A/N: I have been waiting for somebody to suggest this! Gru proposing to Lucy, as suggested by Bee do (guest). I'm so excited to write this!

Here Is The Question

Gru paced the floor nervously. In his pocket was a small box containing a ring. In a few minutes his girlfriend Lucy would be at his house for to pick him up for their 97th date. On that date, Felonious Gru planned to propose to Lucy. Who knew it would be so positively nerve-wracking?

"Dad?" Margo entering his room interrupting Gru's thoughts. He turned his attention to his eldest daughter.

"What is eet keeten?" Gru asked, "Eez dere somet'ing wrong?"

"I guess I could ask you same thing." Margo replied with a shrug.

"You came to see what was wrong with me?" Gru asked in disbelief.

"You seemed so nervous. I mean, you've been up here for the past hour or so." Margo said.

"Eet's not'ing really." Gru lied, waving his hand.

Margo crossed her arms. She gave Gru a look that say she didn't believe him.

"Okay okay, eet's just dat, I want to ask Lucy to marry me but I don't know how eet will go." Gru confessed.

"Oh my gosh! You're going to propose to Lucy?!" Margo screamed. She looked so positively happy, maybe the happiest Gru had ever seen her.

"Don't worry, Lucy is totally going to yes." Margo said. She was so full of confidence that Gru couldn't help but believe her.

"Alright, I trust you." Gru said, reaching out his arms for a hug. Margo wrapped her arms around her father's neck.

"Speaking of Lucy, I think she's here." Margo said, releasing Gru. She smiled at him and nodded encouragingly. Gru returned his daughter's smile. He felt like he could do anything, especially propose to Lucy.

Gru and Lucy had finished eating at a very nice restaurant and were walking along the beach. Lucy watched the waves gently splash on shore, washing away their footprints. Neither had said anything, the couple walked in silence listening to the ocean. Finally Gru spoke up.

"Remember when we first met?"

"Yeah, and I tasered you." Lucy said dreamily, remembering that day, "And then when we broke into El Machos restaurant." She added wistfully.

"Oh yes, and I was attacked by dat eveel cheecken." Gru huffed. Lucy chuckled at the memory.

"And when I showed you my moves." Lucy said, striking and Kung-fu pose.

"And got cupcake frosting all over." Gru added.

"Then that "eveel cheecken" sent us off to our deaths." Lucy said, doing a crude impression of Gru's accent.

"Dat was when I first asked you on a date." Gru said. He remembered all of the events like they had happened yesterday.

"That was the best day ever!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Are you sure?" Gru asked the excited redhead.

"What do you mean?" Lucy asked, wearing a look of confusion.

"Lucy Wilde," Gru dropped down on one knee and pulled out the ring, "Weel you marry me?"

"Yes! Oh my gosh yes! Yes, Gru, yes!" Lucy shouted. She tackled Gru in a hug, wrapping her arms around him.

He hugged her back. Margo had been right, of course.

The two stayed laying in the cool sand, gazing at the stars. Lucy rested her head of Gru shoulder. She couldn't believe what had just happened to her. It was like everything she had ever dreamed of had come this right there in that moment.

"You know what Gru?" Lucy began, reaching for Gru's hand.

"Yes Lucy?"

"I think I found a new best day ever."

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