Breakfast the next morning was a rather uneventful affair. Mainly due to the fact that of the six teenagers currently residing in number 12, Grimmauld Place, only three were in attendance at the table. These three were Harry, whose trunk was currently shrunk down and in his pocket, Hermione and Luna. Both had had the sense to pack their bags the night before and were currently waiting at the bottom of the stairs in front of the front door. Ron had turned up at one point, grabbed a couple pieces of toast and returned upstairs, muttering about robes and quills.

Ginny, who upon the last report from her roommate Luna, was supposedly still asleep. Luna, who had come down just over half an hour ago, was currently sitting at the table across from Hermione, eating a slice of toast that was laden with a strange mixture of marmalade and nutella. Hermione had shot her a look a look of disgust and Luna simply leant over to Hermione whispering "Keeps the Nargles away." Harry fought back a smirk at this and Hermione bluntly told Luna that "There is no such thing as Nargles Luna, they simply cannot be real." Luna just gave her a mischievous grin and wiggled her eyebrows.

Neville was down half an hour after Luna exactly. When he walked – or rather staggered – into the kitchen, he almost immediately fell over due to a plant he held in his arms. The plant had long purple vines, some of which were tangling around Neville's legs, others were attempting to infiltrate the boy's nostrils. Neville sat opposite Luna, placing his plant on the table – which immediately grabbed its own piece of toast – and poured himself a bowl of cereal.

Harry, who had been eyeing the plant with interest, spoke first. "Reptando Vitibus? I heard those were quite rare. How'd you get one?" Harry asked, staring at the perfectly harmless plant that was currently throwing bits of toast at Hermione like a petulant two-year-old.

Neville raised an eyebrow and a proud smile graced his face. It seemed he was rather proud of his plant. "I-I grew it myself. Professor Sprout, she gave me the seeds. She said she hadn't had any luck and said that if I could grow one, I could keep it." Despite his pride, his nervous nature caused him to stutter slightly.

"From her size, I'd say she's about three months from maturity? Most barely make it past the plant's first week, let alone the four months it's taken to get you at this stage. Do you plan to involve Herbology in your work?" Harry asked noticing Hermione's jaw hit the floor. "What? Just because I don't plan to take Herbology, doesn't mean I don't know a thing or two." He said, shooting her an incredulous glare.

"Um, yeah, I do plan to involve Herbology in my work. Not sure what I'll do exactly. Maybe I'll be a Herbology professor after Professor Sprout retires." Neville replied, blushing from Harry's compliment.

"Neville, have you gotten everything packed?" Hermione asked, having composed herself and picking her jaw up from the floor.

"Um, yeah, well, I couldn't find my transfiguration book. You haven't seen it have you? How I got an 'E' in that subject is beyond me. Do you think they mixed up my results with someone else's?" Neville asked, slowly gaining confidence.

Hermione reached under the table and placed a book in front of Neville. "It was in Kreacher's cupboard. Saw it this morning. You're welcome." Hermione in a very pompous voice.

"Uh, thanks-" But before he could finish, he was interrupted.

"Ronald! Ginevra! Are you packed yet? If you don't get down here soon, you're going to miss the train! Molly yelled from her spot beside the kitchen stairs. Her red hair was up in a bun and she held a cup of tea in her hands.

"Coming mum!" yelled a feminine voice, which was promptly followed by a thud and several curses.

"Ginevra!"Molly screeched.

"Sorry mum! Dropped my trunk on my foot. I'm alright though!" Ginny yelled back and Harry swore he saw Molly roll her eyes.

"Have you seen my broom?" A male voice yelled, sounding slightly closer than Ginny.

"It was in the broom cupboard last I saw it dear." Molly yelled in reply.

Several moments later, Ron yelled his reply. "Found it. Thanks mum!"

Ginny walked down the stairs at that point, limping slightly and looking flustered. "Okay, I'm packed now. Ooh! Food!" She squealed and leant over Harry, who shifted uncomfortably before being blinded by a wall of red.

"Um, can you move please?" Harry asked, trying to sound polite, but also trying to move his lips as little as possible stop avoid having a mouthful of hair.

"Sorry." Ginny said in a tone of voice that said she really wasn't all that sorry. And then, much to Harry's discomfort, she sat down next to him.

Ron stomped down stairs then, his currently awry red hair hanging in his eyes. "Right, I'm ready now. Are we going?" He asked through a mouthful of toast.

"Yes dear. Remus and Tonks should be waiting upstairs by the door." Molly said before walking upstairs.

Harry, who was the first to follow Molly upstairs was enveloped in a hug by Lupin. Lupin pulled back, grinning slightly as he noticed that Harry had stiffened.

"Come on cub. Time to go to Big Boy School!" He said with a cheery grin, his arm snaking its way back around Tonks' shoulder.

Harry scowled at the wolf. "You've been spending far too much time with Sirius."

The wolf just grinned in return and ruffled Harry's naturally unruly hair.

Harry glanced behind him upon hearing a throat being cleared and noticed that the others had come up behind him.

"Everyone got their trunks?" Everyone but Harry made to grab their trunk. "Right, we're apparating today. Two with me, two with Tonks and someone with Harry." Lupin said. Harry scowled once more when he noticed that Ginny visibly brightened and walked over to him. The last thing he needed was a crush to get in the way of his mission.

"How long have you been able to apparate?" She asked in what Harry assumed was supposed to be a seductive voice. To Harry, it just sounded slightly strange.

"Four years." He said stiffly, his scowl still on his face but it seemed to go unnoticed by the red haired girl.

Ginny gave an impressed whistle – or well started too – before Lupin interrupted. "Okay guys, apparate when ready." Remus said, disappearing with Ron and Hermione, leaving only a pop of misplaced air behind.

"Ready? I should warn you, I don't apparate like other people. People find my way, a bit disconcerting." Harry said offering a hand and watching as Tonks disappeared with Neville and Luna.

"As I'll ever be." She said brightly and placed her hand in his.

All of a sudden, it was as though the air around them vanished and colours flashed before their eyes impossibly fast. They reappeared barely a second later onto the busy platform that was known by all as Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

"Everything good?" Remus asked as they had appeared directly in front of the wolf.

"Yep, just fine." Harry said, before marching off towards the train.

Harry attracted quite a few looks as he walked towards and onto the train. He happened to hear quite a few questions as he walked past such as "Who is he?" and "He's quite hot isn't he?" Harry couldn't – nor did he try to for that matter – fight the smirk that found his way onto his face. He did, however, manage to find an empty compartment and sat down in it, resizing his trunk and retrieving a book from its depts. Before shrinking it and replacing it in his pocket.

Harry managed to loose himself in the book and only noticed that the compartment door opened when the person spoke up.

"Hey mate, you mind if we sit with you? The trains getting kinda full." The speaker, a tall dark skinned boy and a shorter boy with shaggy sandy blonde hair stood at the door.

Harry looked up from his book and studied them intently. His Avada Kedavra green eyes seeming to see into their soul. Eventually he smiled. "Sure, take a seat."

"Thanks mate. I'm Dean Thomas. That's Seamus Finnigan. I haven't seen you before. You new?" The darker skinned boy asked, taking the seat opposite Harry.

"Course not, he's a lil' big for a first year ain't 'e?" The other boy said with a strong Irish accent.

"Actually, I am new. A transfer from Beauxbatons. I'm starting my sixth year." Harry lied smoothly.

"Any idea which house you'll be in?" Dean asked, accepting his lie without a second thought.

"Honestly? No. My parents were Gryffindors and my godfather reckons I'll be one too. But Ron Weasley said that I'll probably be a Slytherin 'cause of Samael." Harry said honestly, twisting the words slightly in an attempt to gain the boys' trust.

"Ah, don't listen to Ron, no one's good enough for the git since he and Granger got together." Dean said with a reassuring smile.

"Who's Samael?" Seamus asked.

"My snake." Harry replied with a grin. The snake in question rose his head above the folds of Harry's robes and his jaws split into what could only be described as a grin.

Dean grinned upon seeing the snake and Seamus paled. "Wicked." Dean breathed before glancing at Seamus, at which point the grin slipped off his face. "What's up mate?"

"Th-that snake, that's not a-a-a-" Seamus started to stutter.

"Royal Egyptian Asp?" Harry supplied. Seamus nodded. "Yes, he is. Very loyal though, don't worry." Harry was still grinning, but to Dean, it seemed to take on a slightly more malicious form. Perhaps the boy wouldn't be a Gryffindor after all…

A/N: Hello, it's chapter five! This chapter ended differently than I planned, he was originally with the crew instead of Dean & Seamus but Ginny was starting to annoy me so that kinda went out the window. Anyway, sorry if you think their reaction to his snake is kinda overboard but what would you do if this kid you just met had the deadliest snake in the world wrapped around their shoulders. I think I'd run as fast as I could - which isn't really that fast. I'm rambling aren't I? Sorry.