Hello everyone! I know you've been waiting for a new chapter. Unfortunately my muse had abandoned me for a while there, but guess what? I got over it! I've had over a dozen writing binges in practically a row, and had written over a hundred thousand extra words for this story! All carefully edited and combed over, including edits of those chapters already posted, all just ready and waiting for the end of the arc so they could be posted.

Guess what else? My ipad decided to glitch, thanks to the stupid new IOS that makes my eyes hurt, and now it's gone. Forever. Each and every separately saved chapter, as well as everything else I ever wrote on this damn thing. It ate the whole freaking story and nothing I've tried has worked to recover it. I am so mad right now I swear I could smash this thing through a wall. I still might.

So that's it. It's gone, and I can't get over it. It took me forever to write and I would take me even longer to redo by trying to remember everything. I have backups of most things, back before I started this writing binge, but not this, and not four separate oneshots and a halfdozen other fully plotted out ideas.

So. FML. Or rather, frak this. It's going to be a while before I get over this and can redo it. Sorry to everyone that I told chapters would be coming soon. They won't be.


I'm not giving up, and I'm not abandoning this. I will continue this story, this situation just sucks right now. Thank you for your support.


I have tried everything guys, I lost every single 'note'. When I checked the email address it hasn't received anything from it for a while. First thing I did after swearing for like a minute. I tested it with a new note and it worked, so it seems to just be something weird. Data retrieval isn't showing anything there, and I get three popups from the AppStore literally every twenty seconds. I timed it. Some new notes I make have different sized font every other line, with breaks inserted that I did not put there that rearrange themselves upon each reloading, and others show up multiple times making it look like there are multiple copies, but if I delete one they all go.

Needless to say, I will be using something else, and having multiple redundancies. Thanks for your suggestions, but it's a total loss. I wanted to see what the update for the IOS would do, having not bothered for a while, and wound up hitting update. Everything turned brighter and stupid, and then this. I'm taking it to the store tomorrow and trying to get a refund or something.

I'm over this. Please don't expect replies for a while, if ever, on this topic. I'll continue writing on something else when this stops making me rage.