A unicorn with pale/light mulberry coat with a Moderate sapphire blue mane and tail with moderate violet and brilliant rose streaks, with eyes that were sky blue and a flame as his mark, ran though what looks to be an army of mix creatures. His name is Flame Fire a War Unicorn, a few days ago he was giving the ability to see into the future and discover their closest ally was going to kill them all. None of the other War Unicorns believe him when he told them that their race was going to be wiped away, so he took abound himself to save his kind. After punching and kicking the army away he stop in front of a castle that had a lot of holes.

"Chrysalis! Show yourself!", Flame Fire shouted, "We aren't afraid of you!"

Soon a creature that was black with a green mane and tail with holes in her legs and had wings and a horn step out of the castle and look at Flame Fire. It was the Queen of the Changelings, Chrysalis.

Flame Fire smile and shouted, "Stand Tall everyone! I would be a free War Unicorn then work at her hooves any more! You hear that?! WE QUIT!"

Chrysalis just look at them before her horn started to grow and a small green ball appear. Flame Fire just smile and made his horn glow as well.

"OH! and one more thing! Here the souls of all the love we give in your name! HERE TAKE IT!" He shouted and a red ball appear at the tip of his horn and threw it in hopping to save his kind.

Chrysalis smile and started laughing. Soon the green ball grew in size until it bigger then the red one, but it kept growing even after absorbing the red one.

"No way!" Flame shouted, seeing his attack was absorbed by Chrysalis's.

Chrysalis continue to laugh as she threw the attack and move closer to Flame Fire and the army and towards War Palace the home of the War Unicorns! As the attack shallow everything in it path, Flame Fire saw one more version. There stood Chrysalis and a Unicorn that looks just like him. Even though he was dying he knew what he just saw.

"My daughter lives on. She will stop you Chrysalis. Fire Spark will stop you.", He said and smile as his last seconds tick away, "FIRE SPARK!"

A huge blast was soon seen as the War Palace was hit by the attack. Chrysalis laugh, she was hopping to use them a little longer but all good things must come to an end. She turn her back to the destroy palace and walk back into her castle, Unknowing that there were four War Unicorns left. Three of them were send away from the palace during the attack and a fourth was sent though a patrol to another land. Inside a magic spear lay a unicorn baby that had a pale/light mulberry coat with a Moderate sapphire blue mane and tail with moderate violet and brilliant rose streaks, her eyes were violet when she open them. She soon her the voice of her father she never met.

"Fire Spark, my daughter, continue were I fail. Avenge our race. You are the other one that can do. Good luck, Fire Spark." he said as the spear crash near a town and the unicorn baby started to cry.

It was soon fond by two Unicorns and took it into their family and rise it as their own.

Twilight Sparkle snap her eyes open and sat open before looking around. She was inside her home at Ponyville.

"That dream again, Who is Fire Spark? And why was Chrysalis in it this time?" Twilight ask herself.

Every since her brother wedding, she been having this strange dreams about unicorns with flames or types of fires as their cutie mark. And every time she see a baby unicorn that looks like her being fond by her parents. She wonder what it means but couldn't figure it out.

Twilight climb out of her bed and use her magic to pick up her brush and remove all the bed hair she gain last night. She climb down the stairs after she was done and fond Spike making her food. Spike was a dragon that Twilight hatch from an egg and been living with her since. Today Twilight was going to met up with her friends for a picnic, even Princesses Celestia and Luna was going to be there.

"Hey Twilight! Sleep well?" Spike ask when he saw her.

"Kind of, Had that same dream again, but this time I could see more clearly this time. I don't understand, Ever since Shining Armor and Candace wedding, I been having those dreams about a Unicorn that look just like me and a baby Unicorn that also looks like me. Do I have a sister?" Twilight answer, telling Spike about the dream.

"I'm not sure, but you can always ask Princess Luna about it. After all, Scootaloo did say Luna can enter other dreams." Spike said thinking about it as well.

Then he gave Twilight her plate and said, "Well eat up, We got to met everypony soon."

Twilight smile and started to eat. Unknowing today was the day her whole life change forever.

"Twilight Sparkle...A War Unicorn?!"

High above Ponyville a patrol open and a red spear shot out of it and crush land in the Everfree Forest. Soon smoke rise from the crater that was form. Soon a Unicorn step out of the crater wearing an armor with dual shoulder guards, Matching boots on all four hooves, and a strange item cover it left eye. It look around the forest and steams displease about something.

"This forest should have been tear down years ago! What has Fire Spark been doing all this time?" It said.

Then the strange item over it eye beep and the Unicorn place it hoof over it. Soon strange numbers appear and an arrow pointed to it left.

"A power of only 9 percent? And it coming my way?" It said before turning to see the brushes rush.

The Unicorn stood there before jumping out of the way as a giant creature made out of wood try to jump on it. It was a Timber Wolf. The Unicorn smile and a glow appear on it horn. Without a word it shot the attack and destroy the Timber Wolf and turn away.

"If this creatures are so weak, then why hasn't she done her mission?" It said again before the item beep again.

"Hm? My scouter picking up power levels close by." It said and read them.

"Let's see...124, 112, 120, 118, 110, 221 220,... what are these reads?," It said surprise, "Wait two new powers, 100 and...334?! It got to be her!"

The Unicorn smile and soon ran towards the power the scouter pick up.

'At long last! We finally get to met sister. And with your help we should be able to rid of this world and reclaim our fallen race.' It thought before shouting, "I COMING FOR YOU, FIRE SPARK!"

Twilight and Spike reach the spot that Pinkie Pie had chosen for their Picnic. As soon as Twilight reach there, Pinkie started to boucle.

"Oh good your here! Now we can get this party started!" She said all hyper.

"Pinkie it a picnic." Rainbow said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, and thanks for coming Princesses." Apple jack said turning to the two Alicorns.

"Of course, We are glad to come. Even time in the castle get boring." Celestia said.

"Castle? Boring?", Rarity said in surprise, "But I thought you love the castle?"

"We do Lady Rarity, But some times even we need to get away." Luna said.

"Are you ok Twilight?" Fluttershy ask when she saw the look in Twilight face.

Everypony else turn to her and saw the face as well.

"Well, You see ever since the wedding at Canerlot I been having these strange dreams about two Unicorns that look like me and one of them was a baby..." Twilight explain and told her friends the whole dreams she been having.

After Twilight finish they sat down to talk about it and eat.

"So let me make sure I get this right, You been having dreams about two Unicorns that looks like you and a the Baby unicorn was fond by your parents and your think it could me your sister?" Rainbow ask.

Twilight nods and Celestia spoke up, "Twilight, even since you became my student I look into your family line. You don't have a sister."

That both relive and confuse Twilight, if the baby unicorn wasn't her sister, then who was she. Twilight didn't have time to think about it when her horn started to glow. Her turn her head towards the Everfree Forest and stood her ground.

'Something coming and it very powerful. I never sense something like this before.' Twilight thought as her friends turn to look at her.

"What a matter now?" Rainbow ask.

"Something coming and whatever it is, is very powerful." Twilight warn.

The other stood next to Twilight as they soon saw a black unicorn with a dark blue mane and tail, wearing some strange armor and something over it eye. It even had a flame that bust out as it cutie mark. It soon reach them and stop.

"At last, We finally met after so long. It good to see you Fire Spark, my little sister." It said.

'Fire Spark? Little sister?! Why did he call me that?!' Twilight ask herself.

"Hey pal, I don't know who this Fire Spark pony is but what business do you have with it?" Rainbow said.

"Wait, Did he just call Twilight his little sister?" Fluttershy ask.

The Unicorn smile and said, "My you look like a spit image of our father."

'I don't look like my father...wait did he our father?' Twilight thought again.

Celestia then step up and said, "I am Princess Celestia ruler of Equestria, What being you here?"

"A Princess huh? Well then I here to pick up my sister so we can destroy all the life on this world." He answer.

"WHAT?!" The Mane Six shouted.

"Don't count on it! We will stop you!" Twilight said ready to defend her home.

This time the Unicorn was surprise. He stare at Twilight before grew angry at her.

"You think that you're a part of them?! Wake up! You no normal unicorn, You're an War Unicorn!" He yell at her.

"A what?!" Rainbow shouted as the other stood in shock.

"What a War Unicorn?" Pinkie ask.

"I don't know, I never heard of that before." Twilight answer.

"What!, How could you not know! Grrr! Tell me, did you hit your head when you were little?" The Unicorn ask.

'Huh? How does he know that? It was a long time ago.' Twilight thought.


"Yes.", Twilight answer as Celestia began to go deep in thought, "But it was a long time ago I don't remember what happen."

"That explains it." The Unicorn said.

"Explains what?! What are you talking about?!" Twilight yell.

"Twilight.", Celestia voice said casing her to turn to her, "There something I need to tell you on what your parents told me."

"A long time ago your parents were taking walk when the fond a baby unicorn in a crater and took it home to rise as their own. However, the unicorn had an anger problem and couldn't be control. They were at their wits ends. Then one day, some terrible happen. When taking the baby and Shining Armor on a walk, the baby fell out of the crate it was in a hit it head and fell into a raging river, Shining dove in after the baby and got it and himself to safety. The blow was fatal but some how the baby recover, after that it the anger problem never surface again and they grew to be a happy family" Celestia explain.

"That baby was me, wasn't it?" Twilight said started to place the pieces together.

"Wait, if that means the baby that was fond and in Twilight dreams are Twilight herself then how does this unicorn know her?" Apple Jack ask.

"Yes, you better started explaining first, who are you?!" Twilight said turning to the unicorn.

"Let start from the top, You were born in a dimension call War Palace home to the War Unicorns, a proud fighting race. And you are one of us." He said.

Twilight stood in shock on what she heard. The other were shock, even Celestia and Luna.

"As for you other question, my name Flames Hooves. I'm your older brother." He said again.

"My...my older bro...brother?!", Twilight ask stun, "That can't be, Shining Armor is my brother."

"Hehe, You only have one blood related brother and that me." Flames Hooves said.

"That impossible. I been with Twilight since she hatch me and Shining is the only brother of Twilight I know." Spike said.

"Hm? Well, well, a dragon. So you're the 100 power level my scouter pick up." Flame Hooves said.

"What?! How dare you! You picking on a baby dragon that help us more than you know." Rarity said as she walk up to him.

"RARITY GET AWAY!" Twilight shouted as she felt his magic rise.

A small ball appear on his horn and fire at Rarity who was blown away but was quickly caught by Luna.

Twilight turn back to him and growl. She didn't know why but it felt like she wanted to fight him, but something was holding her back.

"We have know Dragons for quiet sometime. We been looking for them in hope to gain a new ally. Of course we already have an ally, The Changelings." Flames Hooves said.

"THE CHAGNELINGS!" Everypony shouted.

"Oh, so you know them? Well then you should know, We work well together. Even with their leader." Flames Hooves said.

Twilight just growl. Working with the Changelings? She would die then work with them.

"You we are not just a proud warrior race, but also business ponies as well, We are sent to other dimensions and wipe the habits of that dimension out and sell it to the highest race that will pay." Flame Hooves said.

"That just sick!" Apple Jack said after hearing that.

"Of course we are able to see how powerful each dimension is. Those with high powers, adult War Unicorns are send. But for dimensions that had weak power levels like this one, we send our newborns." Flame Hooves said.

"That how you came to be here Fire Spark, Even as a baby and year or two would be just long enough for you to complete your mission. Also the volcanos around here would be a greatly help you." He said again.

"Hey, what does the volcanos has to do with this?" Twilight ask.

Flame Hooves turn to Twilight in surprise once more.

"What?! Don't play dumb! You live here your whole life you must know! The Volcanos are this one that turns a War Unicorn into a Flame Beast that can burn anything down!" He yell.

"May I am dumb, because I still don't know what you're talking about!" Twilight said even more confuse.

Flames Hooves look at Twilight in surprise and then saw her cutie mark.

"Fire Spark...your...your mark!" He said

"Huh?", Twilight said very confuse and look at it, "What about it?"

"What happen to your warrior mark?!" He ask.

"Warrior mark? It my cutie mark. It shows I'm special in magic." Twilight answer.

"What?! Grr that explain how well your can fit in with this weaklings!" Flame Hooves said.

The others growl as Twilight spotted something be him. The scouter on his eye beep and he move to his left as a white Unicorn with a shield as his cutie mark jump pass him.

"Shining Armor!" Twilight shouted happy to see her real brother.

"Twilight, what going on and who this?" Shining ask.

"His name is Flame Hooves and he claims that he my real blood related brother." Twilight answer.

Shining look at Flame Hooves and back at Twilight. He was very confuse.

"Hehe, you sure have a lot to learn Fire Spark." Flame hooves said.

"That enough! Even what you said is true maybe I am a unicorn from another dimension and even if you are my real other brother, He, it doesn't matter. If anypony does the horrible things you say is no brother of mine! My name is Twilight Sparkle, student of Princess Celestia and the bearer of the Element of Magic. This is my home and you're not welcome here!" Twilight yell.

"Yeah you tell him Twilight!" Rainbow shouted.

"That right! You're just a meanie. There no way Twilight would help you!" Pinkie shouted as well.

"Yeah, and I think it best if you leave!" Apple Jack added.

Flames Hooves just smile and walk in between them and said, "I think it going to take more than shouted to get me to leave. You see our home dimension was destroy when a giant meteorite that hit it. Everypony was wiped out, that even means our real mother and father, Fire Spark." He said explaining that their race were gone.

"I was sent to another dimension at the time and there were another savior that was with me. A third savior was sent to another dimension to conger like you were send here to do. You would have done so if you didn't hit your head!" He continue.

"How does he know that?" Shining ask.

"Celestia told me that I was once trouble and I hit my head and fell into a raging river and you save me. After that, I been the unicorn you see today." Twilight answer.

Flames Hooves smile and said, "Guess my little sister has been in this dimension so long that she no longer know who her real family is."

Twilight looks at him and notices that he wasn't looking at her but Spike instead. Twilight quickly stood in front of him.

"He, I was hopping to reason with your but I can see that the only way to get you to join the last of our race is to take your pet dragon as well as three little fillies close by." He said and red glow appear around his horn.

Spike was soon lifted up and over Twilight and three fillies, one an earth pony, one an unicorn, and one an pegasus was lift out the brushes close by.

"APPLE BLOOM!, SWEETIE BELLE!, SCOOTALOO!" Apple Jack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash shouted.

"Let them go!" Twilight shouted and rush at him.

Flames Hooves smile and rise his hoof and hit Twilight right in her guts. Twilight was surprise, she knew he was powerful but not that powerful. She fell to the ground and grab her sides as she yell out in pain.

"TWILIGHT!" All of her friends shouted.

"And one thing 'Twilight'.", Flames Hooves said lean over her, "There a time limit. Now let see...I know! Bring me 100 bodies by this time tomorrow. You can start with the ones that are here already."

"WHAT?!" Twilight shouted opening one of her eyes.

The other look at Flames Hooves in shock.

"Are you crazy?! There no way Twilight would kill 100 innocent ponies!" Rainbow shouted.

"Oh, so your rather have these four die instead?" Flames Hooves ask.

The other didn't answer. They didn't think about that.

"Just as I thought.", He said and turn back to Twilight who was trying to get up, "You have 24 hours and I'm sure you know how this dimension works, so if I don't see 100 bodies this time tomorrow you can said good-bye to these four. Of course with or without Fire Spark, me and the last two War Unicorns will return and finish the job."

The other stood in shock. There was no way there were ponies that wanted to destroy a world that had peace. Flames Hooves started to walk away when a purple glow grab his back left hoof. He turn to see Twilight use her magic to stop him.

"Give me back Spike and those fillies." Twilight said weakly.

"Remember 24 hours, 100 bodies or you can say good-bye to these babies. HAHAHAHAHAHA!" He said then laugh as he shook off the glow and walk away.

"NO!", Twilight shouted and stood up and try to follow, "SPIKE! GIRLS!"

Twilight took a step before falling again. This time her friends, brother, and the Princesses rush up to her.

"Twilight stop, you're hurt." Fluttershy said.

"I got to save Spike and the others...gah!" Twilight said before falling again.

"Twilight stop, you need to recover. There no way you can do this right now." Rarity said due to that she was still recovering from the attack she receive.

Twilight look up and saw Flames Hooves was heading in to Everfree Forest.

'I will save you Spike and you girls as well. I won't stop until I do.' Twilight thought as her friends help her up again.

Hey everyone! I moving away from the game crossovers and try my luck on the show crossovers again. Now lately I been doing Danny Phantom but this time I going with another one of my favorite shows, Dragon Ball Z! If I can, as in work on this until I reach them without quitting, I'm doing the Saiyan Saga, Namek and Captain Ginyu Sagas, and I'll end at the Frieza Saga, Except they will have different cast and after the Frieza Saga, I'll make my own two Sagas call Fire Saga and Otherworld Saga, The names are bound to change as time pass. Now there are some scenes I know you will find from the show.

This Saga base of the Saiyan Saga I'm doing right now is call the War Unicorns Saga. As mention in the story this take place after Wedding at Canerlot parts 1 and 2. So no Alicorn Twilight, although I have been thinking about using it in the later sagas. I'm pretty sure you can all guess that Twilight plays the role of Goku. Here some else, Twilight will met Goku by not until the Otherworld Saga. I'm also using a character from the new Equsetria Girls movie to play the role of Vegeta. At first I was going to use Trixie but Twilight already knows her and cross her off the list. Then a new enemy from the movie came and I thought, "Why not use her as Vegeta. They both think their better than their rivals and refuse to believe that they are better than them." So she the one. Anyone guess who I'm talking about?

Well that all I got, next time, Twilight and Luna ago after Flames Hooves to save Spike and the CMC's. But at a cost of a life. Who is it? Next time! Twilight and Luna Attack! Save Spike and the CMC's.