Mirror's doing {Chapter 1: Law meets someone}

Summary: Law met someone, someone that does not belong to the same world. What would become of that person, now that he is here? Law certainly is not like his usual self towards this person. Events that are not likely to happen eventually happen.

Warning: YAOI [GuyxGuy]; Unbeta'd

Disclaimer: One Piece does not belong to me.

A/N: I didn't want to spoil the surprise but if I don't put that warning there, people will go hating. They'll complain about me not placing the warning there in the first place and leading them to read this fic of mine. At least, that's what I think they'll do. Anyways, this was written to a very special person of mine. I'VE FINALLY UPLOADED THIS AFTER A LONG PERIOD OF MOPING. I'M SO SORRY THAT THIS IS VERY SHORT. QAQ


'Did something hit the submarine?' Law thought, grumbling. He went out of his room and checked what has happened. His crew was seen panicking. 'Did the marine find us?'

"Oi! What happened?!" Law demanded.

"C-captain! We're not sure what happened! We heard a bam and immediately came to check but there's nothing out there!" Sachi reported.

"Tch. Then it must be a damn sea king. Go back to your stations!" Law ordered.

"Yes Captain!" the heart pirates chorused.

Law went back to his room, he wanted to go back to his paper work but noticed his eye bags getting darker than before. After staring at the full length mirror for a few seconds, the death surgeon noticed an image is forming in it. The image formed a human shape and someone came out of it. That person was…