Last time, Twilight arrived at the battlefield and saw the three bodies on the ground. She soon discover it was Rarity, Apple Jack and Luna! After giving her remaining friends some Senzu beans, she discover Pinkie Pie death and then proceed to fight the War Unicorns alone! Fire Sun started to attack Twilight but the training with King Kai made her faster and stronger then Fire Sun himself!

Twilight quickly over power the big War Unicorn and Sunset Shimmer has order him to back down so she can join the fight. Not wanted to relax without more fun he head right for Rainbow, Fluttershy, and Celestia! Twilight follows and soon uses her new move, the Kaio-Ken!

Fire Sun was defeated and It look like thing are turning around for the heroes at last. However, Sunset fond Fire Sun useless and toss him into the sky and blew him up herself! After agreeing to take the battle somewhere else, the last two War Unicorns started their fight. Sunset Shimmer turn out to be a challenge and Twilight was having trouble landing some hits. She then use the Kaio-Ken but it wasn't enough. After powering up, things turn in Sunset favor as she started to over power Twilight, even when using the Kaio-Ken times two. Seeing that she had no choice, Twilight broke her promise and use the Kaio-Ken times three! Will it be enough to stop Sunset Shimmer or will her body fall the stress of the Kaio-Ken? Fond out now!

"Kamehameha Vs. Galick Gun! Sunset Shimmer transformation!"

Twilight charge at Sunset and land a hit, knocking her away, then got under her and kick her in the air. Sunset stop herself and ready a blast. Twilight flew around Sunset as she threw the attack. She miss and Twilight kick her into a cliff.

"HAAA!" Sunset scream as she bust out. She was getting mad. As told War Unicorns get stronger when their mad.

She sees Twilight head right for her and try to hit her, but Twilight was too fast and hit her from behind again. Sunset recovers and charge back with a power punch that Twilight duck under and punch her in her guts. Sunset gag as she back away hold her sides as she gasped for breath. Twilight took the time to undo the Kaio-Ken and rest for a few seconds so her body could recover.

Sunset look up at Twilight and then flew into the air and landed on a nearby cliff. Not far from the battle was Shining Armor. He heard the battle going on and been watching the whole thing. He was very surprise to see his sister fighting.

'I don't believe what I'm seeing, but it right there in front of me. Twilight fighting a War Unicorn and holding out on her own. Unbelievable!' He thought.

Sunset try to throw two punches but Twilight caught them and over power her as well. Sunset couldn't believe how Twilight was stronger than her, she refuse and soon sat on her hooves and ready to bring her front hooves down on her, but Twilight quickly act by head-butting Sunset and grab her before landed blow after blow like she did before.

Then Twilight had Sunset crash into a cliff and knee her in the back and slide down to the ground and caught herself before she fell off her hooves. The three times Kaio-Ken had done it job and toll. Sunset was down and Twilight's body was trying to handle the stress it receive.

Sunset flip over to her side as she gasped for even more breath.

'Not possible! There no way Fire Spark power can pass mine! IT NOT POSSIBLE!' Sunset thought and stood back up.

"Really? She wants to keep going? But I need a little more time for my body to recover, the Kaio-Ken times three really did a number on me.", Twilight said and a bit of pain appear, "Ignore it Twilight, you have to stop her."

"I'm the most powerfulness War Unicorn in all of the dimensions! I will not be bested, expectedly not by a low-class like you!", Sunset yell before wiping her mouth to see her blood, "Blood?! My noble blood spilt by the luck of this...trash?! NO! I won't aloud this stand, I WILL NOT ALOUD THIS TO STAND!"

Twilight look as she could feel Sunset anger rise beyond her control and try to get ready, but she still barely move because of the Three times Kaio-Ken.

"YOUR INCENSE JUST COST YOU THIS WORLD! I'LL BLOW IT ALL TO PIECES AND THERE NOTING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME!" Sunset yell and let out a purple glow that was darker than Twilight's magic and flew into the air.

"She going to WHAT?!" Twilight ask shock.

"Try to dodge this if you can, you might save yourself but your Equestria is doom!" Sunset shouted.

Twilight couldn't believe it. She was going to do it. She was left with no choice but to use the Kaio-Ken times three again. The aura appear on Twilight again as she said, "Kaio-Ken times three!"

She then stood on her back hooves and threw her fronts in the air before drawing them back adding, "Kamehameha!"

"KA...ME...HA..." Twilight said as a blue orb appear in her hooves.


"ME...!" Twilight added as the area around them started to fall apart as the power they were releasing was too much to handle.

"GALICK GUN!" Sunset shout and threw a purple beam.

"HAAAAAA!" Twilight shouted and threw a blue beam.

The two beams met each other and turn out that they were evenly match. Shining watch in surprise as the two unicorns use some kind of magic from their hooves instead of their horns.

"Impossible! Her beam is just like my Galick Gun I learn from the creature with a tail!" Sunset shouted as she try to fight back.

Twilight could see that they were evenly match and pull a risky move.

"Kaio-Ken...TIMES FOUR!" She shouted as the aura grew and more power was added to the Kamehameha.

With the new added power, the Kamehameha overpower the Galick Gun and blast Sunset higher into the air. It look like Twilight had won. She was breathing hard but smile. Then she heard someone behind her.

"TWILIGHT! HAHAHA! NICE JOB LITTLE SISTER!" Shining shouted as he ran up to her.

"Shining Armor? What in Equsetria are you doing here?" Twilight ask as her brother stop right next to her.

"Well, I heard the fight going on and came to check it and to my surprise I find you alive and doing well on your own.", Shining explain then frown, "Sorry about your friends though, I saw the Elements glow dim and knew that means the bearers were gone."

"Hm, It good to see you too, but you need to get out of here. It still not safe." Twilight said looking in the sky.

"Huh?", Shining ask confuse before he knew why, "You mean she's..."

"Yeah, That Kamehameha wasn't going to take her out that fast." Twilight said.

"Well I'm sure you can handle her again right Twily?" Shining said and slap her back.

"AGHHHHH!" Twilight scream as Shining jump back.

"Are you ok?" Shining ask hoping that his sister wasn't too hurt.

"Just give me some time. Using the Kaio-Ken times four really did number on more body. I may not have enough in me to finish this fight." Twilight said.

Shining look confuse on the names he heard but knew enough to believe her. He still couldn't believe that Twilight said she may not win the fight.

"Are you sure you want to do this alone? I mean is there a way I can help?" Shining ask.

Twilight smile and took out her bag of Senzu Beans and hand it to Shining.

"Yeah, take theses to Spike and have him grow them. They won't be needed in this fight." Twilight said.

Shining took the bag and was about to ask but Twilight quickly added, "Get out of here Shining! You're just going to get in the way."

Shining nods and said, "Give her a good beating for me will ya?" And runs off. Twilight looks back into the sky and waited for Sunset Shimmer to return.

Sunset Shimmer was flying thought the air by the Kamehameha until she spin off it and watch it disappear. Then she lost control of her anger.


"Hee, I much as I hate to do this, but I'll transform into a Flame Beast and burn her to ashes. Luckily I sent us in the time for the volcanos around here to erupt but that so we can destroy this dimension quickly, I never thought I'll have transform to beat a single little runt!" She said and look around, but everything was quiet.

Not sound was heard. Sunset look around some more before ask herself, "Where are the eruptions? I sure I heard one by now?" and went to look.

'Hehe, look all you what, there won't be any eruptions for a long time. The Princesses had ask the dragons to stop that from happen long before you got there, happy hunting though. AHAHA! Still she really dangerous, Twilight has her work cut out for her but with a War Unicorn that strong she going to need everything she's got. Wait! That it! The Spirit Bomb! Hit her with the Spirit Bomb Twilight and you can't lose.' King Kai thought.

Twilight looks into the sky, her body already recover from the Kaio-Ken times four. But she was wondering what was taking her so long.

'What she doing up there? Why won't she come down and fight? I'll learning a lot about being a War Unicorn but I can't if I don't fight one.' Twilight thought.

Sunset look all over the place and fond not one volcano that was going to erupt.

"This can't be, I know volcanos are supposed to erupt today. Grrr! Blast the Fire Spark, she must have know about it and stop them from erupting! Well no matter, I have another way to become a Flame Beast, but it will cost some energy, but I think it worth it to see the look on her face, HAHAHAHAHA!" Sunset said and flew back to the battlefield.

Twilight was still waiting, she knew after this fight, she has to find away to bring her friends back to life. How was the question. She didn't have time to think on it more before she spotted Sunset Shimmer fly down.

"About time, I guess the only thing left to try is the Spirit Bomb." Twilight said as she got ready.

"Fire Spark, I must say it was nice thinking stopping the volcanos from erupted. But it did you little good." Sunset said smiling.

"Huh? Why would I do that?" Twilight ask confuse.

"Play dumb all you want, but do you ever wonder why we War Unicorns transform when a volcano erupts?" Sunset said then ask.

"Wait, we do what now?" Twilight ask.

"When a volcano erupts, the heat and ash float into the air and down on the ground. True the smallest can cause the biggest fire, but when ash land on us, we get something different. The ash is mix with the heat and mix with own fire will to fight, cause a chemical reaction that store in our Warrior Mark and travels to our horns." Sunset said.

"Ok, I think you lost me there." Twilight said showing she was listening.

"Once it reach our horns it change us into a giant Flame Beast, that can is full of fire, not even a fly can touch us with out burning up. In short, We grow so hot that we out burn the sun!" Sunset said again.

"What?" Twilight ask a little more confuse

Sunset then held up her hoof and said once more, "If there no volcanos around we make our own erupts. A few War Unicorns elites can pull off the move and I happen to be one of them."

Then a red ball appear in her hoof and Twilight look at it. She was thinking about Sunset said. War Unicorns can turn into Flame Beast? She remember her parents telling her stories about a giant flame monster that attack a forest a long time again, but she didn't see it.

Shining was not to far away and heard what Sunset said. He knew about the Flame Best very well and was the only one to discover the weak point. Remove the horn and it change back without the flames running out.

"So you ready it see a flame beast with your own eyes?!" Sunset said and put out a red energy ball.

'That strange, as soon as that energy ball of hers appear her, main energy drop. Why would she pull a risky move like that?' Twilight thought.

"Oh and one more thing, Our Warrior Marks must be something to do with our names and fire. AHHHHH!" Sunset added before throwing the red ball into the ground far from them.

Twilight look as the ground was clouded and when it clear there was a small hole.

"What did you do?!" Twilight ask.

"HAHAHA! BUST AND ERUPT!" Sunset shouted and then the ground started to shake.

Before long a tower of flaming lava bust out from the ground and into the air as Twilight watch in shock.

"HAHAHA! Your name may have fire in it but without a mark that suppose to do with fire you won't change at all!" Sunset said as the ashes started to fall around them.

"What happening? How can there be ashes around here?" Twilight ask.

'I don't believe it. Her real name was the cause of her transformation and when Twilight got her cutie mark it was long gone and she never change again!" Shining thought.

Twilight watch as the ash around her landed on her fur coat and felt her horn act up. She always rules it as Unicorn Magic acting up without a reason but the last time she was around ash she felt something build up in her and a strange thought of burning everything in sight and then noting. She once remembering waking up with out her horn and it grew back days after words.

She watch as Sunset body was reacting to the ash and heat and saw her eyes turn completely white. She stare in shock as Sunset body started to grow and become fire. She grew and grew until she was bigger then Canerlot Castle.

"What in Equestria?" Twilight ask in shock.

Sunset Shimmer was now a giant Flame Unicorn that Twilight can't tell if she is a pony anymore, she then jump away as Sunset try to stomp her and Twilight ran and jump though the area trying to find away to beat Sunset in this new form.

"HAHAHAHA! What do think? Impressive is it?" Sunset said in a deep over that sounds like a monster and knock out a cliff that Twilight was hiding behind.

Twilight jump away looking at Sunset new form. Then it click in her mind, she remember what her parents said.

"Now Twilight, the dragons are going to erupt the volcanos today and we'll let you see it, however, there a giant flame monster that sometimes appears, not don't let the ashes from the volcano touch you or get burn really badly. OK Sweet Heart?"

"So the Flame Monster that burn down that forest all though years ago was me? And my horn being remove was to stop the monster, was me the whole time?!" Twilight shouted as she place it together.

"AHAHAHA! Run all you want, but you can't escape me that easily!" Sunset said.

Twilight land on the ground and look up.

"Everypony, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to burn down that forest all those years ago, but give me the strength to stop this War Unicorn, I may not beat her but the Spirit Bomb can!" Twilight said and fond a good place to get some energy for her attack.

Sadly, Sunset fond her and attack making Twilight lose her position and jump away, then was kick and cash into another cliff. She land on the ground as Sunset walk up to her.

"AHAHAHA! Come on now Fire Spark, I know you can do better than that." Sunset said.

Twilight watch as Sunset rise her hoof and was going to stomp on her. Twilight use the Kaio-Ken to dodge the hoof but was hit by the flaming tail. Because she was a War Unicorn herself she only felt the hit and not the flames.

"Well, I forgot you're a War Unicorn. Only War Unicorns can't get burn from my attacks, However, it won't do you any good." Sunset said smiling.

"Darn it! Even though she big she strong two. Grrr! Noting I have will work, not even a Kaio-Ken times five will work and I can't get enough time to get energy for the Spirit Bomb." Twilight said to herself.

"What wrong Fire Spark? It your move." Sunset ask as Twilight stare at her.

"Well if you won't come to me then I'll come to you!" Sunset said and charge.

"GAH! Come on! I just need ten seconds. Just ten lousy seconds!" Twilight said as She brace herself for Sunset attack.

Sunset Shimmer transformation has proved to be a force to be reckless with. Can Twilight get the time she needs to use the Spirit Bomb or Will Sunset Shimmer win the fight? Next time, The Power of the Spirit Bomb! Fluttershy rage attack! Please review.