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Anyway, here is the third chapter - and I will tell you now that you probably will see another way I'm taking artistic license with the story.

Edited 12-25-15: This is the edited chapter. A few things fixed through it, as well as added, but, like with the previous chapter, it remains mostly the same.

The Special Evening Edition of the Prophet

Confusion rang through the Great Hall as dinner came around. People were looking up towards the staff table, which was missing Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, and the toad, as most of the school thought of her as. There was something strange going on, they just new it. After all, why else would the toad, and the three professors be missing, as they had been for most of the day.

"What do you think has happened?" Harry asked Hermione.

"I don't know," Hermione stated. "But I truly hope that it's nothing bad."

"Well, I wouldn't hope for that too much. After all, if we're lucky, something might have happened to the toad," Ron said. Hermione didn't even scowl at the thought of something happening to her. After the first three classes with her, Hermione did not consider her a teacher, and, therefore, labeled her the same way she had Trelawney – a waste of space in the castle.

"What I want to know is what were aurors doing here earlier," Hermione told them, remembering the several whom they had all seen before they were sent to their common rooms for the morning instead of to their classes. They'd been let out at lunch, but had seen no sign of the aurors at that point, and all had been pretty much quiet, with the exception of rumors that, as always at Hogwarts, were being spread through the halls.

"I can't help but wonder about that as well," Harry stated, but, before he could continue speaking, there was a loud screech as, for the first time since he'd been at the school, hundreds of owls made their way into the hall, going to every student there and dropping off a rolled up copy of what looked like an edition of the Daily Prophet. Confusion rang out once again as the owls made their way out. What was going on?

Hermione, like several other students, snatched the newspaper, unfolding it to see that it was a special edition paper. She read the story, gasping upon seeing what it was.

"Listen to this," she order Harry and Ron, giving them a look suggesting that they better listen.

Delores Jane Umbridge: Outstanding Citizen or Child Torturer?

This very morning, I received a very concerning letter from
one of the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
Wizardry. In this letter, the student expressed her concern
over the actions of Ms. Umbridge, describing what a single
episode of detention they had with the madam. They
informed me of the fact that Ms. Umbridge had them write
lines repeatedly, until their hands hurt to the point of being
unable to use it. While not completely alarming, as writing
lines is a typical punishment at Hogwarts, and some teachers
have caused hands to hurt from excessive writing in the
past, this time, the knowledge of the hands hurting, as the
main point of the letter was the fact that Ms. Umbridge
wasn't using a regular quill, but a Blood Quill!

As any wizarding citizen aware of the law knows, the use of
a Blood Quill is restricted only to blood required contracts –
in which a Gringotts representative must be present to witness
– and is forbidden to be used in any other way. A standard
five year sentence is carried for the mere possession of owning
a single Blood Quill without legal cause, the sentence being
added to for each additionally owned Blood Quill a person has.
On top of that sentencing, an additional sentence is carried
should the Quills be used without the supervisions of a Gringotts
representative, ten years per adult it was used on, and fifteen for
every child.

I have confirmation that Madam Amelia Bones of the Department
of Magical Law Enforcement has begun to look into this matter,
to discover if there is any basis to the accusations, though
Minister Fudge has reportedly been less than helpful with
the pushing for an investigation, as he has apparently tried
to order Madam Bones 'not to bother investigating this nonsense
when it is more important to search for the culprit of these
baseless lies.'

When asked for a comment, Madam Umbridge had this to say
about accusation: "I do not know which student it was that has
decided to spread these lies about me, but I assure you that I
have not done anything against the law. This is merely the
words of a disgruntled student who is accepting their detention
in a poor grace. Truthfully, as I have an idea of which student it
is, I'm sure everyone can agree with me when I saw that it's just
another lie from them, as they just want the attention."

Minister Fudge also had a comment to this outrage. "Ms. Delores
Umbridge is an upstanding citizen whom is a valuable member of
our society. That these baseless accusations are being made
against her is completely horrid, and the student who is spreading
these lies will be facing consequences."

Minister Fudge is not the only one who commented to the outrage.
Outstanding citizen Lucius Malfoy also had this to say: "Minister
Fudge is correct in saying that Ms. Delores Umbridge is an
upstanding citizen to our world. To see someone not only try to
drag her good name through the mud, but at the words of a
disgruntled student, well, it's completely horrible, and makes me
wonder how our wonderful world could become so turned about to
even suggest believing these lies."

More will be known once the findings of Madam Bone's team are known.

For the contents of the letter given to me, continued on Page 5

"Wow," Harry stated, grabbing his own copy of the paper, and flipping to look at the letter. It wasn't really long, and just said the main points that had been mentioned in the article, though he somehow got the feeling that there was something missing as well; well, besides the name, which looked as though it hadn't been written at all.

"I think it's safe to say that Umbitch is thinking that you're the one who sent the letter," Hermione stated. "Of course, considering the fact that you refuse to bring it to anyone's attention, I think it's safe to say that you didn't do it."

"No, I didn't," Harry stated. His eyes returned to the part about the Blood Quills being illegal. Besides it was a picture of what one looked like, and he recognized it immediately.

"Yup, that's definitely the quill she used on me," Harry stated. "I wonder who decided to tell on her."

"Whoever it is, they probably know the law pretty well," Hermione said. "I mean, I didn't know this, otherwise, I would have insisted that you send Madam Bones a letter about your detentions, whether you wanted to or not."

"I wonder what'll be said tomorrow," Harry stated, though he suspected that it would just be swept under the rug, doubting that Fudge would let anything happen to his pet bitch.

"We'll have to wait until tomorrow," Hermione stated.

Tomorrow couldn't come fast enough, but it finally did come. Harry and Hermione were among the first up – Ron choosing to stay in bed, as it was a Saurday – and they went down to the Great Hall, noticing that they weren't the only ones who had gone there early. They made their ways to the first seats at the Gryffindor table they could get, ending up next to the Weasley twins, Katie Bell, and Alicia Spinnet. Angelina Johnson appeared just then, coming and taking the empty seat next to Hermione while Neville, who had followed her, took the one across from Harry. More and more people came down, wanting to know what news would be coming this day from the Prophet, while those there were waiting patiently. Harry noticed, though, that those who were coming down earlier were ones with access to the Daily Prophet.

By the time the remaining two Weasleys came back down, the tables were packed, and they were forced to sit at the other end, away from Harry and Hermione, who were busy talking with each other, not realizing that they'd even come into the room, much to the disgruntlement of the two.

"There here," Angelina suddenly said, her eyes having been scanning the windows every few moments. Almost as one, they all looked up, just in time to see a progression of owls heading towards many people. Harry and Hermione both snagged their copies of the Daily Prophet, while Alicia, Neville, and Angelina did the same. Fred and George both looked over the shoulders of the closet people next to them as they read the headlines.

The Auror's Findings: Umbridge Definitely Guilty

As everyone knows, yesterday a letter was received by the
Daily Prophet about an accusation of Madam Delores Umbridge
using Blood Quills on students assigned detention by her.
Despite the objections of Minister Fudge, Madam Amelia Bones,
with several trusted Aurors investigated the accusations, and,
much to the surprise of the Minister, discovered a box holding
thirty Blood Quills in her quarters. When Madam Umbridge and
Minister Fudge were informed of the discovery, she attempted
to say that she was being framed, saying that a students must
have snuck into her office to plant the box as evidence after
learning of what she was being accused of. This statement
was quickly revealed to be a lie after the mention that her wand
signature being the only signature found on the security of the
box, as well as the fact that where they found it was in her actual
quarters, not her office as she said. The fact that she was the
only one aware of where her quarters were – a fact made known
upon her own mention if it – sealed the deal of her attempts to lie.

It was also evident that Madam Umbridge had indeed used the quills,
as one of the aurors had found papers of the lines written by the
students next to the box, as well as hints of blood upon the tips of
several of the quills. With this overwhelming evidence, Madam
Umbridge was quickly removed from her positions of Undersecretary
of the Minister and as the Professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts
at Hogwarts, as well as arrested. She was taken to a holding box within
the Ministry, where she will await trial, scheduled to take place in a few
days. It is strongly implied that Veritaserum (Truth Potion) will play part
in her trial, as she had lied in the past and the charges against her are
too high not to have it.

When asked to comment, neither Minister Fudge nor Lucius Malfoy
has anything to say about having been proven wrong about Madam
Umbridge, a strange fact when one considers their adamant support
about her having been an 'upstanding citizen' in their previous statements.

As for the students who have had detention with her, it is also implied that
they will each have to appear in front of Madam Bones for a short interview,
which will probably be used in court as well. Whether they themselves will
appear in court as well is not known at the moment.

At that moment, as the reveal of the sacking of Umbridge was known, loud cheers could be heard from almost the entire school. The only ones not cheering were the Slytherins, who had enjoyed the idea of the Mudbloods and half-bloods being put into their place by her. The Slytherins most upset over this change was Malfoy and his crew, whom had been aware of certain plans that would have allowed them to get away with doing whatever they wanted to other students that year would no longer be happening.

Once everyone had called down, they looked at the next front page article.

Cornelius Oswald Fudge: Will He Be Minister Much Longer?

In a strange twist, this very morning, the office of the Minster of Magic
was inundated with many letters, most demanding proper investigation
into the Delores Umbridge matter, an investigation that he still attempted
to keep from happening. Also mixed in with these letters were demands
that the man resign from the position, stating that he'd become useless,
clearly didn't care about any of the Hogwarts students, and was just as
guilty as Umbridge was in torturing them. As he clearly wasn't for the
investigation happening, one does wonder if he was ignorant, or knew
that it was true and really didn't care about the students, so long as those
he wanted tortured were.

As one can imagine, once word spread about the the guilt of Madam
Umbridge, the letters calling for his resignation doubled, and included more
than one Howler. The general consensus was clear in that many did not
have any faith in him anymore, and wished for his immediate removal of
the Minister of Magic post – a demand, one must note, that has not happened
since 1745, when the Minister of Magic at the time was discovered to have
been taking bribes from various other families around, and removed by force
from the position after refusing to do so, despite the demands of the Wizengamot
and everyone else. It is clear that Fudge has to be one of the worse Ministers
to have such a demand made when compared to the Minister of 1745.

When asked to comment about this, Minister Fudge refused to do so,
seeming to not have anything to say on the matter.

Madam Bones, however, did have something to say on the matter:
"I've told the Minister for years that some of his actions would eventually
result in what has happened, and I, for one, will not fight for him should
the Wizengamot decide to remove him from his post. He is a weak man,
easily manipulated by others, and petty if someone has more fame than
him and isn't on his side. We have need of a minister who will not be
manipulated, and who is willing to do what is right instead of what seems
easy. We also need one that is above doing such petty actions that
Minister Fudge has done."

As for Minister Fudge, with the troubles he is now, we here at the
Prophet hearby stated that we hope that he will resign with whatever
little bit of grace he has left, before he actually is booted from the office,
as I do not believe anyone will willingly let him keep the office. I know,
if it was up to me, I wouldn't, as I could not, in good faith, keep someone
who called a child torturer an 'upstanding citizen' in that office.

"Oh, wow," Harry said, turning to look at Hermione.

"What do you think?" he asked her.

"I think changes are coming, big changes," she answered, unaware of just how right she was about that. She just didn't know when these changes would take place, or what they would be – no one did.

Okay, there you go. This chapter - though it has been finished before I even posted the first chapter up - was the one that really took quite a bit of time to write, as I wanted what was said to be as close to perfect as possible, without being unrealistic - I actually had a part in where the journalist who wrote the article made apologies to Harry and Dumbledore for going along with the smear campaign, but took it out after rereading the chapter because it was too unrealistic. I might use it at another point, but there is no plans for it right now.

I considered having this two chapters at one point - again, before I posted up the story - but figured that it would be best to have the articles in one chapter instead. And, as I'm sure you can see, I took artistic license towards a previous Minister of Magic as well as Amelia Bones. I will admit. though, that I do not feel as though how I had Fudge put down with his comments are all that unrealistic, so I don't feel like I took artistic license with him.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed how Fudge basically digs himself a hole he's not going to get out of by not only supporting Umbridge, but also trying to stop her from being investigated by Amelia, and trying to instead have the person who told the world about what Umbridge was doing found so that they could stand trial instead of Umbridge.

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