New Story!


Ok, so this is basically about Clint Barton getting kidnapped.

There's loads of Clint-Whump, and violence, and, of course, lots of swearing.

With Tony Stark in the picture, how could there not be?

Its set in both Clint's and Natasha's Point Of View (POV) every second chapter

Chapter one- Is in Clints POV

Chapter two- Is in Natasha's POV

Chapter three- Is in Clints POV

And so on and so forth.

And just to warn you, this is NOT a Clintasha story

Just to make sure you know that

Hope ye likes,

Rachel :)


"Clint, come on man, Fury's called us in" Tony said, pulling the quilt off my bed.

"Go always. M'sleepin" I grumbled, shivering involuntarily.

He laughed, "Not anymore... Oh, and nice pyjamas by the way, real dangerous looking".

"Hey, do NOT mock Spider-Man. He's awesome" I growled, opening one eye and glaring at him.

He just smirked, "Dare you to wear those to the meeting".

I grinned, "The look on Fury's face will be priceless".

"Is that a yes I hear?".

I thought for a minute, "Can I at least put on a shirt?".

"... If you must".

I held out my hand, "Then we have a deal Mr. Stark".

"I cannot BELIEVE your actually doing this" Tony said, clutching his side from laughing as we walked down SHIELD's corridors, getting strange looks from agents as we passed. I don't blame them. Here was Tony Stark, genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist, wearing his fancy suit and ties, black sunglasses to top it all. And then there was me, a well-respected top-level clearance SHIELD agent/Avenger, in a red Spider-Man pyjama pants and white short-sleeved shirt. Barefooted. Not to mind my hair was sticking up in random places. It literally looked like I had just rolled out of bed. Which technically, I had.

"Your seriously going to do this?" Tony asked, stopping in front of the meeting room and turning to me.

I nodded, "Trust me, Fury's seen me in weirder".

"... I don't even want to know" he replied and I laughed, "I was a circus act remember?".

"Oh, that! Yea, totally not my line of thought" Stark replied and I shot him a glare before smirking again, "You want to put the video on You Tube afterwards?".

He grinned, patting my shoulder, "See, this is why I picked you to be my best friend".

"I'm touched" I teased, laughing again, before motioning the door, "Ladies first".

He pushed open the door, walking around the other Avengers and taking his seat. I just yawned, and wandered to my own chair. Stark was still grinning, the other 4 were staring at me open mouthed, even Thor, and Fury was between half shocked and half very, very, angry.

"Is there a reason your not dressed yet?" He asked and I nodded slowly, "There is".

"And would you care to explain that reason?" He asked again.

I grinned, "Spider-Man's cooler looking than your uniform".

Tony burst out laughing, while the others couldn't hold back a smile.

Natasha smirked at me, "Spider-Man huh? Been a while since you wore those".

I nodded, "Too long really".

"What's it been? A month? Two months?" She asked again and I paused for a minute, "Seven weeks. So yea, almost two months".

It was only then it clicked for the others and they stared at us, jaws dropped to the floor, again.

"Wo, wo, wo. Back up a minute Legolas" Stark said, "How the hell does Nat know what pyjamas you wear?".

We remained silent and he jumped up, "I KNEW IT! Ye're secretly going out! Bruce you owe me 20 quid".

"No, we're not secretly going out Stark" Natasha replied sighing and he frowned, "Then how else... Oh my god. Ye're sleeping together. Bruce man, you owe me another $20".

"We are NOT sleeping together" I said firmly.

"Then how else does she know what you wear to bed?" he asked and I frowned, "...I tend to... How dya put it Tash?".

"Wander" she replied and I nodded, "Wander. That's it. I tend to wander".

"... You sleepwalk?" Bruce asked but I shook my head, "No, I'm wide awake. I just... don't sleep... that easily, so I somehow always end up walking around the tower at, like, 3am every night... Morning. 3am every morning".

Natasha gave a small wave, "I do the same thing. Occasionally we bump into each other".

"So your not going out? And your not sleeping together? AT ALL?" Stark asked, or rather, demanded and we both shook our heads, "Nope".

"Damn" he muttered, sitting back down, "Bruce, I owe you 40 dollars".

Fury stared at us, frustrated, before turning back to me, "That still doesn't explain why your in your pyjamas".

"Haha, Fury said 'pyjamas'. Classic" Tony said smirking but the director ignored him, "Well Barton?".

"Stark dared me to do it" I replied simply and Tony glared at me, "DID NOT".

"Did too" I said laughing.

"Did not".

"Did too. Admit it" I ordered and he sighed, "Fine, I dared Legolas to wear Spider-Man to this meeting. BUT YOU SAID YES".

"Well I wasn't gonna say no" I replied grinning, "You should have realised by now I don't turn down dares".

"Even if it means kissing me" Bruce muttered and Stark laughed, "Aw come on man, that was hilarious".

"Not if you've been working for the past 27 hours and a shirtless archer decides to kiss you, then leave and never utter a word about it again. It gets you questioning your sanity" Bruce replied and I smirked, "Sorry Banner. But it WAS pretty funny".

"ENOUGH" Fury yelled and we all quickly turned back to him.

"Honestly, It's like working with children" he grumbled, rubbing the side of his head.

Stark and I just smirked at each other.

"Ok, suit up" Steve said after Fury's briefing, "And Clint... Please put on some clothes first".

"Can do Cap" I replied grinning, "Meet ye back here yea?".

They all nodded and I smirked, wandering back down the corridors, ignoring the odd stares of the other agents. This was going to be a longgg day.

Whistling, I pushed open the door to my room back at the tower, quickly changing into more suitable jeans before doing up my boots and throwing on a leather jacket over my shirt. Running a hand through my hair in attempt to straighten it, I walked back out into the corridor, stopping suddenly.

Something was not right...

Call it a sixth sense, call it a superpower, call it whatever you want, but I just got the feeling that... Someone was in the house.

Continuing to whistle quietly, I slowly crept along the hall, keeping my back to the wall and choosing my footsteps carefully. If someone was here, they'd have to have broken in. And gotten past Jarvis. Who ever it was, was good.

"Hey, Jarv? You there?" I asked quietly.


"Jarvis, come on man, don't die on me here" I said again.

Still no answer.

They had dismantled Tony Starks AI. This was bad. This was very bad. Who was actually smart enough to be able to do that? It's near impossible to hack Starks servers. Not even SHIELD had managed it yet.

A faint crash snapped me from my thoughts and I sharply looked up. Someone was definitely here. And I had no one on my side to help.

Continuing to whistle, I glanced around the corner. Sitting room was empty. I quickly went over to the other door, and opened it a small bit, looking in. Nobody. Kitchen was clear.

Smiling slightly, I went in, grabbing a knife from the counter before crouching down behind the counter, flipping open my phone and speed dialling Natasha's number.

"Finally" she grumbled, answering after the first ring, "Clint where the HELL are you?".

"I'm still at the tower. But that's not important right now, wh-".

"Not important?" She asked, cutting me off, "Clint we were called out. There's a part of this city under ATTACK and your saying that's not IMPORTANT?".

"Natasha" I snapped quietly, "There's someone in the house".

"... What?" She asked.

"There's someone else here. I don't know who. Someone's after breaking in. They've dismantled Jarvis. I'm in the kitchen and all Iv got is a knife" I whispered.

"Fuck sake Clint, seriously? Just... Give me a minute" she replied and I heard her say something to the others before going back to her phone, "Give us half an hour and we'll be there. It's a small attack, we'll be done soon. Brainless aliens".

"Tash, I don't thin-" I started but was off by another bang, this one much closer.

"... What was that?" Natasha asked quietly.

"I don't know... But I'll find out" I replied, looking around the counter, freezing when the door opened slowly.

Quickly turning back, I whispered frantically into the phone, "They're here. In this room. I'm trapped".

"Jeasus Christ... Stay there, we're coming to get you" she said firmly.

"I don't have that long Tash. I'm sor-" I started, before the phone was vicious ripped from my hand.

I stumbled to my feet, backing away from the man who had a gun pointed at my head. He just smirked, putting the phone to his ear, "Ms. Romanoff I presume?".

I glared at him, hiding the knife behind my back, "Don't you fucking DARE speak to her".

He ignored me, continuing to talk on the phone, "Yes... No... What do I want? Well, that's rather simple really, I'm just going to ask for something, and hurt your boyfriend. Severely. Good day Ms. Romanoff. This won't be the last time we speak".

With that he hung up, dropping the phone by his foot and stamping on it until it shattered in to millions of pieces. Guess I wouldn't be calling anybody soon.

"What do you want?" I asked angrily, and he grinned, "Didn't you hear me? I intend to hurt you. Very badly. Unless requirements are met"

"What requirements?" I asked, flexing my hand with the knife.

"250 million pounds for your return".

I smirked, "Pounds? You do a very convincing American accent for an Englishman".

"You are an observant son of a bitch aren't you" he replied glaring, dropping the fake accent, "But yes. I'm a Brit. And I want 250,000,000 English pounds for your return. Dead or alive".

"Do you honestly think they would pay over two hundred million for a dead body?" I asked and he frowned, "Well, lets just hope they pay before we decide to kill you".

That's when I lashed out.

I quickly ran forward, swinging around and kicking the gun out of his hand before punching him and pinning him down to the counter, the knife at his throat, "I don't think it's my dead body you have to worry about".

He laughed madly, holding up his hands, "You think I'd honestly do this alone?".

I only had a second to register that fact before there was a muffled bang and a piercing pain shot through my knee. My left leg collapsed under me and I dropped the knife, falling to ground, and screaming in pain. A second man appeared, smirking at me as he put away a gun. He had shot my leg, just below the knee. The bullet had gone straight through.

"Well, I think our little friend has learnt his lesson" the first man said, straightening up and fixing his shirt, "Care to do the honours? I don't think Mr. Barton would survive if we left him conscious for this".

"No, I'll let you do it. You deserve some revenge after that little stunt he pulled. Besides, it's just his blood we need" the other man said".

"Rightly so" he replied, before picking up the knife I had, and hitting me across the head with something metal.

That's the last thing I remember.