Since RivailleXEren is my OTP so I'll be focusing mainly on this couple. Actually I don't ship any of the other characters in the story except SashaXConnie.


"Okay scouts! We're here! Please gather all your belongings and watch your fe-Levi, what is that?" Irvin pointed at the turtle shell behind Levi.

"Oh this? My bathtub."

Irvin rolled his eyes and massaged his forehead. "I thought I said that you could not bring one."

"Why the hell not?" Levi gritted his teeth at the thought of him not being able to take a proper bath for seven days. "It's just a big basin afterall, I won't stand having myself bath in the hellish river with all these stinky jerks." he pointed his finger towards the other members. "For SEVEN days."

"You know Levi, I'm suprised at how you even win all those scouting awards."

"Thanks for the compliment."

Everybody got down the bus and cracked their joints. It had been a long journey on the bus, which this was actually, the furthest camping location that Levi had come across. Well, he should be quite thankful enough to whoever the fuck who forced this trip on them, who was also probably thinking that all scouts were like Tarzan.

Levi shook his head almost too violently after he pictured himself wearing just an underwear and swung around the whole jungle.

"Haah..." Eren put up a hand over his mouth and yawned. "Corporal, where are we going now?"

"To Narnia." Levi rolled his noir eyes.

Eren stared at him blankly, his eyes narrowed into a silt. "Oh how exciting. Did you bring an art frame with you?"


Irvin clapped his hands and blew his whistle, catching everyone's attention. "We're heading to the campsite, stick on the forest trail, and don't wander around!"

Levi caught a quick peer at Eren, who's face was starting to turn a bit pale. Ever so softly, he sneaked up behind Eren and whispered, "There are going to be large jaguars and tigers...and snakes..."

"Gaahhh!" Eren jerked up and hugged Mikasa who was glaring intensely at the shorter male. "Don't scare me like that!"

"Yeah. Shorty. If you do that again I'll feed you to the cheetahs."

Levi twitched an eyebrow. Who was she to call him short? Well, arguing with her would just lower his rank.

"I'd like to try out cheetah meat."

"Tch!" Mikasa clicked her tongue, firing Levi an ablazed look. As if Levi gives a shit, which he does not.

The group traveled on the dirt path in Indian-file, careful as not to step away from the path. The camp site was unreachable by vehicles, this was the law. All that commotion about global-warming has made the government and authorities savage all the forests they could save, and turned them into national parks. Roads were banned at a point, so anybody who wants to camp or visit would have to walk on foot. Close to Nature! Feel Nature! They said.

Each of the scouts walked in front or behind their group members, and there were constant chatting along the way. Eren tilted his head upwards to glance at the tall, looming trees which were so big that they were literally covering up the sky, leaving a few spaces for the sunlight to stream through.

"Look, Eren, at all these big-ass trees." Levi spat sternly. "Who knows if there are actually man-eating giants lurking behind them."


Heh. Levi smirked evilly. This brat's a coward.

They continued to trek on the dirt path with Levi's constant jumpscares. Though, the dirt mattered more to Levi than Eren as Eren heard him curse for the fiftieth time that day for getting mud on his boots. He was walking in a somewhat weird pattern which he tiptoed and THAT, really made Eren's mouth gape wide open at the thought 'he looks silly'.

"We're finally here!" Irvin sighed and rubbed off a few beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

The scouts stared in awe at the sight before them. A field of luxuriant grass spread freely, with no trees and lumps of dirt making it uneven. Connie and Sasha jumped and fist-pumped the air, before running out and rolled idiotically on the grass. Tch. How disgusting. Levi shuddered at the sight before him. There would be a hell lot of germs, not to mention ants, or beetles, or...

"Uhm, Corporal?" Eren tugged at Levi's sleeve, much to his abhorrence. Levi sent Eren a warning glare, making the brat flinch and let go of his shirt. "What is it?"

"Irvin called us to set up our tents and stuff." Eren stammered, repeatedly brushing his palms together. Levi could tell that this brat was nervous, judging solely by his expression and not his actions. He and Eren walked towards a space where it's more likely to be free from sunlight and settled down, unwrapping their belongings one by one and laid them out. The other scouts did the same too and took a rest when they were done. It was already 10.00 a.m. when they reached there, thankfully it was near autumn and the weather was chilly.

"Hmmm..." Levi glanced at his watch then at the brunet beside him. He was sitting with one leg crossed over the other, with his arms slumped back and head facing the sky. Although it's only in the early autumn, the plants were already starting to turn orange and yellowish. The leaves flew around accompanied by the soothing wind that blew them, creating an endless pour of red, orange and yellow. "Eren."

"Yes?" the brunet spun his head around to meet his gaze.

"What do you think about me?"

"Umm..." Eren held his chin between his thumb and index finger, his eyebrows furrowed as to work up with an acceptable answer. "Scary?"

"Tch." Levi looked away from his group member and laid down onto the grass, his hands tucked behind his head. "Why I think of you as idiotic."

"Geez, thanks corporal." Eren pouted and mimicked Levi's actions, rolling his eyes to glance around at the other scouts. Sasha and Connie were to their right, having some trouble nailing down the posts. Mikasa and Armin were to their left, and Eren caught sight of his step sister glaring daggers at the man beside him. Hanji and Auruo were across them, with Hanji examining a quite funny looking bug which settled on their tent.

"Erm, corporal?" Eren poked the raven-haired man, earning a dark glare from him. "We haven't patch our tent yet. "

"Well patch it then."

"I-I don't know how..."


Eren pouted and exhaled a quick breath though his nose. If he doesn't teach him, how would he know?

"Won't you teach me?"

"No. I refuse to teach brats." He turned his back so that he was facing away from Eren, placing a cloth beneath his head to avoid being in contact with the grass.

Well, so much for asking.

Eren walked over to Mikasa and Armin, attempting to ask for help. He glanced over at his corporal, hoping that he would get up and patch the tent together with him but he still laid there, not moving a muscle. Eren sighed and blew a huff of air into his scarf, then walked over to where the two were standing at.

"Mikasa, Armin, could you teach me how to patch a tent?" Eren scratched his head and chuckled nervously.

Mikasa threw a glare at the man who was sleeping on the floor. "This damn midget trying to get all high and mighty with my Eren, I'll just give him a few kicks..."

"No! Mikasa!" Armin restrained his raging friend as Mikasa struggled to break free. "You'll get killed!"

"Tch. I don't see how I'll be losing to a person who's only 160cm tall."

"Ackerman. I command you to watch your words." The trio gasped as the corporal stood up and brushed some grass off his shirt. The raven-haired teenager walked towards them, then dragged Eren away by the collar. He smirked as he saw Mikasa grinding her teeth like a female bulldog and Armin's chihuahua-like terrified face. "Okay Eren, I'll teach you."

"Wha-what? Really?" Eren's eyes lightened up.

Oh my god...he looks like a pomeranian or some shit.

"No, I'm kidding." he peered over at Eren who's expression changed 180 degrees, then rolled his eyes at the boy. "If I said I'll teach you, means I WILL teach you. I don't like repeating myself."

"Oh, haha! I'm sorry corporal!"

Levi and Eren began by taking out the un-assembled dome tent, then laying out the parts in front of them. The senior glanced at Eren who was looking at the instruction paper curiously, with that particular look which he has one eyebrow raised and another eye smaller.

Levi pulled Eren's pinna and hissed. "Hey. Eren. What do you eat when you're growing up?"

"Uhm. Milk?" Eren clutched his ear tightly with one eye shut, fretting from the pain.

"No, I think you eat rocks and dirt. The instruction panel is upside down."

"Oh crap!"

Eren frantically turned the paper upright, feeling a sudden blush creeping over his cheeks. God dammit, my pride. Minus 10.

"Okay Eren, now lay out this tarpaulin here and smooth it out." Levi doesn't seemed to be amused in the slightest.

"Uhh...this?" Eren pointed at the blue colored sheet, throwing a questioning glance at Levi.

Levi rolled his eyes again and placed his palm on his face. "Could you please, stop stating the obvious? Doesn't the other materials look like a 'tarpaulin' to you?"

"I'm sorry!"

Eren smoothed the ground sheet and rolled all over it, much to Levi's abhorrence. He went over and gave a kick to the boy, which yelped in pain clutching his sides. After a few more scowls and scoldings, they finally managed to get the poles snapped into place, ready for use. It was still a pain though, as the next part was a real burden for someone as clumsy as Eren.

"Eren, hear closely. Slide these into the tent sleeve and to the other side, got it?" Levi grabbed one of the poles and did the other side of the tent, demonstrating the proper way of doing it. He had to be careful while in the middle of it, as he will probably fall forwards and toppling the tent. Eren watched closely and trailed Levi's every move. It looks easy, I think I can handle it.

"Okay Eren. You've caused us some problems here, the pole snapped. I didn't even think that it was possible." Levi twitched an eyebrow in annoyance while sitting on Eren's stomach, glaring hundreds of daggers into the turquoise-eyed lad. Eren was utterly terrified, his teeth gritted and beads of sweat trailed down his cheeks. He was so sure that he would get it right that time, but he stumbled on one of the poles lying on the ground and then...this happened.

"We don't have a spare tent."

"Where are we going to find one?"

"How are you going to pay for this?"

Levi spat thousands of questions onto Eren's face which choked him. It's true that they would have no place to sleep, but what could possibly happen? They still have their sleeping bags, right?

"I know what you're thinking you little shit. But at night the wind will be as strong as hell, you think we can bear it just by sleeping in sleeping bags?" Levi tugged at Eren's collar, his gaze fixed on the boy before him. It was a mistake for trying to teach the brat, he could've just done it himself instead. Suddenly a thought came to his mind. What if...

"Irvin! Do you have some duct tape with you?" Levi called out as he lifted himself off Eren. He walked towards the blond-haired man and crossed his arms. "Eren there broke the pole. Pathetic little shit."

"Luckily for you. Yes." Irvin smirked and tossed the roll to the corporal. "Having fun aren't you?"

"What the hell do you mean?"

"You're never so pumped up with somebody before." Irvin chuckled.

Levi fired a glare towards the man, ignored his ludicrous statement and walked away in the opposite direction. Was I carried away? I could've thought of this sooner.

Eren noticed his corporal walking back towards him, with he quickly flinches and proceeded to occupy himself with other jobs such as checking his bag for supplies. Levi glared at him and sighed, grabbing the pole and fixing it in two shakes of a lamb's tail. He continued setting up the rest of the tent while constantly throwing glares at the younger male. They were the last group to complete their set up, with everybody else waiting for the commander's command for their next activity.

"Okay, we're done. You happy now Eren?" Levi pulled Eren by the ear and earned a slight whimper from the brunet. "Get ready your things brat, our next stop will be canoeing."

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