Warning; Ok so I've decided to write a Harry Potter fic and it has to do with Triads so yes there will be more then two people in a relationship/sexual situations at once if that is not your cup of tea then just don't read it. Please do not bash me because you do not like this. You have been warned.

Also Hermione and Ron never got together and I will have a few people that died still alive like Fred, Remus, and Tonks I just love them to much for them to have died.

Summary; Fred and George, the mischievous twins, are tired of it just being the two of them and want nothing more then to find the person meant for them and them alone so they preform a spell to find her. Imagine their surprise when they find that it is none other then Gryffindor Princess Hermione Grange. Surprised but delighted at this the two decide that she's perfect for them. Just as they settle into a very happy relationship someone from the war is not happy that they've found each other and will do anything to take away the twins new found happiness.

Disclaimer; I do not own Harry Potter


Fred looked at George. George looked at Fred. Identical grins spread across their faces as they pulled the old dusty book off the shelf. They blew the dust off the cover and flipped through the pages until they found the section they were looking for.

Spirit Bonds are essentially soul mates. Born for their other half and when they come together their magic can be extremely powerful. Some powerful wizards and their mated witch, members of an even powerful bond known as a Triad, came together and created a spell to help people find the one meant for them.

"We found it Gred."

"That we did Feorge."

The brothers looked at the spell ready to say it but something occurred to them and them closing the book. They had to wait. If they said the spell and found their mate, for they knew they would be two thirds of a Triad, and someone died then that would leave back so much pain. If they found the witch that was meant to be theirs forever and one of the twins died or she died then they knew it would be too much for them to handle. What happened to George on their way to the Burrow flashed in their minds and they looked at each other. After the war was all over, after Voldemort was dead, then they would say the spell and find her.

The twins looked at each other, nodded, then went out to the backyard to prepare for Bill and Fluer's wedding.