Connor spied as Trent was starting to move towards the ring. "Dude, what do you think Trent is doing?" he asked after giving Travis a small nudge in the shoulder.

"Whatever it is, I am pretty sure it's not good for Percy," he responded before both brothers moved around the ring, intent on learning, and if need be, stopping Trent from interfering in the fight, that has been fair so far. The others from Camp also noticed and decided to follow Travis and Connor as well. But what Trent finally did, really surprised everyone, including Max himself. As Max was about to attack Percy once more, he felt a firm hand on his shoulder and was startled when he turned around to see it was his best friend.

"What the hell man?" surprise gave way to anger as Max realized that his fight had just been interfered with, and in front of a huge student body.

"I think this has gone on for long enough," Max replied, though he was keeping his voice low enough for only Max and Percy to hear. "You obviously can't beat him, and he ain't even fighting back. The best thing to do right now is to end it on a positive note. Make it a draw or it would be you who gets the business end of the wrestling coach's yelling." Max stared at Trent with a frown before turning his head from left to right to see the crowd, it was quiet, and everybody had expressions that said that Percy had already taken the spectators. Nodding, he took the towel that Trent was holding before waving him off the ring. He wiped his face before moving towards Percy.

"It was good fight man," he said as a small smile made it to his sweat stained face. Percy slowly lowered his guard. "We should do it sometime again, even though you don't wanna join the team." Max continued before giving Percy a solid slap on his right bicep and made his way towards the group with which he had arrived. The rest of the students started clapping and some even cheered, overall it wasn't a bad ending for wither of the students that fought today. Percy got off the ring and was instantly swamped by his friends and it was good because many more wanted to be near him as well, but luckily Connor and Travis saved him that fate as they took him by the shoulders and ran off towards the locker room before closing it behind them.

"Whoo, man you stink!" Connor commented, shaking his hand in front of his nose to emphasize his point, once they closed the door and locked it.

"I know," replied Percy with a small smirk before making his way towards the showers after picking up his duffel bag. Once they heard the faucet turn on, Travis came over and sat down next to his brother.

"Man, he knows how to fight," Travis said in a contemplative voice as the twins awaited Percy's return from the showers. "Even better than Clarisse."

"I know, maybe we should take some pointers from him, then pranking the Ares cabin wouldn't be as hazardous to our health, would it?" Connor responded as a grin split his face.

"You are right!" Travis exclaimed as comprehension dawned on his face before he too started to grin.

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