Loki looked at Thor though his cage's walls as he ran his hands though his long hair. "Brother, we need to talk about your punishment." He told him. Loki scoffs at him and paced the floor.

"Punishment…being in your light is punishment enough." He hissed at him. Thor sighed and looked back at him; he was tired of this fight between wanted things to be the way they were before.

"What have I done to deserve this wrath of yours?" he asked softly, as if he was talking to a scared or injured child. His mother often said that Loki puts on a brave face but he is scared. "We were once close, once lovers, why have you become cold towards me?" Loki looked at him as he walked closer, resting his hand on the see through wall.

"Laiefin." Loki said, his green eyes dark as he said this name. Thor's head snapped up and he looked at him sadly.

"Laiefin? This is about him?"

"IT'LL ALWAYS BE ABOUT HIM!" The dark haired god screamed.

Thor watched as Loki fell to his knees and let out a shaky breath. He walked up closer to the cage and knelt in front of it. "And you think I do not ache for his loss? There was nothing that could be done to save him." He informed him; green eyes looking back at the blonde man in front of him dubiously.

"There is a boy on Midgard, he has black hair and green and blue eyes. I touched his arm and it turned blue, Thor there is a child on Midgard that is my blood and lied when they told us he was dead." He told him as he moved away from the glass. Thor sat there looking shocked at what Loki had said, and he then shook his head.

"You lie! You are a word smith Loki, and lies fall from your tongue as easily as you breathe." Looking back at the blonde, he snarled.

"My breath has been laboured since someone told me my son was dead." Thor watched him for a bit before leaving the room and walking away, feeling Loki's words heavy on his chest.

...On Earth...

Jem sat on the step of the home looking down at his hand. He didn't understand why it turned blue when that man grabbed his arm, why it had felt very natural to be held by that stranger. He looked at the bag by his legs and picked it up, looking at the Polaroid picture he took of the man before he grabbed his arm. He couldn't feel scared when he looked at the man, even though he had sent a mass of monsters into his home…home, funny word… he thought."Oi boy! Get in here!" a pink over weight woman yelled at him. He stood up and put the photo back in his bag.

"Yes Miss Channel?" He asked as he headed inside and had his bag ripped offof him.

"Stop your day dreaming. It is worthless for someone like you, all of you!" she said nastily, pointing at the other children.

"Can I please have my bag back?" He asked. She gave him a look of pure hate before she walked over to the fire place. "No, please." He begged as she poured lighter fluid over the brown bag and then struck a match. "Miss Channel, please."

"Miss Channel please! Haven't you learned that no amount of begging will help you?" She asked as she threw the match into the fire place. Jem watched as his bag was licked and engulfed by didn't move from that spot as he watched it go up in flames and he felt himself want to cry. "Now get back to work!"