When Propos Go Horribly Wrong

Two: Heroic invasions of the Capitol usually don't work.

"Da-da, dadada. Dadadaa," hummed Gale as the Crack Squad advanced. Ironically, they had become the #1 squad after the rescue, directly under Coin's command, although Plutarch still hung on to his career. Now, with two new additions ( Katniss and Peeta), they continued through the Capitol. Unfortunately they were lacking in the brain department, and completely missed the reason for Peeta's arrival.

"Yo, P-Man!" Finnick exclaimed.

"Hey," said Peeta." Listen, I've got something really important to tell you-"

He was cut off by a rattle of machine-gun fire from a 'Peacekeeper', narrowly missing Gale, who was still humming the James Bond theme song.

Back in 13, Coin was cursing the Crack Squad's luck.

"Damn!" she yelled." Stupid morons get lucky!"

She facepalmed when she realised the Top Moron, Gale Hawthorne, was singing 'Get Lucky' while avoiding every pod that had just happened to fall in his way.

"Never fear, Batman is here!"

Coin slipped even further towards the desk, and Plutarch burst into the room.

"Really, 'Batman'? 'Cause I thought you were the Joker," snapped Coin.

A hurt 'Batman' stormed off, and Coin commissioned yet another assassin.

But it wasn't the assassin that ended up damaging the squad. Nor was it a pod, or an actual Peacekeeper. No, it was Gale's singing.

"Let's go crazy crazy crazy!"

Gale's awful singing combined with the song stirred memories in the hijacked Peeta, and he began to change.

"He's becoming the Hulk!" Finnick cried.

"RUN!" Gale screamed.

"I was hijacked, and I feel EPIC," said Hijacked-Peeta.

"I am EPIC," replied Gale.

"No, I am!" protested Hijacked-Peeta.

Back in 13, Coin sighed, something she was doing a lot lately. Peeta wasn't doing anything, the morons were still alive and Plutarch was tearing around 13 proclaiming he was Batman. This really wasn't going well.

"We're both EPIC," decided Peeta.

"Yeah," said Gale." Let's go smash up the Capitol. Should be fun!"

Two hours later, and the Crack Squad were stuck in the middle of the Capitol, trapped in the biggest shopping centre in existence.

"'Let's go smash up the Capitol', he said. 'It'll be fun', he said," quoted Finnick.

"Shut it," hissed Gale." My spidey-senses are tingling."


The Crack Squad jumped, and two Peacekeepers waved as they stepped from a glass lift. They didn't get far, as Katniss shot them both through the heart.

"You're no fun," cursed the 'Keepers as they died.

"How dare they!" Gale roared." Hulk! Avengers, assemble!"

The squad looked at him blankly, and Gale shook his head.

"Never mind," he said." Hulk, do your thing."

Peeta-Hulk strode off, smashing up the shopping centre and its Peacekeepers while Gale sorted the weapons.

"Gale, there's something you have to know," said Katniss.

"Yes?" Gale asked, fiddling with a grenade.

"Coin hates us, and is trying to kill us," said Katniss urgently." Probably 'cause I stole her Jaffa Cakes, or maybe because Finnick accidentally hurled his trident at her-"

"Or because I tested out our secret weapon near her?" Gale added.

"What secret weapon?" Katniss asked.

Gale smiled.

"This secret weapon."

The speakers across the centre kicked in, and a horrible noise came from them.

"Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhhhhhh! Babbbbbyyyyyyy, baaabbby ohh!"

"That's horrible, Gale! That violates human rights? What rule book are you following?" Katniss screamed.

"President Snow's," Gale said, withdrawing said rulebook." Literally. Number 20: sing Justin Bieber at enemies."

"Whatever," said Katniss." Let's go."

"THEY ESCAPED?" Coin roared.

"Yes, miss," a meek Plutarch replied.

"Hi!" Gale said, smiling.

"They're in the house!" Plutarch yelled." Batman will stop them!"

"The Crack Squad are in the house tonight! Everybody's gonna have a good time - apart from you, Coin," sang Gale.

"Nananananananananana Batman!" Plutarch responded, flinging himself in front of Coin, where Katniss 'accidentally' tripped 'Batman'.

"You won't get away with this," said Coin menacingly.

"Bollocks," replied Gale.

"Excuse me!" Coin yelled.

"You're not excused," said Gale.

"Excuse me!"

"Didn't you hear me?" Gale asked.

"I'm getting sick of this," said Katniss, and knocked Coin unconscious before stealing her Jaffa Cakes once more.

"Let's get outta here," said Gale, picking a pack of Jammy Dodgers.

"Let's," agreed Peeta, and the Crack Squad left.

Plutarch awoke. Far too late.

"Nanananananananannanana Batman - STUPID CRACK SQUAD!"

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