Summary: This will be a (probably short) modern AU where Eren, Rivaille and the others went on a camping trip for a week out in the wilderness. What will possibly happen between the two? There's one thing for sure. Eren is certainly NOT going to fall in love with the grumpy midget and Rivaille is absolutely NOT going to let Eren get in his way. Rivaille X Eren, Jean X Marco, Annie X Reiner and maybe other possible pairings.

"Tch." Rivaille scowled in disgust, clearly not satisfied with the current situation. All members of the Shinkyo High's Scouting Legion have been forced to attend a camping trip out in the wilderness, if not, they'll be kicked out of the Legion. And that means, NO proper baths, DIRT on your boots, DIRT on your hands, DIRT in your hair, DIRT EVERYWHERE!

"Sir, may I bring a bathtub along with me?"

"Levi, you ask me this question everytime we go for a trip."Their commander, Irvin Smith raised an eyebrow at the Corporal of the Scouting Legion. "How can you possibly carry a bathtub when we're canoeing, jungle trekking, mountain climbing and so and so?"

Rivaille snorted and sat back down onto his chair, emitting a dark aura that made the other members flinch at the sight of their raging corporal. Eren in particular, who didn't even went on a camping trip before shuddered at the thought of getting eaten by a humongous shark.

"I know what you're thinking Eren, there are no sharks in rivers." Mikasa, who was sitting beside him patted him on the head, knowing exactly what was going on in his step brother's mind.

"Gah, I-I'm not thinking about that!" Eren jerked away, lips drew into a pout.

" we get to barbeque? Meat...Ehehehhe..." Sasha began drooling, which received a death glare from their neat-freak corporal.

Rivaille crossed his arms in front of his chest and sighed. How are we even going to complete this trip with all these idiots? Some don't even know how to patch a tent or light a damn fire!

Irvin noticed the abnormal behaviours of his fellow scouts and let out a small chuckle then sighed. It wasn't an everyday thing that you get a 'every scout member has to attend the trip or they will be kicked' notice. Usually camping trips were held by the Scouting Legion itself and only members who were willing to attend wil participate. But includes freshmen as well.

"Okay now." Rivaille slammed the table hard. "You all newbies better behave yourselves. We'll depart from school tomorrow at 6 a.m. sharp. Gather all your belongings like sleeping bags or mosquitoe sprays or whatever. I don't want anybody, to miss out anything that is written on the paper. Am I clear?"

"Yes corporal!" All the scouts saluted, some excited whilist some were pouting.

"Oh, and one last thing." Irvin stood up abruptly, making the scouts bob their head. "You all will be assigned into groups, listen carefully."

Rivaille closed his eyes and shuddered at the thought. During their last camp, he had been put together with that science-freak, Hanji Zoe. Oh freaking titans she was goddamned annoying.

"Aaaaahhh~~~~Look at thiis BUG! It's INVISIBLE i almost missed it! Levi look!" Hanji put the bug on her hand and held it close to Levi's face, making him jerk back in response. He'd always has a thing for bugs. They're just...the most disgusting things that ever existed on this planet.

"Get that SHIT away from me HANJI!"


"I'LL SPRAY MY INSECT KILLER ON IT IF YOU DON'T" he raged on, proceeding to take out the bottle of poison from his backpack.

"OH PLEASE NOOO! Go away little guy, save yourself, gooodbye!" Hanji was on the verge of tears as the weird-looking insect flew away. "I know we'll meet again! We're bound by the strings of fate!"

Levi facepalmed.

The whole troop had to stop and wait for the red-head as she was fascinated by all the stupid bugs around her and even pleaded to take them home. Disgusting.

"Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlet"

"Why Isn't Eren he-"

"Annie Leonhardt, Reiner Brans, Bertholdt Fulbar"


"Christa Renz, Ymir"

"Aw yeah Christa!" *hugs Christa

"Sasha Braus, Connie Springer"

"Woohoo! But hey! Don't steal my food okay?"

"Jean Krischtein, Marco Bodt"

"T-thats fine..."

"Petra Ral, Erd Gin, Gunter Shulz"

"Same team again!" *highfive

"Auruo Bossard, Hanji Zoe"

"Wait Commander Irvin! What the fu-"

"Eren Jaeger, Rivaille"


Eren clenched his head ever so tightly and gaped his mouth wide open, suffering from a mental breakdown. He peered over at his corporal who was staring daggers at him. I'll die so young! I'm not even twenty!

"That's all for today. Dismiss" Irvin tapped his documents and walked out of the classroom they've been using. He peered over at Rivaille who was as stiff as a cactus, as if he was waiting Irvin to make a wrong move and he will prance on top of him and knock him unconscious. That boy was solitary and had an attidude, resulting him with no friends. Not that he'll want any though.

"Haaaa..." Eren yawned and covered his mouth with his hand and pulled up his turqiose scarf to shield his nose from the cold. Well, it's autumn. Fucking chilly as hell and they'll have to go scouting. Not to mention it's 6 a.m. in the morning! That'll double the freezing cold out here. Eren grunted in annoyance. Irvin asked them to sit beside their own group members while they board the bus to their camp site, much to Rivaille's dismay, of course. The raven-haired teenager hissed while Eren started to nod off. This stupid little brat, doesn't even know his place.

"Alright scouts! We're leaving! Double-check to make sure that you didn't leave anything behind!" Irvin shouted and held up a checkboard to count all the scouts present. After making sure that everybody made it onto the bus, he signalled the bus driver to leave.

Rivaille covered his face with a bluish-grey scarf, tucking his hands into his black GAP hoodie to keep him warm. Sure they'll have to change into a set of scouting clothes afterwards, and he wasn't going to make his precious clothing dirty. As always, he brought a secret stash of soap with him, just in case. He glanced over at the "fishing" brunet beside him. His brown hair was really messy, maybe to the fact that he didn't comb it just now or whatever. He looks so childlike , he thought. It wasn't before Mikasa scowled at him that he realize that he was actually leaning closer and closer to the sleeping boy. Letting out a soft grunt, he sat back against his seat and squeezed his earphones into his ears, obliovious to the fact that he was nodding off as well.

"Eheheheehe...oh my god this will be such a gooood catch." Hanji tip-toed over to the two sleeping boys and held up her prized camera. Rivaille had his head leaned on Eren shoulder, gently snoring with Eren's head attached on top of his. Hanji smirked evilly and caught a few pictures of them, then hurriedly tip-toed back to her seat and let out muffled laughs. Armin was practically restraining his fuming childhood friend beside him, muttering a few words like, "Just leave them be Mikasa...the corporal will kill you if you wake him up..."

"Ughh...did I fell asleep?" Eren rubbed his eyes and yawned, slowly opening his swollen eyelids. Why do I feel so heavy? He turned his head to his left, eyes widening and froze every vein in his body. There the raven-haired teenager was, sleeping soundly while having his head leaned on Eren's shoulder, acting it as a comfortable cotton pillow. Oh my titan god...what should I do? He glanced around his friends around him, who were greeting him with playful smirks and had their phones pointed at him. A reddish blush crept over his cheeks as he held his hand over his face, avoiding the shots. He gently spun around and met eye to eye with Mikasa, who gestured to push the corporal away, which Eren responded by shaking his head violently. He adamantly peered at the sleeping corporal beside him. His face was so irenic, with his chest moving up and down in a slow rhytm. His silky black hair brushed against Eren's cheek and neck, making him slightly ticklish as he brushed the hair away. What am I doing? Should I push him away? Or simply wait for him to get up?

A single bump that made the bus jump jolted Rivaille up from his sleep, his head crashing into Eren's chin which made them yell in pain.

"What the-Eren!" Rivaille hissed angrily, his hand massaging the small bump on his head.

"N-not my fault corporal!" Eren raised his hands as he stammered, hoping that the senior won't kill him.

Rivaille snorted and massaged his temples, unaware of Hanji at the back who was scrolling the pictures in her camera and laughing maniacally. He peered at the other scouts and found them staring back at him as well, muffled chuckles escaping beneath their hands. Why the hell are they laughing? He leaned back against his seat and looked at the brunet beside him, who quickly jerked his head away, hiding the blush that crossed his features.

"Oi, Eren. What are they laughing about?"

The tanned boy panicked while he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, struggling for words. "W-what?"

"I demand you to tell me"

Uh oh. This is not good. Rivaille was shooting him a death glare, the kind that would pierce through your own skull without you realizing it.

"Uhmm..." Eren stammered, playing with his fingers as his tongue twisted. "Y-you fell asleep on my s-shoulder."

Eren paused and took a deep breath, holding it while waiting for his senior's answer. Much to his suprise, the corporal didn't seem to have moved a muscle.

"Well, I don't know why they're laughing from this fact," Rivaille shifted himself to seat upright. "You'll make a good pillow."

What the fuck?

Eren began to blush furiously at his coporal's earlier statement. What does he mean?



"Do you know how to patch a tent?"

Eren's blood froze. He knew well that being together in a group means that they'll have to work together as a team. But he doesn't even know what a tent really looks like.


"Well, you piece of shit." his corporal crossed his arms and plugged his earphones in, ignoring the brunet.

Well, I'm fucked.

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