Tony handed the drawing over to Loki. The dark haired god looked down at the drawing and saw the little boy looking back at him. "That's him." He whispered. Thor looked over his shoulders and down at the drawing himself, his eyes widened at the image of the boy he thought looked like Loki when he was young.

"How do we find him?" Thor asked.

"Well that is where it gets tricky. There are billions of people on Earth. Take out all the Chinese and whatnots and you still have a billion white people to search through. Of course, we can cross out anywhere but New York though we should keep an eye on other places as well. He could have been just visiting, but the fact is he's a child about 7 to 11 and the dark hair and left eye blue and right eye green…" The computer beeped, and Tony sat up to look at the screen. "Well isn't this your lucky day Loki. It seems we found him."

"Sir, the boy seems to be in a home for orphaned children."

"Thank you Jarvis. Send the address and photo to Miss Potts; she can collect Gem." Tony said, reading the name on the screen.

Loki looked at the image of the boy and then the name. "Gem." He whispered as he let it roll off his tongue. Thor watched as a smile formed on Loki's face. "I want to go and collect him." He said and Tony looked at him.

"I don't think I would leave you alone in a car with her." He said.

"If you had your way... Look I want to go and collect him." He said with an almost desperate tone. He then let out a sigh and rubbed his hands down the side of his face. "Please Stark let me go with your woman to find my son."

"Wow a 'please' and she's called Miss Potts or Pepper. I think it's best that she goes herself, alone." Tony told him. Thor stepped up close to the screen.

"Can't we see what she sees?" he asked and Tony nodded.

"Of course we can see and hear what she does! How else am I supposed to keep an eye on her?!"

Pepper pulled up at the house and looked down at the report on her phone. She frowned at the police cars and the ambulance there. She got out of the car and walked up to the police officer. "I'm here to collect Gem Smith." She said and the police officer looked at her.

"Don't you work for Tony Stark?" He asked and she nodded.

"I do but he's been asked to find this boy. His family has been looking for him since he was taken." She said, looking around. "What happened?" she asked.

"It seems the woman who owns the home decided to lock 3 children in the attic. One of those children has asthma and the dust irritated it." The police man said. "The boy you're looking for is over there." He said and she nodded as she walked over to the dark haired boy who sat on the steps looking down at the ground.

She walked over to him and sat next to him. She looked down at the boy. "My name is Pepper Potts." She said softly and he looked up at her, his eyes shining with tears. His eyes were and puffy from crying and there was dirt on his face where the tears had made tracks.

"I...I saw you on the TV." He said softly. She nodded and smiled.

"Yes you have."

"Y...You work for Iron man?"

"I do yes and he would like to see you, Gem." He looked up at her with silent questions on his face. "Would you like to meet Iron man?" she asked, standing up. Gem nodded and took her hand. "Is there anything you want to get from the house?" he shook his head and started walking with her as they got to the car.

Loki watched on the computer as they sat in the car. It was heart breaking to see his son like this; he should have been with him and been raised by him…and Thor… his mind told him. "Is this because my arm turned blue?" came the voice though the speakers. Loki looked back up to the screen.

"Blue?" Pepper asked as she handed him a drink.

"Hey what is she doing? No drinks in the fancy cars!" Stark called out but no one even reacted to his yelling.

"That man with the dark hair touched my arm and it went blue like his. It's not meant to, is it? Does it make me like him?" he asked innocently. Pepper looked at him and rested her hand on the boy's shoulders.

"I don't know sweet heart, would you like to meet this man again?" she asked and Gem nodded, taking a sip out of the juice bottle.

"He hid me from the monsters." He said. "I know he brought them here, but he saved me." He said .She nodded and continued to watch him drink his juice in silence.