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Lucy was idly mussing over her bed-head when the phone rang.

"Hello?" She answered, holding the phone between her shoulder and ear and tying up her hair.

"Lucy? Are you dere?" Asked an accented voice.

"Sure am!" Lucy replied cheerfully. She tugged on the hair tie, having successfully trapped her fingers in it.

"Dats good. I was wondering eef you could come over as soon as possible." Lucy smiled at the sound of Gru on the other end of the line. He must really miss her to all at six in the morning.

"You know I just saw you not right hours ago! Do you love me that much?" Lucy teased.

"Well... It's not me. It's Edith. She needs you." Gru said. Lucy could detect a hint of nervousness creep into his voice.

"What's wrong?" Lucy asked, fearing the worst.

"She was practicing some ninja moves and she hurt Margo by accident. Now she is convinced she is a bad ninja. Maybe you could convince her otherwise?"

"Of course I can! I'll be over as soon as I get some clothes on." Lucy said, "Unless you want me to come over wrapped in a towel." She added with a sly smile.

"N-no. Take your time." The redhead could imagine Gru blushing while holding the phone to his ear. The thought made her smile even wider.

"Be there in fifteen minutes." She promised before hanging up.

Lucy stood on Gru's front stoop and rapped on the door. It was answers by a small girl holding a unicorn.

"Hey there, hun. How's everything?" Lucy smiled at the little girl.

"Lucy's here!" Agnes squealed in delight before rushed to hug the lanky redhead's legs.

"Hey you!" Lucy said, crouching down to hug the little girl back, "I hear Edith isn't feeling the best?"

"Yeah, she is sad because she isn't a ninja anymore." Agnes replied, "She's in our room. You should go see her."

"Can do!" Lucy said, mock saluting the little girl. Agnes giggled before running down the hall announcing Lucy's presence.

Lucy made her way up the stairs to the girls' bedroom. There she found Edith sprawled out on her bed wearing a casual pink outfit, her ninja uniform flung on the floor.

"What's up?" Lucy asked, bending down to pick up the tiny black uniform and sword.

"I hit Margo with my nun chucks. I might have broken her nose. She's at the hospital with Gru right now." Edith said miserably, her hat pulled far over her face.

"Did you apologize?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah." Edith mumbled.

"I'm sure she'll forgive you then." Lucy said, hoping to cheer the miserable girl up.

"But what if I hurt more good guys? I'm supposed to hurt bad guys!" Edith huffed.

"You won't hit any more good guys. It was an accident and accidents happen!" Lucy exclaimed, "Can I tell you something?"

"Yeah." Edith replied, pushing her hat back from her eyes a little bit.

Lucy crouched down to Edith's level. "When I was a kid, I was making mud pies in the driveway..."

Edith's face lit up at the mention of mud pies.

"and my dad was walking up it and slipped and fell in the mud. He broke his wrist. I felt really bad, even after saying sorry. But guess what?"


"He told me that it was an accident and that he wasn't mad. I'm that's how Margo feels. She wouldn't want you to stop being a ninja over something like this."

"You sure?" Edith asked doubtfully.

"Positive." Lucy assured her.

"I bet you're right. Thanks." Edith jumped down from her bed and wrapped her arms around Lucy.

Lucy was surprised by the gesture. Edith was never really one to show to much affection. But that didn't stop her from hugging the girl back.

"Can you stay for dinner?" Edith asked.

"I sure can kiddo." Lucy replied cheerfully, "I want to show you I'm right."

Edith laughed.

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